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Wife Teaches Virgin


My wife (Linda), daughter (Caitlin), her friend Anthony and I were playing Scrabble when I noticed Anthony's eyes were looking at Linda's crotch every so often. Linda was sitting on the couch across from him and he was sitting on the floor so he was eye level to her crotch. Caitlin and I were on the sides and had no direct view of what was happening. She was wearing a skirt and it looked like he might be able to see up the skirt because her legs were spread. I pretended to get up to go to the bathroom to get a view of what Anthony could see. As I walked behind Anthony I pretended to pick something up from the floor and saw exactly what Anthony could see. Not only could he see up her skirt but her panties had pulled to the side and he could see her hairy pussy. My wife was totally "oblivious" to what she was doing and what Anthony could see. I kept on going to the bathroom and had to take a minute to gather my thoughts on what I just saw. I was very excited; my cock was getting hard with the thought that Anthony was looking at Linda's pussy. I left the bathroom and walked behind Anthony again and Linda was still in the same position. I went back to sitting next to Linda and for the remainder of the game she sat like that exposing herself to him. We finished the game but my mind was wandering about the situation and I was trying to control my excitement. I noticed that when Anthony got up he had a hard on that went down his pant leg.

A little information about Anthony that Linda told me from our Caitlin was that Anthony was painfully shy especially around girls and he never had a girlfriend. They were just good friends, nothing more and this was the first friend he ever had of the opposite sex. He never even kissed a girl before so he clearly was a virgin. He was 19 and awkward but was a nice average looking young man. He was about 6'1" and was thin and wore glasses. Caitlin also told us that girls thought he was a loser and guys picked on him for being a wimp.

After the game Linda and I went to bed. Before she got changed, I told her what I saw and she was appalled. She couldn't believe this had happened and actually lifted her skirt and went to the mirror and saw that her hairy pussy was there for anyone to see. I calmed her down and told her I thought it was hot and Anthony got a hard on seeing her pussy. She should take it as a compliment that a young man would be attracted to her. She thought about it for a moment and said, "Do you really think he was attracted to me?"

"Yes honey, he was glancing at your pussy all the time and had a hard on." He's a virgin and that was probably the first live pussy he ever saw. I bet he's in his room right now jerking off and dreaming about fucking you."

"Do you really think he wants me? I'm old and flabby."

"You're not old and flabby. You're a hot MILF. He would do anything to fuck you." I could tell she was getting hot thinking about the situation and I thought I'd take a big chance with her. "Honey, just listen to me without going crazy but Anthony is in his room right now and we're in here and we're both thinking about the same thing. Why don't I invite him over here and see what happens?"

Linda looked at me in shock. "YOU want him to come in HERE and see what HAPPENS? What the FUCK does that mean? Do you want me to FUCK him? Have you gone INSANE?"

"OK so don't fuck him. He's a virgin and I know one of our fantasies is for you to teach a virgin everything about sex. He'll be forever grateful and we'd both have our wildest fantasy fulfilled. I'm begging you to try this one time, just this one time. Nobody will ever find out and I would never bother you again about this. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do it just for me, just show him your pussy again. He's already seen it before and clearly loved that. Our one chance for this is right now, it may never happen again. He needs some confidence and you could really help him out, even change his life for the better."

She said, "I don't know about this. I REALLY want to help him and something like this done the right way might be just what he needs. It is our fantasy but I never wanted it to be real. He's friends with our Caitlin, what if he told her what we're planning to do, I could never live with that and how exactly do I show him myself? Just bring him in here and I spread my legs like some slut? That doesn't make any sense. I also think if we start down this road we'll be asking for trouble. You'll both want me to do more and we all know where that ends, with him cumming inside me and I have no protection against pregnancy."

I said, "It won't end with his cock in your pussy, you'll be in complete control. Why don't you tell him we know he was looking at your pussy and apologize for accidently showing it to him? Make him promise to never tell anyone. When he agrees, give him a reward for being a good boy. Let him see it again but let him get real close."

