Wife Loves Two Men Ch. 03


Andy let Jim in the front door. Jim then saw Ann walk out of the kitchen toward him. His eyes lit up, then said, "Wow! What a sexy looking girl who lives here. Ann, you look so good I could eat you for dinner."

Andy comically responded, "Maybe we will after dinner when we rip off her clothes. I'll bet she will taste good."

Jim jokingly came back, "Do we have to wait until after dinner?"

Ann butted in, "Alright, you sexy guys, calm down until after dinner. Maybe I'll take turns tasting you."

Jim gave Ann a very long sexy kiss. Andy was beginning to wonder how long the kiss would last.

Dinner was pleasant. There were many comments about sex and eating desert. Both guy already had erections just thinking about sex with Ann.

When the dishes were in the dishwasher, Ann said, "Guys, you'll have to wait a little bit. We're going to have a drink in the living room before we head for the bedroom."

Ann sat in a chair opposite the two guys. As they sipped on their drinks, Ann crossed and uncrossed her legs several times. Her skirt was very short which allowed the guys an excellent brief view of her pussy. They could see the tops of her hose and the garter belt snaps to hold them up. Her breasts were practically overflowing the brief top she was wearing and her middle was bare. She knew she was teasing them.

Jim said, "Ann, you're about to drive me wild teasing us like that. My cock is about to burst already."

"Just sit still until we finish our drinks, then you'll be ready to ravish me"

The two guys fidgeted in their chairs while they watched Ann slowly sip her drink. They were beginning to think it would take all night for her glass to become empty.

Finally, Ann decided to finish the drink and get on with the party. She set her empty glass down and stood up.

She said, "The guy to catch me can fuck me first."

She started running toward and down the hallway. This startled the guys, but they got up and ran after her. They both caught her at the same time and all three tumbled on the hallway carpet.

Jim yelled, "I got her!"

Andy said, "I got her first!"

Everyone was laughing as Ann said, "I think it was a tie."

Andy was the first to roll on top of her, but he still had his clothes on.

Ann said, "Let's get up and go to the bedroom."

The two guys picked Ann up to carry her. Jim was holding her shoulders while Andy was holding up her butt and legs. She clasp her arms around Jim's neck to hold on which gave him the opportunity to kiss her. One of Andy's hands holding up her butt was pushing on her ass hole as he carried her.

Andy commented as they carried her, "You've teased us so much you are going to get the fucking of your life. We're both going to wear you out."

She retorted, "Don't brag about something you can't do, I can outlast both of you studs."

Once they were in the bedroom, they dumped her on the bed on her back. The mini dress was up to her waist showing her hose covered legs and garter belt. Her legs were slightly spread to give them a good view of her pussy. Jim had already untied the knot at the back of her top which allowed her breast to be free of the restraints.

She laughed from the treatment she was receiving, then said, "OK, guys, now fuck me."

She didn't have to wait long. Jim and Andy hurriedly shed their clothes for Ann to see two very hard cocks.

Jim said, "Let's fuck her with the hose still on her legs."

Andy responded, "Yes, but I'll unzip her skirt and pull it off."

Ann chimed in, "What ever turns you on. I dressed this way for your enjoyment."

Andy was the first to get on the bed. He buried his face in her crotch and could feel the silkiness of her hose encased legs. Jim fondled her breasts, kissed them, then moved up to kiss her mouth. Their mouths meshed wide open for a tongue devouring kiss.

When the kiss was broken, Ann said, "Evidently, I did tease you two a lot. You're devouring me like tigers."

Jim spoke, "We told you we were going to have you for desert."

Andy laughed and said, "Look at the lipstick all over Jim's mouth and chin."

Ann came back with a response, "Good! Before the night is over, I'll smear it .. you know where."

If was a familiar routine for them the rest of the evening. Both Andy and Jim had sex with Ann in a variety of positions. She did leave traces of lipstick on their cocks. When Jim left for home, he was sexually worn out for the night. Before Jim left, Andy suggested that he and Judy come over to the house on Friday about 8 PM.

