tagLoving WivesWife Loves Two Men Ch. 02

Wife Loves Two Men Ch. 02


Ann and Andy had entertained their very good friend, Jim, over the weekend. Jim had been so lonesome since his wife’s recent death. Two months before her death, the two couples jokingly agreed if one of the four died, the other couple would take care of the remaining spouse’s sexual needs. Ann and Andy felt obligated to comply. Jim was so thrilled to taste Ann’s charms on Saturday night and then again on Sunday. In fact, he was ecstatic and thought Ann was the sexiest person he had ever known. When Jim left Ann and Andy’s home on Sunday evening, he was invited back for Wednesday evening.

Some of Jim’s parting words were to say he loved Ann. After he left, Ann mentioned to Andy that they had talked in the past about having a baby. She asked Andy what he thought about her going off the pill and continue to have sex with both Andy and Jim. Andy’s response was to say they should discuss it further before any decisions were made.

Monday evening after dinner, Ann and Andy showered together, then were in bed with Andy’s cock slowly moving back and forth in Ann’s pussy. They hadn’t said very much, but both were thinking about having a baby.

Andy had his cock completely in Ann when he stopped to say, “First do you think we should have a child.”

“Yes, we are getting older and should start a family.”

“Now the next question is, do you want me to impregnate you or do you want Jim to help?”

Ann slowly responded, “I was the one to bring up the subject last night and I’ve been thinking about it today. What is your opinion?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to do anything you didn’t want to do, but it would be nice to include Jim in the fatherhood with me since he doesn’t have a wife.”

“Yes, Andy, I’ve thought of that. Jim could help us raise the little boy or girl. There are lots of expenses in a growing child for many years. If we did include Jim, I wouldn’t want you to be jealous. You will always be my husband.”

“As long as I am assured of that, maybe we should include Jim, that is, if he wants to be included. We can ask him Wednesday evening.”

Ann responded, “That is agreeable with me.”

The decision excited both Ann and Andy. He was beginning to explode in her pussy as she responded with her own orgasm.

Wednesday evening Jim arrived in time for dinner as planned. He handed Ann a bouquet of roses and said, “To the prettiest and sexiest girl in the world.”

She hugged his neck and kissed him, “Thank you. Compliments will get you a good time tonight.”

After dinner was over, they carried their drinks to the living room. They made small talk about their work day, then Andy looked at his watch.

He said, “Tomorrow is another work day. We all know what we want to do, so lets get started.”

Ann said, “I haven’t had time to shower, I suggest we all strip off and shower. I like clean bodies.”

Everyone started shedding clothes in the master bedroom. Jim saw Ann sitting in a chair tugging down her panty hose. He offered to help by pulling them down and off her legs.

Jim said, “I sure like the view.”

Ann responded, “Here you go again, giving me compliments. If it turns you on to look, take my bra off.”

Jim unhooked her in the back releasing her breasts. Jim took advantage of the situation to cup both her breasts and point the nipples toward his face. Andy watched him lean forward to kiss a nipple.

Ann said, “Let me shower and we can continue with that.”

The shower was too small for three people. She said, “Jim get in here with me first. I’ve had my husband for the last two nights, now it’s your turn to wash my back”

Ann gave Jim the soap to allow him to soap all over her body. She soaped down his front. Then Jim put his arms around her and pressed their soapy and slick bodies together. His hard cock was pushing up against her. They played some more with the soap, rinsed off and got out. In the meantime, Andy had showered in the hall bathroom.

Andy returned to the master bedroom, looked in the bathroom to see Ann and Jim toweling each other off. He was thinking about asking Jim if he wanted to help make Ann pregnant, but decided to wait for a more appropriate time.

The three pranced around and soon were on the bed.

Ann cheerfully said, “Now lets have some fun. What to do first?”

Andy took the initiative to sexily kiss her while Jim kissed her breasts, then moved on down to kiss her clit. She cooperated by spreading her legs. Andy then kissed her neck and started sucking her nipples.

Ann moaned a little and said, “Guys, you are making me hot. I’m going to need something inside me right away.”

The guys ignored here plea. Andy was still kissing her breasts while Jim had moved down in bed with his head buried at her crotch. He was licking up and down her ass and pussy. She was beginning to push up to his face. Andy was in a position for her to hold his cock while he vigorously sucked and mauled her breasts.