She didn't say a word so I took control before she said no. "I'm sure he won't say anything, I'll make sure he knows and I'll threaten him with bodily harm if he does. You'll really be doing him a big favor." I started up the web cam and got out the video camera and got it ready. "I'm going to get him now." Linda didn't say anything but just stayed on the bed with the same outfit on in total shock.

I went to Anthony's room and knocked on the door. I wasn't worried about waking up Caitlin because she was on the other side of the house and she took her meds before bed and would sleep through a hurricane on them. There was nobody else in the house so we would be safe from anybody finding out. He told me to come in and I did never thinking I'd be in this position and was very nervous and excited. "Hi Anthony, Linda and I would like to talk with you for a minute."

He looked very nervous and said OK but I think he knew that we saw him looking at her pussy and he was in big trouble. We went back to my bedroom and I let him in and closed the door behind us. Linda was sitting on the bed also looking very nervous. I started the video cam and then Linda spoke up, "Anthony, my husband told me that I had my legs spread and you could see my... um... private... err... pus... um pussy. He said you were constantly looking at it. I want to apologize for letting you see that. I didn't realize what I was doing. Please promise me you'll never tell anybody about this, especially Caitlin. I would just die if she ever found out."

Anthony said, "Mrs. C., I'm so sorry for looking and I promise I won't tell a soul. Please believe me, I won't tell anybody, especially Caitlin. I never saw one before and I couldn't help looking, please forgive me."

She said, "Thank you for not telling anyone, especially Caitlin. You don't need to apologize for looking, you're just curious especially when you never saw one before. I'm going to do you a big favor because you can keep a secret." With that, she leaned back on the bed, raised her skirt, bent her knees and spread her legs. While I was gone she must have taken off her panties so Anthony was now staring at her hairy pussy in all its glory. The lips were open a little bit and it was so wet that there was pussy juice running out of her down to her ass. Clearly Linda was very turned on by this situation.

Anthony didn't know what to do. He looked from her pussy to me videotaping and I told him, "Anthony, you can do anything Mrs. C. lets you do. Go ahead and get a closer look but if anybody finds out about this, I'm going to kick your ass."

Anthony said, "I swear I won't tell a soul."

Linda said, "Anthony, we believe you. Come over here and take a look at me and get as close as you want." Anthony moved closer to Linda and I could see that his hands were shaking. I could also see that his hard on had returned. Linda took his hand and told him to get real close and have a look. She held his hand while he kneeled over her and his face was only inches away from her pussy. She was so excited that I could smell her pussy.

After he looked at her pussy for a few minutes she said, "OK boys the show is over." She then let go of his hand and pulled her skirt down.

I said, "Awwww come on honey that's just a tease, you're going to give him blue balls with the hard on he has. Let him look at it while you jerk him off."

She said, "NO! I will not jerk him off!"

I said, "OK, then let him jerk off while looking at you but you both have to get naked. This is your chance to teach him and let him know what a naked women looks like and no one will ever find out."

She said, "Ok, ok, Anthony, I'm going to show you what a woman looks like completely naked, please take off your clothes and get naked with me so you can know what's it like being naked together and you can jerk off. You'll have to get used to this so we might as well do it correctly. We can't touch each other but I'll show you as much as possible so you'll be ready next time." He nodded his head and she started taking her clothes off and Anthony took his off while her watching her. She took her top off and her tits popped out. She must have also taken off her bra while I was getting Anthony. She next took her skirt off and was now completely naked. My wife is 45 years, 5'5" tall and weighs about 130 and would be described as curvy and cute. She has perfect B cup breast with normal sized nipples. Her hairy pussy is tight due to the fact she never delivered vaginally. It's also tight because the only cock she's had in there in 20 years is mine and my cock is only 4-5" long and on the thin side. I'm also fixed so we won't have any more kids but it also means we have no other forms of contraception around.

Anthony had his top off and was now taking off his pants and underwear. His cock popped out and Linda and I both gave it a look. This young man had a large cock, around 8" long and very thick. It was about twice the length and width of mine and I noticed my wife staring at it with a look of lust.

