tagBDSMWife of an Indian Army Officer

Wife of an Indian Army Officer


We had been married 3 months, and I was so happy. Marriage was even better than I expected. Manoj was only the guy I dated and he was the best. He was tall and lean and moved with an easy grace. He was dark, like he must have South Indian blood in him, and as the saying goes, "Tall, dark, and handsome," that's my guy.

When he received his draft notice, we decided to get married right away. His first posting was Army Headquarters at Chennai - Tambaram for training. We were fortunate to get housing on a training base. Maybe it was because he was a little older, 27, and most recruits were not married. I was 5 years younger, and thrilled to have our own home. I loved doing the little things like making his dinner, and dressing sexy to turn him on.

The 4 months of basic training went all to quickly. Then the bad news, he was being posted to an Kashmir – Kargil base. Since there was no hospital and few facilities, wives could not go; however, it was only for one year. After a tearful goodbye, I watched him board a plane for the far north. I promised to write him every day. So, I settled into the routine of a lonely housewife.

Two weeks later I was surprised to be called into the base commander's office. He told me bluntly to vacate my house. The house was for married couples only.

I was almost in tears. "But, I have no where else to go. My husband is only a private. I can't afford to rent an apartment. Isn't there some way I could stay here until my husband returns? It's only one year."

Was it just my imagination, or was he leering at me. I know I am good looking. I have long dark black hair, , round face, beautiful eyes, handy bums and big boobs compared to my small waist. I like to wear my hair with a part in the center so the bangs hang down almost touching each bum. That gives me a mischievous little girl look that my husband loves, and it probably turns on other men as well. Guys have been hitting on me since I started college, but there is only one guy I want to turn on, my husband.

"I'll see if there is anything I can do. Come back tomorrow at 5pm and we will go to the officers club, and talk further. At this point I would say your chances of staying are slim and nil."

I was worried. If I lost my house, I would have to go back home and live with my parents. Neither one of them wanted me to marry Manoj. I would have to listen to all the, "I told you so's." I just had to make the commander let me stay in my house.

The next day as I got ready for my meeting, I thought a little sexy teasing might help. I had seen the way he looked at me yesterday. I wore a low hip shilpon saree (see through & transparent), matching sleeveless blouse with the top button undone and no bra. I tied the blouse under my breasts so that my midriff was bare.

I got to his office twenty minutes early. I watched him as he ordered people around. He was so different from my husband, who was rather shy. At 5pm he locked his office and took me over to the officer's club. I had been in the private's club once with my husband, but this was sheer luxury compared to that. There were soft leather chairs, a big bar, and a stage for dancing. He ordered rum and cokes, and we sat down in a booth. I guess he could tell I was nervous, as he had me down 2 drinks before getting down to business.

"There is one way, and only one way, for you to keep your house. We are starting a new officer's training course soon. We don't have enough officers housing, so we are looking at housing some of them. You would become a part time wife for our officer. You would cook his meals, do his laundry, and of course the most important thing, relieve his sexual tension."

"I couldn't do that," Anita replied. "I'm a married women."

"We pay you 5000 Rupees a week, for looking after an officer in your home, and your rent is free. Remember that these are not enlisted men, they are senior officers. They are under a lot of stress because they have to make important decisions. You are doing your patriotic duty by giving them sexual relief while your husband is away."

"I don't think I could do that. I have never cheated on my husband."

"Look at it this way. As long as you have a gentleman staying with you, you are making money and living rent-free. Otherwise you have to leave the house, find an apartment, pay rent, and no extra income. Until the program starts, you can still make extra money working as a waitress in the officer's club.

"But that would be sin, wouldn't it? I love my husband."

"It's only sin if your husband is here. This way you are making money, keeping a home for your husband, and looking after the needs of some nice men. When your husband gets back, you will have a nice little nest egg saved."

"Are you sure there is no way Manoj can find out? It would crush him if he knew I was having sex with other men."

"Absolutely, you have my word of honor."

"Let me think about it for a few days."

"No way. I have to have your answer right now. I have lots of women from all over the country that would love to move into your home and play part time wife for officers. So, either agree right now, or start packing."

"But, but, I...."

"No buts, yes or no, right now!"