She was starting to loudly moan as the guys were loving her body. She was thoroughly enjoying the attention of the two men. Her hips were bucking as her body strained, then the guys heard her moan, “Oh..oo..ug.ooo.oo................ow” She was gasping for air as her orgasm came on strong.

Ann soon became limp as both guys continued to softly kiss her body.

She weakly said, “Wow, you sure know how to treat a girl! That was fantastic! I love both of you.”

She had been holding Andy’s cock. Now she turned to a position to take it in her mouth. Andy was so sexually worked up he quickly erupted.

Andy moved out of the way to allow Jim to move up on top of Ann. She spread and pulled her legs up, then aimed Jim’s cock at her hole. Jim began pumping fast and exploded in her pussy.

All three had orgasms within a few minutes since they got on the bed. They all knew there would be more after they rested awhile.

Andy was the first to speak, “Jim, we have something serious to talk about. Ann and I have often discussed having a baby. She is on the pill now, but we are thinking about not taking the pill. That means she could get pregnant.”

Jim looked dejected as he said, “Guess that will leave me out, but I don’t blame you for wanting to start a family.”

Ann then interjected, “Not necessarily. We love you as part of our family. If you were to help Andy get me pregnant, then we would have even closer family ties.”

Jim couldn’t believe it, then looked at both Andy and Ann to say, “Are you sure you want me to do that? Andy, do you want me to share being a father with you?”

“Ann and I have both agreed. Do you agree to help be a father to the child and always look after his welfare?”

Jim quickly responded, “What a wonderful experience it will be for me since I don’t have a wife to give me children. I love Ann very much, and you as a friend. Ann, when are you going off the pill?”

She said, “I’ve taken my pill today. I’ll get ride of the rest of them right now.”

Ann went to the bathroom and took the pills out of the medicine chest. The two guys came in to join her, and made a ceremony of flushing them down the commode.

She announced, “They are gone. Now, guys, make me pregnant.”

Andy grinned and said, “We can’t tonight, but we’re going to have fun anyway.”

The three went back to bed. Most of the activities were for the guys to caress and love Ann to give her all the sexual thrills they could. In return, she wanted both of the guys to take turns cumming in her pussy, a prelude to what she wanted in the future weeks.

The evening was getting late when Jim was ready to leave. He kissed Ann goodnight and said, “I’ll be back on Saturday for my first chance to get Ann pregnant.”

Jim called Andy’s home on Friday to say, “Hey, buddy, I have a plan for Saturday. I’ve reserved the wedding suite in the Grand hotel for the night. It’s my treat. We’ll spend the afternoon at the pool, have dinner, then give Ann all the loving we can.”

Andy responded, “Sounds great. We’ll meet you there in the early afternoon.”

Saturday afternoon when Andy and Ann arrived, Jim was in the lobby to take them up to the suite. Ann was very impressed with the fabulous rooms.

When they changed to their swim wear, Jim looked at Ann. “You are beautiful and have a fantastic shape. I love the way your breasts push out your top, and your brief bottoms accentuate your body. You are so sexy, and to think, I am included to have sex with you. Unbelievable!”

Ann looked at Jim, “Thanks for the complements, but you are a hunk of a man. Look at those muscles, your broad hairy chest, and handsome face. If our little one can inherit your features, he or she will be an extraordinary child. And another thing, you are a very good lover.”

All three laughed.

Jim and Andy took a dip in the pool while Ann sat and watched. The guys noticed men looked longingly at Ann as they walked near her. She was a picture of sexual beauty.

They went upstairs to dress for dinner. The three went to the bedroom together to change. Both Jim and Andy admired Ann’s beauty as she slipped out of her swim wear. Andy had already shed his trunks and decided to take Ann in his arms for a long kiss. His cock became hard and pressed against her.

Jim gave Andy plenty of time to hug Ann, then walked up to tap him on the shoulder as if cutting in for a dance.

Jim said, “I’m here, too. Can I have a turn?”

Jim’s naked body pressed into Ann’s as they shared a long sexy kiss.

She backed off to say, “You guys are horny already. Don’t you think we should have dinner first? Then we can have all the time we want together.”

All three showered and were dressing. The two guys were already dressed and went in the living room while Ann freshened up her makeup.

“Andy, this is going to be a night to remember. Someday we’ll tell our child about this, that is after he grows up.”

“Yes, Ann and I are looking forward to the future.”

