Wife shares Husband with BFF


Zoey said, "Let's do that in an hour or so. I want to call my hubby right now."

Zoey came back in about 45 minutes with a smile as big as her face. She said she explained how communication is so important to Jessie and me. She wanted to build communication with her husband and so she just openly asked what he wanted from her sexually and if he had any fantasies. His initial response might have been expected. He wanted more oral sex. He wanted her to swallow his cum once on a while. He wants her to play with his nipples. She simply said, "I want to do that for you. It's my pleasure to satisfy you sexually. Your sexual satisfaction is the most important thing to me. Do you have any fantasies?"

He said he did, but was embarrassed to talk about it. She begged him to tell her. She emphasized that true communication and happiness comes with total honesty. He said, "I don't know. I feel weird and you might get upset."

Her reply was simple, "Anything is OK. I will not be upset and will not laugh. Please tell me your most desired fantasy even if it involves another person."

He said, "All of my fantasies involve you, no one else. I know you are going to think I am so weird, but for as long as I can remember I wanted to wear panties, especially when we have sex. I want you to stroke my dick with panties and rub your panties on my face. I hope you don't think I'm gay or bisexual."

Zoey said, "Baby I love you. You can go through my panties right now and take whatever ones you want. We'll share my panties, but I will go one step farther. I'm going to VS down here and buy us matching panties. I think it takes a real man who is confident in his sexual life to wear panties. I can't wait to see you in pink panties. Please have a pair of panties on when you pick me up at the airport."

Zoey came running out of the guest room. She kept screaming, "My hubby is going to wear my panties. He's going to wear my panties and fuck me wearing them. He said his number one fantasy was to wear my panties. Can you believe it? My sex life is getting ready to explode. Thank you two so much."

I said, "Just remember Zoey, communication is a daily thing. Make time each day to talk to each other. Make sure sex is part of that. Don't ever let the communication stop and both you and your hubby will have the best sex life possible."

Then she said, "Jason, you are going to get the best shave of your ass and nipples ever. You shave Jessie and she can shave me."

I said, "I'll give you a little advice. Call, text or email your husband before you get on the flight home. Even start right now. Ask him which pair he is wearing now, which pair he will wear when he picks you up, even which pair he will wear the second day to fuck you. Tell him the styles and colors you are buying him. Maybe even ask if he wants a pair of lace top stockings. If you do this two or three times between now and the time he picks you up he will be on over load and the sex will be on fire. The last thing I suggest is to ask him to pull over when you leave the airport and show you his cock in the panties he is wearing. Of course you will love it so give him a genuine compliment. It will all be returned to you in pleasure that day and in the future. Always tell him how good he looks in panties."

The girls decided to go to the Mall and buy five or six matching pairs of panties for Zoey's return home. I asked Jessie if she would wear her shelf bra. I love my wife's bras, but want to get at her nipples. The shelf bra is perfect for me. It is also very sexy. I asked her to get one for Zoey to wear if this night was for my pleasure.

The girls left. They gave me a wine order and were off to buy lingerie.

When they returned they showed me the panties. Zoey rubbed them on my face and said, "I appreciate what this trip is going to do for my sex life. I told Jessie how much I appreciate the two of you being open and honest with me. I'm going to show you my appreciation tonight in a very special way."

The girls gave me a tu tu to wear to start the night. Zoey said, "If this fantasy has you as a girl we thought it might be a good idea to have you wear this tu tu. It will hide your thick cock, at least to start."

I said, "Thanks, I'll put this on right after I get my cock shaved and put my panties on."

Jessie said, "We bought Zoey a Feeldoe cock at the adult store. That way she can get off while she fucks you later. I might wear my strapon and fuck her while she fucks you. The last idea I have is that I want you to wear your dick extender towards the end of the night. If there is any night I will want a porno size cock in me it will be tonight. I'll put it on the nightstand near the lube."

The girls set up a timeline for the evening that allowed them sit at the pool for a while. When they came in we decided on a three way shower and shave. The fun was beginning. The shower involved nipple play and my cock was massaged. The girls played with each other's pussy and clit. That was a first for me to see. I was a little surprised Jessie was pleasuring Zoey.

Once we were shaved and showered we dried each other off. We put on our matching panties that were washed on delicate that day. The girls looked so hot in their shelf bras. Jessie is a 36D. Zoey seemed slightly larger. They have thin waists and nice asses, especially in pretty panties.

It was only 4:30 and the party was started with three glasses of wine. We didn't buy a formal meal. We had finger foods and plenty of them. I asked the girls if I could eat Jessie for a while. She was very eager. I got out some oil and massaged her shaved Yoni. It was so beautiful shaved. Her smell and taste are like nectar. I worked slowly. She was very much enjoying the pleasure.

Zoey walk behind me and started playing with my nipples. It was very distracting so I asked her to focus on Jessie until she had her fill of orgasms for this session. Zoey kneeled next to Jessie and played with her nipples. I licked Jessie's pussy and sucked her pussy lips. This was all her idea and I wanted her to have the first orgasm of the night.

