Wife Makes Me A Cuckold


"They are dirty and full of his crusty cum. I see a huge white stain on the black cotton crotch". I say.

"I want you to wear them today, for me. I want you to feel the cum he put in my pussy. When you move around you dick will feel my silky panties around you and I want you to think about me carrying his sperm in my tummy. Your wife will be holding his seed in her till you come home and lick me clean. I want you to feel feminine and have his smell on your face all day to remind you that he is my lover and my man. You will be my sissy cuckold and I will be his mistress and have as many babies as he will give me."

Continuing she says, "Isn't this what you want? Won't you please wear them for me?"

"I'll do anything for you baby. I Love you."

Three weeks later I come home from work and Becky is all excited, jumps into my arms and gives me a big kiss. I ask her why she was so happy.

"Steve, you're going to be a daddy. I'm pregnant."

I can't believe it. We waited so long for this. I'm so happy. I feel my eyes welling up and tears running down my cheeks. I kiss her and she feels the tears and kisses them away.

She says, "This is what we wanted. It worked, he gave me a baby. I love you."

I ask, "How do you know?"

"I missed my period and my boobies have been real sensitive. Remember the other night when we finally made love, I couldn't stand you sucking on them."

"Yes", I say.

"Well, I was very hopeful and waited as long I as could to be sure, and bought a test kit today. It came up positive. I'm so happy", she says and rests her head on my shoulder holding me tight.

"You're going to be a good daddy. I just know you will love him or her like it was your own. You love me don't you? You're not going to leave me with Dillon's baby growing in me are you?"

"God no, I love you, I love you so very much. I'm so happy you're pregnant; I've always wanted to have a family. Dillon has given us a gift of life and I'm very thankful for him to come into our life, our love life"

Becky giggles and says "Yea, it didn't take too long did it? I just knew his sperm were strong and could make me pregnant. He apparently did it the first night because that was when I was supposed to ovulate. I hope he still likes me with a big tummy. I don't think I could live without his big dick now and then."

I tell her, he will still love you dear. "Pregnant women are the sexiest".

"You make me happy, but Dillon really makes me happy and you know that's true. I know that you like it when I've been with him. I can see your cock twitching in your panties."

"Your right, I do love your cummy pussy, and Dillon's sperm tastes and smells so good. I'm not gay, but whenever I see or smell him on you, I visualize a very active sperm wiggling towards your fertile womb. Maybe because mine aren't so active, I envy his virility."

"Hunny, don't knock yourself, I love you just the way you are, slow sperm and all. We are going to have a baby and I need you so very much to help me through this. I'm a little scared about it. You never know what can happen. We have to go to classes."

I tell her "I'll take very good care of you baby, don't you worry about any of this. Let's enjoy it."

Will you take me to bed and prove that you still love me? she asks.

I kiss her and take her to bed and ravish her like we haven't done in months. I do believe I totally eliminated any doubt she had about my love for her even though she will have Dillon's baby in less than eight months.

I think to myself as I'm drifting off to sleep, I really am a cuckold now. A feminine cuckold, that is. I admit to myself that Dillon is more a man than I am. Me being strong, intelligent, well off, having a nice home and a beautiful wife doesn't mean I'm the best man. I just couldn't impregnate her, he did. That realization has settle into my brain; just like I accepted being put in panties and hose while she makes love to Dillon and carries his sperm in her tummy. I have never admitted it to her but, when I wear panties I feel so content and stimulated at the same time. They somehow energize my senses and add sexual excitement to my brain. I'm so happy now. Becky is pregnant.

Weeks later on a Saturday morning we wake to another sunny day and hear the birds chirping outside. Becky is inches from my face and as I open my eyes, she is looking right at me and I can see the love in her eyes. She kisses me and tells me she wants to go shopping today for baby things, a crib for the nursery, and some more maternity clothes. She is showing now and needs to buy some larger outfits to grow into.

"Steve, I have a date tonight with Dillon. He is going to see my tummy and know I'm pregnant. It's been a few weeks since I've seen him and I just have to feel him inside me again."

She kisses me again and says, "You understand how I feel don't you? I mean I do love you, you know that, but he just makes me feel like a woman should feel and besides I am carrying his baby." Not letting me answer, she continues. "I need him and I want you to feel that need I have for him and experience how happy he makes me. Will you please tell me you want me to be with him?"

Hun, I know you love me; I can see it in your eyes right now. I want you to go out tonight with Dillon and tell him you are carrying his baby. You need to tell him he doesn't need to worry about child support or anything like that. Emphasize the fact that you and I want to raise the baby as ours and he can visit any time he wants. I know you're going to tell him you can't live without his cock, but just make him feel like the stud he is and tell him just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you don't want him.

