tagLoving WivesWife Measures Pool Boy

Wife Measures Pool Boy


My wife and I were in Hawaii for our honeymoon. It was a glorious week of relaxation. Unfortunately, the sex was not what it should have been due to my issues and the fact I sprained both ankles the second day of the vacation.

The morning after I sprained my ankles my wife wanted to head to the pool. I was struggling to move very quickly. I told my wife she should go the pool without me for the morning. While we were eating breakfast on our balcony, she noticed the young pool boy cleaning. He was about 22 and had light brown skin. He had on a small speedo which accentuated his build, which was 6'1" about 190 pounds and cut, his abs were like a wash board, as his arms were very well proportioned along with his chest.

She had on a white full length night gown which was see through when positioned in the light. I had on a pair of boxers. She started to ask me about the pool boy, and wondered how big he was underneath the speedo. She heard black guys were all hung like horses. I told her I did not know, she asked what I thought. I told her he was probably no bigger than me, and probably smaller. I am seven and a half inches. She stood up and walked to the front of the balcony and shouted down to the pool boy, and asked what time the pool opened. He said 9AM. She asked his name and he said Josh, she said hello and her name was Gina. While standing there talking with him the sun started to come up behind our hotel, and over the top of our room, which meant it shone through Gina's night gown. Josh stared in amazement as he could tell she was naked underneath. He did not see me, and I said nothing at this point.

Gina is about 5'3", 108 pounds with short brownish, blonde hair, with a very hard physique from her aerobics workouts. Her legs are very well developed, she has 34 breasts, 22 inch waist and is 34 in hips. She likes to keep her hair curly, and permed, and likes french cut nails.

After talking with Josh, she walked behind my chair and kissed my neck and ears while staring at my growing erection. She asked what that was all about, and I said nothing that I was just enjoying her night gown. She said right, and asked more about Josh, and his size. While asking my erection rose again and she said she understood now. As she kissed me she ran her hands down my chest towards my stomach, lightly running them up the insides of my thighs. She told me to raise my butt and inched the shorts down my legs letting my cock pop into view. I was rock hard and a pearl of precum glistened on the top my slit. She asked what this was and took one of her french cut finger nails and smeared it on the top of my head. I let out a moan and she asked me if I still thought I was bigger than Josh, I said yes. She said we should have a competition. She grabbed one of her hairbrushes and said it was 10 inches from the handle to the top. She laid my cock along the length of the hairbrush and measured where I came to, which was probably 7 and half inches. She said whoever was bigger would get to choose how to make her cum on this day. I said wait a minute, she said it was boring so far from a sexual front and that I should have confidence.

She left to put on her swimsuit. I assumed it would be the black one piece she had been wearing the past couple of days. Was I wrong. She reappeared in a string bikini, and by string I mean tiny. It was black and red, the top consisted of two patches covering her nipples with strings running down to a triangular shaped patch covering her front and bottom. She put on a white coverup which was slit up the sides, capping it with low cut open toed sandals, and bracelets on each ankle and each wrist. She finished it off with glistening lip stick.

She said to enjoy myself and the view. I put a pair of running shorts on and hobbled back to the bedroom. But I could not stay there. I went to the balcony and stood in the shadows as my wife came into view. There was no one else at the pool, as most of the other honeymooners had taken off for a day of snorkeling.

My wife said hi to Josh, as she walked by him. He looked up for me and could not see me. He smiled and continued to do his work. Gina walked over to a lounge chair and positioned it so Josh could see the front part of her woman hood. She made a show out of removing her coverup, put on her sunglasses and laid back in the chair. Josh was struggling to focus on his work.

After thirty minutes, the sun rose higher in the sky. Gina sat up and began to rub lotion on her arms, and legs. She asked Josh if he could help her with her back side, she stood up and he rubbed her back and legs, while towering over her. She said thank you and laid back down to enjoy the sun. After another thirty minutes, she walked over to the side of the pool and sat on the edge and let her legs dangle in the water while leaning back on her arms, she was stretching her breasts out. Josh walked by and asked how the temperature was and she said not hot enough.