Jim had arranged for their dinner to be served in a private room along with drinks. He wanted Ann to be in a very good mood for the evening. She seemed to be pleased.

Dinner was finished, then up to the room for an evening of fabulous sex. They sat in the living room to open and finish a bottle of champagne.

When the drinks were about gone, Jim walked over to Ann, got down on his knees.

“Ann, I love you very much. I want to be a part of this family and I think once you are pregnant, I will be officially part of it. I know you are already married to Andy, but will you marry me in your thoughts? I guess you could call me a secondary husband. I’ll love you and will always be near in time of need and joy.”

Ann looked so lovingly at Jim, “Yes, Jim, you will be part of our family.”

She stood up, tugged for him to get up, and reached out to Andy. All three hugged while the two guys took turns kissing her.

Ann then announced, “Now, you two handsome guys take me to bed and get me pregnant.”

Andy and Jim gleefully picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She was laughing and hanging on in case they dropped her. When they dumped her flat on her back on the bed, her dress was riding up. Her long legs encased in hose with garter belt were exposed.

Andy pulled her dress up to her crotch to see she was not wearing panties.

Jim said, “Wow! You look so very sexy.”

Andy chimed in, “Jim, I think we should leave the hose on while we fuck her. What do you think?”

“Yes, but definitely. I’ll bet she isn’t even wearing a bra.”

Ann announced, “No bra, I’m ready to be fucked by two horny guys.”

The guys pulled her dress up over her head to expose her shapely breasts.

Andy started undressing while Jim couldn’t wait to kiss and nuzzle her breasts. Once Andy was undressed, he took over kissing her lips and breasts while Jim undressed. She looked to see two very hard erections.

Ann said, “OK, guys, which one of you is going first?”

Andy was already kissing her and moved over on top. She aimed his cock at her hole.

She glanced at Jim, “Come on, I want you too.”

Jim wasn’t sure where he could fit in, but then decided to rub her legs which were up in the air with her knees near her breasts. He moved one hand down to her butt where he had just enough room to rub her ass hole with Andy’s balls bouncing near by.

Andy was taking it slow and holding back so that Ann could build up to an orgasm.

A couple of minutes later, Ann said, “Andy, let Jim put his cock in me now.”

Andy pulled out and looked down at her gapping hole ready for his buddy to put his cock in her. Jim got on top and started back and forth movements. Andy watched him pull nearly all the way out and plunge back in. Ann started moaning some.

Jim was beginning to feel like he would cum very soon.

Ann then feebly spoke while moaning, “Jim, when you cum, quickly get up and let Andy cum in me.”

Ann was starting to orgasm as Jim blasted spurt after spurt in her pussy. Right at the last spurt, Jim reluctantly got up to allow Andy to ram his cock in her. Jim jacked his cock to enjoy any last sexual feeling. This caused some of his cum to drip out on Ann’s body as he got up. Ann had hardly recovered from her orgasm when Andy also flooded her pussy with cum. Now the two cums were mixed together, hopefully for her pregnancy.

They all laid side by side with Ann in the middle.

She said, “That was our first try. I just stopped taking my pill on Thursday. Maybe I won’t get pregnant tonight, so we will keep trying night after night.”

Both guys chimed in, “That’s alright with us. We like to try and try and try.”

Andy said, “I’m sure glad we put a towel on this bed earlier today, or it would be a mess. A lot of cum came gushing out of you, Ann.”

They got up to open another bottle of Champagne, then went back to sit up in the king size bed.

They discussed their future relationship. Ann suggested Jim move into their house. They had a spare bedroom for him, but he could sleep with her and Andy in the king size bed if he so desired. That way, the guys could have sex with her more often, at least until she was definitely pregnant. .

Then Jim suggested she could stop working and stay home since he would be paying part of the bills. Andy agreed to these arrangements.

Both guys were soon ready for more action. Andy pushed Ann’s legs up, moved down in bed to lay on his side crossways in bed and up against her crotch, then entered his cock This gave Jim plenty of room to kiss her breasts, neck and mouth. Ann closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of the two guys loving her body.

As Andy’s cock was going in and out of her pussy, he could see Jim loving her breasts, then holding long sexy kisses with Ann. Jim moved one hand down to lightly rub her clit. Jim could feel her breathing become more labored as she moaned. Her hand moved down to help guide Jim’s fingers massaging her clit. She whispered about how good it felt. She was beginning to groan as her body started sexually shuddering through an orgasm. Andy was now going in and out much faster to bring on his orgasm. Andy cock was jerking as he exploded in her for the second time.