"Oh God, I love you so much Steve. Can I put you in panties and stocking tonight, because you know I'll be bringing you a wet present?" Wait a minute she says. "Take a shower; I am going to dress you for shopping today. I want you to start wearing panties every day. I mean you are a true cuckold and should be reminded all the time your wife is carrying another man's baby. To feel feminine and happy knowing I'm happy you're wearing them. Please?"

"Do you really want me to wear panties all the time?"

"I really do" she says and kisses me like five times and bites my lip, then says. "I want to show you off today too. Will you do everything I tell you, you know, just for the fun of it? Tonight I will be with Dillon, but today we can play. OK?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"You'll see, just follow my lead." She says.

"Alright baby, it's a deal, for the fun of it. I trust you."

"Let's get dressed"

Becky and I go to the mall and hit a few maternity shops and after dropping the bags at the car, go into a large department store. She takes me into a changing room and unbuckles my belt and jeans. Tucking my tee shirt inside my panties she pulls up the top waist band of the panties around my shirt. The panties are a light stretch nylon and are dusty pink with "Simply Vera" printed into the band. Becky then zips me back up and buckles my belt. She grabs my hand and leads me into the lingerie dept.

"Hun, look at these panties. They're so sexy. Do you think my boyfriend would like them? She asks me not yelling, but loud enough for anyone in the area to hear.

A pretty blonde milf pushing a baby stroller looks up from a rack of bras and looks right at me. She just stares at me for 10 seconds and then looks at her baby and smiles. Becky moves over to the rack she's at and complements her on such a cute baby. The woman notices Becky is starting to show and asks are you? With a big smile she says yes, such and such and introduces me as her husband.

I smile at her and bend over to look at the baby and in so doing the woman sees my panties showing above my Levis. She whispers to Becky, "Do you know your husband is wearing panties?"

"I keep my husband in panties all the time now that I'm having my boyfriends' baby." Becky says matter of factly. "You like wearing panties, don't you dear?"

The woman is in shock, wide eyed and is smiling at me waiting for my answer. I'm so embarrassed, but heck, I thought I don't know her, why be embarrassed. Just have fun with the humiliation.

I say, "I love panties, and I especially like my wife's dirty ones after she comes home from her dates."

The woman laughs and says, "Are you guys for real?"

Becky explains to the woman how her girlfriend started dated and how her husband loved it, so she brought it up to me and I loved the idea too. She also opened right up about wanting to get pregnant and couldn't so everything just fell into place. She then tells her about the cuckold stories on the internet and how cuckold husbands need to be kept in panties to further the humiliation and allow him to enjoy his subordinate role.

The woman says she doesn't think her husband would like it very much if she knew she went on a date and continued to talk to Becky about it, and was very interested in our situation. I looked at a few racks of panties and picked out a few my size and carried them around while occasionally bending over or stooping down to look through the selection on the lower racks. I would hear a laugh now and then as a woman would walk by and see my panties showing. They would snicker and giggle as I walked around. Eventually I went to the checkout and the sales lady was clueless.

Becky show ups and drops a bra on my panty selections. The sales girl looks at the size and says, "This bra is kind of big for you miss, are you sure of the size?"

Becky tells the girl, "These are for my husband here. He likes girly things now that I have a boyfriend." She rubs her tummy slowly and says "Steve, bend over and show her your pretty panties you're wearing."

I show her and she just laughs and is totally red in the face. She didn't say anything till we were walking out and I saw her run over to another clerk and start laughing.

On the way home Becky told me about her conversation with the lady in the store and told me she was very interested in our lifestyle. She had given her our phone number to call and talk about it further. She whispered to me that the baby wasn't her husband's and he didn't know it. She apparently is having an affair with her boss and would love to openly cuckold her husband and even put him panties too. Becky helped her pick an xl size for her husband if he'd go for it.

When we got home it was still early afternoon and I put together a crib and did some laundry to wash all the new clothing. I walked into the bedroom carrying the clean clothes and Becky had just finishing her bath and walked up to me and kissed me, her boob swaying and a towel wrapped around her hair. She was wearing a very feminine almost transparent panty.

Becky asks, "Did you enjoy our shopping trip this afternoon?"

Of course I said. I tell her it was fun and how I got a kick out of the shock factor when people would see my panties. How I thought it was so cool to push people's buttons over such foolish notions about men being men and not being allowed to enjoy their sexuality and wear feminine things if they wanted.

Becky says, "So does that mean you'll let me dress you up for when I'm gone."

