tagMind ControlWife Training Ch. 02

Wife Training Ch. 02



The next day I kissed my wife goodbye as she headed off to work. She grabbed my crotch and gave it a squeeze as she winked at me walking out the door.

"See ya tonight, baby!" she said in a low sultry voice.

I just laughed.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out the best course of action to take. I wrote down several different ideas that came to mind depending on how things played out. That way, I could take it in any direction I wanted to based on how she responded to everything. I wasn't sure how focused of a trance I would be able to guide her into so I planned a few different variations of playful things depending on what happened. Most importantly I wanted her to have a good first experience "going under" so that she wouldn't be adverse to it later on.

The day seemed to take forever to get through. It was like time was standing still. My mind was racing back forth and I couldn't focus on anything or be productive in any way shape or form. Finally, the kids were home and Laurie was walking back through the door. After she hugged the stampede of kids that met her at the door she made her way over to me. She leaned up and wrapped her arms around my neck and our mouths met. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I could feel a bulge in my pants start to grow. She pulled away and lustily stared into my eyes. She popped her eyebrows up and down seductively and then leaned up next to my ear.

"Hey stud!" she whispered in my ear. I felt her tongue quickly flick in and out of my ear. My heart jumped in my chest and my dick throbbed in my pants.

"I can't wait to play tonight." She planted another kiss on gently on my cheek and then reverted right back into 'mommy mode' and started getting dinner ready and talking with all of the kids.

My mind was racing all night. I was so distracted as I thought about what lay ahead for the rest of the evening. I knew so much was riding on this being a good first experience for her. We finally got all of the kids bathed and put into bed. Laurie went into the bathroom and got into the shower. I took advantage of the time and just went back over everything one more time in my head to make sure I knew exactly what I was going to do. I heard the shower stop and a few minutes later Laurie appeared in the bedroom doorway in a sexy little blue lace camisole and some matching G-string panties.

"Ok mister," she said, "what do we do first?"

"Come over here and just lie down on the bed." I said.

Laurie walked over and laid down and made her self comfortable. I pulled a chair up next to her bedside and began.

"Now. Just take a nice SLOW deep breath." I said.

I watched her chest rise and fall. It was hard not to get distracted. I could see her nipples popping out from under the blue lace. She was so beautiful. So sexy!

"Very good; now take another, only SLOWER, deep breath." I commanded.

She did.

"Now just let your eyes close and become aware of my voice. Focus all of your attention on the sound of my voice and the tone of my voice. Notice how pleasing it sounds to you. How comforting it feels to hear me speak. Just continue to focus on my voice and follow my instructions. Don't try and make things happen. Just feel your body automatically respond to my voice." I said confidently in a lower tone.

"With your eyes closed," I continued, "take a deep breath in and fill up your entire lungs. When they are full hold it until I tell you to release it. VERY good, now SLOWLY, exhale and as you do feel all of the tension in your muscles just melt away."

I could see her body physically respond and begin to relax.

"VERY good. Your mind has complete control over every muscle in your body. It will respond automatically to my voice. Be aware of how your body responds to my voice as I tell you to relax the muscles in your feet. Let your feet relax and just let that relaxation travel up from your feet into your ankles and into your calf muscles. Very good. With every breath you take you become more and more relaxed and you focus more and more on my voice. Let that relaxation travel up your legs into your thighs and hips and just let all the tension in your legs melt away. That's right. Very good. Now let that amazing relaxation move up; into your stomach; and your chest; and let all of those muscles; go completely loose and limp; very good." My voice droned on in a relaxing way.

"Feel the muscles relax; in your shoulders; and down your arms; all the way to your fingertips; feel the warmth and relaxation just wash over and through your entire body; let the muscles in your neck relax." Her head began to slump over to one side.

"Let that incredible relaxation travel up your neck through the muscles in the back of your head; over the top of your head; and down into your forehead. Relax all of the muscles; around your eyes; your cheeks; your mouth; your jaw; all the muscles in your face; completely limp and relaxed."

Laurie's breathing had slowed to a very smooth and steady rhythm. Now that she was used to following directions it was time to move into the induction. I knew she was feeling good, but now we needed to find out how suggestible she would be.