She said, "Anthony first I'm going to get us in a position called 69. You'll be inches away from me. You can look at it real close but you can't touch it. If you want to know anything about it just ask. After that you can jerk off while looking at me." She pulled him down on the bed and had him lay on his back and got on top of him in the 69 position. She was staring at his cock that was inches from her face and he was doing the same with her pussy. I think she was more excited than ever being so close to a strange new cock that was twice the size of mine. Her mouth was almost touching it and it looked like she wanted to put it in her mouth.

Anthony spoke up after a few minutes of this, "Mrs. C. can you spread your pussy open so I can see what it looks like inside?"

She replied, "Sure Anthony but I'll have to change positions for that and you can jerk off while looking at me spreading it."

She got up and lay down on the edge of the bed on her back on spread her legs and bent her knees. She said, "Anthony come over here and stand between my legs and jerk yourself off until you cum but don't cum on me." He did just as he was told and Linda spread her pussy lips open with her fingers for him. He didn't take more than a minute before he came and finally shot his cum between her legs, only a few inches from her pussy. Linda quickly scooted away so he wouldn't cum on her.

She said, "I hope that helps you Anthony, were done now. Did you enjoy that?"

I said, "Come on honey, don't stop now. We'll never get a better chance than now. Let him touch you and you touch him. Teach him more so he knows what to do."

She said, "Honey I don't think it's a good idea, it will lead to big trouble. I only went this far for you and to help Anthony."

I said, "Please honey, just this one time, just touch each other for me, nothing else."

Anthony chimed in "Please Mrs. C., I would be forever grateful."

We looked at her and she waited for a few seconds before she said, "I can't believe I'm doing this, Anthony, I won't let you enter me, what else would you like to do?"

Anthony said, "Since we can't go all the way could we do 69 all the way?"

She said, "Anthony when I said ENTER I meant anyone of my holes and that includes my mouth. I thought maybe you could finger me and I could jerk you off but doing 69 is way beyond that. Frank, this is crazy and I'm not sure about this anymore, maybe we should stop now before this gets completely out of hand. I can't put his penis in my mouth, the next thing you know he's going to want to stick it in my vagina."

Through all this talk I noticed my wife face and chest was flushed and her nipples were extended and her pussy was wet and her cum was dripping down her leg to her ass. She was clearly excited like never before and I thought if I didn't rush her and took it one step at a time that there was a good chance she might be talked into this. I said, "Come on honey, nobody is talking about fucking you, go for it one time in your life. You don't have to swallow his cum and you can stop anytime you want if it gets too crazy. He really wants you to teach him what to do."

Anthony chimed in, "Mrs. C. please teach me, I'm a virgin and no girl will even bother with me because they think I'm a loser. They all wonder what's wrong with me and nobody will give me a chance."

She said to me, "Frank, can we talk about this in private? Anthony you stay her while we go into the bathroom." We walked in there, closed the door and she said in a hushed tone so Anthony couldn't hear us, "Frank, I told you this would get out of hand, I can't do this but I feel bad for him."

I said as quietly as possible, "Honey, why don't you just go with it one time, live life to its fullest and also help him out, you heard him, and everybody thinks he's a loser because he's a virgin"

She whispered back, "Live life to its fullest? That doesn't mean that I should go along with this, it crazy. Can't I just let him finger me while I jerk him off? I don't want to blow him. I really don't mind helping him out but putting his cock in my mouth?"

I said, "Honey, look at you, a beautiful women who is ready for this, at least you body is, look at how hard your nipples are, you pussy juice is running down your leg and your face and chest are flushed. You're body is ready for this, just let go of your inhibitions one time. You'll have the time of your life and fulfill our fantasy and change his life for the better."

She said, "I know I'm hornier than ever but I'm worried about us, our marriage vows and our future."

I said, "Honey, don't give that another thought, I want this and it will only make our marriage stronger. You know our sex life has been stale lately but if you go along with this it will only help it out. I think the future will be better if you do this. If you don't do it I'll always wonder what it would have been like and being the spoiled baby that I am will hold it against you. You'll probably also feel some regret in the back of your mind especially for not helping him."