"I'm fine with the whole lingerie thing dear. Tell me what you want me to wear"

"Ok, take a fast shower and smooth up these stubs, shave your little chest hair here, and I'll pick something sexy for you."

In the shower I'm thinking about what Dillon will think when he sees Becky tonight. Her tummy is slightly bulging and I don't think he'll miss it. Will he be OK with it, or freak out knowing she's pregers and he's the father. I just hope he's cool with it and doesn't feel used.

"Stand there and let me do this for you my dear husband." Step into these and sit down and pull these up, stick out your arms, she goes on. I'd never worn a bra and it really felt weird to be squeezed up there. I could feel myself breath. She leads me to the mirror and says, "Now look at my sissy cuckold, aren't you the pretty one. All girly'd up and no place to go."

I have to admit if I wasn't a guy, I'd look pretty good with such sexy lingerie on, but even still I did look good .

Becky squeezes my cock through my satin panties and kisses my chest above the lacy bra I'm wearing. Her lips feel so soft against my hairless chest. She kneels down and takes down my panties a little and kisses around my shaft and sucks my balls into her mouth.

She says, "I like you in lingerie. Before Sally told me about her date, I would never have asked you to wear girl's things. Now that I have a boyfriend and I'm carrying his baby, I think it's just so sexy. I think you're going to be a good daddy, but I like you just like this as a girl friend. I can talk to you about him and everything and you'll support me. I do love you, Steve."

"I love you too, Becky"

"Honey, I'm home. Wake up dear, I'm home."

"Hi baby, how'd it go with Dillon?"

Becky slowly undresses and takes off her top and bra and then jumps on the bed with her skirt still on. "I'll tell you but first I want you to see my pussy." She kneels above my head and flattens out her skirt all around my upper body and head.

I'm trapped under her and can see only a little light coming through the thin fabric. I'm looking straight up between her legs and see her white panties all shinny and dripping wet.

"He really liked my puffy tummy. He loves that he made me pregnant. Dillon says he loves me, Steve. He loves me and I'm going to have his baby. Oh god. I let him ravish me, Steve. He fucked me so good tonight, I think he wants me. I think he wants me to be his girl, his wife and have a bunch of babies with him. Can you see all the cum he gave me, it's running out like crazy."

"God Becky you are so full of cum it's dripping on me right thru your panties."

"Do you like it? Do you see what he did to me? He fucked me to heaven and back and pumped me full of his wonderful sperm. Will you lick me Steve and sooth my sore pussy, it hurts so good. God he must have cum in me a full minute, his beautiful cock kept twitching inside me, it felt so wonderful to be filled like that."

I'm getting soaked, my face is slippery and I rub my cheeks against her legs and am overwhelmed with the odor of her freshly fucked pussy. I smell her perfume, love juice and his cum as my whole face is wet now, the smell being trapped by her skirt. My cock is aching in my panties and I want so much to stick my tongue inside my wife. To take away her lovers sperm seeping from the depths of her tummy, put there by his thick cock and big balls.

"Steve I love him, do you hear me. I love Dillon. Tell me you want me to be with him and I'll let you have my cummy pussy whenever you want. Tell me you want me to have his babies. Oh God, tell me you love my used pussy."

"I love you baby, I love your cummy pussy and Oh god, I love you being pregnant. Please let me eat you out."

"Promise me you will let Dillon keep me pregnant. I want you to raise them and be their daddy, and I want you to be my girlfriend and lick my pussy for me. Do that for me?

"Yes honey, I will". I spin her off of me and pull the panties down her legs and off her feet. Diving between her legs, I stick my tongue into her pussy and my nose to my chin slip right into her open gash. Her pussy is wrecked, stretched out and sloppy, full of Dillon's thick sweet cum.

"Eat me Steve; lick up his cum like a good girl; like a good girly guy should. Oh that feels so good baby. I love you Steve. You're my wonderful cuckold".

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/23/18


and you lost me with "Don Won!" WTF! Don Juan, dummy; you should have paid more attention in high school. Yeah, sure--most men get aroused with the idea of their wife fucking another man. Right! more...

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by Anonymous03/02/18

This is another wife who wants to fuck around and deliberately got pregnant by another man contrary to her husband wanting to be the father. also she is so selfish not wanting her husband to have anothermore...

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by Anonymous02/23/18

My hubby wants to watch

This story really turned us both on its something we have wanted for a long time but now he says hes ready to share me.

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by Anonymous02/11/18

at Annin of 1-18

I am a sissy cuck and yes you are correct, I am a ball less wimp and do you know, I love being what I am. I love wearing what my wife tells me to wear, I love her men seeing and knowing me for the sissymore...

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by Anonymous01/06/18



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