"Now focus on your eyes. Become aware of all of the muscles around your eyes and your eyelids. I want you to pretend that those muscles are so completely relaxed and so heavy that they just won't work. Those muscles around your eyelids are so lazy and so heavy that even if you wanted to open them; they just wouldn't open. When you know those muscles are so completely relaxed that they just won't open; try and open them and find that they just won't work."

I waited and watched. This was a huge test. If this went well then I was pretty sure everything else would go well too. I saw her eyes start to twitch like she was trying. Her brow tightened like she was giving an effort, but the eyelids stayed close. I didn't let her try but maybe two seconds when I interrupted her. I lightly tapped her forehead and said "SLEEP!" in a firm commanding tone. Laurie's eyes stopped twitching and her body went limp. I immediately began to deepen her trance.

"That's right; very good; deeper; and deeper; and deeper. All...the way...DOWN." And I tapped her forehead again lightly as I said the word down.

"Very good, deeper and deeper; focused only on my voice; aware of how your body responds automatically to the sound of my voice. Deeper and deeper, all...the way...down. Now, in a moment, not now, but in a moment I'm going to count from three down to zero. When I reach zero you will be FIFTY times deeper; and THREE, going deeper and deeper; TWO, drifting, floating, dreaming; ONE, the deeper you go the better you feel and the better you feel the deeper you go, and ZERO, FIFTY TIMES DEEPER. VERY GOOD!"

Laurie's body was responding physically to everything I was saying. I was sure that she was in a deep trance; now to lock it down.

"Starting right NOW; whatever I SAY, to you, INSTANTLY and COMPLETELY becomes your TOTAL reality! No matter how ridiculous or absurd it may sound; whatever I say; TO YOU, instantly and completely becomes your total REALITY. What I say you think, you think. What I say you feel, you feel. What I say you believe, you believe. Nod your head if accept and understand this."

I waited nervously; and then it happened, her head nodded. I knew I had her now. I was giddy with excitement. I almost laughed out loud at the thought of this actually working. I began the process of installing several new anchors and suggestions that would take place after she was out of trance. I told her that whenever she heard me say "TRISTAFEX" it would immediately send her back down into this very deep trance where she would obey my every command. I brought her up a few different times to test it and it worked like a charm. Each time I brought her out she would immediately slump back down and go completely loose and limp whenever I said TRISTAFEX. I also told her that she was now addicted to being hypnotized. Just like a person can take one hit of heroin and be addicted for life she has now taken a hit off being hypnotized and she is now addicted to being hypnotized by me. I told her she was addicted to my voice and whenever she heard me speak it would send a shudder of pleasurable sensations all throughout her entire body. I told her that she would never go more than twenty-four hours without begging me to hypnotize her and let her experience this amazing feeling. I asked if she understood and accepted this and she nodded each time in agreement. I knew at this point I wanted to see what kind of fun we could have.

"Bring your attention to your hands and to your pussy." I said as I reached over and lightly tapped each of those body parts.

"That finger and your pussy now have magnets on them and they are being drawn together. Your hand begins to be drawn straight to your pussy. It just begins to move and be pulled right to your pussy."

Her hand began to lift from off of the bed where it had been resting and moving slowly up over her leg and towards her pussy. Her eyes were twitching under her eyelids. I could tell she was completely under my control.

"It moves faster now being pulled straight to your pussy." I said as her hand moved quickly now and plopped down between her legs cupping her vagina over her blue lace g-string panties.

I decided to be more direct with my instructions now.

"Move your hand under your panties." I commanded. She did.

"Rub your clit with your fingers." I stated. She did.

"Feel your body respond to your own touch. Feel your pussy getting wet. Feel the pleasure rise up into your body, into your breasts." Her body began to respond. Her breathing changed and you could see she was enjoying herself.

"Keep rubbing your clit. Whenever you hear me say the word "DOLL TIME" , you will instantly freeze in whatever you are doing. Your mind will go blank and if your eyes are open you will stare straight ahead. I will be able to move your body into any position I so desire just a like a doll and you will stay in that position until I move you or release you by saying "BACK TO NORMAL", nod your head if you understand and accept this." Her head nodded.

