tagGroup SexWife Swapping Combinations Ch. 01

Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 01


When I was a graduate student at Wayne State University, my wife Leah was a nurse at one of the major hospitals in Detroit. One day when Leah arrived from work she was clearly flustered but excited. She told me that within the past month she had struck up a friendship with a co-worker, a black nurse named Octavia Brown. As the girls became better acquainted conversation inevitably turned to sex, and so comparisons of the prowess of each husband was naturally a topic. This day Octavia startled Leah by asking if she was interested in swinging.

Octavia informed Leah:

"You see I never had a white man before, and I've always wanted to try white cock."

Octavia continued:

"My husband Clarence is going to pick me up after work. You can see him for yourself, and decide if you are interested. Then you can ask your husband. As for me I am ready to try your husband sight unseen. The way you talk about him I am sure he will just do fine for my first white cock."

Curious, I asked Leah:

"So, what does this Clarence look like?"

Leah blushed and replied:

"Well, he certainly is very virile and handsome. If I am going to experience black cock I could not ask for much better."

As I started to frown at this answer, Leah went on to assure me:

"Ah don't worry honey, I will always love you and you are my man forever. However, maybe swinging will spice up our sex life, and I am willing to give it a try if you are game."

I naturally asked:

"So what is Octavia like?"

My wife answered:

"She is taller than me, probably 5'11", and certainly not as heavy as me, but heavy enough I'm sure for your tastes. She does have a nice big ass, and adequate enough boobs, so that you definitely will not be disappointed."

To understand Leah's description you have to know that Leah is very good looking with a drop dead gorgeous face, but she is on the very heavy side. She is 5'8" tall, and weighs 220 lbs. Consequently, she has big tits (40" double D) and a magnificent round ass which I never tire of caressing.

Leah has always been despondent about her weight, and was constantly on one diet or another trying to shed some pounds. She could not believe I was attracted to her because of her weight not despite it. But that was indeed the case.

You see when I was eight years old my mother had taken me to an Art Gallery. There the paintings by Rueben was what enthralled me even at such a young age. I was fascinated by the plump nude women in those paintings to such an extent that from that day forward I had a natural aversion to thin women. Thus Leah's description of Octavia perked my interest.

As I was considering the swinging proposition there was one thing that caused me concern. Aware of the reputation of the size of cocks of black men I was worried that I would be inadequate. However I reasoned I was not absolutely tiny; my cock when hard measured eight and one half inches long and two and three quarters inches thick. Leah actually measured it one night when we were in a giddy mood. So I felt although I probably will not prove to be as big as Clarence I will be big enough to satisfy the thrill of the novelty of having interracial sex.

So I said to Leah:

"OK lets do it; you girls set it up."

It was up to the girls to schedule the event since they each had inflexible work schedules. As a student I of course could be available at any time and as it turned out Clarence was a self employed real estate agent so he also was available at any time.

The next Saturday was available and the Browns had agreed to visit us at our apartment near the Wayne State campus. We had the upstairs floor of a two story house. The bottom floor was shared by four students who we rarely saw as they were mostly on campus, and only were in the house to sleep. Our apartment consisted of two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The main bedroom contained a king size water bed.

The Browns arrived promptly at 8:00 PM on the arranged day. As I first set eyes on Octavia my jaws almost dropped. She was simply exotic; almost as tall as me, and I am 6 feet tall. She had a lovely face and tits to drool over. She probably weighed as much as Leah but as she was four inches taller she did not appear to be overweight, or certainly not as overweight as Leah.

Her husband Clarence was very handsome. He looked very similar to the actor Dennis Haysbert, who starred as President Palmer in "24", the television show, and who now does Allstste commercials. I could understand Leah's interest.

After introductions were over with, I offered everyone a glass of wine and started some slow soft dreamy music on our CD player. We had lights turned off so that the only illumination was candles giving off a super romantic atmosphere. As we all were relaxing Octavia suggested we dance. I was totally enchanted with her, as I readily accepted her offer. Likewise Leah started dancing with Clarence.

