Wife Rewards Husband's Doctor


Raj said, "Dear, I am as serious and sober as ever. You and I both want to relieve Dr. Umakant of his stress and want to reciprocate, to some extent, what all Dr. Umakant did for my life. Do you not agree on it? Neena, this is the time, we can do something for him. Would you cooperate?"

I controlled my reactions. That tinge of excitement and juice leaking continued. I did not want to be obvious. I appeared to be thoughtful. That short embrace in the bed with Dr. Umakant in the hospital had aroused me. I said, "Raj, this is awkward for me. I would love to help him. However, I am very confused. I do not know if it is right. Let us see." Raj kept quiet. I looked at him. He was deep in thought.

The next day at about nine thirty in the evening, when we were about to go to sleep, Raj complained of chest pain. I panicked and phoned Dr. Umakant asking him to come immediately. Dr. Umakant came within half an hour and checked Raj carefully. He smiled and said, it was just muscular pain; nothing to worry about. I asked Dr. Umakant to have dinner. He said, he ate something in the hospital. He did not want to eat. My husband Raj then took a bottle of whisky and poured three glasses from it. I refused. Both of them sat and began drinking.

It began raining outside. The temperature fell. It became somewhat cold. I had finished my work in the kitchen and served them something to eat. Neither of them was hungry but they ate something all the same. I suggested to Dr. Umakant that it is too late for him to go to his house. Why would he not stay at our house for the night?

In reply, Dr. Umakant said he had a bad fight with his wife that evening and planned to sleep in the hospital. He accepted my invitation. I asked Raj to take out one of his nightdresses from the shelf and give it to Dr. Umakant. I asked Raj also to change into a night suit. Raj took him to our bedroom and both changed into Raj's nightdress. Both of them then sat on the bed. I went to the other bedroom to change. I saw Raj following me. He asked me to wear a rather provocative nightdress. This was the dress; he would ask me to wear whenever he felt horny and wanted to have a long night fucking session with me.

The dress was a low-cut top, which exposed quite a lot of my breasts. The dress was light purple, thin and tight. There was a zip, which ran through the front length of the dress until below the waist. I looked at my husband and asked, "Do you want me to wear this? Do you want me to come there and sit with both of you in this dress? Do you want to have a long session of lovemaking with me tonight? What about Dr. Umakant? He would hear our noises from the next room."

Raj kept quiet and looked at me sternly. I looked questioningly at him. He said, "You are asking too many questions. Have we not discussed about this yesterday? You said that you would do anything to relieve him of his problems. What is his problem? His problem is that he craves for love of a woman. He is married but still a bachelor. Would you not like that he also enjoys your physical love and affection with me? Would you like to see a smile on his face or would you rather let him continue to suffer as he has been doing?" my husband threw the ball in my court.

I did not know what to say. Looking at my puzzled face, Raj continued, "Do not worry your mind. You know him well. He is so nice and decent. You need just to relax and give him your most intimate affection. Let us see what happens" I dumbly nodded my head. My husband went into our main bedroom to join Dr. Umakant.

I have full faith in my husband. I always believed that whatever he says or does is for the good for all of us. He had never let us down. I unhesitatingly always accepted what he asked with firmness. It always worked. However, I was slightly apprehensive yet excited, fearing something unexpected. I quietly removed my under-garments, put them aside and put on the nightdress. I had nothing under that gown. I hesitatingly went to join the two men in our bedroom. I felt naked in that dress with Dr. Umakant watching.

As I was about to enter, I heard them. They were deeply in conversation. I heard Dr. Umakant say, "Raj, you are very lucky to have Neena as your wife. She cares for you so much and loves you so much. She is very devoted to you" There was a slight hint of regret that indicated his own situation in comparison.

I heard Raj asking Dr. Umakant, "Doctor, tell me frankly, do you like Neena?"

Dr. Umakant was simple and straightforward. He replied without any hesitation, "I not only like her, I love her. In my opinion, she is an ideal woman and the most desirable wife."

In the same lighthearted vein, Raj asked Dr. Umakant, "How would you feel if Neena was your wife?"

I stopped dead as I heard Raj say it. I felt embarrassed with the direction in which the talk was heading. Since it concerned me, I listened to the conversation with great attention. Both men appeared to be tipsy. They did not notice me standing at the entrance of the room.

