tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Tammy Ch. 04

Wife Tammy Ch. 04


The next few days after Tammy's afternoon with Paul and Jimmy and Paul's girlfriend, went by slowly and with a great deal of thought on the part of the young wife. How did she go, over a matter of just a few weeks, from loving wife and mother to total slut for this man she barely knew? The answers would not come but she also realized that each day without Paul or her body being touched and used was an agony she didn't want to endure. A switch had been turned on somewhere inside of her and she had no control over these incredibly strong needs.

Tammy was afraid too. She knew that her behavior had consequences and that if discovered, her life that she cherished would change dramatically. She valued her reputation and standing in the community and was very fearful that Jimmy would tell his friends about her. She also remembered promising him that he could take her any time he wanted to and she hoped he didn't follow up on that offer. On the other hand, Tammy knew that any teenaged boy like Jimmy would never forget being promised sex anytime he wanted it. And, if Tammy was truthful to herself, she was constantly in a state of sexual arousal since all this had begun. Never being the sexually aggressive one in her relationship with her husband, she found herself trying to entice him into having sex almost every night. But most nights her husband was just too tired and told her that she looked great in her new sexy lingerie, but she would have to wait until the weekend. Tammy was frustrated and worried and sexually tied in a knot.

It was Thursday and she knew that Jimmy would be mowing the lawn today. She didn't know if he had other plans for her and she frankly didn't know how she would respond if he made a pass at her. She wanted to be strong and regain her dignity and preserve her marriage. She didn't want to be a slut wife but she was so unsure of how she would react. As all these thoughts were playing all morning long through her beautiful blonde head, she was startled to hear her back doorbell ring. As she walked through her kitchen to the rear door, she saw Jimmy standing there waiting for her to answer. Tammy was trembling slightly as she opened the door for the well built teen.

"Hi, Miss Tammy, I will be out here cutting the lawn today," he smiled down at her.

"That's fine Jimmy, if you need a cold drink, just let me know," she replied.

"No thanks, I brought my thermos. But when I get done, I will be back to see you, so you might want to get on a short skirt and top and some high heels. I like it when you look sexy." He said as his eyes roamed her body.

"Listen, Tommy," she whined at him as he turned his back to her and walked out toward the shed.

"I'll be about an hour," he called over his shoulder as he went for the mower and gas can.

Tammy felt that she needed to put a stop to this before it got completely out of hand. Yet, she could feel the same sexual need and desire she had the last time Paul and Jimmy were at her house. Her emotions were conflicted. She knew this was wrong. Much worse than with Paul who was a grown man. Jimmy was a kid. Well, a very big kid who had already used her once before. She was feeling the wetness build as she tried to fight her need to give herself to this boy.

As she was thinking and telling herself all the reasons this was a bad idea, she felt herself moving up the stairs to her closet. He body was moving on its own as she argued with herself.

She pulled out a very short black skirt and matching black thigh-high stockings. Her shoes were the sexy open toes heels she bought the week before that strapped around her ankles. She remembered buying them and thinking that with the ankle strap, they would stay on as Paul fucked her. But they weren't for Jimmy she told herself as she pulled the tight yellow tank top over her head to cover her already erect braless tits. The dressing took very little time and she sat at her makeup table and applied some light perfume and eyeliner and hot red lipstick. Brushing her blonde hair back she rose to look at herself in the mirror. The stockings were barely covered by her short skirt and her hard nipples were very evident through the fabric of the yellow top. Surveying her reflection in the mirror, she liked this look. She was being transformed from the wife and mother into a sex hungry slut.

She left the room and went down the stairs as the phone rang. She picked it up in the kitchen where she could see Jimmy as he was finishing the lawn. His shirt was off and she was drawn to his muscled young body walking behind the mover.

Tammy was jolted back to reality when she heard her husband's voice say hello.

"I just called to tell you that I may be an hour or so late for dinner tonight. Some clients are in town and I am taking them for drinks before I head home." He explained.

"Oh, sure, I guess that's okay. I haven't started dinner yet, so take your time," she told him while her eyes watched Jimmy come in from the yard and enter the kitchen door.

