tagLoving WivesWife’s 1st Time~With Hubby's Roomie

Wife’s 1st Time~With Hubby's Roomie


Wife's First Time Shared ~ With Husband's Old Roommate

My favorite stories are the "first-timer -- newbie" shared type. This story is actually true --no kidding, no fantasy -- the names have been changed to protect the parties all of whom I know personally and who relayed their tale to me, individually from all 3 perspectives. It has been written for those who do savor the realization of long-held dreams of sharing. If the reader does not approve of this variation (which I assert is not a "fetish" in the common perception of the word), then this story is not for you -- nor is most of the "Loving Wives" category for that matter. There are thousands of stories more suited to whatever you do relish. I invite anyone who disagrees with my posting in the "Loving Wives" genre to examine Literotica.com's own definition or guideline for this category:

"Loving Wives -- Married extra-marital fun: swinging, sharing* & more."

-- so please spare me any negative moralizing or notions as to what section it really belongs in -- let alone inappropriate/unfair low votes. I will probably respond to intelligent, reasonable comments. © 2012 All rights reserved. -- S.L.

*Emphasis mine


Stan's old grad school roommate, Patrick invited him and the wife to spend the weekend at his beautiful country home in Greenwich, Connecticut. So Stan and Ann took the train from Grand Central Station and Pat picked them up at the station. After some drinks, hors d'oeuvres, followed by a splendid barbeque, their host asked if they'd like to try out his outdoor Jacuzzi next to the swimming pool?

They said, "sure!"

While Pat went over to turn it on to get it heated up, Ann asked Stan, "Would you mind if I went in nude?

Stan said, "It's fine with me -- but you should ask Pat first -- it's his home."

When asked, Pat said, "It's OK by me," adding with a smile, "why don't we all go in nude?"

Perhaps at this point, I should describe what the 3 looked like so the reader can picture them in action:

Pat is a divorced father of a young daughter, 39, 6' tall, somewhat overweight, with brown hair and eyes. And although they had lived together for an entire school year and double-dated often, Stan was surprised to discover his former roommate was very well-endowed with a 9.5" cut cock! Ann was pleasantly surprised with this revelation as well. As far as Stan knew, Pat had not been dating any women for quite some time, so he presumed that seeing Ann naked ought to be quite a treat for his old friend.

Stan is 37, 5'9", brown eyes and hair, 165 lbs., muscular, with an average 6" cut and thick cock.

Ann is 35, 5'4", 115, 34B/C, with natural blonde hair above and below, and beautiful blue eyes -- the "All-American/gal next door" type -- all in all, a very sexy package.

After easing into the churning, bubbling water, the two men both watched Ann strip on the far side of the swimming pool, take her time wrapping herself in a big towel and walking around the pool to drop the towel far enough away to be deliberately on display for several extra yards -- perhaps to tease the men? -- before sinking onto the ledge between them. Stan noticed Pat's eyes surveying his wife's ample breasts with their pink nipples now erect in the cool night air and riding the water's churning surface. Before long, she took her husband's cock in her hand and stroked him gently under the surface.

This action, perhaps intended to be covert, did not elude Pat's observation; and he offered to leave the married couple alone in the hot tub to enjoy themselves.

But Stan had another idea and whispered in Ann's ear, "Do you want to?"

She replied, "Yes."

As it happened, while the couple enjoyed a rather vigorous and active love life, the couple had been discussing the possibility of opening up their marriage during the past year or so; and the thought of watching his wife with another man had evolved from rather distasteful and upsetting to a powerful and exciting obsession. They had been looking for the right opportunity; and it would appear that it was an idea whose time had now arrived.

Seizing the moment, Ann told Pat, "We do not intend to exclude you ..... from anything."

So Pat sank back into the water with a bigger grin on his face.

Shorty thereafter, Pat brought up the subject of massage. It seemed that he was skilled at something called "finger massage," which he had learned while in the Army stationed in Asia. He described it as a feathery touch that went over the body, ostensibly skirting all the erogenous areas, as opposed to actually concentrating on them per se. Ann said it sounded divine and Stan added an enthusiastic request for an expert demonstration to be performed on her -- foreseeing this as a good icebreaker.

Ann turned her back to her "masseur" and faced her husband while Pat's fingertips gently grazed her neck, shoulders, back, and hips. She mewed like a kitten being stroked. Stan's pulse rate climbed as his old friend now caressed the sides of his wife's breasts in front of him -- so much for avoiding the erogenous zones! She leaned back into Pat's chest, rested her head on his shoulder, and kissed his neck as the fingers moved around to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples! Pat was smiling and winking at Stan. Later on, she told Stan that she was resting her ass cheeks against what felt like a very big cock, which she grabbed behind her back and gently squeezed and rubbed - out of Stan's sight!