Dr. Umakant replied, "Raj, I swear that if Neena bhabhi* (*brother or friend's wife) was my wife, I would love her day and night and would worship her like a Goddess. I would give her all pleasures of the world and would never let her suffer any pain." I was pleased to hear Dr. Umakant. I walked closer to them.

They saw me as I went near the bed. I felt their eyes focused on my body. I was feeling very awkward. As it was, I was wearing very thin and provocative nightdress and nothing underneath. My breasts and buttocks stood out prominently. The lower part of the gown almost wrapped around my legs and I suspected that my legs, thighs and the cavity between my legs were visible through the gown when seen against light. I felt that I could have avoided wearing this gown, although Raj insisted that I wore it. I sat on the bed in a corner away from both men.

I was quiet and did not know what to say. There was silence in the room. After a while, Raj called me and asked me to sit between them on the bed. I quietly went and sat between them. I took Dr. Umakant's one hand in my lap and squeezed it affectionately. I had to shed my fear of unknown and be bold.

I asked Raj, "I heard both of you talking about me. Are you both up to some mischief or what?"

Raj said jokingly, "I asked Dr. Umakant how he would feel if he were your husband. He said that he would love you day and night."

I looked at Dr. Umakant laughingly, titillating him, "Dr. Umakant, who said that you needed to marry me, to love me day and night? I am here and Raj and I invite you to love me as long as you want, without marrying me. That way, I would not have to leave Raj." Looking at Raj, I asked him, "Raj, would you mind?"

Raj shook his head sideways to indicate that he did not mind.

Dr. Umakant fidgeted in his seat. He did not know what to say. I moved closer to Dr. Umakant and rested my head on his chest. My hair hung loose. It spread across on Dr. Umakant's chest. I felt Dr. Umakant's fingers lovingly poking through my hair as I nuzzled my head on his chest. I felt so cozy and excited with two men caring for me and paying loving attention to me. I placed my one hand each in their laps. I took their hands in mine.

After a pause, Raj asked Dr. Umakant, "Would you like to see a movie?" Dr. Umakant replied that he was tired with social drama in his house. He would love to watch anything as long as there was no misery and some thrill in it. Raj said, "Doctor, I have a movie that will make you forget your worries. You don't mind some erotic scenes?"

Dr. Umakant said, "I would, in fact, like to forget about the real life and indulge into some fantasy. Something that is unlikely to happen in real life. Why not?" Then he looked at me and said as an afterthought, "Of course, if Mrs. Raj, sorry Neena bhabhi, is ok with it,"

I did not want to be a thorn in their game. I said, "Dr. Umakant, if you and Raj are OK, I have no problem. I would like Dr. Umakant to forget his worries, even if for a short time. If it gets boring for me, I shall go to sleep. But Raj, please switch off all the lights and close all the curtains tightly." I straightened up and sat on bed.

Raj quickly got up, did as I told him and loaded an English movie on the Video player. Dr. Umakant and I were sitting on the bed. I stretched my legs on the bed with my back resting on a wall. I signaled Dr. Umakant to sit in front of me with his legs stretched and his head and a part of his body resting on my tummy. He half sat and half lay on bed. Dr. Umakant's head was just below my breasts, almost touching them. When Raj returned after starting the video, He also stretched on bed and lay with his head resting on my left leg.

For some time, I combed hair of both men with my fingers. I then inserted my hands under their tops to feel their chests and hair on them. Dr. Umakant had a thick bush of hair on his chest. I found Dr. Umakant's miniature nipples between my fingers and played with them as the movie started. Dr. Umakant jerked slightly and then resumed his position as we watched the video.

The movie was titled as "Ship Wrecked". It was about a team of five divers: two women and three men, going in search of a treasure buried in the ocean from a sunken ship. The location was far from the shore. They travelled through the day to reach their designated spot in the night. However, there was a storm in the night and their ship broke down. Two men and one woman of those five could make it to a desolate island, the next morning. They found no humans on the island and no place to stay. They worked hard to prepare a make shift tent to sleep in the night.

The woman was afraid of the animals in the forest. She wanted therefore to sleep in the night between the two men in the tent pitched by them. They did not have any blankets. During the night, in the cold, both men enveloped her in their arms. She got aroused seeing both men almost naked and feeling men's erections under their dresses. She felt both men's' cocks in her hands. The picture had erotic scenes. The female wanted to love them both and did not want to choose one. The sexual scenes were explicit and erotic. Both men fondled her lovingly and kissed her, squeezed and sucked her breasts.

