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Wife Loves Attention

byBig Swede©

My wife loves attention, I know what woman doesn't, right? However, Mary seems to crave attention from the boys more than any female I've ever known. She is lucky, and so am I by the way, that she has a great body. It isn't hard for her to draw the attention that she so craves. She is 5'7", 130 pounds of pure lust. She has a great rack, 36C and an even better ass, perfectly round and perky. She has dark hair and beautiful very light olive skin, she is Italian after all.

Mary has always demanded attention no matter the venue; she even wears provocative clothing to church. Of course when we go to the beach, she has to wear the tightest of bikinis. She often will even wear a thong. At 25 she can still get away with it. This provides for excellent camel toe, especially in her thong bikini.

Along with craving attention Mary is she is a tremendous tease. Since she is so beautiful and flirts, I have had to put up with a gazillion guys trying to come on to her. At first, I used to get insanely jealous and then I learned that only turned her on more. So I decided to play it cool and pretend the all the attention she received didn't bother me. In reality I knew how lucky I was to have her as my bride as I am only average looking at best. I still can't figure out why she married me. And to be honest I love the attention she gets as it makes me feel like a stud that such a hot babe would marry me.

Anyway, this story starts when we were about to celebrate our second anniversary. I wanted to go on an exotic romantic getaway but Mary had other plans. She suggested we have a romantic weekend at home. We live close to Lake Michigan and it was August so she wanted to spend the day at the beach and then a candle lit supper that night in a nearby city. I love the beach, Mary gets so much attention that she gets really hot and we end up fucking like animals when we get home, so I agreed to her plans.

On the morning of our anniversary Mary got up earlier than me to shower. When I heard the shower I got out of bed and quietly tipped toed up to the shower to open door to surprise her and get a peek at that beautiful naked body. I always love to peek in the shower to watch the water cascading down her beautiful breasts, it just drives me insane, I was mildly surprised to see her sitting on the bench we have in the shower shaving herself down there. I know she has had many a bikini waxes before so she can wear her thong but to completely shave her pussy was quite a turn on for me. She had done it once before when we were dating but she said she didn't like it because of the stuble that grows back and itches.

She was almost done shaving and the glisten on her pussy lips told me she was already hot. I dropped my robe and went to step into the shower when she pushed me back out and told me that she wanted to save herself for this evening after the beach. I was rock hard but reluctantly agreed. I got my bathing suit and the swimming gear around and waited for her to come downstairs so we could head off to the beach.

My cock sprang to attention again as I saw her walking down the stairs. She had on a new swimming suit that was the sexiest yet. Her tits were barely covered by the cloth, in fact you could see the round mounds from the side and she was a wear a thong bottom that wrapped around her waste but left little to the imagination below. The cloth just covered her pussy lips, I mean barely. As she turned to model the suit for me I could see it rode up her ass leaving her two firm smooth globes that left her ass totally exposed.

I was shocked out of my lust when it hit me she planned to wear that in public. I told her she couldn't wear that to the beach, after all, it was a family beach we usually go to. She told me she had heard about an adult only beach a few miles north of our usual beach. I hesitated but she was so hot and seemed so excited about going I agreed once again to her plans.

We piled all the beach stuff in the car and as we drove I turned the air up a little higher just to watch her nipples harden and dart out of her suit like arrowheads. I followed her directions and turned off on an old dirt road that worried me as it didn't look very public. When we arrived at the parking lot there were about ten cars there. I figured it must be a public beach as there were five or six people walking down a path to the beach.

We spread our stuff out and Mary lay down on her stomach and asked me to put some lotion on her. I sprung to my knees and started rubbing her body all over, starting with her back and ending with her ass. I looked around and saw there was a couple of guys setting up a volleyball net and about five other couples at the beach, most of them were in their 30s as we are. A very fine looking brunette was kneeling about 10 yards to our right and rubbing lotion on her partner's back. Her tits were about the same size and width as Mary's and I really enjoyed looking at them as I massaged the lotion into Mary's ass.

