tagLoving WivesWife Loves Two Men Ch. 01

Wife Loves Two Men Ch. 01


Ann and Andy had invited their best friend, Jim, to their home for the evening While Ann was in the kitchen by herself putting the finishing touches to dinner, she was thinking about the events leading up to their plans for the evening.

Jim and Janice had been their best friends for the past five years. They had gone on vacations together and always enjoyed each other's company. Both couples were childless which allowed them plenty of free time to plan joint activities. Recently, Janice was killed in an automobile accident. Ann and Andy stayed by Jim's side to give him what support they could in this time of mourning.

Then Ann's thoughts turned to a conversation the four of them had about two months ago while they were together on a trip. One night most of the motels they saw had No Vacancy signs, but they finally found a motel that had one room. However, the room had two queen size beds. That was no problem since they were very good friends.

When the two couples were preparing for bed, they joked about the possibility of having sex in the same room. Once in bed, Jim and Andy took the initiative to make love to their own wives who seemed to enjoy the friendliness of the situation. Andy had his cock in Ann while trying to keep the noise down, but they heard the moans and groans coming from the other bed. The couple in the other bed were very vocal when they had orgasms. It was evident Janice was first to orgasm. Then Ann and Andy heard the bed bang against the wall for at least a minute before Jim let out a big yell. Ann and Andy then had orgasms but muffled their sounds the best they could.

The two couples took turns in the bathroom to clean up. When everyone was back in bed, they joked about how much fun it was to be with friends and have sex in the same room. They all agreed that sex was wonderful and would miss out if anyone died. It was just a joke and there was no thought that anyone would die so soon. Then a suggestion was made that if anyone died, the other couple would keep the remaining spouse happy with sex. They all laughed and agreed.

Now that Janice was dead, both Andy and Ann remembered what they talked about that night. She told Andy it was all a big joke and the suggestion did not have to be honored. Andy commented that if Ann had died, he believed Jim and Janice would keep the promise. This caused Ann to seriously think about it.

During all their time together trying to help Jim cope with the loss of Janice, both Ann and Andy felt so very sorry for him. Every time they saw him, he seemed lonesome and despondent. Ann and Andy often talked about the suggestion for keeping the remaining spouse sexually satisfied. Ann said she loved Jim as a friend and felt very comfortable to be close to him, but she thought sex was inappropriate.

Andy had a couple of dreams in which he watched Jim have sex with Ann. Each time he woke up with a very hard erection and decided it could be very sexy to watch Jim's cock going back and forth in his wife's pussy. Would he really like it to happen? Maybe!

Ann was beginning to think she could do it, but she didn't want a marriage problem. Even though Andy said he would just watch, she was concerned about him being jealous. Finally, they agreed they would try it. But would Jim want to have sex with her? Andy assured Ann that Jim would be overjoyed to get in bed with her.

One evening Andy visited Jim to have a talk. When Andy brought up the subject of their previous suggestion about the one couple keeping the remaining spouse happy with sex, Jim said he thought they were all joking at the time. Jim admitted he thought Ann was very pretty and sexy, but didn't want to cause trouble with their marriage.

Andy asked Jim, "If Ann had died, would he and Janice be willing to share sex with him?" Jim thought for a few seconds, then said, "We're such good friends, I'm sure Janice would invite you into our bed and it would be alright with me, too."

That settled the argument. Jim appreciated the offer and accepted the dinner date tonight.

Ann's thoughts were interrupted when Andy came into the kitchen to ask, "Can I help you with anything?"

Ann responded, "It's all on the table. Dinner is ready."

The three made small talk during dinner although there were some quiet periods. Ann knew time was getting closer to when the subject of sex would come up. She looked at Jim. She thought him handsome and she felt comfortable to be around him. She wondered if he would yell out when he cum in her pussy like he did that night several weeks ago. Ann knew he would not bang the headboard up against the wall in her bedroom because the bed was not against the wall. She nearly chuckled when she remembered that. She wondered what Andy would do and think when he saw Jim's cock in her. She was concerned it might cause trouble with their marriage, but Andy had agreed it was alright with him. She was wondering what the two guys were thinking right now.

