tagInterracial LoveWife Submits to Black Power

Wife Submits to Black Power


Joanie told me she met him at a place called the Zebra Lounge. She had called me early in the day to tell me she and some of the girls at work were going for drinks after quitting time. I think that because my wife is older that most of the women she works with she feel she must go with them when they go bar hoping just to prove she can be one of the girls. How they ended up at this Zebra Lounge she didn't say but she said the first thing she noticed when they entered the club was that most of the men were black and almost of the women were white.

We have often used my wife's bedroom fantasy of making love to a black man to reach earth shaking orgasms for her and I might add I get turned on to the thought also. When she told me her panties were wet before the girls had even sat down I could understand. All the women were chattering about whom they wished to dance with as they watched the crowded floor. Joan said this black Adonis approached their table; he was very tall and lean yet with large shoulders. He was not just black he was jet black and his skin shined in the light. When she looked up to him, his eyes expressed the confident look of a man who was in control. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor without saying a word. He held her so close she could feel his manhood pressed up tight against her body. He took her chin in his hand and raised her face to meet his lips in a full wet kiss, sticking his tongue in her mouth. She offered no resistance hungrily kissing back with passion. They danced like this until the end of the song when he broke their kiss he then whispered in her ear,

"I don't like my women wearing panties, go into the bathroom and take them off then bring them to me, I'll be at the bar."

Those were the first words he had spoken to her and all she did was nod her head as she walked to the ladies room. Joan said she never considered not doing what the man told her to do but after pulling her panties soaked with her juices down she had to finger herself to orgasm before going back to her new friend.

When she went to the bar she found him talking to two women, she heard one call him Jerome so now she at least new his name. Not knowing what to do she stood silently waiting for him to acknowledge her. At last, he turned to her holding out his hand for his trophy. Humiliated but unable to deny him she dropped her panties in his hand. He held them up to look at them and the two women laughed when they saw what he had. Jerome smiled then told her to go tell her friends she would be with him tonight. Joan noticed the look of shock on her friends faces when she informed them she was staying with Jerome but said she didn't care. She was even further humiliated when she went back to the bar only to find Jerome pressing her panties to the nose of one of the two women standing there. She said something like oh yeah this bitch is in heat to which Jerome only laughed. As she stood next to him, he casually put his hand up her dress and started to caress her ass while he talked to the other women. By now completely embarrassed and red faced but instead of trying to resist him she began to respond to his caresses. She spread her legs hoping to get his sinuous fingers into her cunt yet he just slipped them between her cheeks and began to play with her anus.

Joan felt like her body was on fire and she just ached for this Supreme Being's touch. She tried to open her anus enough to slide his finger inside her but he just toyed with her refusing to grant even this little token of release. Then much to her horror without saying a word, he left her there to go dance with the other girls. She stood there staring at her panties still sitting on the bar, not daring to look up to see the faces of the people around her, afraid to even think of what to do next she remained there waiting. After what seemed like hours but was surly only minutes he was back, he held her shoulders while kissing her neck sending torrents of pleasure coursing through her body. Leaving her panties on the bar he led her to a booth in a dark corner and merely lifted the corner of the tablecloth. She knew what he wanted and being far beyond humiliation, with her only thoughts of pleasing this man she crawled under the table. The floor was sticky and covered with something she refused to guess what. Jerome's pants were around his knees and the only thing separating her from what she now desired more that life itself was his silk boxers. Joan reached through his fly to free his ebony cock, this was not only the first black phallus she had touched, or even seen, it was also her first look at an uncut cock. He was so large she held it in two hands and instinctively slipped the foreskin down to see the bulbous head. Her pussy was leaking copious amounts of fluids as she felt it running down her thighs she had a fleeting thought of her juices mixing with whatever else was coating the floor under her.

She knew she would never be able to take his whole shaft into her mouth and throat but she wanted to try. She started with just the tip stretching her lips to accommodate him she licked the sensuous area under the head as she played with his shaft jacking him off using both hands. To her surprise, he kept growing and getting harder, just knowing she was pleasing him made her climax in a sudden shudder. As her orgasm eased, she decided she would swallow his whole cock no matter how difficult and using some previously unknown talent Joan managed to open her throat and took him in to his balls. Jerome seemed to enjoy this deep throat and grabbed her head as he fucked her open mouth. As she fought the urge to gag, she noticed he was talking to someone as he was jamming his cock into her mouth. She no longer cared all she wanted was to be rewarded with his seed and with her hands holding his balls she could feel them filling with his precious sperm. She knew it wouldn't be long now and then she felt the first shot hit the back of her throat, blast after blast he kept shooting his salty nectar. So much, she couldn't keep up as it began to overflow out her mouth, even her nose, and then it was over, he pulled his penis out of mouth and allowed her to clean off his seed, afterward he tucked it back into those silk boxers and pulled up his trousers.

