tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Loses Pride at Casino Ch. 02

Wife Loses Pride at Casino Ch. 02


Thank you Cindy for editing.


In part one of this tale, a traveling businessman makes a quick stop in Las Vegas to sample its wares. Food and frolic, gambling and fun. By chance he met a distraught midwest woman whose husband was on a losing streak in the poker room. Desperate, she lost her pride and for the first time in her marriage strayed --- for a good reason she thought. To get her home with her drunk husband. He had other ideas.

Given the circumstances, I really don't know why I was so involved that day at the casino with Lisa, other than I was feeling somewhat guilty by what had happened that afternoon and the predicament she was in.

Simply stated, her husband was a jerk and addicted to gambling. He'd lost his stake, had too many free drinks, and insisted his wife find a way to get him the cash for one last game.

All she wanted was to get on the way home, back to her kids and job and everyday life. Unfortunately, they were basically tapped out in the cash department.

So what's it to me? Well, I was in town after working in San Francisco, taking advantage of an open jaw airline ticket and some earned comps from the casino for basically a free weekend. Better than that I'd made some serious money, by my standards, and was minding my business at a one-armed bandit when I started talking to the woman at the next machine.

Over the next couple hours we bonded, and we attempted to solve each other's problems. She got some cash for the trip home and I got a blow job in an industrial center a few miles from the strip.

Pretty simple, huh?

No, she wasn't a whore. But I guess she was one now. I mean, she took cash for sex. But in my mind I was just helping her out and she was finding a way to salvage a terrible trip to Sin City. Hey, it stays in Vegas, right?

Unfortunately, there was her husband. He, a worm of a man, who was addicted to poker and one table away from a big score. Or so he thought.

After our toe-curling escapade I was going to walk away from Lisa and her problems, but happened to see her stumble across her husband and I couldn't help waiting for the train wreck to occur.

I watched, wondered, worried and wanted to know what was going to happen next. I could tell they were in deep discussion and she was as mad as he was drunk. Soon, she walked away in a huff.

I caught up with her outside the women's room. She went in crying and when she came out, a long while later, she was at least composed. Not happy, but with a sad, resigned look.

She was more than surprised when she saw me.

"Couldn't help but see you two lovebirds, so thought I'd see what was up with Mr. Big," I said. "Is he always such a jerk."

The woman shook her head yes and I led her across the casino floor to some empty seats in Keno. I asked her for her favorite two numbers, added two of my own, and bought a cheap ticket that would last us for an hour or so.

She filled me on her husband's demands, how he was "this" close to winning. About how she needed to get some cash for his stake and how they would leave right after he won the game. What bullshit!

For the next twenty minutes we commiserated on the day, which she said that the highlight was having my dick in her mouth. She laughed at that. "Pretty bad when sucking cock is a highlight for a girl" said the woman, smiling. "You were pretty cute earlier."

I kidded back, "Well, excuse me. A lot of girls would love to suck this thing....but I am sure glad you and I got together earlier. That was the highlight of my year."

"Oh, better than the blind, dumb, nymphomaniacs?" jabbed the woman back at me. "Seriously, today with you has been very nice, and I actually enjoyed sucking your dick. That was so exciting. But now, damn, he's such an asshole."

We laughed then turned serious. "What are you going to do?" I asked.

She looked at me, lowering her eyes. "I don't think I have much choice if we want to get back home. He's going to be totally tapped out and we're going to be stuck here. I think I am going to get picked up and fucked for money. Become a whore. I hate him, but I love him. If I don't get him some cash, well, you don't know what he will do. I mean, he might do something really stupid."

We discussed the pros and cons, the danger, the cops and the front page of the local Gazette talking about the "Soccer Mom arrested for prostitution" story. How will that play when she's at her kids' school...if she could ever go back there again?.

"But what can I do? I can't let him rob a bank or something. He swears, one game today and then we go home, win or lose. I still have some cash hidden for gas, and we can sleep in the car or a flea bag motel I guess."

Looking at the woman, I saw her pain. She couldn't, shouldn't whore herself out. And although I knew that is what she did earlier today with me it's as if we were old friends. It was a perplexing situation. I mean, she blew me earlier in the day, sucked my dick off and I barely knew her. But on the other hand she wasn't, really a whore.

"How much cash does he need?" I asked.

"He said the buy in is $400. It's low stakes, but he thinks he can quadruple that in one game. He said he already knows a couple guys in the game and he knows their "tells" so he knows he could do okay."

I told her I had an idea. That it wasn't a great one, but it would be a good one that would get her and her husband out of his cash predicament and into the game. But it would be humiliating.

"What could be more humiliating than me soliciting sex from strangers at a casino?"

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked as she looked at me, soaking in the question. "I will give you the $400, but here are the conditions. A good fuck. Just like that great blowjob earlier....and I want him in the room watching."

Lisa pulled back at the last request. "You're kidding? He'd never go for that. I think he wants me to get the money, but he doesn't want to know how. He wants to think maybe I didn't fuck for it. I think he wants me to trick a few guys out of the money without actually screwing them."