The small talk had slowed down which gave Andy time to think. He looked at Ann, then at his best friend. He tried to imagine both of them naked together. Would he be jealous while he watched? He didn't think so because there were no secrets. Would Ann like Jim's love making better than his? There were several questions in his mind. When he looked at Jim, he thought how lucky he was going to be to have sex with Ann. Then he wondered how many times he would want to fuck her tonight?

Jim kept looking at Ann when it was appropriate during the conversation. He thought she was beautiful and sexy. He didn't want to cause any trouble between her and Andy, but he was looking forward to being naked with her in bed. He had seen her wear a bikini swim suit, but had never seen her completely nude before. He hoped they would not change their minds for the evening's activity. He had a very hard erection just thinking about being with her.

The conversation during dinner had been strained, but now it was over. Andy helped Ann clean up the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Ann whispered, "Are you still OK with our plans, or do you want to call it off? This is about our last chance."

Andy responded, "We've gone this far and it's alright with me if it is with you."

"I'll make another round of drinks and we'll go back to join Jim in the living room."

Ann was dressed in shorts and a loose fitting halter top. Her breasts were about medium size but nice and firm. She bent down in front of Jim as she handed him a drink. She knew he could get a good look. This gave Jim a quick preview of what he was going to see and feel a little later.

The conversation slowed down and the drinks were nearly gone. Someone had to make the first move.

Ann nervously stood up, "Well, we all know what is going to happen, so let's go in the bedroom."

Andy responded, "Jim, take her in the bedroom and I'll be in there soon."

That surprised Ann as she looked at Andy. Then she grasped Jim's hand and led him to the master bedroom. Jim was glad Andy remained behind because now he was not embarrassed to take Ann in his arms and share a very long sexy kiss with her. It was the first time Jim had ever kissed Ann with tongues dancing.

Ann could feel the kiss warm her. While Jim had his hands around Ann, he undid the knot holding her halter top. As the top fell to the floor, Jim bent down to take a nipple in his mouth.

Ann said, "Let's get undressed."

Once they were naked and still standing, Jim held her for another long tongue searching kiss. His very hard erection was rubbing up against her body. Her tits were pressed into his hairy chest..

Just at that time, Andy walked into the bedroom to see them standing naked with lips combined. He felt a little pang of jealousy, but he had agreed for this to happen. At the same time he was turned on causing him to have a raging erection.

Ann was feeling more relaxed and comfortable with Jim now that the action had started.

Ann said, "Come on in Andy, I was a little apprehensive this evening, but now I'm feeling fine. Get undressed if you want to. Jim, let's get on the bed."

As they laid down in each others arms on the bed, Jim said, "Ann, you are wonderful. I'm so turned on I know I can't last very long, not long enough to satisfy you."

Ann assured him, "Don't worry about that, just do what comes natural. Maybe I should take care of you first, then later you won't be so quick."

As Andy was undressing, he watched Ann take Jim's cock in her hand, then move down in bed. He could hardly believe what he saw. She took Jim's cock between her lips, licked all around, then deep throated him. She pulled back up, licked up and down his shaft while cupping his balls. Jim was in seventh heaven and becoming rather vocal.

Andy watched her take Jim's cock in her mouth, and work up and down. Her long blond hair was hanging down over her face allowing Andy to see through the strands of hair. Her hair was jiggling up and down as her mouth was going up and down on his cock. Jim started yelling while his body became rigid and jerked several times. Andy assumed he was shooting cum in Ann's mouth. Ann had to pull back up with just the head in her mouth to keep from choking. This allowed Ann to swallow as he pumped more cum. Andy was fascinated to watch her consume all of it.

When Jim's body became quiet, Ann sat up to look at Andy. "Evidently that turned you on because you now have one of the stiffest erections I've ever seen you have. Jim, you will have to excuse me while I satisfy my husband."

Andy walked up to the side of the bed. She raised up on an elbow at the right height to take Andy's cock. She kept her head rather steady while Andy started fucking her mouth. Jim relaxed on his elbo to watch. It didn't take very long until Andy's knees became shaky as he filled her mouth.

Once Andy backed away to sit in a chair, Ann said, "I'm going to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth. I'll be back."

Jim looked at Andy and softly said, "I'm so grateful for you to let me do this with Ann. I knew she was sexy looking, but I didn't know she could be this sexy in bed. She is fantastic."

"That's OK, Jim, you are our best friend and it's alright with me as long as Ann likes it."

