Wife Pays Cause Hubby Plays


"I think your ready to go," said Samson, pushing the exhausted woman up off him.

Still a little dazed, Heather pushed herself to her feet. She looked down and saw Samson grab the base of his cock and hold it straight up wanting her to mount him. Heather turned around and positioned herself over his cock. She squatted until the head slid between her thighs. Heather felt his large cockhead press against her labia, pushing it in, until her pussy lips parted around it. Her pussy stretched wide open until the head slipped inside. "Jesus, it's big. Just the head is ripping me in two," gasped Heather.

Samson brought his hands up to her knees and started rubbing them affectionately. "Tell me something, baby, when you remove a band aid, do you rip it off or do you slowly pull it off?"

"What?" she asked. What the fuck was he talking about? She was trying to fuck him and he was asking her about band aids.

"You heard me. Do you rip off a band aid or do you prolong the pain by slowly pulling it up."

Heather thought for a moment. "I rip it off, to get the pain over with as quickly as possible."

"Good answer," said Samson pushing hard against her knees.

Heather felt her legs shoot back. "Noooooo,' she cried as his cock impaled her. Samson bucked his hips and Heather bounced up almost flying off his cock, but instead slamming down harder into it. "Too big. Aaargh." Heather bounced up again and came down. Each time forced more cock deep inside her pussy. "No, can't take it. Too big." Her pussy molded itself and stretched around his shaft. She felt filled to capacity, but was amazed at every additional inch her pussy took. "Oh god, it's a big cock." Her pussy came down hitting his crotch. Heather had now taken the entire monster. "Oh fuck, it's big. Oh fuck. Fuck! Fuck me! Oh my god, I love it. Fuck me with that big dick."

"You like that black cock a lot better then Frank's dick, don'tcha?" Samson bucked his hips hard.

"God yes," cried Heather flying upwards and having an orgasm as she impaled herself again. "It's never been this good. Fuck my pussy. Heather flew up and down continuously. She realized Samson had quit bucking his hips and was lying still, yet she was still riding him. Her legs had taken over doing all the work. She was cumming every third bounce or so. Heather could barely concentrate from all the pleasure she was receiving, but one thought did pop into her brain. It was her most fertile time of the month. "Samson," she gasped, "whatever you do, don't cum in my pussy."

"You'd better slow down then."

Heather slowed her pace and the pleasure was only more intense. She could concentrate on every inch. She arched her back and started squeezing her nipples, while sucking her lower lip in. "Sooo big, sooo good," she moaned. Heather felt a big orgasm growing just as Samson started working his hips again to pick up the speed. He leaned up to grab her hips and held her still while bucking his crotch. Samson growled so loudly it startled her. Her pussy suddenly felt soaked. "No," she cried realizing he was cumming. The jets of semen assaulted her womb triggering the biggest orgasm of Heather's life. She collapsed onto Samson's chest with his cock still pumping her full of seed. Heather recovered just as Samson's limp cock plopped out of her pussy releasing a torrent of sperm. "Asshole, you were supposed to pull out," she whispered kissing his chest.

"Relax baby, I've had a vasectomy," he lied. "We can fuck all you want and you won't get pregnant." Samson decided he wanted to keep this pussy. This hick town wouldn't stand for a married white woman giving birth to a black baby. They'd leave town together just after Heather delivered.

Heather was feeling a little sad. She almost wished Samson had knocked her up, she was even imagining there was a warm glow coming from her womb as if she had been impregnated. Wow, their baby would be gorgeous," she pictured in her heads what their kids would look like. Heather glanced at the clock. "Shit," she cried jumping up. "Frank will be home any minute." Heather's thighs made squishing sounds as she ran to the bathroom.

When Heather felt presentable, she ran naked out to the living room and threw her sexy outfit back on. Samson was gone. She opened the trailer door to see the big black man talking to Frank. The two men parted and Frank approached her. She could smell beer on his breath. "Sam, said you paid him back for me," said Frank handing her a rolled up bill.

"What's this?" she asked unrolling a five dollar bill.

"The money I owed him. I couldn't buy lunch the other day, so he spotted me five. Last time I borrow money from him, he's such a jerk about it.

"Excuse me, honey."

"Where you going?"

"The big jerk told me you'd borrowed ten." Heather ran past her husband down the dirt road to where Samson was nearing his car. "Come back here, asshole," yelled Heather. Samson was halfway in his car when she caught up with him. "Five dollars, I fucked you for five dollars."

"Yeah, you'd suck as a hooker."

"You lied to me."

"Shit baby, I was just sitting there when you started taking your clothes off. What the hell was I supposed to do?" Samson grinned, sat in his car and started the engine.

"I said come back here, asshole."


"Come back here. Same time tomorrow. Frank will be at the tavern."

"I'll be here. Hey, you did all that for five bucks, what'll ten get me?"

"Anything you want," said Heather meaning every word of it.

The End

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