Jessie was moaning and moving her hips. I could tell she was ready so I spread her pussy lips and got my tongue on her clit. It was engorged and easy to find so I took her clit in my lips and sucked it like a little dick. The sucking took her over the edge. She said please give me another so I kept at it and she had a second orgasm just a couple minutes later. She sat up and said, "Thanks to both of you for letting me cum first. I really appreciate that." She kissed Zoey on the cheek and put her tongue in my mouth as she rubbed my cock in my panties. The night was in full swing.

I was wearing lace top stockings, the new panties we bought yesterday, the tu tu and the girls asked me to start the night with one of Jessie's silky bras with no padding. That was fine with me. My nipples would feel great with silk covering them.

Zoey said, "Your ass always looks good, but with that tu tu bouncing around as you walk it looks amazing. I can't wait until I get to fuck you. I will do a good job I promise."

As the early portion of the evening progressed the girls orgasms were the focus. I always like to be sure Jessie is satisfied first and tonight it just happened to be both Jessie and Zoey were satisfied first. I noticed as the time went by Jessie and Zoey were a little more comfortable touching each other, kissing each other and enjoying the female touch.

During a rest to have some wine, I asked if either of them had ever had a woman on woman experience. They both said no. They both said they had no interest in it. Jessie reminded me that this was a fantasy she had for me and Zoey just happened to be the perfect person to fulfill it.

I said, "This is all so interesting. You seem to be enjoying each other sexually more and more as the night goes on. I just hope if your interest in each other sexually continues that I am always part of it."

Jessie said, "This is a fantasy that ends tonight. I want you and you only. Now that I said that I say it's time for Zoey and me to give you everything you ever dreamed about. Is there anything special you want."

I said, "My only request is that you both be as verbal as possible. I love dirty talk. Just be careful because sometimes the dirty talk gets into my head and I cum too quickly."

I responded that I wanted anything and everything and that since the idea was brought up I was eager to have my ass fucked. I said I was interested to find out what else was going to happen while I got my ass fucked. The girls told me they had plans and I would not be disappointed.

They got up, walked over to me and both started kissing me all over. Zoey took my bra off and they each sucked a nipple.

Zoey said, "It's time you get taken care of panty husband. I've been waiting all weekend to get my hands on this big cock of yours. I love the thick shaft and the big head. You look so sexy in panties."

Jessie said, "I love your ass. It deserves a good fucking. You deserve hours of pleasure. Do not cum until we tell you to cum. Before anything we do gets too crazy tell us so we can slow down and keep you hard all night."

They walked me into the bedroom where both of them put on their strapon cocks. Jessie said, "Suck my cock please."

As I sucked Jessie's strapon Zoey put her Feeldoe against my cheek. She wanted some sucking, too. I felt like I was some girl in a porno movie fucking two guys. I stroked both of their cocks and asked for lube. Zoey passed the lube to me and I put it all over both cocks.

Zoey said, "I'm going to fuck you right now, but don't get the idea this is it. This is just a little bit to start the enjoyment. The hard fucking is later."

She put my tu tu over my ass and played with my ass hole. It was loose very quickly. She gently placed the Feeldoe at the opening of my ass and pushed. It went in all the way immediately. I was on my back and Jessie was over me in a 69 position. She was sucking my cock with her pussy over my face. She moved back and sucked my nipples. The pleasure was through the roof.

After a slow five minutes of fucking Jessie asked, "Can you fuck me for just a little bit without cumming?"

I said, "I think I'll have good control tonight. The answer is yes."

Jessie positioned herself standing up leaning over the bed. I got behind her and put my cock in her. Zoey was behind me playing with my nipples. Then she said, "Are you ready to get fucked while you are fucking? I want a fuck train."

Zoey started fucking me while I fucked Jessie. Then Jessie said, "I love this, but let's switch. I'll fuck Zoey while she fucks you Jason."

Jessie had removed her strapon so I could fuck her. She quickly put it back on and got behind Zoey. For the first time this weekend Zoey had a cock in her. She was fucking and being fucked. The Feeldoe was massaging her. She had a big orgasm and was screaming, thank you, thank you, oh my, thank you.

The action was fast and furious. We had been fucking, sucking and the girls had been cumming for four hours. Jessie said, "Jason, how long can you go until you have to cum."

I said, "I really want to cum now, but I don't want this night to end."

Jessie said, "Can I have the dick extension and let's let Zoey have one more time to fuck your ass and then you pick how you want to cum"

I said, "I love the idea. I want you to help me cum while Zoey is fucking me. First see if I can cum in your mouth. If not use your hands. No matter what, I want all of us to get a chance to share the cum."

Zoey said, "Thank you so much for letting me fuck Jason one more time and to get a chance to taste his cum. You guys are amazing>"

Jessie said, "Do both Jason and me a favor and wear Jason's ass out this time. Do not be gentle. Pound his ass and give him something to remember. We'll stop when Jason cums."

Zoey worked my ass like nothing I had ever felt before. It went on for 20 minutes. Eventually, I told Jessie I was going to cum in her mouth. She placed my cock just at her lips so the cum would not be swallowed. I exploded a major wad of cum. Jessie, Zoey and I shared the cum. It was running out of all three of our mouths. The girls licked my mouth and each other's clean and sucked my cock clean.

What a weekend with a friend!!!!!! I love my wife. Zoey loves us for helping her take her sex life to new levels, just when it was getting a little boring.

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