Friday evening Ann dressed in one of her sexiest dresses. Andy asked, "Are you dressing up for Jim?"

"Yes, I might as well look my best for him. I don't want to look like a frumpy housewife who just had a baby."

"Maybe I'll shower, shave and look more presentable for Judy."

When Jim and Judy arrived, Judy was wearing a shapely looking mini skirt.

Andy lightly kissed her and said, "You look beautiful tonight. Sit down and I'll serve a drink"

They were all sitting in separate chairs making small talk about jobs and babies. Andy kept glancing at Judy and her shapely legs. The way she was sitting in her mini skirt, he could see nearly all the way to her crotch. He could hardly believe this pretty girl wanted to be in bed with him, not for true love, but to get her pregnant.

Judy often looked at Andy and was wondering what her child would look like. Andy was handsome and very likeable.

When Andy served the second drink, he sat beside Judy in the love seat. He took the liberty to lay his hand on her leg. This surprised Judy for him to do it right in front of her husband. Then she decided to ignore it and let it remain on her leg. She had noticed Jim sitting beside Ann with his arm around her. That seemed so natural for Jim. She watched Jim and Ann kiss.

Andy put his arm around Judy and turned for a kiss. Judy became a little upset, "I can't do this in front of my husband."

Jim said, "Ann, let's go in the other room to leave them in privacy."

Judy watched Ann walk down the hall with Jim walking behind. Jim turned around to blow a kiss to Judy. Andy was wondering if Judy was going to be upset.

Once they left the room, Judy turned to Andy, "I'm alright now, you do have a guest bedroom, don't you."

Once in the bedroom, Judy allowed Andy to remove her clothing one article at a time. When she was naked, Andy stood back to say, "Judy, you are a very beautiful girl."

She brashly said, "Get out of those clothes and make me pregnant."

Andy didn't like her attitude. He wanted to make it a very sexy evening, not just to get her pregnant.

Once they were on the bed, Andy hugged and kissed her deeply. She started to become sexually aroused.

She whispered, "I'm sorry I spoke rude to you. I know we had a sexy good time the other night and you are a very good lover. My priority is to get pregnant, but at the same time, I want to have a pleasant and gratifying sexual interlude with you. Right now, I want to forget about my husband in the other bedroom and concentrate on sex with you. Will you accept my apology?"

"Of course, I know you would not jump in bed with just anyone. You love Jim and he loves you, and you want a child. It's as simple as that. But as long as we are in bed together we might as well enjoy it to the fullest."

She hugged and kissed him with open mouths and tongues dancing as if to apologize. Strong sexual feelings were beginning to build in their bodies. His heart began beating faster while her breath was becoming irregular.

Andy moved from her mouth to her breasts to suckle her nipples, then on down over her stomach to let his tongue lightly touch her clit. Her body surged with sexual feelings. Andy moved down in bed, spread her legs and buried his head at her crotch. He could tell by the way her body was surging that she was building up to an orgasm.

She moaned, "Ooooooh That is so good...... I am about to cum, but I want your cock in me right now."

Andy quickly moved up to ram his cock in her. She had pulled her legs up for him to be fully buried. She was wildly flailing under him as she had a fantastic orgasm. At the same time, Andy's cum was spurting as deep as his cock could penetrate. Andy could feel Judy's body continue to sexually spasm for a long time. Her pussy muscles hung on to his cock as if she didn't want him to pull out.

It took a little while before her breathing became normal, but then she said, "Please get up. You are a little heavy on me, but hand the tissues to me before you pull out."

Andy and Judy heard noises. It sounded like moaning and groaning.

Andy put his finger to his lips to whisper, "Sssssh .....I think we hear our mates in the master bedroom."

The noises grew louder. Both Andy and Judy recognized Jim's usual loud vocalism when he cums.

Judy looked disturbed.

Andy said, "Don't let a little thing like that bother you."

"I shouldn't, but maybe I'll get used to it."