The scenes were highly erotic and made a deep impact on me. I rued the fact that I was between the two males. I was unsure of my husband's reaction as we were watching the movie. Sure enough, my husband could not control his reactions. He pulled my head down with his hands and wanted to kiss me. I had to bend quite a lot to let him do it. In the process, one of my breasts covered by the gown was pushed right in to Dr. Umakant's face. My hair hung loose all round completely covering the two faces.

For Dr. Umakant, this was too sudden. He was aroused and breathless. I kissed my husband and saw my breasts thrust into Dr. Umakant's face. Dr. Umakant was feeling the softness of my breast. I was also aroused. I was between two men. It was just as the movie. I had no escape. I had to be free with them now. This is what my husband wanted; and of course, in the deep corner of my mind, that was what I also wanted. I was lip locked with my husband. I kissed him with equal zeal. I moved slightly to facilitate him kissing. My one hand accidently touched Dr. Umakant's pajama between his legs.

I felt a huge tent in his pajama. I withdrew my hand instinctively. After a few seconds of kissing, I released myself from my husband and shifted upwards to sit on the bed and look at the TV screen and watch the movie. I caught Dr. Umakant's neck and pulled him still closer to me. Dr. Umakant lay slightly lower to me. My pulling him upwards brought his head right between my breasts.

Raj saw Dr. Umakant's face drowned between my breasts with my hair fully masking his face. He could only see his head and my hair. I suspected that he got a big kick out of this scene, as he also pushed Dr. Umakant's head further between my breasts and said, "Dr. Umakant, you said that you wanted to love Neena, if you got the chance. Here is your chance." I felt wetness pouring down between my legs hearing Raj.

Dr. Umakant gasped for breath as my breasts completely suffocated him. I still had the gown, partially covering my breasts. I was combing Dr. Umakant's hair affectionately. I pulled Raj also close to me and said, "My two sweet babies."

Raj replied promptly, "Mom! We want to suck your milk." Dr. Umakant looked up at me, questioningly. Raj continued, "Mom, will you please let us suck your milk?"

I was not the one to let go. I said, "Babies do not need mom's permission to drink her milk." I adjusted my position and pulled both men onto my breasts. Each one nuzzled his head on one of my breasts.

I looked at the TV screen. A very erotic scene was on. I raised my body up on the bed and sat to watch the movie. I pulled the two males also up with me so that they could sit by my side and watch the movie. As the film progressed, the sexual scenes became more intense and intimate. The picture was uncensored and both males; together, began sucking the woman's breasts. The woman felt both men's cocks through the cloth in her hands.

My husband was quick to react. He leaned on me and fumbled with the zip of my gown. He pulled the zip down slowly. My breasts slipped completely free out of the gown. My husband struggled a little to pull the gown off my shoulder. The gown fell down and rested on my waist. I felt very shy to expose my breasts to Dr. Umakant. My husband looked at Dr. Umakant. Dr. Umakant was dumb struck. Raj took one of my breasts in his palms, bent down and kissed it. I closed my eyes as Dr. Umakant looked at me and looked at my free breasts, unbelieving. I hesitantly took the initiative, pulled his face into and between my naked breasts. I knew how hungrily he looked at my breasts all this while; in the hospital and in our house whenever he visited us. I knew how he would have wished to suck them forever, if he got half the chance.

Dr. Umakant dipped his face into my breasts for a while, uncertain of what to do. He was enjoying the feel of my soft yet firm naked breasts on his cheeks. After a while, lust got better of him. He moved his hands to feel my tits. I was ecstatic with his face and hands feeling my breasts. I was itching for him to suck and bite my breasts. He sat feeling the softness of my two sweet melons there for an interminable period and then, began to lap the cleavage between my breasts with his tongue. After awhile he stopped and looked up at me as if he did not believe his luck. I caught both his hands and invitingly placed them on my breasts. He caught my nipples in his fingers hesitantly, and he pinched and squeezed them hard as if to check if this was at all real.

I let out a low moan, almost a scream, as Dr. Umakant pinched my nipples hard. My nipples had become hard and tight in his palms and fingers. My areola became darker and swelled. I sensed Dr. Umakant's palms moving on my areolas. My swollen areolas with goose pimples on them excited Dr. Umakant. I was in hyperactive state. I jerked and shivered.