'Okay, it shouldn't be too late. Also, is Jimmy there mowing yet? I hope so because it might rain later and I want the lawn done," he asked.

Jimmy had walked to her as she spoke and ran his fingers over her shoulders and down her arms.

"Yes, dear, Jimmy came by this afternoon and is doing his work," she shuddered at his touch on her bare skin. Jimmy smiled knowing that she had her husband on the phone. He dropped a hand to her hard nipples and slowly rubbed them over the yellow top as she listened to her husband.

"He's a good kid and does a really good job. When you pay him today, make sure you give him a very good tip, okay," he told her.

Jimmy was driving her crazy with his hands on her body. Her nipples were hard as rocks and her body was reacting strongly to this boy. He took the hem of the skirt and pulled it up in the front to expose her naked pussy. His hand dropped and then a finger ran the full length of the wetness and moved up inside her. Her hand covered the receiver of the phone as she gasped from the sensation.

"Oh, God," she moaned as the finger moved inside her.

"Tammy, did you hear what I said? I want you to take care of the kid," he repeated with an edge to his voice. She tried to get her voice under control before she spoke.

"I will, dear. I will take care of him," her body was shaking as she spoke. Jimmy enjoyed watching her struggle to maintain her composure as he fingered her. Leaning forward he took the phone from Tammy and leaning in, he placed his mouth over hers.

"Good, that's great, now I gotta run. I'll see you this evening," he said as he hung up.

Jimmy's tongue met hers and they kissed with open desire for quite a while until Jimmy stepped back and handed her the phone.

"So your husband asked you to take care of me Tammy. Is that what you are going to do?" Jimmy teased as his finger played inside her.

She nodded her head and pressed back against the wall so she wouldn't fall as he continued to play with her body.

"I love the outfit you put on for me Tammy. You look so sexy and hot dressed like that. You know what you look like dressed like that? So sexy and with no panties and bra on either," he teased as he put a second finger inside her.

"No, Jimmy, what do I look like," she asked as her legs opened wider to allow his hand to move easier.

"Like a cock hungry slut, Tammy. That's what you look like," he taunted her as she was pressed with her back to the wall.

The words were like a sexual accelerant to her and she moaned loudly as she pressed her wet cunt forward to meet his hand.

"That's right Tammy. You are a slut. Say it. Tell me I'm right," he told her.

"Oh, God, yes, I'm a slut, Jimmy. Please don't stop. I love what you are doing to me," she breathed out almost like a whine or plea.

"Pull your top up so I can see those nice tits, Slut," he demanded. Tammy's hands dropped and began to raise her yellow tank top until it was over the top of her tits. She then dropped her hands to her sides and stood there obediently in front of this boy who she now needed so badly.

"Your nipples are hard Tammy, do they need to be sucked," he smiled at the young wife. She reached out and took the back of his head, pulling his face to her exposed and erect nipples.

"Please, Jimmy, I need you to touch me and suck me so bad, please," she gasped as his lips surrounded her left nipple and the tongue teased the extended nubs and drove her crazy. Then he scrapped his teeth along the nipple and Tammy could feel him chewing lightly on the sensitive tit flesh.

"Oooohhhhh, God," she screamed from the erotic sensations he was arousing in her. He then worked on the other nipple in the same way and she was writhing on his fingers that never stopped moving in her dripping cunt. He kept this up for some time as he went back and forth and left her nipples throbbing from his attack. Finally after several minutes of this, he pulled back in spite of her hand trying to keep his head and mouth attached to her sensitive tits.

"Turn around and put your hands on the wall and push your sexy ass out, you slut," he ordered. Tammy began to turn as Jimmy's fingers left her wet cunt. Her hands reached the kitchen wall and she spread her sexy, stocking covered legs apart while her stiletto heels anchored her to that spot. Jimmy reached around the front of her and ran his hand down her torso. It slowly dropped over her shaved mound and then he had two fingers inside her again and moving in the same slow steady motion as before. His right hand was at the small of her back and moving over her upturned ass and then squeezing each firm ass cheek in his hand.

"I like your ass, baby. But I think you need it spanked, don't you?" he asked as the hand was all over her sexy butt.