She plugged her hole with tissues and left for the hall bathroom. Andy laid in bed waiting for her return.

When she came back, she announced, "Their bedroom door is about half open. No wonder we were able to hear them. I wonder if they heard us."

Andy left for the hall bathroom. As he walked by the master bedroom door, he could see Ann and Jim in the subdued light.

When he came back in the room with Judy, he asked, "Did you see our mates in the other room. I got a glimpse of them as I walked by."

She commented, "I'm going to ignore them and have more fun with you."

Andy and Judy talked for awhile. He occasionally fondled her breasts and kissed her.

Andy said, "I wonder what Ann and Jim are doing right now. Would you be interested in taking a look in their door?"

"I don't know if I want to see my husband having sex with another girl."

"Maybe they are just sitting up and talking like we are now. We could go in to sit on the king size bed and join their conversation."

Judy was very hesitant, "Well, if that is all they are doing, it would be alright with me."

Andy took Judy's hand to lead her in the hallway.

She said, "I don't hear them talking."

Andy whispered, "Let's peek in the door and look. There I see them, looks as if they are sitting up."

Andy tugged Judy's hand to gently pull her in the bedroom, then said, "Hello there, do you mind if we come in?"

Jim answered in a surprised voice, "Come on in and join us."

By the time Andy and Judy were in the semi darkened room, they now saw Ann sitting up, but she was sitting on Jim's cock.

It rather shocked Judy to see her husband in this sexual position with Ann. She started to turn around and leave, but Andy held her hand tight.

Andy sternly said, "Don't leave. Let's get on one side of the bed with them. It's a big bed."

Andy led Judy to get on the bed. She could see Ann was facing Jim and quietly sitting on his cock.

Ann said, "I've been sitting here like this while we talked about you having a baby someday. He loves little Mickey, but he so much wants you to get pregnant."

Judy responded, "I know, that's why I'm here with your husband."

Ann then came back with a question, "Judy, why don't you sit on Andy's cock for him to cum in you again?"

"All right, I will."

Andy laid flat on his back. By now he was hard again when Judy sat on him.

There was barely enough light to see each other. Judy felt the bed moving on the other side and she knew Ann had begun to ride Jim. She decided she was not having a problem being in the same room with her husband and Ann. She started moving on Andy's cock because it felt good to her.

The girls continued riding the guys for awhile. Then Judy could hear Jim starting to becoming vocal. She knew he always made a lot of noise when he cums. Her mind was a little confused with jealousy and lust at the same time. She started concentrating on riding Andy faster causing him to began erupting in her. She was hoping his sperm would made her pregnant. She started rubbing her clit with a finger to help bring on her orgasm. She slumped forward onto Andy's chest as her orgasm reached a peak.

Judy laid on Andy in a sexual daze. She had actually enjoyed an orgasm with another man while her husband was in the same room. A few weeks ago, she would never have thought she could do it.

During the next three or four weeks, the two couples met several times. Judy had become used to having sex with Andy in the same bed with her husband and Ann.

When she missed her period, she went to the doctor who informed her she was pregnant. The two couples went out for dinner to celebrate. They came back to Jim's home to have another drink.

Andy jokingly said, "We used to go in the bedroom on an evening like this and get in bed for sex. That was when I was trying to get Judy pregnant. Now that her pregnancy is confirmed, I assume we'll just sit and visit, then go home to have sex with our own wives."

There was silence while everyone looked at each other for a response.

Finally Judy broke the silence, "Andy is going to be the father of our child. There no reason for me to stop having sex with him. Jim is my husband who I love very much, but Andy is close to me too."

Ann then looked at everyone, "Well, what are we waiting for. Let's go have some fun."

The two girls had sex with the other's husband first, then had seconds with their own husbands to end the evening.

The weeks and months went by with the two couples often visiting each other. They usually exchanged partners for sexual pleasure.

One day Judy came home to announce, "My doctor tells me I'm going to have a boy."

END OF STORY - That's enough of this one. I'll write another story soon.

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