tagLoving WivesWife Loves Two Men Ch. 03

Wife Loves Two Men Ch. 03


Chapters 1 and 2 summarized: Andy and Ann's good friend, Jim, had moved into their house to live with them. He occupied the spare bedroom, but he slept with Andy and Ann in their king size bed each night. He had been invited to help get Ann pregnant. While Ann was in the hospital having the baby boy, Mickey, both Andy and Jim was impressed with nurse Judy's beauty and personality. Andy encouraged Jim to become more acquainted with her.

Ann, Andy, and Jim brought little Mickey home from the hospital. Andy and Jim alternated taking a day off from work to stay home to help Ann until she was able to be at home alone. The two guys took turns going to the grocery store and running other errands.

Jim and Andy were getting rather horny since Ann was not up to par as yet.

One evening at bedtime, she said, "Guys, I know I am out of action for a little while, but I know you two must be getting horny. I don't want either of you to resort to masturbation. I feel that I would be letting you down if you did."

Andy said, "We understand and can wait, at least I can."

Jim butted in, "I can wait if Andy can. We don't want to rush you."

She grinned, "No, you don't have to wait. Get your showers and I'll take care of my two loving men."

Later when they were in bed, she held a cock in each hand. She kissed one guy, then the other. She moved her head down to take Andy's cock in her mouth. Since he had not cum in a couple of weeks, he soon gave her a mouth full.

When his cock became smaller, she sat up to say, "That was a big load all at once. From now on, I'll take better care of my two lovers. Jim, I assume you will have a big load for me too."

She moved over to take Jim's cock in her mouth. Andy watch his loving wife go up and down on his friend. Soon, Jim was bucking up to her face as he exploded in her mouth. He was bucking so wildly that she had to hold on to his cock to keep it in her mouth while trying to consume it all.

All three snuggled together with Ann in the middle to sleep while hoping the baby would not wake up before feeding time.

One evening Jim came home from work to say, "Guess who I saw in the grocery store? It was Judy, the nurse we saw in the hospital."

Andy responded, "Did you make a date with her?"

"I know you are joking, but I actually have a date tomorrow evening to take her to dinner. She inquired about you and the baby."

Ann smiled to say, "Good for you, Jim. She did seem like a nice person, and very pretty, too. You could invite her to visit us and see the baby."

Ann had now recovered for Jim and Andy to have a variety of sexual activities with her. They were back in the old routine of having sex nearly every night. That night, Jim seemed to be more in the mood than usual.

Ann said, "Jim, are you thinking about that pretty nurse?"

Jim was a little embarrassed but didn't want to admit it, "Ann, you are the prettiest and sexiest girl I know. That girl can't measure up to you."

Ann just grinned and assumed he was fibbing, but she didn't want to embarrass him any further. It was alright with her if Jim might be thinking of another girl while having sex with her. She loved Jim, but she would be happy if he found a girl to love. He really needed to have a wife and home of his own.

The next evening Jim left to take Judy to dinner. Andy and Ann went to bed and cuddled in each other's arms.

Andy said, "This is the first time in a long time for us to be in bed alone."

Ann commented, "I like it, but it is a little quieter and I miss Jim's presence. I like it when both of you guys are in bed with me. I know you love me, but I always feel more loved and safer with both of you."

"What if he get's married someday and leaves. How will you feel then?"

"Oh, I'll be alright. Married life will become a little less hectic. I will like it."

Andy and Ann were asleep when Jim came home. He stripped off and got in bed with them.

Andy woke up to say, "How was your date. Did you get laid?"

By then Ann was awake, "Jim, did you like her? Tell us what you did?"

Jim responded as his hands caressed Ann's body, "Yes, she is witty and has a nice personality. We got along just fine. We had dinner, then danced a short while before I took her home."

Andy asked, "Did you go in her apartment?"

"No, she said on a first date, I couldn't come in. We sat in the car and kissed. The kisses were warming us both up, but after I felt of her very nice breasts through her clothing, she said, "I never have sex with a man until at least the fourth date and it all depends how we feel about each other by then. I told her that I respected her wishes. That didn't keep me from slipping my hand under her blouse and bra to feel her nipples. She really started feeling sexy when I did that. But then she said she had to go inside and sleep by herself."

Andy said, "Too bad you were disappointed, but are you going to take her out again?"

"Yes, I plan too. I told her I would call."

While Jim was snuggling up to Ann, she could feel his erection. She clasped it with her hand.