"Ok, Ok, I'll do it."

"Good girl; that was a wise decision. Tomorrow report to Captain Amar, the station photographer. He will take some pictures of you for the officer's date book."

As I made my way home, my mind was in turmoil. Did I make the right decision? Could I even do what they expected? Still, Major Hari said until the program started, all I had to do was work as a waitress. That would not be so bad.

The next afternoon, wearing the same outfit as yesterday, I told Cpl. Durai that the captain was expecting me. He had a definite smirk on his face as he went to get Cpt. Amar. A short time later the captain arrived, and escorted me to his photo lab.

"Strip down to your panties while I setup the lighting."

"But it's for a date book. Shouldn't that be head and shoulders?"

"You are so naive. I want 2 with your panties on and 2 without. Now hurry up, you are wasting my time."

With lot of hesitation I took my saree off... I was standing in front of a stranger with my blouse and pantie..

I hesitated for a moment to take my blouse... he commanded "hurry"... I took off all my blouse except my panties and stood awkwardly in front of him.

"Put your right hand under your right breast, and left hand on your panties, fingers pointing at your pussy. Good; how open your mouth, slight smile, eyes wide open and stare at the camera. Lower your head more so you are looking up at the camera. Now move your hand closer to your pussy and spread your fingers; good."

The next one had me lying on the floor, on my side, panties half off, and knees bent so my pussy was hidden. I had to have shoulders back so that my breasts were thrust out. Again I had to have my mouth half open and stare up at the camera.

For the 3rd picture he wanted my panties off, legs spread and kneeling. I was to recline on my elbows with the thumb and forefinger of my right hand pinching my nipple. That was too much. I was prepared to pose for a date book, but this was pornography. I told him I couldn't do that.

"Fine, I'll let Major Hari know you have changed your mind and he will have your possessions thrown out on the street in the morning. I want you off base by noon, and if you ever try and come back, I'll have you arrested for trespassing on government property."

What else could I do but go along with his dirty picture taking. The 4th picture was the most humiliating of all. He had me on my hands and knees, with my legs spread. He took the picture from the rear so you could see everything. I had to look back at the camera, with my long dark hair falling to the floor. Finally it was over, I thought.

"It's customary to tip the photographer."

" I don't have any money on me. Tell me how much it is and I'll bring it tomorrow."

"I don't want money; I want a blow job."

"No. Nobody said I had to have sex with you. Haven't you humiliated me enough already?"

"No problem. I'll just send one set of pictures to your husband and another set to your parents."

That bastard; he was using the very pictures I didn't want to pose for in the first place, to blackmail me into having sex with him. I had not even sucked my husband, and now I had to do it to a complete stranger. What he did to me was a face fuck. He twisted my hair in his hands, jerked my head on his cock, and shot his dirty come down my throat. Feeling totally degraded, I left the studio for home.

The next morning, I received a phone call from Lt. Chander, the bar manager. He was short of waitresses so he wanted me to start right away. My shift was from eight in the evening until two in the morning. He wanted me in a half-hour early to get my uniform and have my duties explained.

I arrived feeling a little apprehensive. "My name is Lt. Chander. You can call me sir, and I run this establishment. Do what I tell you and we'll get along fine. Here is your uniform. If you are to shy to strip and put it on in front of me you can chance in the ladies washroom."

What he handed me was silky baby doll pajamas. I really didn't want to wear it, but I had gone to far to back out now. After looking me up and down he went on to explain my duties.

"Your job is to take the food and drink orders for the officers in your section. Give them good service and act sexy at all times. I pay you five hundred rupees a shift, but you can easily make 5 times that much in tips if you are co-operative. You know what I mean by co-operative, don't you?"

"I'm not sure."

"It means, if a male or female officer feels your tits or cunt while you are taking their order; finish the order and then, gently push their hand away. If they pull you on their lap and give you a kiss, kiss them back before getting off their lap. You will notice your costume makes it quite easy to finger fuck you, and this will happen a lot. When it does, stand there for at least a minute and let them do it, before pulling reluctantly away. Tell them it feels very good, but you have other tables to serve. The secret to being a good waitress is being a good actress. Make every customer think he or she is your favorite. Make them think everything they do turns you on, and you will get along just fine."