I let my fingers run up and down Mary's ass crack and rub ever so slightly against her thong-clad pussy as I was applying the lotion. I could see and feel that she was wet. I took my eyes off her ass and there to my right, about 10 feet from us, was a man with in a speedo that was tighter than Mary's thong. I noticed Mary was staring right at his huge bulge that clearly outlined his cock. I mean I could not only tell that he was big but I could make out the veins on his shaft and the exact outline of his mushroom head. It had to be at least twice the size of mine limp. I looked down again at Mary and saw that her pussy was wetter than 30 seconds ago.

A pang of jealously came over me. I looked back at the brunette over my right shoulder and concentrated on her beautiful rack. Her partner had switched with her and was now applying lotion to her back and had undid her top. I could see the side of her mounds as they pressed into the blanket as he massaged her back. Suddenly, she rolled over and flashed me the full view of those gorgeous breasts as her top fell off to the side. I looked up at her partner to see his reaction, he just looked over at me and just winked.

I was stunned, then I looked around and I noticed she wasn't the only one topless. There were sun worshipers in various states of dress. Two guys were now naked playing volleyball about 40 yards away and between them were at least ten other couples who had settled in for a day of sun and fun at the beach some topless and even two women completely nude. I nudged Mary and told her that some of the swimmers were naked and she laughed and said one of her friends had told her about this beach.

I sat down and just stared off in the distance not really focusing on any particular person just taking in this thought of a nude beach. I had never been to one before but it seemed pretty hot. I looked back down at Mary and she had taken off her top and was rolling over to have me put lotion on her front side.

I thought of the guy in the speedo and quickly looked to my left and there he was staring at my wife's tits smiling. He still had his speedo on and I thought thank god for small favors. I didn't want him parading that thing around in front of Mary. He was the only one near us that wasn't with a partner and I knew he was there to oogle some fine female bodies. It then hit me, why wasn't I enjoying these fine female bodies, what a great chance to check out naked breasts and pussies without Mary getting all up in my face.

I finished putting lotion on Mary and rolled over on my back and grabbed my sun glasses and started fishing for hot bodies. There was a red head about 20 feet or so from my feet. She was hot and naked. She was sitting up looking around at all the people and didn't notice me staring at her ample bosom and exquisitely trimmed red bush. I don't know what it is about red headed pussy but it turns me on almost as much as a bald one. I was glad I wore my boxer swimming suit as it would conceal my hard on fairly well if I remained seated.

I assumed since most of these people seemed so causal about their nakedness that it wasn't as much of a sexual turn on for them as it was for me. Mary seem to be loving the freedom of lying there topless and didn't seem to care one way or another about all the nude bodies around us. I, on the other hand, was practically panting by now with the excitement of all the hot naked bodies around me.

I looked back over at speedo man, as I was now referring to him in my mind, and noticed he was still staring at Mary. He was lying on his stomach so his cock was buried in the sand. I decided that I was just going to relax and enjoy this day. I glanced back over to the red head and noticed she had now picked up a book and was reading sitting upright. I decided she was probably the hottest girl on the beach other than Mary, of course. It was the red pubic hair that interested me the most, the brunette to my right had the nicest tits, once again other than Mary.

After about an hour Mary jumped up and asked if I wanted to go for a dip. When she leaped up her tits started bouncing up and down and with her skimpy thong bottom she looked practically naked. I quickly looked to speedo man to see if he was still watching and of course he was, he grinned from ear to ear as Mary stood there showing off in front of him. She started to walked toward the water when suddenly a Frisbee landed at her feet, she bent over right in front of speedo man to pick it up and gave him one hell of a show. He was sitting upright now and I could see his bulge growing as Mary flashed him her tight ass and barely clad pussy.

I jumped up and followed Mary into the water. It was quite chilly and my hard on subsided quickly as I waded out about waist deep. Mary jumped in and popped back up quickly, her tits jutted out like two huge muskmelons except the cold water caused her nipples to jet out like two clothes pins. Mary walked slowly back to the blanket showing off that gorgeous body of hers with ever step. She swung her hips back and forth like a hooker showing off her goods on a street corner.