After a couple of steps Octavia and I started kissing. Her perfume was electrifyingly sexy and alluring. Her lips were luscious and inviting. As she opened her mouth I was able to probe the inside with my tongue. As my eyes were closed I literally saw stars as our French kissing became intense.

I was able with my right hand to reach down to the bottom of her mini skirt and lift it up to her waist. I then was able to reach underneath her panties and start to rub the flesh of her ass. In no time at all her panties kept slipping down so I had a free hand to trace tenderly the crack of her ass and this in turn caused Octavia to moan softly. In the meantime Octavia was busy with her right hand. She was able to undo the zipper of my slacks and reach for my penis.

As soon as her hand touched my cock, I swear it must have grown three inches instantaneously, so concentrated was I with the intimacy between us. It only took a couple of hand manipulations by Octavia before I was fully erect. As she sensed my readiness Octavia stopped dancing and lowered herself to her knees. She quickly lowered my slacks and shorts to free my engorged cock from any restraint.

At the sight of my cock Octavia exclaimed:

"Oh Tom what a delicious white cock! I need to taste it!"

And suiting words to action she took my staff into her mouth. Her words erased all the apprehension I had about my manhood and I started to fully enjoy Octavia's blow job. As Octavia was sucking on my cock I glanced to the other side of the room.

Not surprisingly, I witnessed Leah on her knees with Clarence's thick shaft in her mouth. Clarence looked at me winked and smiled. We spontaneously high fived each other as our wives continued with their jaw actions.

I was pleased to notice that although Clarence's cock was undeniably bigger, it was not unduly so. I realized then and now that these are sexual racist views that are a ubiquitous amongst white males which probably bear no relation to reality. Still I could not help but harbor such feelings. In any case I felt comfortable enough in my own mind to feel neither woman would have cause to regret if they were having sex with me instead of with Clarence, at any particulart time during our swinging sex episodes.

As Octavia slid her mouth up and down along the length of my shaft she used her tongue to produce tingling sensations around the hole of my cock. In no time the crescendo of erotic sensations became too intense and I started spurting my load of cum into Octavia's mouth. I was shaking all over as my ejaculation was of the most intensive kind possible. Octavia proved to be an expert cock sucker as no part of my sperm escaped her mouth she was able to swallow all even though I felt I had expelled a bucket full.

In the meantime I saw Leah was licking her lips and gulping down Clarence's sperm. As she swallowed the last of Clarence's cum she got on to her feet grabbed Clarence's hand and lead him to the master bedroom.

In parting Leah said:

"Have fun guys, Clarence and I will be using the king size bed."

I got us another glass of wine as Octavia removed her clothes to become totally naked. I gawked at her killing bod. Octavia had tits almost as big as Leah's with prominent dark brown nipples in the middle of huge even darker brown areola. As to her pubic area it was truly a sight to behold! Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and as black as coal. Her vagina lips protruded out to form the perfect classic camel toe appearance. Her cunt was simply an invitation to savor.

I quickly completed my undressing so that I was naked as well. Octavia sat down on the couch as I handed her a glass of wine to wash down my sperm. I then sat next to her and immediately put my lips to the nearest big nipple of her breast. As I held the boob I started suckling the nipple and with my other hand I was feeling up the other tit. I was able to sense Octavia's nipple harden by my oral ministrations. I switched to the nipple of the other tit and my free hand started to slide over Octavia's pussy.

All this time Octavia was moaning and chanting over and over again:

"Yes- oh yes- oh yes- oh fuck-of fuck-is this good-don't stop keep going Tom!"

My lips next paid attention to her belly button. As soon as my tongue made contact with her navel Olivia screamed:

"Oh God is this good- Oh fuck this is good!"

Soon I was down to her cunt and I was able to smell her womanhood. To me the greatest sexual turn on is the smell of a woman's cunt and her ass especially in its raw state. I pity those who can not abide such smells & insist that their women have absolutely thorough showers before hand so that there is no odour whatsoever emanating from that area. Such men I feel are truly missing out on the essence of great sex.