Josh said he needed some lotion as well so he would not burn. She said right, you do not burn. He said he did indeed burn and tan. She asked how she would know. He asked if she wanted to see and she said yes. He pulled his speed off to reveal an even smaller speedo type g-string. He did indeed have a tan line and it was apparent he was rather large.

Gina asked Josh to lie down on the lounge chair, so she could put some lotion on him. She told Josh to put his hands over his head and to spread his legs while he was face down. Slowly she massaged the lotion into his legs, up his inner thighs and up his back, his arms and down the sides of his rib cage. She asked him to roll over and she worked on his legs and moved closer to his g-string. She stopped at his g-string and went rubbed his abdomen, chest, arms and face. She went back down and reached under the top of his g-string and rubbed some lotion there.

Josh said it was now his turn to return the favor. Gina laid down on her stomach while Josh rubbed her legs and inner thighs, stopping to spend time running his fingers under her ass covering. She was moaning slightly. He told her to turn over and he did the same treatment as he was treated to by Gina. One change, he went under the front patch and lingered there for a while, it appeared he was working his finger into her cunt, which was apparent, as she spread her legs farther to try and get more action from him. He stopped kissed her lips and moved away.

The looked up at me and did not see me, they started to walk towards the men's locker room. I put my shorts on, grabbed Gina's hair brush and started my slow walk down the stairs towards the locker room. Upon my arrival, I heard Gina talking breathlessly, as I looked in, Josh was rubbing her patch covered tits and cunt through the material, while kissing the bottom of her breasts. Gina stopped back from him, turned away and bent over at the waist. Josh stepped behind her and knelt while moving her patch away, he started to lick her flower. She spread wider and he tore her bikini from her body. She was now naked in all her glory. He grabbed some of the suntan lotion from earlier and rubbed it near her flower, and started to ease a finger into her womanhood. She moaned and he moved closer and rubbed her swaying breasts concentrating on the nipples with the palms of his hands, they were rock hard.

He whispered in her ear and she stood up and turned to face him. She told him to spread his legs and hold his arms out to the side. She started kissing his lips while running her french cut nails up and down his chest, and stomach bypassing his g-string, and running her hands down the inside of his legs. She knelt in front of him and started to kiss his navel while running her hands up the back of his legs, he was starting to moan himself, and he was watching her every move. I soon realized I would not need the hairbrush. She reached over to her beach bag and pulled out a duplicate hairbrush, while Josh asked what it was for, she said her husband had a bet with her that he was bigger in the cock department. The hairbrush was used as the measuring instrument.

He asked what the payoff was and she said the winner would choose how to make her cum. Josh smiled and asked for the chance to play the game. She grabbed her sun covering and put it on over her naked body and said it would remind him of seeing her early through the sun, she put her sandals back on, and started to rub his groin area. She told him to lie down on the bench, as she kissed him on the lips. After he was lying down, she bent over the front of his head and kissed his lips, while working her way down to his manhood, she kissed him through the g-string and slowly removed the thin material. She gasped as it came into view. It was hairless, and rock hard pointing straight up. His balls were much larger than mine, and a clear puddle was on the slit of his monster. Gina said her hairbrush was ten inches long, as she laid it next to his cock, the head cleared the top of the brush by an inch. She kissed her way up his balls and to the top of his monster. She stopped looked up at Josh and sensuously licked the precum from his slit, as he moaned, while she made a show of pulling away so a string of mucus ran from her tongue to his slit.

She stopped and said he was the winner and it was his show. He smiled and told her he needed some help to make her cum. He went to the door and came back with two more young studs, one blonde haired and one brown haired, both built like body builders. He told the other guys, Jim and Brian, to remove her night gown and to hold her arms out to her sides and for her to keep her legs spread wide. He moved forward and kissed her lips and massaged her nipples which were now red and swollen, and rock hard. He moved his hands lower and rubbed her flower while spreading her lips. He moved lower still kneeling, as he touched her clit with his tongue and lapped at it for a full minute. She was struggling to stand up. He laid down on the bench and told the guys to let her go for a minute, he told Gina to get the lotion from his locker, which she did, and for her to rub it on his cock. She rubbed it all over the head and it's length. She said her hands were getting warm, Josh laughed and said wait until you feel it inside you.

