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Wife Swap Story Caught on Email


I am in charge of computer security in the IT group at a software company with a large call center and sales floor (read: people with much idle time to write inappropriate emails). Basically whenever several non-permissible words are used in an email, I am alerted. This happens quite a bit and sometimes when I check through the persons email system, I find some pretty interesting things...

This is a particularly good one. This lady was a senior vp, pretty hot and a could be a huge bitch. She ended up being forced to resign after this and a couple other emails. I was actually pretty shocked to read this, as she was always very uptight and all business.


Sorry for not getting back to you the other day, things have been a bit crazy to say the least. Well here is the completely crazy story I referred to earlier. I can't believe I am telling you, but I need to tell someone and you are my best friend.

For about the last year, Jen, the one I was telling you about from the gym has been urging me and Jay to come to one of her "adult parties." The kind where you come with your spouse and trade partners for one hour with another couple. She said most the time no much happens, but it is a real thrill. Remember I told you about this last spring? Well I told Jay and he became very interested. I was very apprehensive, but after a few months of begging, I agreed to look into it for his birthday.

I got some more details. Jen told me that everyone was voluntary and that often people only made out or touched a little. She described it as "a junior high make out party for adults, a way to liven things up a bit." This in mind, I thought we could give it a try once without compromising our marriage. Nothing could have been further from the truth!!

So we decided to go and arrived at her house last Saturday. I was very nervous and still apprehensive. We had a few drinks, which were quite strong. This helped me relax, but soon I found myself a bit drunk. Jen then came in wearing a lingerie set. At this point there were about 16 people at the party. She then handed each of the women a room and key and told us to go up to our rooms, get dressed and await our men!!

I went up to the room my room, the only room on the third floor of the massive house. It was very tastefully done, which put me at ease. In the room there was a small bar, so I made another drink. At this point I was quite drunk and even a little excited, I am a bit ashamed to admit. On the back of the door was a similar outfit to the one Jen was wearing. It took about ten minutes to put on. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked pretty damn good for 36. Perhaps from a little help from the alcohol.

A few minutes later, the door opened and a large man with the key came in the room. Apparently he was the man I was paired with. He was huge Jen, he was also black, but pretty handsome. He introduced himself and said "I was hoping for you." We then had a drink (which just made me more drunk) and we talked a little. He then asked if I had been with a black man before, I of course said no. I felt a little weird as I did not want to appear prejudice, so I told him it was not by choice, but by coincidence. He then kissed me and touched me a little. His hands must have been twice the size of mine. He seemed very nice and it felt good at first.

He then put my hand on his pants and said want to see it? At that point I stood up and told him that I was not comfortable and wanted to stop. He asked if it was because he was black. I told him of course not, it was that I have not been with anyone but my husband since college. I felt bad. We had another drink and I was then officially bombed. We started kissing again, he took his shirt off and I touched his chest. He was very strong and actually made me a bit excited. He stood up from the bed and took his pants off revealing the largest penis I have ever seen!!!! I am serious Jen, he was like nine or ten inches long.

He moved closer and moved the back of my head toward it. I touched it a little and then he put it on my lips. I licked it a little and then began to put it in my mouth. It was so thick I could barely get my lips around it. Next thing I knew I was completely giving him a bj!!!

Then he pulled me up and put me on the bed. He took my panties off and licked me. Things seemed to be going okay I thought to myself. The next thing I knew he was putting himself inside of me. I resisted, but for some reason decided to let it continue. I don't know what I was thinking, I guess caught up in the moment and very drunk!!!

It was a little painful, but he was gentle, at first. I could see that he had a condom on so I was reassured. He kept putting it in a little further. He then told me to turn over and this is when things turned. He kept having sex with me but harder and harder. It told him to be gentle, but he kept going. The only thing I could do to keep from screaming was to bite the pillow!!! He kept going and going, it felt like forever!!!!

Then he stopped, I relaxed, but before I opened my eyes he had turned me over underneath him and was putting himself in my mouth. He basically jammed himself into my mouth and had a very large orgasm. In my mouth Jen!!!! It was completely foul!!!

I could barely see and this is when I think I passed out briefly from the alcohol and lack of air. I awoke to the most intense pain. It all seemed completely surreal. I remember feeling like I was in a dream or something. I recoiled from the feeling to realize that he had put himself in my butt. In my butt Jen!!!! He pulled me back. I told him no, but he already had himself inside me again. It was terribly painful. He was also not wearing a condom at this point. I basically shut down physically from the pain. I wanted out of there but could not get out of the position. He kept going and going like that. It felt like forever. Then came the worst part when he made me give him another bj. He kept putting it in my butt and then putting it in my mouth. It was absolutely disgusting!!!! Then it abruptly ended after blowjob number 2!!! With that he left the room after saying something I don't remember. I wanted to cry from the humiliation and pain. I pulled myself together and left. I was the most awful experience. I wish I had never used such poor judgment."

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