As soon as my tongue started making contact with her vagina lips in search of her clitoris Octavia was starting to go over the brink & reach her first intensive climax. She might have had an orgasm when I ejaculated into her mouth but there was no mistaking the orgasm she had reached when my tongue found her clit.

Now her screams were even louder as she blurted:

"Oh this is so good! What a lover Tom! Oh I can't stand it! Oh God! Tom shove your cock into me! Fuck me Tom! I need your cock in me. I need it NOW!"

As she was saying this her body instinctively slid down on the floor so that she was supine on the thick carpeted floor. I had of course no choice but to satisfy the lady. I got on top of her and inserted my penis into her vagina.

Now her reaction was even more intense as Octavia gasped:

"Oh yes! What a cock! Oh how beautiful! Oh! Oh it feels so good! Fuck me Tom! Yes fuck me Tom! Oh yes what a cock! Oh how good! Oh Tom I am cumming I am cumming! Oh God!"

As my strokes increased in rhythm we reached a mutual climax. As my sperm emptied into her cunt I gave my loudest groan possible as the emotion and feel of her cunt was wonderful. Octavia for her part just screamed louder than I thought was humanly possible as she was seeing stars and fireworks. Her climatic screams did wonders to my male ego.

We collapsed into each other's arms as we paused to catch our breath, and to return to earth. As we calmed down we imbibed another glass of wine.

Then I said:

"I wonder what is happening to Leah and Clarence shall we go and see?"

Octavia replied:


So hand in hand, sweaty from our exertions, and with cum dripping from Octavia's cunt we strolled to the master bedroom.

When we looked in, we saw Clarence lying flat on his back, and Leah was riding his cock with her back towards him. As Leah's eyes were closed there was a look of absolute bliss on her face. For a second a flash of jealousy spread over me, but it was quickly dispelled when Leah opened her eyes and seeing me, smiled.

Oh do I love this woman! I was truly happy to see her enjoying herself. As Leak kept pumping Clarence's cock she motioned with her little finger for me to join her. I did not need a second invitation. I got on the bed and stood near Leah so that she could take my cock which had immediately hardened again in her mouth. Without missing a beat in her fucking action with Clarence, Leah was able to commence giving me a superb blow job.

Not to be left out of any fun Octavia also got unto the bed and straddled herself over her husband's head. She lowered her cunt to Clarence's face and he automatically started licking her. As both Octavia and I had just experienced intense climaxes we were susceptible to new orgasms without requiring too much prodding.

Thus, as Clarence started spurting his cum into Leah's cunt simultaneously while Leah had reached her climax, I was able to ejaculate for the third time into Leah's mouth. At the same time Octavia was shuddering to yet another climax. Her female juices as well as my left over cum from her pussy flowed into Clarence's mouth, who happily helped himself to his wife's excretions. We then all collapsed on the bed it was big enough to hold all of us comfortably.

After some rest Leah was the first to speak:

"This was great. I can't get enough of this sex. Why don't we plan this as a weekly thing or as often as possible subject to our work schedules permitting."

Claudia sadly replied:

"There is a problem as we have two boys. Considering the sex noises all of us make, I feel uncomfortable having sex with my children around. It is different of course if it is just Clarence and me. Tonight I had my mother babysit my boys but as she babysits the boys every time I work at the hospital she is unwilling to babysit for social occasions no more than maybe once a month. As I do not have any other trustworthy baby sitter available I am afraid we can only do this once in a long while."

However, I thought of a plan, so I said:

"Wait a minute, I might have a solution so that we can indulge once every week. All four of us can take turns babysitting your boys while the other three enjoy a threesome. That way we can still have our foursome every five weeks assuming your mother is willing but in the meantime we still would be swinging as a treesome every week. Thus each of us only misses an orgy one time out of five."

Everyone liked my plan and so it was agreed to.

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