"Whatever you want, Jimmy. Please do whatever you want to me," she encouraged him as he suddenly reared back and delivered a hard blow to her left cheek and then another to her right. His fingers moved deeper in her cunt as he stopped the spanking and she was rotating her hips onto his fingers. Her moaning intensified from the hard hits and she almost came as he hit her the second time. Again he slowed his fingers in her and watched her move on his hand.

"Do you like being hit, Tammy? Tell me if you want me to spank your hot ass some more," he said as his voice tormented her.

"Oh, God, Jimmy, I need you to spank me. I need you to hit me hard. I need it so bad. Please hit me, Jimmy," she moaned as her ass moved in front of him. She was so sexually aroused that she would do anything this boy asked of her.

"Go get the spatula from the kitchen counter, slut. I want to spank your ass the way you need it," he told her as his hand took a fistful of hair and pulled her to a full standing position. He turned her toward the center counter and pushed her forward. As she took the spatula in her hand and began to turn to come back to him, he stopped her.

"Take off your top and skirt and then walk over to the kitchen table and bend yourself completely over it so your ass is pushed out and ready. Leave the spatula beside you on the table," he directed.

Looking directly at Jimmy and with complete and total lust in her eyes, she pulled off the top and then dropped the skirt to the floor. She moved to the table and spread her heels really wide as she lowered her body until her entire chest and abdomen were pressed down on the table. Jimmy stood there admiring the mother and wife who was his slut. Her perfect ass was so sexy and outlined above the black thigh high stockings she wore for him. He moved to a standing position behind her and a bit to the left as his hand grasped the black handle of the spatula and he saw the gleaming chrome of the hard flat service of it. He rubbed the spatula slowly over her exposed ass. Tammy knew what was coming but instead of dreading it, she wanted it. She welcomed it. Only a few weeks ago she had been a loving and faithful wife and now here she was, bent over her own kitchen table as the young kid from down the street controlled her body and turned her into his sex slave. She had heard of women who were insatiable or nymphomaniacs, but she never dreamed this would be her.

"Owwwwweeee," she screamed as Jimmy hit her ass square on the right side and drove her into a fit of pain as she lay before him. Then he hit her again and again until she felt the constant pain of the hard spatula on her tender flesh. Her hands gripped the table edges but she did not move as he slapped her constantly with the kitchen instrument. But the pain only heightened her arousal and she was dripping juice down onto her stocking tops. Jimmy stopped his assault on her and then took the fat black handle and began pushing it into her wet cunt from behind.

"Did you like the slaps, you whore? Your cunt is so wet I have no trouble pushing this handle inside you. You must be a pain slut Tammy. Is that what you are," he teased her as the handle began to fuck her from behind.

"Please, Jimmy, I need you inside me. Please fuck your pain slut. Please, Jimmy, I need your cock in me, Oh Please," she begged him as he kept tormenting her with the handle.

"I will fuck you. I will hurt you too. You want me to hurt you when I fuck you don't you Tammy."

"Yes, please be rough with me Jimmy. I need it rough and hard. Please Jimmy, please," she moved her ass as he pulled out the handle and placed it at the entrance to her ass and began to force it into her. It was so wet that he didn't need lubrication at all and it popped into her ass and moved deeper as she moaned and cried out.

Jimmy must hand taken his clothes off because she also felt his cock at the lips of her soaked pussy as he pushed himself deep into her and began to fuck her hard. The spatula handle stayed in her ass as her worked her cunt with his hard teenage cock. Tammy could take it no longer and began to cry out as she came on his pounding cock. The orgasm was like nothing she had experienced before and it held her and would not let go. As he kept his pace of moving deep into her, waves of renewed spasms captured her and started all over again. Her body moved with each thrust to meet his urgent penetration and her moans and cries continued like a plaintiff wailing of an injured animal. Her voice called out as the passion rocked her to her core.

"Jimmy, oh fuck, Jimmy, oh God, oh God, so good, oh fuck it's so good."

Jimmy could take only so much as her contracting and demanding cunt moved at increased speed on his teenaged dick. Then he exploded inside her as she felt the blast and screamed some more from the overwhelming sensation in her sexy body. Blast after blast of his hot cum bathed her womb with its wet juice and she milked him with her needy cunt as he emptied himself into this beautiful slut. Pulling the spatula out of her ass, her fell forward and laid his body over hers with his pulsing cock still inside.