When Ann came back toward the bed she said, "Jim, this is your night. I can see you are about to get ready again. Now maybe we can have a much longer session to enjoy."

Andy watched Ann roll into Jim's arms and their lips met. It looked to him as if their mouths were open and they were trying to consume each other. Andy knew what Jim was feeling because he often kissed Ann like that Very erotic.

Ann broke the kiss, "What would you like to do?"

"I would love to see between you legs."

Ann responded, "OK, let's turn around."

Andy watched Ann and Jim move to a six nine position. He saw Jim's face in Ann's crotch and knew he had a very close view of her pussy and ass. He watched Jim lick up and down over her pussy and ass. Then Andy focused on Ann taking Jim's cock in her mouth again. After awhile, they moved so that Jim was on top of Ann. Andy watched Jim push her legs back up toward her head to give him a wide view of her ass and pussy. He could see Jim's cock probing for her hole. First the head was aimed at her ass, but then she reached down to aim it at her pussy. Andy had fucked her in the ass a couple of times, but she didn't really like it that way because it hurt too much. Andy noticed Jim's cock was not as big around as his. Maybe Ann might like it if she tried it.

Andy watched Ann move Jim's cock head up and down her slit then aimed it at her hole.

She softly said, "Push"

Jim's cock spread her puffy lips, then Andy watched Jim's shaft slowly disappear until his balls rested on her ass. He could see Ann pulsating her pussy on his cock while they were lying still. Jim began moaning, then said, "Ann, you are wonderful."

Andy was holding his rock hard cock while he watched Jim pull nearly all the way out and plunge back in. Andy decided he would hold it until Jim was through, then he would have sloppy seconds. He heard the couple on the bed blissfully moan as Jim continued to fuck her.

Andy watched for a couple of minutes until he heard Jim say, "Let's try another position."

Jim rolled over on his back while Ann got up on top. She took Jim's cock in her hand, raised up so that she could settle down on it. Again, Andy watched the head spread her lips, then quickly his shaft disappeared in her. She gyrated on him while he held her breasts. Once she leaned forward long enough to hold a sexy kiss, then sat back up. Andy could see that Ann was building up to an orgasm. She was riding him faster while her finger was on her clit. Her body jerked some as she had an orgasm. She slumped forward with her breasts pressing into his body with her head lying on his shoulder.

While she was lying like this, Andy rubbed her back and butt. Then he let his fingers roam over her ass causing her to moan a little more.

Ann knew that Jim did not orgasm with her. She asked, "What do you want now?"

"Let's get in a doggie position."

Ann got up on her knees while he moved behind her. Andy watched Jim take hold of his cock to aim at her pussy. His shaft was quickly buried in her.

Jim started fast back and forth movements. Andy realized that Jim wanted to cum in her like this. It didn't take very long before Jim was loudly groaning and when he shot the first spurt, he loudly yelled and groaned, "Ooo..................ooo......ooooo!" He was banging on Ann's bottom and nearly pushed her over.

Andy didn't want to get the bed wet, so he handed Jim a handful of tissues. Andy watched Jim's cum gush out of Ann as he pulled out.

Andy said, "Jim, move out of the way, I want to take your place."

Ann remained still to allow her husband to get behind her. Andy was in no hurry to cum because he wanted the feeling to last. He fucked Ann for at least five minutes before adding his cum in her pussy.

Ann got up to go sit on the commode while the guys sat on the bed. Again, Jim spoke of his appreciation for the evening.

Andy said, "Tell that to Ann. She is the one who gave us the fantastic evening."

When Ann came back in the bedroom, Jim said, "Ann, you are so wonderful. How can I ever thank you and Andy. I know of no way I can make it up to you."

She responded, "You are our good friend. We loved both you and Janice. We're so sorry that you lost her. We agreed with her long ago that we would take care of your sexual needs. She was my best friend and we owe her that much."

Jim replied, "Ann, I can hardly believe how sexy you are. Are you indicating I can come back again for more?"

"Yes, I enjoyed it too and I think Andy did."

Ann reached for a short flimsy robe while the two guys were still sitting naked.

Jim said, "Ann, you look so sexy in that robe. You are covered just enough to leave a little to my imagination. And to think, I saw you in all your naked beauty tonight."

