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This is my first story is partially true but I am not condoning this behavior in any way. Please never do any of these things in real life as it is not safe nor sane. Please send emails with your comments. Should I write more stories?


It all started with just another session of watching porn and jerking off but this time things were going to be very different. I am getting ahead of my self and should give you a little background. I was just your average 35 year old white middle class guy with no kids but happily married. I married my college sweet heart and had been married for 12 years. I never cheated with other women - never even considered it and never dreamed of doing anything with men. I did have this problem with masturbation but was very discrete about it and never let it interfere with my relationship with my wife.

As usual this time of day my wife was at work so I got naked in front of the computer and found my favorite web site and settled in for some self satisfaction. Now I did have fantasies of being submissive to women so I would go to sites that showed men being dominated. My computer monitor faces a front window and I sit sideways to window but not close to it at all There are tall bushes by window so I did not bother closing blinds during the day and besides it was a week day and everyone around me was at work. I had tested with monitor on and unless someone came up very close to window they could not see anything. Well I was very wrong about that.

I was sitting sideways to window really working it with my hands and watching some hard core domination when I heard a tap on the window! I panicked and closed browser and scrambled to get dressed but as I looked to window there was one of my neighbors Mike with a video camera in his hand pointing it at me and laughing. I ran out of the room and got dressed and when I peeked at window no one was there, I though maybe it would prove to be nothing but a few laughs at my expense by Mike.

A few minutes later the door bell rang and it was Mike. Well I invited him in and he did some small chit chat for while and he got around to what he saw. He said he had been window for at least 30 minutes making a video that he took home and loaded on to a cloud for safe keeping. He laughed and I laughed and told him it was just some innocent fun and I really never would do any of those things on web site. He said oh like lick women ass and drink their piss while I was forced to wear panties and was all tied up. My face got all red and I was getting real uncomfortable.

He said he understood and that he would never show that video to anyone at all especially not to my wife or family or coworkers or never put it on Internet for the world to see. I thought he was getting a bit detailed about what he would not do. He than told me that he was having a problem with his wife and not getting any at moment and was very horny. He thought that since I liked jerking off so much he could do it at my house as he had kids and no privacy at home. I quickly realized he was blackmailing me but what the heck jerking off was no big deal.

We went in to the computer room and Mike closed the drapes but in my nervous state did not see that he left them open just a crack. He got naked and told me to get comfortable too and than he went to computer and put on a web site that featured men dressed like women sucking cock and being ass fucked. He told me that this was his favorite site. This made me even more nervous and Mike saw that and told me to relax he was not gay it was just a fantasy. He got comfy in my chair and as there was no other chair in room sat on floor but mike told me to get closer where I could see the screen. I was not hard at all and just wanted this over with. Mike started stroking his cock but stopped and told me that he had carpal tunnel and this really hurt him.

He asked me to help him out with my hand and assured me it was nothing bi or gay about it just a buddy helping out. Well I would not have dreamed of doing it except I thought about the video of me jerking off and decided that it may be a wise thing for me to comply the only way to do it was to be on my knees and to use my hands to help him get off. I hoped it would not take long and just wanted it over with. I had no idea what to do so I just jerked his cock like I do my own. He had a average cock of about 7 in and he was hairy and it took a good 20 minutes to get him off and when he came I tried to catch the cum in towel like I do my own but he was a big shooter and a lot of it ended up on my face. I completely freaked out and ran to bathroom and took a long shower.

When I cam out Mike was dressed and waiting for me and I told him I did not care about his video and would never do that again. He said to relax it was no big deal and I seemed to enjoy it and he certainly did. Well I thought about it and the fact was I really did not enjoy it at all and told him so. I asked him to leave and told him to never ask me to do anything like this again. He said sure but he wanted to make call first if ok with me. I said to just leave and make his calls some where else. He left and I was hoping this was the end of it and thought even if the video came out it was not end of world, Well about 15 minutes later the door bell rang and when I went to do Mike was there with one of my other neighbors John.

I was wondering why these guys were not at work and what they wanted now. I left door on chain and asked them what they wanted when John just held up his tablet and showed me a video of me jerking off Mike and catching the cum on my face but not the part of me freaking out. He said that I should let them in and after I caught my breath and in state of numbness let them in. John explained how he got video through slight opening in blinds and how he has copy of video safely tucked away and did not imply blackmail. He came right out and told me that if I did not do what they said that he would send that video to everyone. I knew my wife would completely freak as would my family and I would surely lose everything and get divorced and be disowned by my family. I begged them to just let it go as we were friends and all but they just laughed. They said I belonged to them now and better do exactly as I was told.

John said that I did such a good job with Mike that it was his turn. He got naked and just stood there and pointed to his cock and I walked over and took it in my hand but John told me to get on my knees. I stroked him off with Mike watching and taking more videos until he came and this time he told me to just catch it all on my face. I did as I was told and started to get up to shower it off again but Mike was right behind me and held me down on my knees.