Andy got up to leave Ann lying still with her eyes closed in the twilight of her orgasm. Jim took Andy position sideways in the bed. Andy lifted her limp legs up for Jim to get in position.

Andy watch Jim’s cock moving in and out of her very sloppy pussy. Ann was still in the afterglow of her orgasm and not moving. As Jim was approaching his orgasm, Ann began to move her butt in rhythm to Jim’s movements. Jim added his cum to her already cum filled pussy.

All three were fairly well exhausted and decided to sleep before having any more sex.

Andy woke up to realize the bed shaking. He opened his eyes to see the sun shining through the window. Before he could hardly wake up and orient himself, he heard his wife, Ann, moaning. Andy felt hung over from last nights activities. Probably had too much to drink. Then he thought Ann must be feeling ill with a hangover. When he turned over to look, he saw his friend was on top of Ann. He could see her hips vigorously pushing up to meet his thrusts. Jim’s cock was going in and out of Ann’s wet pussy faster and faster until they both exploded at the same time. Ann’s moans were mixed in with Jim’s loud groans and grunts.

Andy watched their bodies gradually become limp as their heavy breathing subsided. Jim raised his head up off her shoulder to give her a very tender kiss, then said, “I love you, Ann”.

Andy responded, “You two are at it early today. I’m glad you feel good because I feel hung over today. I’ll feel better after breakfast.”

Andy handed Ann a towel and some tissues to catch Jim’s cum when he pulled out. He watched Jim’s now smaller cock slowly pull out as gobs of his friend’s cum gushed out on to the towel. As Jim got up, Ann used the tissues to plug up her hole until she could get to the commode.

While Ann was sitting on the commode, she said, “Jim woke up with a big erection, so we couldn’t let it go to waste. I was just thinking, why don’t we shower, have breakfast and go home? We can help Jim bring his clothes and personal things over to our house to today.”

Andy was beginning to wonder if Jim was going to take over their lives. He reminded himself that he had agreed to the arrangement and he really liked Jim. Ann seemed to be happy, too.

Later that day, Jim moved this things into the spare bedroom. They ate a light dinner then prepared for bed.

Ann said, “This is going to be fun having two lovers in bed with me every night. Andy, now that you are feeling much better, make love to me first.”

The days went fast. Ann had quit her job while the two guys went to work five days a week and came home for a night of loving.

The end of the month came around for Ann and she had her period.

Ann commented, “We won’t give up. My doctor told me that I should be able to get pregnant. Now it’s up to you two guys to do it.”

Her period was now over and since she did not give the guys a blow job during that time, she thought they would be primed for a long night.

Saturday night they went out to eat then returned home. They each took time to be in the shower with her, then went to bed with her in the middle. She did take time to briefly take Andy’s cock in her mouth, then Andy watched her lick all around Jim’s cock to tease him.

She softly said, “Jim, lie on your back, I’m going to ride your big cock.”

Andy watched as Ann moved up to sit on Jim, raised up to aim his cock, then gradually lowered herself down. He saw his friend’s cock slowly disappear. Once inside, Jim stopped moving to enjoy the warmth of her wet pussy. He was so hard he knew he was going to cum soon. When Andy’s wife started riding Jim, Andy watched his wife’s pussy grinding on his friend’s cock. Andy placed his hands on her bouncing butt, then moved his fingers down the crease of her ass. Ann let out a little moan as his fingers massaged her ass. Jim couldn’t hold back any longer and became very vocal as Andy’s wife aggressively rode his cock His sperm was injected into her womb spurt after spurt.

Andy was wondering if Jim’s sperm was going to impregnate her or would it be his own.

Ann rolled off of Jim to lie on her back, to say, “Andy, get up here and hold it long enough for me to orgasm.”

He answered, “I am so turned on from watching Jim fuck you. I’ll probably blow it fast, but don’t worry, the night is young.”

When Andy crawled between her legs, his cock easily slid in Ann’s pussy with all of Jim’s cum for lubrication.

The three continued their erotic evening of sex until all three were exhausted and went to sleep.

A couple of weeks went by when Andy came home to announce, “I have to be gone for a whole two weeks on a business trip. There is no way I can get out of going. Wish I could stay home while we are trying to get my sexy wife pregnant.”

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