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Wife Makes a Friend at Theater


I know that my stories are pretty tame compared to most of the entries on this site, but I guarantee you they are the truth. The events you are about to read (as well as the events in my other post) really happened just as I have described them. If I ever write something that is fiction I will tell you at the top of the story. My wife is finally coming out of her sexually repressed state and I am enjoying every minute of it. I hope you enjoy reading this story, and I hope that knowing that it is the gospel truth helps you enjoy it all the more.


My wife Melody had always been somewhat of a prude. In spite of her absolutely gorgeous body, she has never considered herself attractive or desirable. Once she turned 40 things got a lot worse. That is until the day that I showed her video proof that other men find her desirable (see my first post, "She believes me now"). Since that day her whole outlook has changed. She dresses much more provocatively now. She always keeps her hair and makeup in perfect shape. She even flirts a little when we go out. The biggest change though is the way she dresses. Melody has some of the most incredible tits I have ever seen, but she always kept them covered. Men still looked at her, due to her general beauty, but they didn't get to see her best feature. Ever since she saw the video of a stranger jacking off behind her back, she has worn low-cut shirts, or shirts that button up. She is sure to leave the top 2 or 3 buttons undone. She leaves her shirt open enough so that anyone who might be interested could get a good view of her tits and this usually meant that her bra was visible as well. I love this change. She is so sexy.

The old Melody would never have gone out in public like this. She would have been too embarrassed and would have been constantly trying to cover herself. But the new and improved Melody, now that's a different story. The new Melody enjoys being looked at. It makes her feel good to know that men want her. She has even started exercising more and eating right. She has lost a little weight and toned her body to the point that it drives me crazy. I like for other men to look at her too. It gets me horny and makes me feel good to know that other guys want her.

We live in a fairly small town. There really isn't much to do around here except go to the movies. The theater in our town is small and uncomfortable. It still has the old hard plastic seats and half of them are broken. The rows of seats are so close together that even when you are sitting straight up your knees are touching the back of the seat in front of you. The place should have been renovated 20 years ago. That is why most people in our area choose to make the hour drive to go to a decent theater. Sometimes though, we just don't feel like making the trip, so we go to the home town theater. And that is what we did on the night that I am about to tell you about.

We were just going to the crappy old theater in town and then out for a hamburger so I just put on a comfortable pair of jeans and a nice shirt. Melody put on a pair of black pants and a white, button-up shirt that fit her well at the waist, but was way too small up top. She had the top buttons undone all the way down to just below her white lace bra. Her tits were bulging up through the top of the shirt and she made no attempt to keep them hidden. This is pretty much the way she has dressed everyday for the last few months. I am in heaven.

When we got to the theater Melody was about to wet her pants and went straight into the restroom. There was a young man in the lobby who looked to be in his mid twenties. He immediately noticed my wife and his eyes followed her all the way to the restroom door. As she entered he turned to me and nodded. I nodded back and watched him disappear into the theater. Once Melody returned to the lobby, we went in to find our seats. I noticed the young man was the only other person in the place and he was sitting about half way down in an aisle seat. Melody and I sat near the back in the middle of the row. Watching a crappy movie in a crappy theater, at least I was there with a beautiful woman. The poor guy in front of us was all alone.

After about 30 minutes of shifting around to try to get comfortable, I told Melody that I was going to get a drink and asked if she wanted anything. She said that she would just share some of mine. With that I made my way to the snack bar. The girl at the counter was a cute little teenager. She smiled and flirted and that made me feel good. I paid for my drink and as I turned to leave I almost tripped over the young man who was now standing right behind me. I apologized, he said that it was his fault. Then we made some lame comments about the movie. With the small talk used up he said "Your wife is a beautiful woman." I thanked him and told him that I was a lucky man because she was very beautiful and very sexy. "She has quite a figure", he said "She really looks great." I thanked him again and asked if he would like to join us since he was alone. He quickly accepted and we went back inside.

When we came to the row we were sitting on, the stranger went in first and squeezed past Melody. He sat in the seat to her immediate right. I returned to my seat which was to her immediate left. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "One of your admirers." The movie droned on with bad acting and extremely bad dialog. Before long Melody bumped me with her elbow and signaled for me to look over at our new friend. As I looked across my wife I could see that he had his dick out and was unashamedly jacking off. He had his right hand on his cock and his left was on her leg, softly rubbing a few inches up and down. The sight of this guy jacking off and knowing that it was my beautiful wife that got him to this point was getting me very horny. I slowly reached over and started rubbing her tit. I was running my hand down her shirt and into her bra, playing with her nipples. I could feel her breathing get deeper and heavier.

This playing went on for several minutes when Melody grabbed my knee and gave it a hard squeeze. I looked over at the stranger with his dick in his hand and saw that his left hand was now on my wife's right hand which she had on the arm rest. As I watched he lifted her hand and pulled it over to his lap. He wrapped her fingers around his swollen dick and started to slowly stroke it up and down. Melody looked at me in disbelief. I leaned over and told her not to stop. I told her not to be a tease. She got the poor guy all worked up the least she could do is give him a hand job.

She turned her head straight forward again and focused her eyes on the movie screen. I watched as the young man kept a firm grip on her hand while jacking his dick. I could see him squeeze harder and start trusting his hips forward to match the stroke. He then removed his hand from over Melody's and tightly gripped the arm rests with both hands. He closed his eyes and arched his back as my wife continued to stroke his cock. He was grunting quite loudly and thrusting very hard against her hand. I knew it wouldn't be long before he couldn't hold it any longer. In just a few more seconds his dick erupted in a fountain of sperm. Melody kept slowly sliding her hand up and down his pulsing cock. Cum was dripping over her hand and between her fingers. The man began to regain his calm. He eased back into the seat and pulled her hand away from his dick.

The young man pulled several napkins from his pocket and began to clean himself off. He then wiped the cum from Melody's hand. He was very soft and gentle. When he had her hand totally clean he lifted it to his mouth and lovingly kissed the back of her hand. He quietly rose to his feet, squeezed passed us and left. We never saw him again.

Melody sat for several minutes unable to talk. She looked stunned. When the movie was over she grabbed my hand and quickly walked me to the car. As soon as we were in the car she reached over and started to unbuckle my belt. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my half erect dick. She gave me the best blow job I have ever had right there in the parking lot of the movie theater. Our sex life has continued to get better and better as time goes on. I am so glad that my wife has started coming out of her shell and is enjoying being a sexual human being.

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