Jerome lifted the tablecloth as a sign for her to get up as she crawled out to an audience of two men standing at his table. Only then did she consider her appearance, Jerome's cum had leaked down her chin onto her dress leaving large stains, she knew her knees were filthy from the dirty floor. He said good-bye to his friends and walked her out the front door right by her co-worker's table. She could not look them in the eye but heard their gasps at her dishevel. They walked to a building in the back of the parking lot, the sign over the door said 'Guest Cottage'. Taking a key from his pocket, he opened the door to a single room with nothing but a bed inside and a small bathroom off to the side. He slipped her dress off dropping it on the floor, and then he instructed her to take off her bra. As she sat naked on the bed he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, she stared at the beauty of his muscular chest and shoulders. Next, as his hands went to unfasten his trousers her eyes went to his flat stomach with the classic six-pack abs plainly in view. He let his pants drop to the floor and she let her eyes feast on his growing cock as his silk boxers did little to conceal its shape. He casually rubbed himself as he looked at her and then he asked her how bad she wanted him to. She heard herself begging, she said,

"Please, please anything, I need you inside me. Please take it out I want to see it, hold it, Let me kiss it."

"That's what I thought," he chuckled, "Don't you worry you'll have it inside you. Go ahead take it out; you can play with it for a while."

She slipped his shorts down and in the light of the room saw for the first time how beautiful his manhood was, not the ugly veined pasty white of her husbands or any of the other lovers she had. Jerome's uncut penis had a beauty that could only belong to a black man. Once again, she slipped the foreskin back exposing its large purple head and once again, she felt the excitement in her loins as she felt him grow. The comparison of her white hand against the coal black of his cock drove her further into passion. She lay on the bed and begged him to fill her with his cock. He said,

"Don't worry I'll be gentle with you."

"No please, not gentle give it all to me, I ache for you to be inside me, please just take me."

So that is just what he did, he put his bulbous head to her slit and then just drove his huge cock inside her. It hurt so much she felt that he had ripped her apart but the pleasure of feeling her pussy full of cock made it all worthwhile. She wrapped her pale white legs around this Black Adonis begging for more as she came once again. She felt his hard chest against her soft breasts as his cock pistoned back and forth. He raised his face covered in sweat and put his large soft lips against hers, sending her into orgasm once again. She could see the heat in his smoldering eyes and could tell he was ready to give her his reward. She whispered in his ear,

"Please fill me with your seed."

He came like a canon going off; she felt it splash against her cervix making her climax with him. Still inside her, they lay together both too drained to move in a pool of their mixed sweat and she could feel the mix of semen and her vaginal juices leaking out and running down her ass . When they finally separated, he arose and while standing next to the bed watched Joan dutifully clean off his member with her mouth and tongue.

Joan lay on the bed naked and sore, cum oozing from her pussy and watched her beautiful black lover slowly get dressed. He looked at her then said,

"Give me your number maybe I'll call you sometime."

Then he turned and left her alone in the tiny room still naked and lying on the bed with her legs spread and her exposed pussy still full of his seed.

This was how I found her, after calling me to come pick her up she fell asleep from exhaustion. The first thing I saw was her pussy caked with her lover's cum and I knew my cuckold fantasy had come true. I knelt between her legs gently began to lick her, tasting another man's cum for the first time. I felt my wife's hands taking hold of my head and she began to rub her soiled pussy in my face. As I cleaned she orgasmed again and again until she pushed my face away, telling me she had enough.

As you might imagine our marriage has changed drastically since that fateful night. Although Jerome has never called, my wife remains under his spell. Joan says she still loves me but I know if Jerome would ask her she would leave me in a heartbeat. We seldom have intercourse anymore and when we do, I have to wear a condom, as she wants her pussy to remain clean for her black lover. We do have oral almost every night, as she lies on her back, legs spread, fantasizing about her lovers ebony member filling her with his black seed. While I burry, my face in her I also fantasize of watching them together and being rewarded with cleanup after they finish.

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