It was a long night. Whoever said, "officer and a gentleman," didn't know what they were talking about. I was probed and fondled all night by these animals. It was difficult not to slap them. The other waitress, a bimbo called Julie, seemed to enjoy all the attention. I am neither julie nor a bimbo. I have a college degree, and the worst frat party I ever attended was tame compared to this.

The next afternoon I was called to attend another meeting with Lt. Chander. Three other women were there, Julie who I knew from the previous night, and Meena another blond, and Shanti a black girl. All of us were army wives who had husbands posted to isolated sites.

Lt. Chander started his lecture by saying, "We have decided to renovate the officers lounge. To help raise money we are going to sell Rs. 250 table dance tickets. At the end of the evening, for each ticket you hand in, we pay you Rs 50. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to make some extra money. It does mean a little extra work for the four of you. I want all of you here every night, no days off, so the officers can have a good selection to choose from.

"Now you probably don't know how to table dance, fortunately Julie does. She used to be a table dancer before she married. She will be your trainer and manager.

"Julie, as manager, I'll give you 20% of their pay. If they don't follow your instructions, you have the right to discipline them."

"Oh goodie, thank you Chandu. Let me show you my appreciation."

I could not believe it. She went over to Lt. Chander, dropped to her knees in front of him, and pulled his cock out of his pants. She started giving him a sloppy blowjob. After a few minutes he grabbed her head, held it tight to his groin and from the look on his face, came in her mouth. What a slut she was.

"That ladies is the proper way to give a deep throat blow job. Pay attention to Julie. She can teach the 3 of you a lot. When your husbands get home, they will be so thrilled at your new skills."

"I have another idea Chandu." (Lt. Chander was Chandu to her and Sir to the rest of us). "At the Moonlight Club we had three rooms upstairs where we could take customers for intimate encounters. We would give half of the money to the club and keep the other half. I bet the four of us could make a lot of money for your club renovations."

"I like the way you think Julie. I will talk it over with Major Hari."

This was too much. I had to speak up. "I don't know about the others, but I am not going to humiliate myself this way."

"Here are the facts Anita. Either we get full co-operation or we leave your husband in the Kashmir for another year. That goes for the rest of you as well."

"Sir, Sir, I'll do what you want," Shanti pleaded, "Just let my husband come home."

Of course, that's what we all wanted so we agreed to their demands.

Julie dressed us in shortie nightgowns, and had us practice lap dancing. Lt. Chander and two other officers were the "customers". Meena, Shanti and I all got fucked that afternoon.

That evening was worse. Those slimeballs didn't want to be teased, they had their cocks out and made us sit on them until they shot their dirty come into us. I was mad, sore, and embarrassed. Julie seemed to have fun doing those perverted lap dances, and I noticed she took Lt. Chander home with her.

The next afternoon we were called in again. Lt. Chander was upset that we were getting fucked for the price of a lap dance. This was a loss of revenue for the officers club, so until Major Hari returned from his trip and decided on a new rate, no more lap dances.

Meanwhile, for this evening Julie had a new idea, topless boxing. "We did this at the Moonlight club and it was very popular. The customers can cheer and bet on their favorite boxer. Since I am the most popular girl, everyone will want to see me win. Here is now its done.

"Your boxing gloves are made of velvet and stuffed with soft cotton, so I don't get hurt. My gloves are made of leather and stuffed with horsehair. This allows me to punch and hurt you, which is of course, what they pay to see. They want to see bruises on your face, lots of crying, and begging. I like to add black eyes, bleeding lips and lots of humiliation for their extra enjoyment."

Lt. Chander interrupted, "I am charging Rs 500 a person, and I expect a full house. My job is to make sure they get their moneys worth. Each one of you will spend one hour with Julie while she trains you how she wants you to fight, when you give up, and what you say when you do. Remember its supposed to look real. Hit Julie as hard as you can. You are not going to hurt her with those gloves. If I am not satisfied with your performance, I'll mail your husbands the photos Cpl. Durai took, of you sucking off the photographer. When you are not in the ring, carry out your normal waitress duties."

