tagLoving WivesWife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend

Wife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend


My Suspicion became a reality after I caught my wife having sex with my eighteen year old sons friend one night when he slept over at our house with.

It all began one summer when on occasion I would notice Joyce acting different every time our son’s friend Josh would sleep over at our house and the boys would stay up playing games on the Xbox or something.

I got suspicious after I would wake up and find Joyce not in our bed, So the first few times this happen I would go on back to sleep.

It was a few weeks later that I noticed Joyce acting real flirty with Josh and even wearing sexy outfits at night while walking around the house in front of Josh, You could see her sexy panty’s and even see the dark of her nipples in some of these gowns.

So later that night we all turned in to go to sleep and It was around 2am in the morning that Joyce got out of bed and left our room, I waited about ten minutes to see if she was coming back but she didn’t, So I got up and eased thru the house looking for her and to my shock I came to our spare bedroom and could hear muffled noises so I opened the door just a little to look inside and to my shock I could see Joyce on her knees giving Josh a blowjob, I was shocked at first but then the sight of my forty year old wife who still to this day looks gorgeous as the day I met her on her knees sucking this young mans cock was really turning me on.

I kept standing there looking thru the crack in the door till Josh stood up and positioned him self in front of Joyce with me having a side view like he wanted me to see what was about to happen, He took his cock in his hand and was jerking him self off with Joyce on her knees with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out, Then he moaned as he started spurting gobs of his cum on her tongue and in her mouth.

She then took his cock by her hand and sucked on it to get the last drop out of it, She was licking all over his cock and I could see his cum glistening on her cheeks, Lips, And a little dangling from her chin but she took care of that by running her finger over her chin then licking her finger clean.

Joyce was like a slut gone wild sucking and swallowing Josh’s cream load, I eased the door back and went back to bed, Joyce came back and got in bed beside me and snuggled up close to me like nothing had happened and I could smell Josh’s fresh cum on her face.

A week later Joyce asked our son to invite Josh over to spend the night if he wanted to, So this time I was going to be ready to catch all the action and I set up my nanny cam in the spare bedroom behind some boxes so no one knew it was there.

My plan was in motion and the next night was a go with Josh staying over, At about 1am Joyce got out of bed real easy so not to awake me but she didn’t know I was waiting on her to go.

When I knew she was gone I grabbed my laptop and turned on my cam to watch every thing that happened that night, I could even record it.

It all began with them kissing then Josh slid his boxers off and Joyce wasted no time in stroking his cock with her hand before leaning over to take his hard cock in her mouth.

Joyce sucked and licked his cock before Josh reached and slid Joyce’s short gown over her head and began kissing on her erect nipples, I was getting a hard on my self from watching Joyce get naked and sucking this young cock.

After a few minutes of getting her tits kissed and nipples sucked on Josh slid Joyce’s panty’s off and went down on her eating her pussy till she had to put a pillar over her head to muffle her sounds from the orgasm she was having.

Josh then got up and positioned him self between Joyce’s legs that she had spread wide opened and her knees was almost back in her chest as Josh rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit before he slid his cock inside my wife’s pussy, He fucked Joyce like this for a bit then he rolled her over and fucked her dog fashion with her ass in the air, I could hear his balls slap her ass with each thrust as he slammed her pussy with his cock.

By this time I had my cock in my hand jerking off to all this hot action from watching my wife get fucked by this young stud.

I shot my load on my stomach at about the same time as Josh pulled out of Joyce’s pussy and rolled her over then mounting her chest as he fed his cock into her mouth with her juices still on his cock, Joyce sucked as he began to pump his warm seed into her mouth but he pulled out before he was done and let his cum squirt out onto her cheeks and lips as she tried to lick most of it up with her tongue.

She finished licking him clean and sucking the last drop of cum from his cock before they got up to end this wild night.

This has happened a lot of times with me catching all the action on video, Joyce still doesn’t know that I have been aware of her actions for a while now.

This next meeting between them was a big surprise to me when our son had gone out of town and I told Joyce that I going fishing with a few guys so she would be at home alone for the night and I would be back the next evening.

But I did not go fishing and stayed around to come back that night to see what I could find happening while Joyce thought she had the house to her self, Sure enough that night around 8pm Josh showed up but to my shock he wasn’t alone, He had another guy with him.

I let them get inside and then I let myself in thru the basement and turned on my lap top to see what was going on upstairs.

Every thing was dark in the spare room so I switched to the cam in our living room and found Josh and his friend fondling Joyce as Josh unbuttoned her shirt and removed it then Josh’s friend who’s name I found out later was Nick reached around and unsnapped her bra then took it off her.

I could not believe that Joyce was letting these two young boys remove her cloths and let them do what ever they wanted to her, Next Josh started undoing her jeans while Nick had found a tit to squeeze and a nipple to suck on, Her jeans hit the floor and her panty’s soon followed as Joyce my wife of twenty one years was standing in our living room with young eighteen year old boys naked.

Then both of them got out of there cloths and both had hard cocks standing at attention, Joyce wasted no time getting on her knees between them going back and forth sucking on each of there hard cocks.

Joyce even took both cocks at one time in her mouth before Nick sat back on the couch and pulled Joyce over to him then took his hand on Joyce’s head and guided it onto his cock while his other hand massaged her breast.

Josh had taking his place behind her and was fucking her pussy while she sucked Nicks cock, I could not believe my eyes that Joyce was letting two young guys fuck her, Then they switched up and Nick took his place in my wife’s pussy while Josh filled her mouth with his cock.

Both of them keep this up for awhile swapping back and forth between her pussy and mouth fucking both till they were ready to shoot their loads Joyce then got back down on her knees and started sucking both cocks again till each took there cock and jacked off into Joyce’s open mouth, She had taking wad after wad of cum on her tongue and face till she had cum running out of her mouth and dripping off her chin onto her tits, Then Joyce took her fingers and scraped up all the lose cum off her face and tits then sucked her fingers clean till she had swallowed ever drop.

They rested awhile then went back at it again fucking her mouth and pussy again before empting there warm seed into her mouth again.

I had never seen or could have imagined Joyce letting two guys fuck her at the same time much less letting them both jack off into her open mouth at the same time and swallowing there cum loads.

I still haven’t told her that I know what she has done with these young guys or have it all on video, I’m enjoying watching her acting like a slut wife to much for now!!!

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by Anonymous02/24/18

Some Constructive Criticism

You need to watch your spelling and grammar. Other people have commented on this. Here I took a random selection of one paragraph. The first is your text. The second lines are the correct usages.


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by Anonymous02/17/18

Just another heartless Cunt wife and a sissy loser husband story

nothing wrong with sharing, but this ain't it. And its clear that he isn't getting any from the cheating Cunt and it seems like she doesn't need her sissy loser husband as she's getting a real man. Thismore...

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