Gina looked to be in horror. Brian the blonde and Jim the brown hair specimen, removed their suits to reveal their cocks, which were bigger than mine by at least an inch. They stroked themselves to ensure they were at full mast, as they told Gina they needed to cum. While Josh lay watching the boys, he told Gina to get on all fours, which she did as Brian the blonde went to her rear and teased her with his sword, swiping it up and down her slit, while Jim told her to lick his rod. However, Jim was in for a trouble as Gina has the best mouth for oral sex in the world. She slowly sucked him in past the head, and held just his head in her mouth, and I knew her magical tongue was doing a number on his slit. Jim was on the verge of cumming when Josh told them he was ready. Josh had been stroking himself with the lotion and was larger than ever, and glistening from the lotion.

Josh asked them to start the process. They lifted Gina up and help her over Josh's cock, she asked them to stop and Josh said the bet was for her to come and for him to make it possible his way.

The boys lowered her so just the tip entered her flower area, she opened her mouth without speaking. They moved her just enough to allow the head to move up and down and no further, she was moaning, and suddenly realized her love box was getting hotter from the lotion. The boys stopped and each started to kiss and suck her nipples, as she threw her head back. They stopped and lowered her another two inches and she asked them to stop, it was too late now, they lowered her another two inches, as five inches were now inside her, the lowered her again and one more time as she hit bottom. Josh was now moaning as well. They lifted her up and plunged her back down, and did this three more times, by the fourth time Josh was starting to hammer her as well. They came in a massive orgasm.

As Gina was trying to rest, Brian and Jim picked her up and carried her to a massage table, they lowered the table and told her to kneel again. This time Jim went to her rear and Brian to her front, and they presented their spears to each entrance, Jim entered her from behind and Brian must have thought he was in control in the front. However, again he did not know Gina's oral talents. She puckered her lips and slowly licked his slit and cock. He was having a hard time controlling himself. Gina said if waited for Jim to finish, she would give him a blow job he would never forget, he backed off and Jim came shortly after.

While Josh and Jim sat stroking their cocks and savoring their orgasm, Brian laid on the table, as Gina started to lick his balls and cock, slowly stroking his huge organ with her left hand. She took her tongue and pried his slit open while sucking just the tip, corona and slowly stroking him with her white tipped nails, and running her hands up and down his legs.. She started to move past his head still stroking, while taking her right hand and tickling near his anus. He tried to move away but he knew he could not stand not coming. She took some lotion and massaged his balls and near his anus, while sucking still lower, as I could see his balls start to move up towards his body, I knew his time was short. She stopped and removed her mouth from him, while asking him if he was okay. He asked her to continue please, she slowly sucked the tip while stroking him, and moved her fingers into his anus, he came in a massive amount.

Gina said Thank you and started to clean up, I ran back to the room with my hard on in tow.

As Gina walked in I asked her to lie on the bed, and we got into a 69 position, I was eating her and tonguing her clit, while she was doing a number on my aching, ready to burst cock and balls. She stopped and kissed just the tip off my cock, while tickling my anus with her middle finger. I quickly grabbed her and we changed into the missionary position, while I held her legs in a V and plunged deeper and deeper inside her, just then Josh entered our room and presented his cock to Gina. He told her the other guys said she was the best, and he wanted to find out. While I was fucking her Gina played with the tip of Josh's cock and starting stroking him at the same time, he was losing control when she started to twist along his cock and licking under his cornoa, she started to palm the top of his head while rubbing near his anus. Suddenly she plunged down on him and he started to cum in a bucket, while I came in a massive amount.

My ankles were feeling better.

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