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Wife Poses Nude for Fantasy


I finally worked up the nerve to tell her one of my fantasies. Most married men are unwilling to open up with their wives about their fantasies. I guess is involves some fear of rejection and possible the fact that many married women are simply not interested in pleasing their husband. I am convinced that this is why so much infidelity exists these days. Men will keep their fantasies to themselves while believing that fantasy is better that reality. Eventually, a man will run across a woman that is all little more open and willing to take some risks. Maybe she talks about her body more or her sexual escapades. Somehow the other woman gets worked into his fantasy and the next thing you know; an affair has happened. This is not so in our marriage. I am the type that would never ask for anything that would go against the institution of marriage. I believe in one woman and one man together forever but I do like a lot of spice in the bedroom. Actually, I like spice out of the bedroom too!

I have always found it strangely erotic that a woman would be willing to be fully nude in front of others. I'm not talking about a sexual thing between her and everyone that she may prance around naked in front of. I am talking about the kind of woman that simply does not mind being seen but would be pissed if you made any advances or lewd comments towards her while she was in a state of undress. This woman has an air of confidence about her but she is not too proud or lewd. This is the type woman that would sit nude with her girlfriends in a hot tub at a friend's house while her friend's husband would be inside. All the while, each woman in buff would fully expect that the roving husband would give them their privacy. At the same time, there world be a risk of being seen but she simply would not be worried about it. Or, it could be the type of woman will to take that skinny dip late at night with a few friends. Or, it could be the type of woman that would be willing to pose for intimate portraits or a life drawing. I've know women that have participated in this type of nudity and I have also know men with wives or girlfriends who would participate too. Typically, my wife is not this way by nature. She was raised in an environment were your body and other personal things just were not talked about or shared between family members.

Anyway, I decided to risk rejection and embarrassment and I asked her for some professional boudoir pictures. I have always thought the idea of such a photo shoot would be sexy. The scene in the move As Good as it Gets with Helen Hunt was one of the sexiest scenes I have ever seen in a movie. I did see another movie where a woman posed in the apartment for an ex-boyfriend while he sketched her figure. But, it is hard to find an artist to sit for a private portrait.

At first when I told her, she was inquisitive as to what she would be wearing. We talked of lingerie and sexy things. I eventually got around to telling her that I wanted some shots of her completely nude. At first, she was mad about my request. Then, she was hurt that I wanted to allow someone else to see her nude. She told me that she felt like I wasn't protecting her. In years past, I would not have wanted anyone to see her nude. I'm not sure if it was embarrassment, selfishness or if I just didn't appreciate how great she looked naked. Now, I tend to believe there can be time and place for nakedness. Eventually, she started warming up to the idea and actually started working out harder to get in shape.

Let me describe my wife now. She is in her late thirties. She keeps her curly brown hair long for me. She has beautiful face with smooth skin. Her B size breasts are still as perky as ever. She has the sexiest nipples in the world. I tell her this all the time. Her areolas are about the size of a silver dollar and they are a tan shade of pink. Her nipples seem to always be hard and they sit proudly in the middle of those puffy pink areolas. She has a nice ass that looks good in or out of clothes. I finally talked her into keeping her pussy shaved after our second child. And what a beautiful pussy it is! Her outer labia frame her clitoral hood in perfect symmetry. Her inner labia are completely visible from the front and back but they extend only slightly beyond her outer labia. When she sits with her legs spread, her lips open slightly like perfect little pink rose petals.

After weeks and weeks of talking about it and her trying to be in the best shape, she told me she was ready to make the appointment. I called the photographer that I had selected from the Internet that was within driving distance. I told him that we wanted boudoir pictures and that I definitely wanted nudes but that my wife was shy about being nude in front of another man. He assured me that he would proceed with caution and would not ask her to do anything that she felt uncomfortable about. He told me to have her dress in clothing that was not binding so there would not be any unnecessary marks on her body. We set a date and he gave me directions to his studio.

We arrived at the studio for our appointed time that morning. Laura was wearing her blue flowered dress with nothing on under it as instructed. She had been to the salon a couple of days before for a full body spray-on tan. Her hair was curly and sexy while her new make-up perfect. Her pussy was shaved absolutely smooth too. She carried a bag of outfits for the shoot as well as one of my white shirts on a hanger. There was a black family there who were talking about wedding pictures. The photographer seemed in a hurry to get rid of them. I believe they were trying to get a cheaper price on their photos. Anyway, the studio wasn't much. It was basically a long narrow room with office furniture at one and two side rooms at the office end. The photographer was an old guy that has a disheveled look about him and he acted kind of like the nutty professor. He sat us down in the office end of the studio and began to ask what type of photos that we wanted. We told him that we had a few outfits for Laura and that we also wanted full nude photos. He proceeded to ask Laura if she wanted to have me in the room or if she would be more comfortable with me leaving the room. Laura assured him that she wanted to have me in the room for the picture session. He them asked us to see the outfits he would be shooting. We brought out the men's shirts, the long sheer black gown, football shirt, the black scarf and the black panties and black bra. He affirmed that they were good selections for the shoot. He retrieved a football for the football jersey shots. We all decided on the men's shirt for the first shots.

