tagLoving WivesWife Learns To Play Pool

Wife Learns To Play Pool


My wife Amy & I decided to go play pool one evening. Amy wore a pair of jeans, a bra that gave her "extra" cleavage and a blouse that showed off her cleavage. I loved it when she showed some of her "stuff" and she knew it.

When we arrived, we picked a table at the back of the room. We had been playing for a while, when the table in front of ours was selected by two guys. We played for a while before I noticed the guys were checking Amy out as much as they could. Everytime I would see them looking, they would divert their eyes.

I mentioned to Amy that some guys were checking her out and she had to know who. When I let her know who it was, she sort of glanced their way and actually saw one them looking her up and down. As the night progressed, I noticed Amy would take her time before making a shot, walking around the table more and finally standing at the end of the table that was nearest to them. I could tell she was enjoying the extra attention she was getting and she was having fun.

At one point Amy asked if I was up for a little fun. When I asked what kind of fun, she said she wanted to flirt with the guys some. I told her it was ok with me but the decision was hers. She started off slow by moving closer and closer to them. Finally she asked one of them if they would mind if she sat on one of the bar stools that was between our two tables. They immediately said yes and Amy sat down while I was shooting. One of the guys, Bob, starting talking to Amy while she was sitting down. It appeared to be normal conversation but Bob was standing next to her. I was wondering why he wasn't sitting in the empty seat but then I noticed that he had a direct line of sight down her blouse.

Here was a guy looking down my wife's blouse and I was getting very aroused. When it was Bob's turn to shoot, his friend Juan, came over and took over where Bob left off. When Amy got up to shoot, she looked at me and she had a smile from ear to ear. She missed her shot and immediately went back to her seat and continued the chit chat. She called me over and introduced all of us. With me standing right next to Amy, Juan continued to look down at her cleavage.

When I finished off our game, Amy looked sad and said that I always win. She asked Juan and Bob and she could play with them. They both said at the same time, that they would love to have her on their table. With that said, Amy moved around to their table and they began playing cutthroat. It was fun watching them talk and on occasion "bump" into each other. I headed toward the bathroom while they were playing. When I came out of the bathroom and started walking towards the tables, I noticed Amy was taking a shot but Juan was behind her with his arms around her "helping" her shoot the shot. When I walked up, Amy said that Juan and Bob were showing her how to make some shots.

When we were finishing up, Amy asked how the guys had gotten so good at pool. They said that they were roommates and that they had a table at their house. She said that we were thinking about getting one but didn't know which kind to look at. Bob stepped in and said that we should come over to their place so we could see theirs. I looked at Amy and decided that it would be fun to go over. We accepted and made our way out to the car. I told them that we would follow them.

On the drive, I asked Amy if she was sure about going over. She said that the guys turned her own alot but not as much as flirting with them while I was there. I mentioned that they would probably want to do more than flirting when we were at their house and asked if she was up for it. She thought for a minute and then said that if I didn't care, she would love to. I told her to go for it.

When we arrived, Bob and Juan showed us in and escorted us back to their game room. They asked if I wanted to play but I told them I would just watch. They would take turns putting their arms around Amy "showing" her how to shoot a certain shot. After a few games, their helping would turn into more. Juan would put his hands on her hips and move her around and occasionally Bob would "accidentaly" brush his hand across her breast.

I could tell that Amy was ready to go further and she decided to heat things up. She would hold the stick against her and would look directly at Juan or Bob while moving her hand up and down the stick. She would also line up to where she was facing them and would bend over more than needed to take a shot. The guys were getting full views down her blouse and at her tits.

All of a sudden, Amy said that she thought she was good enough to beat either of them in pool. They laughed it off but Amy insisted that she could. She "dared" them to play her. They both told Amy that they had played for a long time and insisted she wasn't ready yet. She then turned up the heat and said that if they played her and she lost, that she would remove an article of clothing. Bob and Juan looked at me for assurance and I said that it was up to her. They both said yes and they were about to start "strip" pool. Juan was the first one up. He let Amy break but didn't want to waste any time. After she broke and missed a shot, Juan ran the table and sunk the 8 ball. He looked at Amy and told her it was time to take something off. She looked at him and with one motion removed her blouse. Bob was the next one to play. Amy did a little better this game but in the end she lost. Without a word, she removed her jeans and racked the balls for another game.