Explaining the deal, and the rules, I told her it was a way out for her. She could get the cash, he'd get in the game, and throughout the affair she'd humiliate her husband. "But I do want you to cum. I want you to perform, yes, but I really want to get you off."

Lisa demurely gazed her eyes to the ground, considering the offer. It wasn't a long thought, because she soon smiled and looked at me.

"We'll have to tie him up or something, because he will kick your ass otherwise. Can we do it in your room? You are checking out later, right? You could leave for the airport while he's still tied up, and I will take care of him while you escape. Because..."

"Because what?"

"I want him to kiss your ass and then kiss your cock, maybe even make him suck it. If I have to prostitute myself, he should have do help, right?"

Laughing, I said I wasn't gay, but I think I could humiliate him as well as her for an hour. .

"Let's do it," said the girl. "Got any rope or anything with you?"

Telling her I had an idea, I said yes and told her my suite number in the tower. It would be her job to get the guy into the room and get tied up without incident, and I would take it from there. I told her to make sure he had a couple more drinks.

"You know, I have never, ever, done this before. Like I told you, I never had sex with any other guy since marriage. But I wasn't counting that blow job today, that was like we were in a parallel universe. But this is different. I mean, what if I am no good?"

Smiling, I told her she'd be wonderful as I stroked her thigh.

She thanked me, and said she was looking forward to our meeting. Stopping at the Keno desk I found I'd won $16 bucks (or lost $4 depending on how you are counting) as the woman there smiled a knowing smile. "She's cute," said the woman. "Your wife, I mean, she's cute."

All I could say was that she wasn't my wife and winked.

I made a beeline up stairs to set things up after watching Lisa walking away. Smiling once again, I saw her approach her husband with the offer. The look on his face was priceless, as if saying "what the hell." But when he smiled and nodded his head I knew it was soon going to be show time.

Upstairs in the room I pulled out my two neckties, as well as the masking tape that I had used to put papers on the wall in one of my recent training sessions. Then I sat back and wondered if the couple would show.

Minutes later a knock at the door signified they would. I peered through the security hole in the door and confirmed the twosome was there. She was smiling, he was obviously inebriated as she held him up.

"Hi, Mr. Smith?"

"Yes, hello, thanks for coming," was my reply. "Come in."

They did, walking past me and looking around the room. The drunk guy said something about his "wife, the whore" and she sat him down in a desk chair. When she did I grabbed his arms and secured them to the desk and with the masking tape. The other was secured to the chair.

He was secured willingly, which was perfect. She must have told him about the money, and he was simply going to watch his wife prostitute herself in front of him. It was a makeshift set of bindings, but it worked and he was securely in his place.

With that, I walked over to the love seat and put my arms around Lisa. We hugged, then began kissing. It was somewhat awkward at first, knowing her husband was there, but soon I was in the mood. Especially when Lisa began stroking my cock through my pants.

Whispering for her to stop the hand action, I made a production about complaining to the husband about the goods.

"She's not very sexy. I don't know if I want to go through with this," I said, acting my part.

Hubby mentioned something about a deal being a deal, and that he got his money whether I banged his wife or not.

You know, I hated this guy. What an absolute asshole. I had to put him in his place.

Telling Lisa to brush her teeth, I told the guy his wife was cute and he'd get his money. It's just I needed some help.

With that I dropped my pants, striping to my underwear and smiled at the guy. I took my cell phone out of my pants and walked to the bathroom. "Hey, when you come out, snap a couple photos, okay. No questions. Just do it."

Lisa looked quizzically at me, then nodded yes.

Back into the room, I asked the guy how many times his wife had whored herself out.

"All the time, man, she's as hot as a pistol. You just wait, she will knock your socks off."

Laughing, I said something about it being what I expected. Then I walked over to him and slipped my dick out of the opening. I had willed myself soft, because I was hot for his wife.

"Kiss my dick," was my simple order.

"No fucking way, asshole. I'm not gay!"

Staring at the man, I reminded him of his situation. "Look, you are tied up, and your wife will be in here shortly. I'm going to fuck her, right in front of you. But I need something to get me going, and that's your lips. I want you to kiss my dick and like it. NOW."

He tentatively placed his lips on my cock. He looked up at me and tentatively opened his lips slightly. "That's it", I said.

Lisa came out of the bathroom and stopped in her tracks. She then strolled over and took several candid shots of her husband kissing my now rock hard cock.

Taking the cell phone, I directed her to the bed and took a couple of snatch shots, then flipped her over for a candid shot of her ass hole. Damn, it was great to be the king.

Soon she was on her knees sucking my cock. Wow, I had missed those lips, and just like earlier today in the car the feelings were spectacular. The difference was that earlier we were in tight quarters, but in my room the angle was different and the sensations were even better.

