Wife Shows Off for Co-Workers


"Holy Shit!" I exclaimed, "He had an 18 inch cock?"

" Yep, I measured the whole thing and it was 18 inches long, 8 inches around, hard as a rock and straight as an arrow," she said while looking at me with her eyes wide open.

"It was this big!" she shouted, putting her hands in front of my face about two feet apart.

She was so excited to be even talking about it that she spread her legs and started playing with her pussy again.

"I wanted to suck that thing soooo bad but I could only get the head and about six inches of it into my mouth," she said.

She then reached over, made my hand into a fist and raised it up to show me.

"The head of his dick was THIS BIG!" she said. "I couldn't suck that huge thing so I just started licking it all over. After a couple of minutes William just reached down and picked me up. He carried me over to this big table that someone and pushed into the middle of the room, and laid me down on it. I was so horny by now that I just raised my knees up and spread my legs really, really wide. I grabbed his cock with both hands and just started begging him. I was shouting, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, over and over again.

"Finally he removed my hands from his cock, then reached down and spread my pussy lips. He grabbed his cock and guided the head in. My pussy was dripping wet from just looking at him, plus I still had all of Jeffery's cum inside me, so when he thrust down, half of his cock slipped right inside me without any problem. He pulled it out a little, then thrust back hard and buried that huge cock all the way deep inside me I started cumming immediately. He began to pump me slowly in and out as I groaned loudly. He fucked me like this for maybe twenty minutes, I came so many times I couldn't even count. Finally, as he got closer to cumming, he started fucking me really fast and hard, driving his whole cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy. All of a sudden, I started cumming harder than I ever have in my whole life It was unbelievable, my whole body began shaking uncontrollably as my hips were thrusting up and down and his cock slammed in and out of my pussy.

"I was cumming and screaming when he finally started to cum. I felt his first burst of cum fill me up inside and actually squirt out my pussy from around the edges of his cock. He pulled it out and started to stroke it with both of his hands and continued to cum. The second blast shot out from his cock like it came out of a faucet It hit me in the tits and splashed onto my face. His cum just kept shooting out of his cock again and again, almost drowning me."

As she was describing this scene to me I noticed that she was really masturbating hard now, rubbing her clit in fast circles and thrusting her other fingers in and out of her pussy as she continued her story.

"The site of that huge cock squirting so much cum all over me got me so excited I started to cum again just from looking at it, and I guess seeing William fucking me and cumming all over me had gotten all the other guys excited too because I noticed that they all had gathered close around me and were all jerking off furiously. Just after William came,all the other guys started cumming too. Some of them were rubbing their dicks on my tits as they came, and some of them came on my face too. I sucked a few of the dicks that were close to my face and I swallowed a lot of cum that shooting into my mouth."

Just as she said this she started to cum in the car just from picturing it again. She screamed out and her pussy started squirting jets of pussy juice onto the floor of the car, her whole body was tensed and rigid as her orgasm hit her. Then her whole body just relaxed and she collapsed back into the seat, exhausted. She still kept lightly touching her pussy as she finished her story.

"Finally William stopped cumming, and I stopped cumming, and all the other guys stopped cumming. My head was still spinning, and I could feel cum running out of my pussy, dripping out of my mouth, and smeared all over me.

"As I started to regain my senses I took a look around the room. Most of the guys had finished cumming and were just breathing hard, squeezing the last drops of cum from their dicks. A few hadn't cum yet though and were pounding their cocks hard, still looking at me, desperate to cum. I felt sorry for them so I crawled over to one guy and started sucking his dick. He came in my mouth instantly, thanking me over and over. When the other poor fellas that were still jerking off saw this they quickly lined up next to him, obviously expecting me to suck their dicks too.

"Oh honey, I didn't have the heart to disappoint them, so I started sucking each of their dicks one at time. As I was doing this I noticed that the line started growing. The guys that had already cum had gotten new erections and wanted to get sucked off too. I was getting excited again myself as I was sucking all those hard dicks, so I really didn't mind when I felt someone start to fuck my pussy from behind. To tell you the truth, I could hardly feel any of their dicks inside me because my pussy was sooo stretched out from Williams giant cock. I guess nobody minded that my pussy was so loose because everybody seemed to enjoy fucking me and cumming in my pussy. I think some of the guys didn't want to stick their dicks into a pussy that was so filled with cum because five or six of them fucked me in the ass instead. I didn't mind, in fact it felt really good, and I came a few more times.

"Finally, I guess nobody could get their dicks hard again, so one by one everybody left. After they were all gone, I looked around and found my dress, grabbed it off the floor and looked for a place to clean up. I was still naked as I was walking around looking for a ladies room, and I guess I looked a real sight all covered in cum and everything because some of the women from work that I passed by gave me really dirty looks. Phyllis and Betsy especially looked really pissed at me for some reason. I think they were all just jealous that I got more attention than them I guess. Just because all the guys at work wanted to fuck me and cum on me instead of them, they got mad at me.

"I finally found a ladies room and went inside and washed up. I dried off under the hot air blowers, slipped my dress back on, and just as I came out I found you.

"Wasn't that great timing? I'm sorry that you couldn't find me for such a long time but I didn't realize that I was in that back room for so long. I was so drunk and it felt so good getting fucked, and cumming so much, and making all the fellas from work cum so good I just kind of lost track of time.

"Plus, I remembered how you used to like me showing off my naked body to guys and imagine them fucking me. And I remembered how you used to ask me if I imagined sucking on their big cocks, so I knew you would really enjoy me telling you what happened. You forgive me for keeping you waiting so long, don't you?"

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by Anonymous03/13/18

What a wimp

What a slut I would dump her in the street and leave.

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