"Shit," he breathed, "you are so fucking hot, Tammy. I could fuck you all day and all night."

"Oh, Jimmy," she moaned," you can take me anytime you want baby. God, I loved how you fucked me." Tammy was still moving her ass on Jimmy and realized that his cock wasn't getting soft. She knew that young guys could recover fast, but was surprised that his cock was still like a piece of iron in her. Jimmy must have felt it too, because he started to keep time with her movements.

"Yea, Jimmy, that's it, fuck me some more baby," she said as they moved with each other.

In spite of his near exhaustion from using her cunt so hard, Jimmy loved the way she moved on him and continued to meet her tempo with each new thrust. He knew she was so overcome with lust and sexual need that she would do whatever he demanded of her. This young sexy wife that he had jerked off thinking about was now his personal slut and Jimmy was going to take full control of her. With another few hard drives, he suddenly pulled out of her and pulled her up to a standing position. He then switched positions with her and got on the table on his back.

"Get your sexy married cunt up here and ride my cock," he told her. Tammy moved up on the table quickly and positioned herself just on top of his hard cock and then slowly forced herself down onto him. With her hands on either side of the young boy's head, and with her eyes half shut as her head dropped forward, she began to move herself up and down the cock.

"Oh, God, Jimmy, it feels so good inside me. I love riding your big cock," she said as her hips moved on him. Another orgasm was suddenly approaching for the young cheating wife and her movements became more urgent. Even though she came so hard and for so long the first time, she was thrown over the edge once again as her hips now pounded the kid. But Jimmy wasn't ready to join her yet as he watched her face contort in orgasm and her body tremble from the hard blast of sensation running through her body. As the orgasm was slowing down, Jimmy pushed her up high enough so his cock popped out of her. Pulling her slightly forward, he put his cock on the tight ass opening, took her hips and pulled her on to his cock. The hard wet cock forced into her right away and she yelled down at him.

"Oh, not my ass baby, oh God it hurts Jimmy. Oh, God, you're fucking my ass," she wailed down at him as he moved into her with the young neighborhood mother on top of him.

"Take it you whore," he raised his voice as he looked up at her. He could see the distortion in her face as she adjusted to his size. His cock was so wet from her soaked pussy that it acted like a lubricant allowing him to move it deeper into her. When he was all the way inside, he stopped moving and waited for her to fully accept the boy's man sized cock inside her. As he waited he began to feel her move very slowly and tentatively on his hardness. Pulling up just a bit and then slowly dropping her hips down and cautiously began to keep moving on him.

"Do you like my cock in your ass, whore?" he taunted her as his fingers took her nipples and pulled and squeezed them as she began to move with a more steady pace.

"It hurt me at first, but now it feels good, Jimmy. I do like it. I like you in my ass," she said slowly as her hips rocked and lifted and dropped in a constant motion.

"Fuck my cock with that tight ass, you whore," Jimmy demanded as she moved faster on him and began to slow climb to another orgasm. She knew it wouldn't be long before she came again and she wanted to feel him cum deep inside her.

"Fuck your whore Jimmy. I need your cock in me baby. I need you to cum in me, Jimmy and use my ass." Tammy was getting closer and closer to cumming and she felt Jimmy expand inside her ass and pump up into her as he moaned and deposited another hot load of his cum. That was all she needed and Tammy began to pound up and down on the boy as she rode him through another hard orgasm of her own. Her entire body captured by the feeling as she came in her ass and her cunt all at once and squeezed his cum into her hungry ass.

When it was over, Tammy slowly pulled up and his cock slapped against his stomach. Instinctively she dropped her mouth down and liked him and sucked him until she felt him finally going soft. Getting up she stood there as he got up and pulled her to him.

"Next week when I stop by to mow the lawn I may have a surprise for you. Do you want me to come back and fuck you again, whore? Will you want me to have a surprise for you?" Jimmy smiled down at her.

"Yes, Jimmy, anything you want. I am your whore."

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