She smiled and said, "You are a spoiled baby. Maybe you're right that this will enhance our marriage. I'll try to drop my inhibitions and go for it. I love you and I'm doing this for you and to change Anthony's life for the better. You owe me BIG TIME for this."

I said, "Big time is what I would call that club between his legs."

She giggled, "I know, it's huge. I guess that might be one of the reasons I'm so excited. In our fantasy, we always talk about the boy being hung but honey I have to ask you a serious question. Will you be ok if this goes all the way? How would you feel if he puts that monster in me? I'm liable to like it."

I said, "Honey, I'm hoping he fucks you all night long."

She said, "We'll see where this goes and I'm still not sure about letting him put it in my vagina. This situation feels exciting but wrong but maybe that's why it's exciting, because it is wrong." She kissed me hard on the lips and had a new look of lust in her eyes and grabbed my hand, opened the door and we walked out together.

She looked at us and said, "Anthony, you're not a loser and I'm going to help you but these are the rules and I mean it, no cumming in my mouth. Just listen to everything I tell you and follow my instructions. Let me know when you're going to cum because I don't want you to cum in my mouth."

Anthony agreed and Linda climbed over Anthony in the 69 position and she told him to rub her pussy gently and especially rub the "button" just above her pussy hole. She told him that was a clitoris and rubbing it will cause a woman to have an orgasm and make her wet and ready to be fucked. While she was telling him what to do, she started to lick and suck his cock and finally put the head in her mouth and jerked his cock. She then had him stick one and then two fingers in her pussy and had him start to finger fuck her. After a few minutes, he started to lose it and told her he was going to cum and she pulled it out of her mouth and jerked him off until he came. As she held his cock, he came all over her hand and his cock.

She got off of him and said, "How was your first blow job?"

He said, "Mrs. C. that was great; that was so hot but we didn't finish the 69, I didn't have oral sex with you. Can we still do that PLEASE? Please teach me how to do it."

She then got off of him, lies down on her back, spread her legs and bent her knees and told him to lick her pussy but only for a few minutes and then we're done. He did as told and she taught him to pay special attention to her clit and stick his tongue as deep as he could in her pussy. She moaned and groaned and told him to keep on licking her. He kept this up for a while (way more than a few minutes) until she grabbed the back on his head and rubbed her pussy up and down on his face real hard and then came all over his face. She finally finished cumming and pulled him up and started kissing him. His hard cock was now between her legs as the passionately kissed, touching her pussy while leaking precum which was mixing with her own pussy cream and she was clearly losing it. Did I mention that she also was in between her periods and was probably ovulating today?

She finally pulled away and said to us, "How's that for teaching him what to do? I hope you're both satisfied."

I answered, "That was hot honey but you can't leave him like that. I think you should teach him one more thing."

"And WHAT would that be?" She said as she gave me a dirty look knowing what I was getting at.

I said, "You've gone this far why don't you rub his cock on your pussy letting him know what it feels like to have his cock feel a pussy? Maybe even put the head in for a second; what harm would it be to let him put it in for a second?"

She still wasn't sure and said, "What harm? What about our marriage vows? What about pregnancy? What about me not being a complete slut?"

I said, "Come on, there's no harm if I agree to it, our marriage is stronger than ever. You won't get pregnant if he pulls out before cums. Just let him put it in for a second and then he can pull out and finally you're not a slut, you're helping him lose his virginity the right way."

She said, "I can't Frank, I've already gone too far. I tried to lose my inhibitions but Anthony's penis in my vagina it just too far for me to go and I can't let this happen, we're done."

Anthony spoke up, "Mrs. C. I'm forever grateful for everything you've shown me and you don't have to do anything else but I wouldn't pick anybody else in the world to take my virginity and teach me how to make love." I thought to myself that I couldn't have said it any better.

She thought for a minute as Anthony and I stared at her and she finally grabbed Anthony's face with her hands and pulled him real close to her, looked him in the eye and said, "Anthony I doing this to help you but you better pull it out before a drop of cum shoots in me from your cock, UNDERSTAND!"

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