Ann commented, "I can see your reaction to it. Looks as if you are getting hard again."

"Yes, I am, I can't seem to get enough of you. With Janice, I usually cum only once in a night. I have already cum twice tonight and now I'm ready for more. You are the sexiest person I've ever known."

She smiled, "With compliments like that, maybe we should get back on the bed."

"Oh, I would love to have more sex with you. Wow!"

Andy watched them get on the bed. Ann took Jim's cock in her mouth to make it harder. Then Jim rolled her over on her back, spread her legs, pushed them back toward her head, and got on top. By now his cock was very hard.

She aimed his cock at her pussy as he shoved it all the way in. She was very juicy from the cum both guys had deposited in her. While his cock was going back and forth, they often slowed down or stopped long enough for a sexy kiss. Jim had already cum twice and was not going to cum very soon. Ann started moaning as her body convulsed and her pussy began to pulsate on Jim's cock. Her clit throbbed during her orgasm. Andy watched as Jim and Ann laid still to give her a chance to dwell in the afterglow.

Ann softly said, "Do you think you can cum again?"

"Yes, but I want to try something a little different."

Jim reached down for his cock and pulled it out, then said, "I can feel some of the juices running down on your ass. My cock is smaller around than Andy's. I don't think I can hurt you, but I would like to put it in your other hole. Let me try and if it hurts too much, I'll quit."

Ann was hesitant, but said, "Alright, I'll let you try, but take it slow."

With Ann's position of her legs spread wide and pushed up, her ass was widely spread and exposed. Andy watched as Ann moved Jim's cock all around her ass to use the cum juices for lubrication. Jim pushed the head in.

Ann softly said, "Pull back to let me rub some more of the juices on you."

Andy watched Jim pull out leaving her ass gapping while she rubbed the head around. Then Jim slowly pushed all the way in.

Jim asked, "Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, go ahead."

Andy watched as Jim's cock was slowly pulled out, then plunged back time after time. Jim started his loud groaning, then yelled as he started shooting spurt after spurt in Ann's bowels.

Ann went to the bathroom to clean up again. When she came back in the bedroom she said, "That should finish us for the night. I'm getting sleepy."

Jim put on his clothes and said, "Guess I should go home and leave you two love birds to sleep in each other's arms."

Ann lightly kissed him, "There will be other nights for the three of us."

Ann and Andy walked Jim to the front door. He put his arms around Ann to lightly kiss her. Then he kissed her a couple more times while he was shaking Andy's hand goodbye.

Jim then meekly said, "Too bad the night is ending for us. I have to go home to a lonely bed.."

Ann then quickly responded, "Aw, that is bad. Maybe you should stay the rest of the night with us. You can go home after breakfast."

"You mean I can stay here and cuddle with you two?"

"Yes, we won't make you go home to sleep in a lonely bed."

Jim and Andy removed Ann's robe so that all would be naked in bed. Soon, all three were sound asleep with Ann in the middle. She woke up once in the night to realize arms from both guys were hugging her. She felt so safe and secure with the two guys she loved.

Andy woke up one time to urinate. When he came back to bed and turned down the sheet, he saw his beautiful wife lying on her back. Jim was on his side facing her with one hand clasping a breast. Both were asleep. Andy got in bed and cuddled up to Ann. He moved a hand down to her pussy and lightly inserted a finger. She was still very wet with the cum both Jim and he had deposited in her. Since she was soundly sleeping, he decided to not wake her. Andy pulled his finger back to where it was barely in her hole and decided to sleep in this position. Jim could have a breast, but he would have her pussy while they slept.

When they woke up with the sun shining through the window, she could feel two hard cocks. She knew what that meant. Since it was Sunday morning, there was no rush getting out of bed.

She said, "Alright, it's good to wake up with two lovers, but first I need to go to the bathroom. I'll enjoy our time together much better after I get rid of my liquid."

Both guys got up, too. Andy told Jim, "You go use the bathroom in the hall and I'll use this one after Ann finishes."

Once in the bathroom with Ann, Andy spoke, "Hun, now that it is bright and early this morning, how do you feel about the activities we had last night? Are you still ready to continue with Jim?"

"Of course I am. I enjoyed myself last night and I think you did too."

"Yes, I did like it and I'm willing to continue. Jim is a real nice guy and a good friend."

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