They said that we needed to have a talk so there was no confusion. They said they were part of a group formed to find women or girls that would do all things their wives would not or could not do. They could pool money and hire hookers but did not like the risks involved nor all restrictions of safe sex that prostitutes insisted on. They were having hard time finding women who would do everything they wanted. I did not like the way this was going at all.

They said that I was obviously submissive and liked to be used and to please. The way I jerked them was proof of that. I told them that I only did that because I was afraid they would show the videos. They said they would release the video if I did not continue to cooperate in the future. They said that they group owned me now and wanted me to serve them all so they would not have to search any longer. The group was 6 married men at moment but that could grow or shrink. I started to protest when Mike walked up with John holding my shoulders and kicked me hard in the balls. I screamed and rolled over in pain and cried and than puked. They said not to talk unless spoken to and to always say Sir.

Well they had me clean up my puke with my tongue and swallow it all. They said that none of them were gay and that was going to be a bit of a problem. The best solution was for me to be more feminine which was only right as I was going to be a wife substitute and besides the web sites I visited were of sissies. So it turns out Mike and John were on vacation just to find women and this was the first day so I was very lucky as they had whole week to train me. I was between jobs at moment and all our wives were at work.

I was in a state of complete confusion and could not think or concentrate at all. I just nodded my head when mike pulled his leg back as if to kick me when I quickly said yes Sirs. They were still not satisfied so I said yes Sirs I will be honored to do all things your wives will not do. That calmed them down and they told me to go and put on some of my wives clothes.

I walked into the bedroom like a zombie and tried find something that would fit me . My wife is petite and I am 6 ft 170 lb. I found some panties and her bra and that was about it. I put them on and went back in to the living room. They took one look at me and said I would have to do better than that. They said we better go shopping and to put my clothes on over the panties and bra and hurry up

Well off to the mall in a town about 20 miles away so we would have some privacy. We went right for Victoria secrets and Mike asked one the sales clerk for help pointing to me saying that I needed some proper clothes and the clerk giggled but proceeded to be very helpful. She measured me and determined my sizes and Mike and John picked out some outfits for me including stocking - thongs - teddies - push up bras with padding and bunch more. They paid for it all telling me they were using the group money. They said I was now in debt to them and had better repay it one way or another. I was bright red with embarrassment the entire time and speechless - afraid to talk any ways.

We than went to an apartment near mall and they said this was rented out by the group. It was about lunch time so guys told me to get dressed up and make them lunch but not to make myself anything as my lunch would be special. I was very confused by it all as it was satisfying my craving for submission and humiliation but I really was not gay and had no interest in men or cock. But I just kept doing as I was told as if I was hypnotized. I went into bedroom and put on thigh high stockings - thong - miniskirt push up padded bra and see through blouse. I of course was still hairy and looked ridiculous but I went out and started to make sandwiches. They slapped my ass and whistled and told me I was a good girl.

Well they had me wait on my knees while they ate their lunch. They were still using the video camera and said that as long as I behaved no one would see it but the group. After lunch they went to living room and sat on couch but now they were naked. I of course knew where this was going. Mike had me on my knees in front of his cock. He told that cock was now my new life - the entire reason for my existence and I had better learn to worship it and embrace it or suffer. He had me licking and sucking his balls and took his time to train me proper way to suck his cock and when he came said it was my reward and that I was to thank him. Thank you Sir for your precious cum. I hated it and loved it at same time. I did not get hard though and my cock is very small when soft - barely visible which they said was as it should be, as no one was interested in my cock.

They than changed places and I worshipped John cock while Mike made videos. They had me call my wife and tell her I would be late getting home . They told me to stay in apartment and gave me a dildo to practice on. There was no phone and they took my cell and wallet and all my clothes and locked me in apartment. I sat on floor and cried for what seemed like hours. When they got back my wife was with them!!!!!. She saw me on floor dressed up and looking pathetic and I screamed you promised not to tell . They said that they felt it a duty to tell my wife that I was a sissy cock sucker and they had showed her the video and gave her a copy. I tried to tell her they made me but she would not listen and said she was filing for divorce and taking everything and no need for me to ever come back home. She said she would burn all my clothes as I would not need them as I was a sissy fag now. Mike corrected her and said I was a women now and they would take care of me. She was going to use the video to file for divorce and said she would have to show it to my family and friends as I not right to hide it from them .

I was alone in world now and had no money or possessions not even my wallet. When she left Mike and John told me I totally belonged to the group now and I lived only to please them - only to worship cock - only to do all things their wives would not do. This included sucking cock and swallowing cum, taking cock and cum in my pussy and licking ass and drinking piss and anything else they might decide. I tried to protest but they took turns kicking me in the ball over and over and over till I passed out.

When I woke up I was in a bed with a doctor tending to me. It turns out one members was a surgeon. He said that all the kicks had destroyed my balls and they would have to cut them off or they would get infected. I would never get hard again so they would just sew my cock tight to my body so only the head stuck out so I could pee. They would give me hormones to make my change to a women more complete but hey would also give me some testosterone so I would always be horny and on edge but never be able to get satisfied. He said the constant state of arousal would keep me obedient and encourage me to do a good jobs of being their slut whore.

