tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Rides on NYC Subway

Wife Rides on NYC Subway


My wife and I ride the subway to work every morning here in NYC. The subway is always crowded, but lately due to the high gas prices, extremely crowded. We often ride together, but not always. Almost on a daily basis there is someone who due to the crowded conditions, must press against you. Daily I must feel at least 4 or 5 women's breasts pressed against my arms or against my back. Sometimes a women's ass presses against you and even against your groin on some occasions. Nothing intentional, just everyone trying to squeeze in.

If you live in NYC you know this is true and I can honestly say that unfortunately the rest of this story is true as well.

My wife is a busty woman with huge tits and they are often resting on some stranger's arm or even against their hands as they hold on to the pole and she is pressed by the crowd against the pole. Many men have had their groins pressed against her ass from behind, and sometimes she gets sandwiched between 2 men. Living in NYC for so long this is a common occurrence and there is nothing one can do or say to change it. When we were newlyweds it would bother me to see men getting these free feels of her body, but over time that jealousy washed away as it became just the norm. After all I also had to endure many rides were my dick was nestled between the cheeks of a bubble butt or the many times where a huge tittied lady would have her tits pressed against my arm/hand.

Of course there is a fine line between normalcy and perversity. There are rules to play by and they must be followed strictly or you will be arrested.

No touching with the palms of your hands (back of the hand, once, by "accident" is acceptable).

No humping allowed. The train moves enough for you to enjoy the ride.

No jerking off, no rubbing off, etc.

Try to avoid hardons (if you feel one coming on, concentrate on the guy with the beard – it quickly goes down). If you wear tight underwear it keeps your hardon facing down and this is acceptable.

No pressing allowed unless the train is truly crowded and you are truly pressed.

No staring, keep looking around and don't stare at anyone or anybody's body parts.

If you follow these rules, you can enjoy the ride without a worry. In fact most women are accepting of these rules and play along as long as you are good looking, smell clean and have a nice size dick in your pants.

Many a time I have finished in my pants against some beautiful asses (usually the best bodies are had by the ugliest women). The jackpot is an awesome ass against your dick, and the lady in front of her is a beautiful woman, staring into your eyes. Instant orgasm! Of course it is weird to cum with your dick hard facing down towards the floor, but you get used to it and it feels great!

Now of course there are many pervs who take advantage and go over the line. Some of these guys are pros and prey on unsuspecting women. Their prime targets are teens or young women who are pretty new to subway riding (newbie subway riders stick out like sore thumbs). I have seen many occasions where a woman is molested on a crowded train.

On one occasion a teen that was quite plump, and on her way to school was abused in front of me. A perv got on the train and spotted her and moved in behind her. She had nowhere to go and he had her cornered against the train door. He had sweatpants on that had pockets. He had his hand in his pocket and the pocket lining was cut out so he could access his dick through the pocket (my friend educated me on how they do that). He was obviously jerking off and would stop every few seconds to hump against her ass. He was jerking off with his dick against her ass (his hardon was obvious through the sweatpants). After a few seconds she caught on but couldn't move. The crowded train and the doorway offered her nowhere to go. Her face turned a bright red as she was forced to accept her predicament. He grew bold as he saw she offered no resistance and placed his left hand on her left ass cheek and humped away against her ass with his dick in between her cheeks and then lowered his sweatpants just slightly and came all over her ass. Her khaki pants had a huge cum stain on it and the creep got off moments later at the next stop.

My friend told me this happened to his girlfriend once and she had cum all over her jacket and some in her hair.

One day as I was riding with my wife she was riding facing me, and a huge crowd pressed in. Her breasts were pressed against my chest and a black man with cargo pants moved in behind her. I noticed his hand in his pocket and his hand moving quickly (obviously jerking off) against my wife's ass. He then started humping her ass and she gave me a look of fear, but I froze up and couldn't do anything. His left hand reached around and cupped her breast as the back of his hand forced its way between her breast and my chest. I could feel him pinching her nipple very hard and I saw his face convulsing as he humped her ass. Using his left hand he lowered his pants just a little and a jet of cum came spraying out of his head and on her ass. He rubbed it into her ass with his dickhead and got off at the next stop.

I had her turn around so I could clean her up and we never spoke about it again until this day. I still get upset about it and wish I would have done something but I can't change the facts now.

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