Pat then moved his fingers down her belly and started gently teasing the outer labia under the turbulent water. Stan moved in and lifted her ass so that her pussy now crested the surface of the water where he could witness another man's fingers playing with his wife's clit.

Finally, Ann turned around to face Pat and kissed his mouth hotly and guided him onto the ledge. She straddled his hips and grabbed the big erect cock waiting for her, rubbed her pussy up and down along its length to tease Pat and herself, and then slowly impaled herself inch by inch to the hilt! With the churning water, it was hard to see what was happening, so Stan ran his hand down her back to her bouncing ass -- and then underneath until he hit the obstruction of his friend's shaft protruding from within -- sliding in and out of his wife's pussy -- confirming that at last, fantasy had become reality and she was actually being fucked by another man! Fantastic!

Since it can be hard to maintain intercourse under water and they were getting overheated, the trio eventually climbed out of the Jacuzzi and with Pat flat on his back on the lawn, she got between his legs and bent over to suck the big cock that had just filled her so nicely. Stan moved behind her and started playing with her swollen pussy lips while Pat caressed her swaying breasts. It didn't take long for Ann to get to him -- and Pat lifted his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth until he shot a big load, most of which she managed to swallow -- licking her lips as much for her husband's benefit as her own. Stan then took her doggy style, grabbing her hips and ramming her -- as Pat recuperated while gazing upon his friends coupling beside him.

After resting a bit, they picked up their clothes and strolled into the house -- still buck naked -- the 2 men watching the sway of her luscious ass. When Ann went into the guest bathroom to prepare for bed, Pat took this opportunity to inform Stan that he had never known a woman as eager to please. As an aside, Stan knew, for that matter, his old friend had never had a woman as attractive and sexy as Ann.

When Pat suggested it was time to say good night and retire to his own bedroom, Stan proffered an alternative, which was accepted with alacrity -- that they place Ann between them and resume pleasuring her as she had never before experienced. When Ann emerged from the bathroom, she was surprised yet pleased to see Pat on their bed with her husband, obviously awaiting her return. She accepted the unspoken invitation to lie down on her back between the two men and closed her eyes, prepared to enjoy whatever her lovers had in mind. Stan started to kiss her lips and caress her left side silently signaling Pat to take care of her right. Working his way down her torso, Stan spread her legs, kissed her inner thighs, and parted her blonde pubic hair to lick her engorged clit while probing her pussy with his middle finger. Pat nibbled on and played with her breasts while watching his old friend knowingly work his wife into a frenzy.

Before long, Ann arched off the bed moaning, "Suck me, suck me, don't stop!" -- as she experienced one of the most intense orgasms Stan had ever seen her have in all their years together.

Calming down, Ann turned to Pat and noticing his big cock was hard again said, "Would you like to stick that in me?"

Pat did not have to be asked twice and quickly mounted her as Stan assisted in guiding his friend's cock inside her. Stan sat back and stroked himself as he watched Pat thrusting over 9" into his wife's juicy pussy. After Pat unloaded, she looked at her husband and asked, "Would like to put your cock inside me now that it's finally filled with another man's cum and enjoy 'sloppy seconds'?"

Without delay, Stan slipped inside her juicy pussy to enjoy the novel experience of such extraordinary slickness, using his friend's cum as lube. Given that Ann had a coil, the couple had been monogamous for years, and Pat had not been with another woman in an even longer time, they were not concerned with condoms and were therefore, free to indulge themselves to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Pat moved up the bed and offered his cock to her mouth. She was now being "spit-roasted" for the first time. Somewhat to the husband's surprise, Pat put his hand on Stan's ass intimately pushing him into his wife over and over.

The three continued to make love -- not just fuck -- for hours; and the next day, she told her husband that the love and support he had provided made their experience with Pat all the more beautiful.

P.S. After this experience, Ann brought a married girlfriend (whom he had known for years) home one night to return the favor -- and Stan now experienced what it was like to lie back and have his first FMF 3-way with 2 hot pussies on his mouth and cock simultaneously. This led to their becoming real swingers, experiencing more MMF's and MFF's as well as MFMF's -- (8 other men including at least 2 over 9"). Ann proved to be an excellent cunt lapper as well as cocksucker -- but those would be other stories for another time.

The End -- of their beginning ...

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