"Jim, you seem to be in the mood. Guess Judy did get you worked up."

There was silence while Ann squeezed Jim's cock. She had been asleep, but was now wide awake.

"Jim, I can't let you go to sleep like this. Roll up here on top of me."

Jim felt a little embarrassed. Judy had gotten him sexually excited, now Ann was willing to let him relieve his erotic desire by cumming her pussy.

He kicked the covers off, then moved on top of Ann as she spread her legs. She aimed Jim's very hard erection, the erection he got from kissing Judy.

Ann then said, "I don't mind if you want to think you are fucking Judy. I love you enough to give you what you want."

Jim covered her mouth with his and pushed his tongue to mesh with hers. She could feel he was turned on more than usual.

She broke the kiss to say, "Jim, did you like to feel Judy's breasts? Did they feel like mine?"

"They were very nice, so soft and I wanted to kiss her nipples, but couldn't because of her clothing."

"Go ahead and kiss my nipples. You can pretend they are Judy's if that turns you on."

Andy watched Jim nuzzle Ann's breasts and suck on her swollen nipples. He assumed he was getting some milk. Jim was lost in a jungle of eroticism. Andy could see Jim's hips rise and fall as he was fucking Ann.

Ann said, "Jim, it's alright with me if you want to fantasize about having your cock in Judy. Do you like it?"

"It is fantastic. Judy, I mean Ann, you are so understanding."

Ann continued, "Do you want to cum in Judy's pussy?"

"Yes, yes, I'm cumming right away."

Ann seductively responded, "Then fill Judy's pussy with your cum."

Andy watched Jim's body shudder as he was beginning to erupt in Ann's pussy. Evidently, all this eroticism was turning Ann on because Andy could see she was having an orgasm too. He watched both their bodies jerk and quiver as Ann's pussy was being filled with Jim's cum.

When their bodies relaxed and Jim rolled off of Ann, she said, "Wow, Judy really got you ready for sex. You were really turned on tonight, especially when you thought your cock was in her."

Jim was so embarrassed, "Ann, I'm sorry. I apologize."

"That's alright, Jim, I didn't want you to go to sleep with an erection. If it was sexier for you to think of Judy, I encouraged you to think that way. Now kiss me goodnight and let's sleep before I have to get up to feed little Mickey."

Next evening when they went to bed with Ann in the middle, Jim said, "Ann, I promise tonight that I will be having sex with you and not Judy. I hope you can forgive me for making an ass of myself last night."

"There's no reason to forgive, because I want to do what turns you on."

Both Jim and Andy kissed and had sex with Ann. When Jim was cumming in Ann's pussy, he was mumbling over and over, "I love you Ann. You are wonderful."

A couple of evenings later, Jim had another date with Judy. Andy and Ann were in bed but not asleep when he came home to get in bed with them.

Ann grinned at Jim, "Well, did you get sexed up again tonight. What did you do?"

"We ate dinner, saw a movie. By then it was getting late and we both have to work in the morning. She did invited me into her apartment for a glass of wine, but only after I promised not to insist on getting in bed on our second date. We cuddled on the couch and kissed a lot. She let me take her blouse and bra off so I could kiss her breasts. That really turned her on, but then she said I had to leave. I have another date with her on Saturday evening. She wants to come here to see you and the baby."

"She is most welcome to visit us. But right now, I assume you have a hard one that needs attention. Andy and I had just finished having sex, so get in bed with us."

Jim stripped off his clothes and crawled in bed to snuggle up to Ann. She grasped his very hard erection.

He leaned into her face for their lips to join in a long sexy tongue searching kiss.

Ann asked, "Were Judy's kisses like that tonight?"

"Yes, they were sexy, but not more sexy than the kiss we just shared."

"Does Judy's kisses turn you on?"

"Very much. My erection pops up like it did just now."

"I assume Judy hasn't taken your cock in her mouth as yet. Would you like for her to go down on you?"

"Yes, but it will be only our third date. She probably won't go that far on Saturday night."

Ann then said, "How would you like Judy to suck you dry tonight."

"Oooooooooooh...... That would be wonderful."

Jim's reaction was to kiss Ann. His open mouth covered hers as their tongues blended and danced wildly for a long sexy kiss. Ann knew he desperately wanted sexual relief.

When they broke the kiss, she erotically said, "Just lie back, close your eyes and let Judy take your cock in her mouth."

There was just enough light from the night light for Andy to see Ann lick all around Jim's cock head, then go down on him.