She smiled and nodded to speedo man as she walked by him. It was then I realized he had taken off his speedo and was now sitting naked with his semi-erect cock swelling like a telephone pole. Mary glanced down and grinned as she walked by. I knew she was eating up all that attention as she knew his member's salute was meant for her. I glared at him as I walked by but he didn't even see me. I felt so small and diminished with his monster cock on parade for all to see while my swimsuit clung to my average to below average-sized penis shriveled up by the cold.

I sat back down and tried to find the red head but noticed she had gone to join the boys playing volleyball along with another fairly plain woman. I really got into her jumping around to hit the ball with her tits bobbing up and down as she ran through the sand. The other gal still had on her suit and wasn't much to look at compared to all the other hot women around. I kinda felt sorry for her, almost a kindered spirit if you will, a fellow mutt surrounded by all these show dogs.

I was enjoying the volleyball game and occasionally glancing back to the brunette on my right when I heard Mary mumble something about going to pee. I asked her where she was planning to find a toilet out here. She said there was one over though the dunes. I was rock hard again and was embarrassed to stand up at that moment and told her to go ahead without me. It didn't even enter my mind how she knew about the toilets since this was our first trip here. I turned my attention back to the volleyball game.

After about 15 minutes it hit me that Mary had not returned. I looked around and noticed that speedo man was gone also. I quickly jumped up and made a b-line straight to the dunes Mary supposedly gone to relief herself. When I got there I noticed there was two porta-potties back by the parking lot. As I made my way through the dunes I heard giggling and looked to my right and saw a girl lying on her back while some dude was sucking her tits. I froze in my tracks and just stopped and starred.

Her tits were nicely shaped but only about a B cup but he seemed to be having a good time. I looked down at her pussy and saw he had a finger in there as well. I looked to the left and saw another woman sucking a guys cock while he laid there with his eyes closed. She had her ass in the air and her hairy pussy was aimed right at me. It glistened with moisture and I enjoyed the view. I took another four or five steps and saw a couple fucking right there about 10 feet from me to the left. I must have stumbled on the sex part of the beach.

I was shocked that such behavior would take place in public, I am not a prude and loved the sight of all this but I am quite modest and could never picture myself having sex in public like this. I then began to wonder if Mary saw all this when she went by to the potties. I started on near sprint to the porta-potties to find Mary. As I got closer I heard a giggle from what was obviously Mary's voice. I stopped dead in my tracks and started looking for her.

I followed the voice about 20 feet into the tall grass and there she was in a clearing on her knees with the speedo man's cock in her hand. My mouth just dropped open and my heart sank. My very first thought was what the hell was she doing out here. My second thought was to kill someone and fortunately my third thought was to keep my cool. I started to step forward but couldn't move, it was like I was buried in cement. I looked ahead and saw Mary's ass sticking right out in front of me about five feet, her thong was still on but the material had been pushed to the side and I could see her pussy lips glistening with moisture. I wondered what or who had pushed that thong to the side.

I knew it was speedo man that did that to her. I fell to my knees in disbelief. I watched her jacking his cock up and down while he reached for her pussy. Just as he got there she bobbed her head down and took a lick on his cock like it was a popsicle. She moaned as he ran his finger up and down her pussy lips while she spread her mouth wide and swallowed the head of his penis. It really took some doing but she managed to get the whole head in her mouth. He moaned as she accomplished her mission.

I knelt there wanting to move but feeling paralyzed; all I could do was watch in horror as my wife of exactly two years cheated on me. I saw her gag as he grabbed her head and tried to force her down on his cock, she spit him out and mumbled something to him that I couldn't quite make out. He withdrew his finger from her pussy and grabbed her tits and started to squeeze her nipples, soft at first but soon he was yanking on them like he was milking a cow. She was moaning and I couldn't tell if it was pain or pleasure.