"Keep rubbing your clit. In a moment I will ask you to open your eyes. You will remain in a deep trance. You will act completely normal as though you are not in a trance but you will be in a deep trance and instantly and automatically obey every command I give to you. 1,2,3 open your eyes." I said.

Her eyes opened. She blinked a couple of times and kept rubbing her clit. She was becoming very aroused.

"Stand up". I said. With her hand still in her panties rubbing on her clit she stood up next to the bed.

"Do you like the feeling of rubbing your own clit?" I asked.


"Are you going to cum soon if you keep rubbing your clit?" I asked again.


"You can no longer cum in less I tell you to cum. Do you understand me?" I asked.

"Yes." She said looking straight ahead with her fingers increasingly rubbing her clit harder and harder.

"Good. DOLL TIME." I said.

Everything stopped. She instantly froze. Her hand stopped moving in her panties. Her breathing instantly returned to a normal pace. I stood up next to her and licked her cheek with my tongue. It was a slobbery wet lick. Something I never would have done before. But it had absolutely no physical effect on her whatsoever. I drew my hand back and brought it down flat against her ass and smacked her pretty hard. Again, no physical reaction. She was completely motionless and lifeless. Every now and then her eyes would involuntarily blink to keep them moist, but other than that she was a living doll.

I took her hand out of her panties and smelled her sweet juices on her fingers. I turned her around so she was facing the bed. I bent her over at the waist and put her arms bent at the elbow on the bed to support her. I took her panties off. I lifted and bent her right leg at her knee and set her foot up on the edge of the bed. I then sat down in the chair behind her. Her ass was right in my face and her engorged pussy was glistening within inches of my nose.

"While you are frozen in place your body will still respond sexually to anything I do to you." I stated.

I took two fingers and eased them easily into her sopping pussy. I felt the walls of her vagina clamp down around them and suck them in. I slipped them back in and back out a couple of times.

"Relax your asshole." I said commandingly. Laurie had never let me play with her ass before. It was an exit only part of her body; until tonight.

"When I stick my finger in your asshole it will become completely relaxed and you will have the strongest pleasurable sexual sensation rush through your body." I said.

I took my middle finger still wet with her pussy juice and slowly pushed into her tight sphincter. Upon touching her hole it instantly relaxed and opened ever so slightly. My middle finger eased into her virgin asshole. I felt her body shudder with pleasure as I had commanded it to. I pushed it all the way up to the last knuckle. Her ass sucked my finger inside of her. I slowly pulled it back out and it made a small popping sensation as it left her body. I took my hand and put it up to her mouth and stuck my middle finger that was just in her booty hole inside her mouth and cleaned it off on her tongue.

"When I say "BACK TO NORMAL" you will no longer be frozen. You will turn around take off your clothes. You will see me lying on the bed. You will undress me and then you will straddle my face ask me to lick your pussy. Nod your head if you understand this. Good. From now on if I ask you to address me or answer a question and we are alone – you will always call me Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." She replied as she stared straight ahead still frozen.

"Very Good." I said as I lay down in the bed.

"Back To Normal" I said.

Her body instantly had life. She blinked a couple of times and then her eyes locked onto me. She moved over on the bed and began undressing me. She took all of my clothes off. I was now completely naked and my cock was standing at full attention. She immediately straddled my face. Her pussy was an inch away from my mouth. I looked up past her beautiful tits and she looked down at me.

"Will you please lick my pussy, Master?" she asked subserviently.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?" I asked.

"Yes Master." She responded.

"Beg me." I commanded

"Oh Master! Please, oh please lick my aching pussy! I will do anything for you Master, but please put your tongue on my clit and lick my pussy. Master Please! Oh Please Master; lick my pussy. It's wet for your tongue. Please Master! Please lick my pussy." She continued pleading.

"Ok. Bring it here." I said.