They also used laser to permanently remove all my hair and did some shifting of fat so I had a nice round ass and thin thighs and small waist. This all took weeks but it was all done in apartment mostly with some visits to the doctors office. They also gave me large tits with my final measurement 34 DDD- 24 - 35. They gave me very large nipples with nipple rings so the could tie my tits together for tit fucking. All this time I sucked everyone in group cock and swallowed all their cum. They also did injections so my lips were all puffed up and I had to learn to do manicures and pedicures and keep my nails polished . I also learned to do make up and walk in very high stiletto heels.

I did not turn out to look so much like a women but cartoon image of the perfect slut whore and that was when I spent every waking hour making my self be. I practiced to be the perfect cock sucker. I was so incredibly horny and frustrated all the time that making men cum was my only satisfaction. When I was being fucked in my pussy I worked very hard to squeeze my ass muscles to make them come and took load after load. For good news everyone in club was tested and safe. I was beside my self when there was not a cock inside me so I had no trouble begging for cock the way they group liked. Most of times it was one or two men at time but several times a week all six would use em and I learned to do the all at once . One in mouth - one in pussy one fucking my tits and one in each hand and last fucking between my thighs and they would swap positions until they all came inside me.

I never left the apartment and kept the place clean and cooked for anyone that was hungry. Sometimes men stayed over night but mostly I was alone. Only thing to do was ready women's magazines and watch videos of women and sissies satisfying men. There was no phone and they locked me in with out tv or computer just magazines and porn dvds. I had no choice but to make my self the best possible slut that I could be or lose my mind. Through all this I never forgot I was a man - I still felt the same as before and was still just as horny but no way to get off. I tried rubbing the tip of my cock but I could not cum and that really made my crazy. So when every I was alone I put a big dildo up my pussy and practiced sucking on another one.

I really did not want to admit it but 6 men were just not enough- I needed cock inside of me every waking moment but would never tell them that. Cock was the only thing that seemed to help with what I can only describe as if I was being edged 24/7. After a while they had me drinking all of their piss and licking their ass after they shit. They removed the toilet paper as I was it now. I went along with anything they wanted just to distract me from my extreme frustration. No women would possibly do all this nor could they do it as well. I had become exactly what the group wanted - a totally dedicated fuck toy programmed to satisfy them exactly they way they liked. I began to take a great pride in this - it was all I really had.

Well as time when by there were new members of the group and it slowly grew even though they would lose members as well. They always acted as a kind of committee deciding what needed to be done as a group. Well lately one member has pushed things a little farther. He insists that I needed to pay my share and I was getting the most out of this ( not how I looked at it at all - I was a real life slave getting nothing but abuse and room and board) First thing he did was to get me to eat shit - He said that would save on food bills. Now the only thing I consumed was what came out of their bodies - cum - spit - piss and shit. I did get vitamins and eat orange and potato peels. For first time they had others out side the group use me and I am sure they got money or some service in return. Gay men were not too interested in me nor were women so mostly I served straight and married men. The building super had a key and used me whenever he wanted and he was very rough with me. There were others and I had to do exactly what they said as if they were part of the group.

As I said I was a strange sight - I was 6 foot tall and 6' 6" in heels which I always wore and weighed about 150 ( I had lost 20lbs) - I still had my adams apple. I did wear make up but clearly looked like a man in face and on very rare occasions that I talked sounded like a man. I had large tits and round ass with thin waist and very nice long legs. My ears were pierced and I always wore ear rings. My balls were gone and my cock simply pushed inside and sew with my dick head sticking out.

So some of these men from outside of the group were pretty amazed and some really turned on and others not interested at all and no matter how much I begged would not fuck my face or ass . Of course the group did not like when I failed to please anyone and I was punished. That was usually a beating or they would stick rods up my piss hole. One of them got idea that they could make my piss hole big enough that I could take a cock in it. They never really could do that but I suffered enormously in their attempt.

I found out the set up a web site and used videos of me to make money to help pay for apartment and other stuff. They made sure that I got letters from all my family disowning me as well as from former friends. It seems the whole world knew what I had become. They all thought of course that I had chosen all this and it was all my idea. None of group ever showed their face in any of the videos of course.

Like any other whore my entire life was dependent on my ability to serve and please. I realized this and worked very hard at being exactly what they wanted. I was now permanently what I was and what could I do if they threw me out? Join circus and be a freak maybe - or find another group or someone that wanted what? I am not sure what I am - I am not a man - not a women - not transsexual and not a she male. I studied porn and magazines to learn best ways to please - I read women's magazines to act the best women that I could be. I keep myself fit and perfectly groomed and dressed. Always dressed as sexy as I could and always giving 110%. They certainly did not want me to be like a wife and complain or act out in any way. I did start to have some heath problems with my diet but doctor in group gave me some shots and pills and now I am feeling better.

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