This went on for about five minutes with her nipples and areoles turning red then purple as she pinched them harder and harder. She kept trying to stick his cock in farther and farther in her mouth but wasn't making much headway, no pun intended. It seemed like he was punishing her for not be able to take his whole cock in her mouth as she seemed to desperately try to swallow the whole thing. She had worked about halfway down his shaft when he literally picked her up and threw her on her back and spread her legs as he started to mount her missionary style.

So many thoughts were racing through my head, I couldn't believe she was doing this to me but even more on my mind at that moment was how was she going to handle all that meat and what about a condom. She was not on the pill as we had just started to try to conceive a baby. I heard her mumble in his ear again but couldn't make out what she was saying. He just lowered his hips closer to her pussy and pointed his cock right at the sweet spot. As his head started to part her pussy lips I heard her tell him not to cum in her.

I was relieved that at least she had the sense to remember that she was fertile and was at least responsible enough to try to avoid pregnancy by a stranger. I ran that through my head again – pregnancy by a stranger – fucking the stranger wasn't responsible I thought how could I give her any credit at all.

His cock head stretched her pussy lips as far as they could go as he pushed hard on her opening. She was dripping wet yet he couldn't get past the first inch or so of her pussy. She was screaming by this point as he was shoving his hips so hard into her that she was scooting along the sand. Finally he ran her ass against a small hill and her hips were braced as he gave one hard shove and she let out a scream that I thought would bring the whole place down on us.

I looked down and his cock was three inches in her and sliding in fast. Her screams turned to yells as she rooting him on to shove it all in her. He rammed in two more inches and she wrapped her legs around his back. I couldn't believe I was caught up in the moment like a fan at the big football game yelling for my team to drive the ball into the endzone on 4th and one. I suddenly wanted to see her pussy stuffed completely full of his huge cock. He had about three inches to go and I thought there is no way he will get the rest of that monster in her.

One of the many things I loved about Mary is that she is tighter than hell and that is one reason I had resisted when she asked me to make her pregnant. I didn't want to lose that vise grip on my five incher.

Mary was still panting and calling for him to ram it in deep, she told him she wanted all of it. He closed his eyes and gave one last shove as his balls slapped against her ass signaling a touchdown. He was in, she was pounding the sand and yelling for him to fuck her. I couldn't believe my ears she was never this animated in bed with me. Of course I never reached the deepness of her tunnel of love that he was right at this second. I again experienced another pang of jealousy as I knew he was reaching a spot that I would never know.

He quickly pulled his cock back out and rammed it back in again. He started pistoning in and out of her like a dog in heat. She was screaming and once again I couldn't tell if it was pain or delight. He pulled his cock all the way out of her pussy and shoved it deep back in again, over and over again. Every time he would pull out he would hold it out of her a bit longer and then lunge forward burying it deep in her pussy. Soon I saw a pinkish red substance squirting out of her pussy.

I tried to listen more intently to find out if her screams were really screams of pleasure or pain; I started to wonder if he was hurting her. She was no longer yelling for him to fuck her, she was just yelling. I looked back down at her pussy and as he held his cock before his next thrust I could see her pussy was stretched to the circumference of Coke can and the pinkish tint was now bright red.

He shoved it back in again and again, her screaming was to a high pitch now and I wondered if anyone would come to see what was going on. It crossed my mind that if they did there I was on my knees with a raging hard on as my wife was being pummeled by a huge cock of a stranger. I tried to get up to intervene but part of me started to root for him to rip her pussy wide open to pay her back for cheating on me.

I looked around to see if anyone was coming and to my surprise no one seemed to care about her screams. I looked back at my wife and her cheeks were streaming with tears as he shoved in again and again. I glanced back down to her pussy and started to see streams of white goo oozing out around his cock and realized he was cumming. He arched his back and drove in deep, his balls slapping her asshole as he did.

She let out a final scream that clearly was a name – Andy. Andy I thought and muttered who the hell is Andy? She wrapped her legs tight around his back and began kissing him deeply as he muffled her sighs with his lips. I looked back to her pussy and it was stuffed full of cock, semen and blood. It suddenly hit me, he didn't pull out like she told him. But even more perplexing was why did she call out the name Andy.

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