With that she lowered her pussy onto my face. My tongue found her clit and she started grinding her pussy down onto my mouth. Her hands rubbed her tits and pulled and pinched on her nipples. Her head rolled around and pleasurable groans escaped from her mouth. I could tell she was close to cumming. I could sense she needed to cum, but I had already told her she could no longer cum unless I told her too. I grabbed her waist and lifted her off my face and told her, "You will cum every time I slap your ass." I then set her pussy back down on my face and continued ravaging her pussy and her clit with my tongue. I sucked on it. Nibbled at it and ground my mouth into it as hard as I could. My face was sopping wet from her pussy juices. She was moaning uncontrollably now and beginning to cuss wildly.

"Oh Master! Lick my pussy Master! Eat my fucking pussy Master!" I knew she was ready to cum. I lifted my right hand, swung it back and then landed a sharp open handed blow on her ass. Her body convulsed in pleasure as a massive orgasm ripped through her body. Her cunt flowed freely with wetness. I reached back and slapped her ass again and she started cumming more violently; grinding her pussy against my face. She screamed in pleasure. I slapped her again and her body starting convulsing like she was having a seizure. I had never seen her cum like this before in my life. Not even in our wild crazy sex days. Her body kept convulsing. I threw her off of my face onto the bed next to me; she landed on her stomach convulsing and moaning. I brought my hand down on her ass again. And again she screamed in pleasure and convulsed even stronger than before.

I let her orgasm subside. Her body randomly twitched with pleasure for the next couple of minutes as she came down from the sexual high. I watched her sweaty body glisten. Completely nude! Completely mine to do with as I pleased!

"Starting right now; you are my sex slave, from this moment on; you live to bring me pleasure; you only receive pleasure when you know that I have received pleasure. You will spend every waking moment thinking of ways to please me and to make me happy. Your life will be spent in pleasing me in whatever way I tell you to. The more you serve me the more pleasure you receive. The more you bring me pleasure the more pleasure and fulfillment you get. If I tell you it makes me happy then you will do it and you will receive the most intense pleasure from doing whatever I need you to do. Do you understand this?"

"Yes Master." She said into the pillow her head was laying on.

"Good. Now I'm going to stand on the side of the bed." I moved over in front of her on the side of the bed.

"Sit up."

"Yes Master."

"When I tell you to you will suck my cock. From now on whenever you taste my cum in your mouth it will taste like the sweetest vanilla cream you've ever had. It will taste absolutely delicious. You now love to swallow my cum. If you ever see my cum on anything you will instantly lap it up and swallow it down. If any cum leaks out of your pussy after we have sex or out of your asshole after I fuck your ass you will immediately bring it to your mouth and swallow it down. You are addicted to tasting and swallowing my cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Good. Now suck my cock until I cum in your mouth." I commanded.

"Yes Master."

My beautiful wife Laurie was now my sex slave. No matter what I told her to do she did. She had no choice. For her she now only received pleasure when she was giving me pleasure and making me happy.

Her mouth engulfed my cock and she hungrily started bobbing up and down. She had never been able to take all of my nine inches into her without gagging; until tonight.

"Your gag reflex is no longer there whenever you are sucking cock. You can take any size cock into your mouth all the way down and it will feel amazing to you." I stated clearly.

She immediately relaxed all of the muscles in her throat. And for the first time in 15 years of marriage she swallowed my entire cock all the way to the base of my shaft. Only my balls were left dangling about. While completely engulfed in her throat she slipped her tongue out and flicked my ball sack with her tongue. She had never done that before. I was so turned on. I held her head there in that position not letting her come back up for air. I felt the pressure building inside me. My dick became engorged and swelled.

"You will have an orgasm when you taste my cum in your mouth." I shouted.

At that moment I spewed a massive load of jizz into her mouth and down her throat. I heard her moan and felt her body shake as she had an orgasm on command. I held her head in place as I finished squirting every last drop. I let go but she didn't move. She was still sucking on my cock lapping up every bit of my sweet cum.

"How did that taste?" I asked.

"Oh my God, Master." She panted, "That tasted amazing. It was the most amazing sweet creamy vanilla I've ever had. And I came as soon as you shot into my mouth. I've never done that before." She exclaimed.

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