Wife Re-Trains Her Husband!


Samantha began to caress the side of Tim's face in a reassuring manner as Nancy pushed the dildo deeper into Tim's ass.

"It's okay Tim, just relax your ass," said Samantha.

"Just relax and enjoy it."

Samantha's pussy was so wet from watching Tim get fucked, that the juices from her pussy started to run down her leg. Holding Tim's head with one hand she sank a finger into her sopping wet pussy and let out a long moan.

"Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh," she moaned in pleasure!

She then took the finger out of her pussy and rubbed the juices all over Tim's nose and mouth.

"You see how wet this makes me Tim?" said Samantha.

Nancy had about half the dildo in Tim's ass now and he was starting to whimper.

"That's it Tim, cry like a little girl as I fuck your ass," Said Nancy.

But Tim was still trying to maintain what little manhood he had left and held back his tears. Inch by inch Nancy slid the dildo in Tim's ass until all 9" were in.

"That's it; it's all the way in now Tim!"

"Does that feel good?" Coooed Nancy.

Nancy could see the look of pain and humiliation on Tim's face as she buried the cock in his ass.

"Just accept it Tim," Said Nancy.

"Just let those tough guy thoughts go and give yourself to me."

"Look, that cock is buried deep in your ass now Tim!" cooed Samanth.

Nancy began to slowly fuck his ass with the strapon. Slowly she withdrew the cock out of Tim's ass all the way to the tip and then slowly slid it back all the way in. Every time she sank the strapon all the way in Tim's ass he would let out a grunt. "Uhhhhhhh!"

She fucked him with long slow strokes, so that he could feel every bit of the cock in his ass. The position that Tim was in with his legs up in the air meant that Nancy could go in deep with the strapon, even deeper than she could from a doggy style position. The pressure of Nancy's strapon in Tim's ass drove the small dildo that was on the other end in and out of her now sopping wet pussy. Nancy began to moan in pleasure as she fucked Tim. Nancy's pussy was so wet that you could hear the squishing sound of the dildo going in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh!"

"Fucking you makes me so fucking wet Tim!"

"I love watching you take this cock in your ass like a good little boy." Cooed Nancy!

Samantha had let go of Tim's head and he was now turning his head from side to side on the bed, trying to fight the pain and humiliation.

Tim was feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure from the strapon fucking he was receiving and his emotions were getting the best of him. He began to tear up. He was experiencing emotion overload. Nancy saw that Tim's surrender was close and continued the slow strokes of the strapon in his ass. Samantha started to caress Tim's head,

"It's okay Tim."

"It's perfectly okay to cry as you submit and let go of all those tough guy feelings."

"I know its tough Tim, but you have to accept your new role."

"It's going to be okay."

Watching Tim submit to them made Samantha even wetter and she began to play with her pussy.

Nancy bent down to Tim's face and looked deep into Tim's eyes as she slowly fucked his ass. "Are you ready to submit to me?" Asked Nancy.

"Are you ready to call me Mistress?"

"I uhhhhhhhhhh dooooon't know," stuttered Tim.

"Ohhhh Yes you do," replied Nancy.

"You are starting to enjoy this aren't you Tim?" "I know you are because your cock is starting to get hard. "If you admit that you are enjoying this, and you call me Mistress I will allow Samantha to give you her sweet pussy."

"Do you want Samantha's wet, steaming pussy Tim?"

"Uhhhhhhhhhh............Yessssssssssss I dooooooooooo!" cried Tim.

"That's a good boy," said Nancy.

"Now what's my name?" she asked as she drove the dildo as deep as it would go in Tim's ass!

"Misssssssssssstress!!!!!!" Tim blurted out!

"That's a good boy Tim," said Nancy. "You are going to learn to enjoy your new role in life."

" Give him his reward now Samantha," said Nancy.

Samantha loosened Tim's legs a little from the eye hook in the ceiling so that she could have better access to his cock. She then climbed on top of Tim and slowly slid her wet dripping pussy down on Tim's cock. "Ohhhhhhhh god!" screamed Samantha.

"You feel how wet my pussy is Tim?"

"Yes, I dooooo!" groaned Tim.

"Tell me how bad you want me to fuck your cock Tim."

"Oh so bad!" "Please fuck my cock Samantha!" "Please" moaned Tim.

Slowly Samantha slid her pussy up and down Tim's shaft. Tim's cock was now glistening with Samantha's pussy juice.

"Are you enjoying your reward Tim?" Nancy asked as she continued to fuck Tim's ass.

"Ohhhhh yes I am Mistress!"

"Good boy Tim!" Replied Nancy.

Samantha picked up the pace as she fucked Tim's cock. As she fucked his cock she would expertly slide Tim's cock all the way out of her pussy till just the head of Tim's cock was still in her, and she would then slowly fuck just the head of Tim's cock with her pussy. Tim began to grunt feverishly when she did this. "ohhhhhhhh your pussy feels so fucking good!" screamed Tim.

"Ohhhhhh I'm cumming," screamed Samantha. Tim could feel her pussy contracting from the orgasm that she was having and he couldn't take it anymore. His cock erupted into Samantha's pussy!

Tim let out a long grunt as his cum overflowed from Samantha's pussy.

Slowly she slid off of Tim's cock and stood next to Nancy.

"Did you like that Tim?" asked Nancy.

"Yes I did Mistress!"

"And what do you say?"

"Thank you so much Mistress!" Replied Tim.

Nancy buried the strapon deep in Tim's ass, bent over and put her hands around his neck. She looked deep into his eyes and started to gyrate her hips, which caused the strapon in Tim's ass to gyrate as well. This stimulated Nancy's clit and she began to moan in pleasure as her pussy started to cum. At the same time she squeezed the bulb that was attached to the dildo that made the cum shoot from her fake cock. The cum flowed from her cock into Tim's ass. Tim could feel something wet in his ass that he never felt before.

"You feel that cum filling your ass Tim?"

"Yes, I do." "Thank you for cumming in my ass Mistress!" replied Tim

"Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh!" Nancy moaned!

After a few minutes Nancy caught her breath, and slowly she withdrew the cock from his ass. She bent down next to his ear and whispered,

"Now you're mine!"

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