In the meanwhile, my husband bent down and inserted his one hand inside my gown between my legs. He also bent and kissed my one breast. He rolled his tongue over my swollen areola and bit my nipple. He saw Dr. Umakant also working on my other breast. Both men were looming on top of me as I sat there between them. Raj placed one of his arms over Dr. Umakant. My husband made me spread my legs and inserted his other hand between my legs. Of course, I was wearing that nightdress.

I have long nipples and he seemed to enjoy rolling them between his fingers. It was an exhilarating experience for me. I was wet between my legs. I began to have twitching feelings in my pussy. I looked at my husband.

My husband knew that breasts fondling made me very vulnerable. He realized that I was nearing my climax. My husband is an expert exploiter. Whenever, he is in a mood to fuck and I am not; he would uncover my breasts and fondle them to arouse me enough to make him fuck me. I would get aroused so much that I would orgasm simply by having my breasts lovingly manipulated. Dr. Umakant was doing that job without realizing it.

On the screen, both the males now completely undressed the woman. She was twisting and turning. So was I. Both the men on the screen began caressing the woman. One of them stripped himself whilst the woman disrobed the other man.

I saw Dr. Umakant raise his body on the bed and came to sit up beside me. He turned to face me. I was sitting on the bed watching the movie. Raj slowly moved his arms beneath me to raise me a little. I was face to face with Dr. Umakant. Raj brought Dr. Umakant's face down on mine. Dr. Umakant's hand instinctively went below my head as he pulled my face into his. All of his pent up feelings burst open. How he wished to kiss my lips for a long time. I felt that he did not kiss his wife or any other woman for months. He could not control his manly emotions.

Dr. Umakant held my head in his two hands, looked into my eyes affectionately. I lowered my eyes invitingly. I brought my face and lips closer to his lips, inviting him to kiss me on the lips. Then all of a sudden, I caught his head into my hands. I pulled his lips onto mine in a swift move and kissed him fiercely. He was surprised. He hesitated a little mumbling, "Oh! Neena bhabhi, is this alright?... mmmm...I am so thankful...mmm." I responded mumbling, "Oh! Umakant, did you not wish to do this for a long time? Just relax and enjoy."

Now my husband had both my breasts in his hands. He was enjoying playing with them and kissing them. I looked at Raj as I kissed Dr. Umakant. Raj was so pleased to see his dear wife in a tight embrace with Dr. Umakant. I wanted to see an expression of guilt or jealousy. Instead, I found an expression of happiness and content. He felt that he returned a part of the favor to Dr. Umakant. I felt as if his eyes said that he shared his wife with Dr. Umakant for one night, in exchange for his life. I caught Raj's body and pulled him closer to me. I caught my husband's cock in my hand from over his dress and began shaking it lovingly as I kissed Dr. Umakant. Raj removed his own nightdress and placed his naked cock in my hand. It was leaking his pre-cum.

I decided to go ahead with the inevitable, as I realized that my husband was determined to share me with Dr. Umakant. I unbuttoned and removed Dr. Umakant's top and struggled to remove his bottom pajama with both my hands whilst I kissed him. I was not getting anywhere as the knot seemed to have got stuck. I badly wanted to feel Dr. Umakant's cock in my hands. I moved away a little and finally succeeded in undoing his pajama knot. I inserted my one hand into his pajama. Dr. Umakant jerked a little feeling the touch of my hand on his penis. I sensed that his cock had straightened up with the goings on. It tensed further with the touch of my palm. His cock was fully wet. It was quite thick wet and tight. His foreskin was slippery in my fingers. There was so much juice. I shook it a little.

I had two cocks in my hands. I sat on the bed with a pillow behind my back. My two lovers were looming over me. My two hands shook their cocks. On the screen, both the males began to play with woman's body. They kissed her all over and now all three of them were naked. Here also, both my men were naked and I was half-naked. I moved slightly away from both the males. Seeing those erotic scenes, made me convulse and shiver in anticipation.

I was highly aroused and wanted them to suck my breasts hard as I was nearing an orgasm. I pulled their mouths over my breasts, handed one of my breasts to each of them, and said, "Please, please suck them dry. I am close to coming." I began to moan and shake as both of them kept biting my nipples and suck my breasts,. I held both the cocks tight in my hands. I shook my heads in both the directions. A mild, low intensity electric current seemed to have passed through my body. I stiffened and released a big sigh. I had my first orgasm that night.

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