Having cum earlier in the day helped, as there would be no hair-trigger action here. As much as I wanted to shoot off in her mouth quickly my body wasn't reacting like a teenager. No, this was going to be some lengthy fun.

Making a production of it, and turning sideways so her husband had a perfect view, I fucked the woman's hot wet mouth. To her credit, she savored my dick, slowly kissing, nibbling and sucking my dick. A couple of times her husband groaned his displeasure.

"Get him off girl, let's go, I have a game to get to."

Wanting to pound his face, I pounded his wife's face with my dick instead. Lisa took it like the pro she was becoming.

Soon I directed her to the bed, and ordered her to spread her legs. Climbing into the saddle, directly in sight of her husband, I slipped my cock inside her and then slowly started banging the pretty housewife. I knew the view her husband had was of cock sliding in and out of his wife, and I hoped he was starting to feel the humiliation she must feel.

"Oh, you are so big, so hard, you're filling me up," said the girl, moving her hips to my actions.

We fucked for a bit until we heard a groan from behind. "Where's the fucking rubber, Lisa, what the fuck? You aren't on the pill anymore."

Lisa never missed a beat, pushing her midsection against mine. "It feels too good to stop, Horace, and besides, you cut me off from the pill to save money for your trip. I'll just have him pull out before cumming or let him cum in my mouth."

I liked the way the girl thought, as her comments brought more groans from her husband. Now he had a whore for a wife who might be carrying a baby that wasn't his after our little escapade. I had to see his face, look into his eyes, as Lisa humiliated him.

Turning her around, I ordered her to get on all fours. From this view point he could see Lisa's face as I mounted her from behind and fucked his pretty bride.

"He's fucking me, Horace, he's fucking me deep," said the girl, rocking to my beat. "Damn his cock is big."

For what it's worth, Horace tried to divert his eyes away from the action on the bed in front of him but couldn't. He'd look down, but then right back up when Lisa would grunt or moan.

Lisa was tight from behind, obviously the production of children hadn't loosened her up too much. Not that it mattered, as what mattered was I was fucking the woman right in front of her husband and enjoying each and every thrust.

Soon I'd cum, which sparked my mind into more debauchery.

"Hey Horace, ever fuck your wife's ass?"

He mumbled something about her not allowing rear entry. I mentioned something about it being on my dance card.

"No way," said Horace soon to be followed by Lisa's equally negative sentiments.

"Was there some misunderstanding here," was my reply. "I have your wife for an hour, any way I want. And I want her pretty little ass to spread for my cock."

The man threatened me with bodily harm, but I reminded him of his predicament. "Hey, I will make it worth your while."

"Okay, you can fuck her ass for $500 bucks, how's that?"

Smiling at him, I said I'd take it for free because that was the deal, but if he agreed I'd throw in $100 as good faith.

Amazingly, it didn't take more than a few seconds for him to say okay.

Lisa responded to that quickly. "You bastard."

Slipping out of her pussy I held her in the position and rubbed my dick along her ass crack. Rubbing against her brown hole I knew it would hurt but I couldn't help myself. I just pushed.

"Oh no, ouch," said the woman before I pushed her head down into a pillow where she could yell to her heart's content. It took some work as I wormed my way in, centimeters at a time, before plopping into her poop chute.


Both husband and wife groaned at the same time, although I think Lisa was getting the worst of things.

Not wanting to lose the momentum, and in hopes of not hurting her too much, I quickly slithered in and out of her tight ass. It was amazing. I'd never fucked an ass before, and now I had Lisa getting in up the ass just a few feet from the eyes of her husband.

I thought of all kinds of things to extend the session, but it felt so damn good I couldn't help myself. Rocking in and out of her asshole brought sensations I'd never felt before. I had a fleeting thought of making her husband suck my dick clean after, but that thought only sent me higher.

Holding the sides of the girl's hips I rocked in and out of her ass, listening to her grunts and groans. I swear the man even groaned at her pain, but maybe he was thinking of losing his poker game.

Whatever. It was time. The cum started boiling deep in my balls, churning then spouting up, and out my cock and filling her ass. Damn, the sensations of cumming in her ass was like nothing I'd ever felt before.

I was actually shaking after shooting up her ass. Holding myself in place, her asshole milked every drop out. Soon I slipped out and I cleaned my cock with her panties before moving around in front of her.

"Kiss my cock, you whore," was my demand. My body shielded her face from her husband's eyes and I made sure she didn't actually touch the stinky cock that had been in her butt.

Lisa mouthed a thank you to me, and I smiled at her. Then I walked over to her husband and forced him to actually kiss the cock that had been in his wife's ass.

This time I didn't pull the trick, and his lips kissed my dick.

Ah, it's great to be the king!

Lisa dressed as I peeled off five Franklins. She unhooked his arms and he unhooked his legs. I gave him the money and thanked them for their time.

To be safe I packed and headed to the airport early. I didn't want to have any trouble with Horace later in the day. The next morning I was going through my shaving kit and found a note from Lisa. It thanked me in advance for my kindness and left her email address.

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