After two more games, Amy was standing completely nude in front of 2 men that we had just met. Amy said that was the end of the pool since she didn't have anything else to take off. She started to pick up her clothes to get dressed but Juan made a proposal. He told Amy that the games could continue but she would have to bet something other than clothes. She looked at him and said that she didn't have any money to wager. Juan then said that if it was okay with me, that she could wager favors. She looked at him for a second and said, what kind of favors. He said, what else, sexual favors. Amy then caught onto what he meant and pondered the thought. She agreed to the new rules and said that if he won, she would suck his cock. Let me tell you, Amy didn't even get one shot that game. After sinking the final ball, Juan walked to the side of the table and pulled down his pants. He then hopped up to where he was sitting on the table. He looked over at Amy and said that he was ready for his prize. Without a word, Amy walked over and removed his shorts. When his cock sprang out, it was already hard. It was about 9 inches long and very thick. Amy's mouth dropped open and all she could do was mumble. True to her word, Amy took his cock in her hand and guided her mouth down to it. She then licked up and down his shaft before finally taking his head in between her lips.

As he entered her mouth, Juan let out a moan and put his hands behind Amy's head. He slowly moved her head farther down his shaft until all nine inches were in her mouth. Amy can give extremely good head and Juan was finding out. Amy began working her mouth up and down his cock. She then put her hand on it and began stroking him while she sucked him. I don't know if the previous activities and gotten to him but Juan didn't last a minute. When he said he was close to cumming, Amy let his dick out of her mouth long enough to tell him that she wanted his cum in her mouth. With that said, she swallowed his cock and in no time had Juan ready to explode. Just before he came, she pulled her mouth off and gave Bob and myself an excellent view of Juan's cum shooting in her open mouth.

When he finished spurting, Amy took him back in her mouth and licked him clean. After seeing this, Bob jumped up and said that he wanted the same bet. Amy looked at him and said that he won the game. Bob sat down in a chair next to me and invited Amy over. Amy undid his pants and reached in and fished out a cock a little longer than Juan's and just as thick. Amy wasted no time in getting his cock in her mouth. I had a great view of watching Bob's big cock going in and out of my wife's mouth. He lasted longer than Juan but in the end, he was given the same treatment. I watched as Bob shot load after load into her waiting mouth. After seeing this, Juan's cock was hard again. She proceeded to lick Bob clean but kept on sucking his cock until he to was hard again.

Amy then climbed on the table and got on her hands and knees. She said that she wanted Bob's big cock in her pussy and Juan's sweet tasting cock back in her mouth. Both of the guys hopped up on the table and almost instantly, Juan had his cock at her lips. Bob got behind Amy and put his cock at her pussy lips. Both of them shot each other a look and at the same time inserted their cocks into Amy. I was watching Amy take a cock in her pussy and her mouth at the same time. My cock was so hard that I couldn't take it anymore. I released my fly and pulled out my cock. I sat there stroking it as Bob and Juan were fucking Amy from both ends. They fucked her for about an hour before they both said they were ready to cum again. When Amy heard this, she moved around taking the cocks out of her and laid down on her back. She then told the guys to bring their cocks to her face. She took turns sucking each cock until they were about to explode. She then started jacking both of them until they came in unison. She aimed their cocks toward her mouth and took both of their offering's in her mouth at the same time.

After getting cleaned up, Amy said that we had to go. I told her that I needed some of what she had just given Bob and Juan. She said she would take care of me later. We said our goodbyes and headed for home. Amy looked at me and said it was later. She then gave me a great blowjob on our way to the house. Just like Juan and Bob, she took all of my cum down her throat. When we arrived home, we fucked for hours, all the while talking about what had happened.

We still see Bob and Juan frequently but Amy isn't getting much better in pool.

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