Jim moaned, "Oooooooo.. Judy, that is so good."

Ann licked up and down on the underside of his cock, then deep throated him again. She raised up to say, "Jim, would you like Judy to suck you off?"

"Oh yes, Judy, it feels so good. Please do."

Ann continued to say, "Judy wants you to shoot all your cum in her mouth. She wants you to cum and cum and cum."

"Oh yes, yes, yes, Judy do it please."

Ann began to vigorously go up and down on Jim's cock while she cuddled his balls. Andy could see in the dim light when Jim's body spasmed. He started yelling, "Judy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

When it was all over and Jim laid still, he finally said, "Ann, I am so sorry again. It turns me on so much to think of Judy, yet I love you very much. You know that I do and I don't want to hurt your feelings."

Ann raised up from Jim's cock long enough to say, "You're not hurting my feelings, I want you to enjoy sex the best way you can. The fact is, I believe it turned me on a little to think Judy is in bed with us."

Ann then took his now much smaller cock back into her mouth to roll it around with her tongue. She wanted to be sure she had all of his cum. Then she felt his cock was not going to be very soft. Jim put his hands on her head to encourage her to keep it in her mouth.

Jim slowly said, "Ann you are wonderful. I really enjoyed that and what you are doing now is so sexy."

Ann could hardly believe his cock was beginning to stiffen.

She lifted up to say, "Jim, are you getting hard again this soon?"

"I can't help it, Ann. I'm really turned on tonight."

"Judy did it to you. You're so sexed up it's beginning to make me excited too."

Andy watched Ann fondle Jim's ball while she was slurping on his cock. Earlier he had sex with Ann, but was feeling erotic while watching Ann give Jim a blow job.

She kept working on his cock until he was fairly rigid. She moved up to kiss him with open mouths. Jim could taste his own cum as their mouths and tongues meshed. He wanted more sex and Ann was willing to give it to him.

Jim rolled on top of her as she spread her legs and pulled them up. His cock was weaving around prodding for her hole. He punched forward a couple of times, but didn't find the hole. Ann then reached down to aim it. Jim with one loud groan, plunged all the way in.

Even though Jim was so eager to cum a second time, he was not rushed as he liked the feeling. He laid still once to allow Ann to pulsate on his cock. Then he started fucking her fast. Andy took the opportunity to lightly rub his hand over Ann's butt and moved it up and down her the crease of her ass.

Jim's mouth covered Ann mouth several times as he cock was pounding in her.

In a panting and demanding voice Ann said, "Jim, I know you want to cum in Judy's pussy. Do it. Give me your cum. Judy wants it."

Ann was moaning with pleasure as Jim blasted spurt after spurt in her. Jim was doing his usual loud vocalization. Andy saw Ann's body shudder and spasm as her orgasm came on strong.

Andy was not waiting very patiently for Ann and Jim to uncouple as he watched them and when he heard Ann's voice encouraging him to cum in Judy's pussy. Andy was holding his hard cock ready for relief.

Andy said, "Ann, I'm next when Jim gets off. Don't forget about me."

Ann used tissues to catch the excess of Jim's cum as it poured out of her. Then said, "Andy, come up here, I'm ready."

Jim had no sooner rolled off of Ann when Andy moved between her legs. He easily plunged all the way in her sloppy pussy. Ann was still recovering a little from her orgasm and didn't feel like humping up to him right away.

Ann said, "Go ahead, hubby, give it your best."

She let Andy stroke back and forth in her sloppy pussy while she rested. When she felt he was soon going to cum, she started humping up to him and continued until Andy cum.

All three laid side by side with Ann in the middle to rest.

Ann finally broke the silence, "Wow! Jim you really get wild when thinking about fucking Judy."

"I apologize again. It seems I keep apologizing, but I get so excited when I think about Judy."

Ann wanted to relieve his anxiety, "Don't worry about it. I didn't realize it before, but it seems to turn me on to think I can be another person while having sex. I didn't know we would get his wild when you came home tonight. Judy really got you worked up. I wonder what she did to get relief."

Andy chuckled, "She probably had to masturbate. She should have let Jim in her bed."

Jim picked up Judy at her apartment on Saturday and took her to dinner. When they finished eating, she said, "I would like to visit Ann and see her baby."

"They are expecting us, so let's go."

Jim didn't need to knock on the door because he lived with Andy and Ann. Greetings were exchanged then Judy said, "I want to see Mickey."