The photographer left the room for Laura to change. Laura stood and began to unzip her dress in the back revealing her tan naked body. She stepped out of her shoes and dress and put them to the side. She slid into the white men's shirt and buttoned a couple of buttons. I tried to get her to leave all of them unbuttoned but she insisted on having a couple of them fixed. We purposely did not bring any white panties to wear with the shirt. I wanted her pretty smooth pussy to show as much as possible. We called for the photographer to come into the room. Laura took her place in front of the backdrop with one button on the shirt fastened. He started to shoot photos and asked her to open her shirt a little. She placed her hands on her chest a spread the shirt a little. Her breasts were still covered but as she moved for the shots, I could catch glimpses of her pretty Pussy. He then asked her to open the button and the shirt. She did so revealing her tanned naked body. She placed her hand on her hips and he began to ask her to move in to this position or that position. Occasionally he would say "That's it!" or "Smile, your doing great!" At one time he said "I thought your husband said you were shy. You are a natural."

After taking a few shots he wanted to check the lighting and the quality of photos. So, we all we over the computer while he loaded the photos from the camera. Laura was still wearing only the shirt which I tried to get her to leave open. She sat in the chair slightly behind the photographer and beside me. I pushed her shirt open once while he was concentrating on the computer. At least I could see her pouty little breast beneath the white shirt. After he determined the lighting was okay, it was time for a new outfit.

He left the room again while Laura changed in to the long black sheer night gown. As we called for him to com back into the room, Laura stated "This is very revealing!" She was not wearing any panties again and you could see everything right down to the perfect little seam between her legs. The photographer positioned her on a stool and proceeded to take portrait type shots. I never understood why he didn't take a standing full body shot. I really wanted to see all of naked body beneath the shear black gown.

After the portraits style shots, it was time for another wardrobe change. We all decided on the football jersey this time. The football jersey was Laura's idea. It was my practice jersey from high school. She changed into the jersey and started to feel a little nervous. This was due to the fact that she was totally naked from the waist down. She took the football and turned to walk to area in front of the backdrop. I enjoyed watching her ass as she walked away. She turned around and held the football in front of her pussy. I motioned for her to move it but she grinned a nervous grin and shook her head. It didn't matter for long. The photographer had her hold the ball like a running-back and proceeded to take Heismann trophy poses of her. Then, he asked her to remove the jersey for some shots. He told her to throw the jersey over her shoulder. She did and hit one of his lights that were hanging low. I don't think he was too happy about that but it's hard to get too mad when you have a fully nude woman in your studio. He didn't like the jersey over the shoulder look so he took nude shots of her holding the ball. Still, no pussy shots in the photos.

After those shots were over, he stayed in the room adjusting lights and cameras. There was no need to change because Laura didn't have on a stitch of clothing. She picked up the black scarf with gold trim and asked about picture with it. He asked what kind of pose she could do with a scarf. She wrapped it around her and he liked the look. So he began to take various photos of her wrapped in the scarf. We soon realized that the first look that Laura naturally gave was not easily duplicated.

He told me he wanted me in the next photos without my shirt. Laura wrapped the scarf around her waist but her beautiful breasts were nude. He asked her to straddle me so he could shoot us from the waist up. She straddled me with the scarf hanging around her ass and over her legs. He took various poses of us like this. Then he had her sit on the stool with me straddling from behind. He took more waist-up photos and some with me holding her breasts and touching her nipples. This was a lot of fun sitting there with my wife on my lap, her breasts exposed and next to nothing covering her ass and pussy.

It was time for another wardrobe change. This time, he didn't leave the room for her to change. He retrieved a leopard print blanket for some floor shots. Laura bought out the last outfit which was a black demi cup bra and black thong panties. After adjusting the lighting, he had Laura lay on the floor for various floor shots. She looked like a super model and the photographer stated that this was the best wardrobe choice. After several poses and shots, he asked her to take off the bra and panties. She sat up, reached around her back and unlatched the bra and let her perky breasts fall from the cups. I walked over and took the items from her just as she was finishing sliding the thong from her hips. The he proceeded to shoot some of the same shots he did before but Laura was fully nude.

At this point, he stated that he was basically done unless I had more ideas. Laura was sitting on the floor naked and going along with the idea of more shot. I think she was feeling pretty sexy at this point. I asked that he take some of her kneeling and sitting. He took various shots of her sitting with her back to the camera, kneeling toward the camera and kneeling away form the camera. At one point Laura leaned away form the camera and said "This is what he likes!" She was referring to her sexy ass. He finished with the kneeling shot and asked if there was anything else. I had noticed all through the shoot that he had not taken any shots that really included her pussy. So, I asked if there were any poses that he could do that tastefully included that part. He said he though he had got some of what I was asking for when she was kneeling facing away from the camera and leaning forward but he would try another. At this point, he asked her to lie on her back with her knees up. He asked her to put her hands kind of behind her head and open her knees. He kneeled on the floor to take the shots. Her legs were open just the right amount to take the perfect pussy shot. Her labia were barley open like a little butterfly. He took a few of these poses and asked what else. We tried to come up with something that included a small foot stool type piece of furniture that was in the room. But, we could not find a good pose. I think it was too small to do anything with.

So the session was over and Laura was fully naked. The photographer was talking to us and I was enjoying watching Laura talk to him naked. She asked for her shirt once but I pretended not to hear. I was really enjoying her standing there nude. She insisted again and I finally handed it to her. We sat down to look at the pictures and Laura decided she needed to put on her clothes. I went over to help her. She stood behind the photographer while he worked on the computer and she started to change. She slipped in to her thong panties and took the shirt off to put the bra on. Then she stepped back into the dress she wore to the shoot and the naked fun was finished. What a great time!

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