That evening, Shanti was to fight first. The dance floor, which is elevated about 18 inches, had a rope ring around it. The place was packed. Lt. Chander was the ring announcer. "In this corner, wearing red trunks, from Mumbai, is Julie. Let's give her a big hand. In the other corner, from Bangalore City, we have Shanti. The winner goes on to the next bout in about an hour. Let the fight begin."

I told myself I would not watch, but I couldn't help myself. Shanti was hitting Julie in the stomach and head, not bothering Julie at all. Julie punched Shanti on her breasts, and when she bent over in pain, Julie smashed her in the nose making it bleed. Shanti dropped to her knees in front of Julie, saying, " I give up, please don't hit me anymore."

I could not believe my eyes. Julie kicked Shanti in the face making her fall backwards crying. Julie with a sneer on her face, "Get back on your knees, pull down my boxing shorts and suck me off." Shanti tried her best while Julie smeared her cunt all over Shanti's face. Then she grabbed Shanti's hair, pulled her face tight to her cunt and bucked her hips against Shanti's face. The officers were all cheering and clapping. She pushed Shanti away, and walked off the stage pumping her fist in the air.

An hour later it was my turn. Wearing just boxing shorts, I stepped into the ring with Julie. I was so angry at Julie I promised myself I was going to hit her hard. "In the far corner wearing red trunks, our champion JUUULLIEEEE." Of course, there was loud applause. "In the near corner from Chennai city, we have Anita."

In spite of my best efforts, I could not hurt her. My boxing gloves might as well have been cream puffs. During the afternoon practice, I was told not to block Julie's punches, but to let her hit me. Julie's punches hurt. She seemed to concentrate on punching my face. I could feel one eye starting to swell. A hard punch caused me to slip and fall. The crowd cheered.

"Get up you stupid bitch," Julie hissed, "I did not give you the signal to fall down."

I got up and continued the fight. I knew her signal was to kick me in the shin, and then I was supposed to fall to my knees. She delayed her signal, as she seemed to enjoy punching and hurting me. Finally she kicked me and I spoke the line I had rehearsed, "Please don't hurt me any more; I'll kiss your feet if you stop hitting me." It was humiliating to say it in rehearsal and even more degrading in front of a bunch of people.

Julie had a smile of triumph on her face. "Suck my toes first bitch." She had someone bring her a chair and she sat in the middle of the ring and stuck her foot in my face. "Suck each toe. Make sure you get everything between my toes. Use lots of saliva to get my feet nice and clean, and tongue massage the soles of my feet."

I was so embarrassed, I'm sure my face must have been beet red when she said, "By teaching her to suck my toes I am training her to be a good cock sucker." All the officers were cheering her performance. Finally my humiliating experience was over and I was allowed to return to my waitress duties.

Julie's final bout was with Meena. Of course, Meena's soft punches did nothing to Julie, while she punished Meena with constant blows. Meena was crying, as she had to allow Julie to punch her in the face.

Julie must have given her signal, as Meena fell flat on her back at Julie's feet, begging Julie not to hit her any more.

Julie with an evil grin on her face said, "Pull down your shorts and finger fuck yourself for the amusement of the audience." Meena was to hurt, to intimidated to do anything else but obey.

"You don't even know how to fuck yourself do you?" Julie said, delighting the audience. Pulling Meena's finger out of her pussy, Julie asked, "Do I have any volunteers from the audience to show Meena the proper way to be fucked?"

Many hands shot up. "What a bunch of horny guys! I believe you, in the red shirt, were first. Come up on stage and fuck her. Meena, you had better treat him like your long lost husband or I'll beat your ass."

To cheers and applause, this guy took Meena right on stage. After he had cum in Meena's pussy, there were many more volunteers all shouting, "Me next, me, me."

Julie let them down easy. "Sorry fellows, only one freebee. The rest of you have to pay." While Shanti and I served them drinks, Julie collected 2500 Rupees each, and watched the gang rape of Meena.

We were given 3 days to recuperate. Other than my normal 8 to 2 shift I had nothing else to do.

Then we had to see Lt. Chander again. "Our officer training course has been delayed, so to keep the revenue flowing, Julie has come up with a new idea. I'll let her explain it to you."

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