When they went to the baby's room, Judy picked him up, "He is cute, someday I'm going to have a baby just like this. I've always liked children, especially little ones. That's one reason I like to work in the maternity ward."

After a short visit, Jim and Judy left.

Ann said to Andy, "This is only their third date. Since Judy's policy is to avoid sex with a man until at least the fourth date, I expect Jim will be wild for sex when he gets in bed with us tonight. Why don't we enjoy our love making right now if you are interested, then I'll read for awhile to await Jim's homecoming."

Jim arrived home about midnight to see Ann sitting up in bed reading.

Ann asked, "How did it go tonight."

"Wow, Judy is a wonderful girl. I could fall deeply in love with her. She is pretty, has a nice personality, and is very sexy. She just about let me in bed with her tonight, then she reminded herself that there should be no sex until at least the fourth date. I told her I could wait until tomorrow night. I got so turned on that my cock actually hurts."

Ann smiled at Jim, "Come to bed, I can help you with your problem."

"Oh, thank you Ann. You have always been so faithful to me and I can never thank you enough. I do love you. But I am also falling in love with Judy. Is it possible to be equally in love with two girls?"

Ann responded, "If that's how you feel, don't worry about it. I love you too. Come to bed."

Jim wildly kissed Ann as if he wanted to eat her. Their tongues danced as she reached for his erection.

Ann commented, "Judy really did get you sexed up again tonight. I don't think you are going to last long when I go down on you."

Ann took Jim's cock in her mouth. A couple of up and down movements and he began erupting in her mouth. Andy was holding his own cock as he watched Jim explode in his wife's mouth.

Ann said, "That was so fast, I'll allow you to rest a little, then you can fuck me."

"Thank you Ann, you are so accommodating. I would like to take it slower to enjoy it longer."

It didn't take long for Jim to begin getting hard.

Ann said, "I think it is hard enough to get it in. Which way do you want it?"

"I would like for you to ride me."

Andy couldn't keep from getting an erection as he watch Ann settle down on Jim's cock. Ann could feel Jim's cock getting harder and bigger as she pulsated her pussy.

While Ann was still sitting on Jim without moving, she asked, "Jim, how does that feel. Do you think Judy's pussy could feel that good?"

"I don't know as yet, but tomorrow night I will find out. I hope she can squeeze my cock as good as you can. Ann, sex with you is exceptional good."

Andy was wondering if Ann was feeling a little jealous of Judy. Evidently, she wanted to make Jim feel as if no other girl could be sexier.

Ann was slowly gyrating on Jim's cock as she said, "Judy will surely like your big cock as well as I like it."

"I hope she does. I can hardly wait to ease it in her pussy for the first time."

"Has she felt of your cock as yet?"

"Yes, tonight she unzipped me and squeezed my bare cock. I nearly cum."

Ann responded, "No wonder you are so sexed up tonight. I'll ride you as long as you want. I was wondering what our lives would be like if you married her and moved back to your house."

Ann was speeding up her movements as Jim said, "Oh, Ann, I never want to completely give you up. I have been so happy staying here with you and Andy. Now that I have helped father little Mickey, I don't really want to move out."

"Jim, don't fret over that. Even though you get married and don't live here any more, you can come back to share our bed, that is if Judy would allow it."

"Thank you Ann, you are so understanding of my frustration. I want you, but I want Judy too."

Jim was now holding Ann's breasts from flopping so much as she was riding him faster. Andy could see Jim beginning to grunt and groan as Ann was riding his cock. He knew Jim was going to shoot his cum in Ann. Andy's cock became rock hard while watching them. He watched Jim explode with a lot of verbal noises. Ann continued to rapidly ride Jim's cock.

Ann said, "Jim, when you cum in Judy tomorrow night, I want you to remember how good you enjoyed cumming in me."

Andy then knew Ann was being a little cattie. She wanted to make sex better for Jim than Judy could. Maybe she didn't want Jim to marry Judy and move out.

Ann could see Andy was very hard. She turned to her husband to give him a blow job.

All three went to sleep cuddled together with Ann in the middle.

They woke up Sunday morning to have coffee and breakfast.

Jim said, "I'm taking Judy out for lunch today and will spend the rest of the day with her. This is our fourth date. I'm sure you know what that means. Either we will break up or we will be in bed together."

Jim dressed, kissed little Mickey and Ann good bye, and left.

Once Andy and Ann sat down to hold little Mickey for his lunch, Andy said, "I'm wondering what will happen by the end of the day."

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