tagLoving WivesWife Surprises College Boys

Wife Surprises College Boys


This story took place last summer when I was at home one day and a two college boys came knocking on my door trying to sell school help books so I talked to them for a few minutes and learned that they were from out west here over a month selling books to make extra money, Then an idea came across my mind to have a little fun with these boys so I asked if they could come back the next day to talk to my wife.

I told them a time to come back at and they left, So when my wife Joyce came home later I told her about our visitors and asked if she wanted to flirt and tease them a little, Joyce loves to were skimpy cloths that show off her hot body and for a wife forty five she looks like she could be thirty years old with her dark hair and tanned body with no tan lines.

The next day came and Joyce had put on these skin tight white shorts that showed the outline of her dark haired pussy and a little camel toe being she wasn't wearing panty's she also had on a thin light pink spandex top that high lighted her dark nipples and nice round tits.

A knock came at the door and it was both the young men back, I hid in another room to watch and when she opened the door I could see there eyes check her out up and down her hot body, She invited them in and the boys introduced them selves as Ben and James and tried to tell her what they were selling but they both was so nervous that they could hardly talk as she stood in front of them with her nipples hard as rocks showing thru the top.

She tried to calm them some by offering them some tea and as she walked into the kitchen there eyes were glued to her ass as you could see the out line of her cheeks and when she returned her pussy showed as clear as day thru her shorts as they gazed at her, Joyce went over and sat down between them to look at the books and after a few minutes she began to place her hand on Ben's leg as he showed her the books.

It wasn't long before Ben shorts had a large bulge in them and Joyce seen what was happening she rubbed his leg a little more, Then she put her other hand on James leg and before long both boys had hard cocks that had pushed there shorts up like tents and then Joyce shocked me and the boys with her next action as she asked them did they want to keep trying to sell her some books or did they want her to take care of these as she run her hand over there hard cocks thru there pants.

Both boys were so nervous you could tell they didn't have much experience with any girls much less a women, Joyce made the next move to help them by telling Ben to stand up in front of her and she unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down letting his hard dick spring up like a flag pole, Joyce leaned forward and ran her tongue slowly along his rigid shaft, Making him spasm all over then she pulled her top off and told James to play with her tits.

By now I had grabbed my recorder and was filming Joyce having her way with these young men as she took Bens cock down her throat he gasped with pleasure as she grabbed his ass cheeks and forced his cock deep into her mouth and about two minutes later he moaned out load as he shoot his load against the back of her throat, Joyce milked his cock gently with her mouth and swallowed ever drop.

James was up and Joyce had took his cock down her throat as Ben was sucking on her nipples and squeezing her tits, Joyce had barely sucked James cock before he exploded in her mouth and filled it with his spunk.

She swallowed all his jis then she stood up pulled down her shorts and stood in front of these twenty year old boys naked after just sucking them both off and letting them cum in her mouth.

Both boys rubbed and caressed her naked body as she stood in front of them, I was shocked that she had taking what I thought was a little exhibitionism and fun with me here and striped naked and sucked there cocks.

Joyce then told them to stand in front of her as she sat on our couch and started going back & forth sucking on there cocks again until both were hard again then she told Ben to sit on the couch as she got on her knees and told James to fuck her pussy while she sucked Bens cock.

So here I am filming my forty five year old wife sucking a twenty year old boys cock while another twenty year old fucks her pussy at the same time, I just kept filming as Joyce switched back and forth from one fucking her pussy while she sucked the others cock with her mouth.

She then told them when they got ready to cum to let her know because she wanted them both to shoot there loads on her face and mouth, After a few minutes of fucking her pussy they were ready to unload so Joyce got down on her knees and sucked on there cocks until they each took there cocks in hand and jacked off on my wife's face and open mouth.

Joyce had her mouth open and her tongue sticking out as they both coated her face and tongue with white sticky cum, She had cum dripping from her nose, Chin, And running down her cheeks, Her tongue was white with there spunk covering it.

Joyce then took her fingers and scraped ever drop she could get off her face and sucked her fingers clean and swallowed up all there cum.

Ben and James left after that but before they left that area the next month she had them come back three more times to fuck her and suck there cocks dry.

She didn't buy any books but I don't think they minded I know I didn't mind the show she put on.

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