tagMind ControlWife Training Ch. 04

Wife Training Ch. 04


A brilliant flash of light hit me squarely in the eyes as the setting sun hit the rear window of the car in front of me. I grabbed the visor and shot it down and tried to blink away the black dots in my vision.

"Are you ok Master?" my wife Laurie asked.

"I'm fine. Hand me my sunglasses baby." I said gesturing with my hand towards the glovebox.

We were on our way over to have dinner at John Carpenter's house. John was a hypnotist I had met online while trying to find some information about erotic hypnosis. When we spoke on the phone he said that he had been helping couples overcome sexual issues for over 20 years. I was certain that he would be able to help me get a better handle on controlling my new little pet and help me work through any issues I had with creating a new wife.

Something inside of me certainly still didn't sit right with changing Laurie so dramatically. Yes – I was reaping the benefits that every man certainly dreamed about but I was also feeling extremely guilty about how much of a change had overtaken her. I was taking full advantage of the situation too. Laurie and I were doing things that she swore would never happen and she was doing them willingly and finding great pleasure in doing so.

"Turn right in point five miles." I heard the robotic voice of my GPS come to life.

Their house was in the nicer part of town. I had pulled up their neighborhood earlier. The cheapest home in that area was a million dollars. Each house sat on 2 acres and some had more than that. I pulled up to a gated driveway and pressed the buzzer on the speaker box.

"Hello?" said a voice from the box.

"Hey there, this is Connor and Laurie...here to have dinner." I said back into the box.

I heard a whirring noise from up above the gate. I looked up and noticed a small remote camera turning and focusing its lens at us. I poked my head out the window and waved at the camera.


I heard a large mechanism on the gate unlock and the large black rod iron apparatus started to swing apart.

"Pull on up around the front drive." I heard the box say again.

We drove up around a one-lane twisting driveway that was meticulously landscaped with decorative shrubs on each side. The house was massive. If I had to guess it was easily over ten thousand square feet. It was a white stucco house that a bit of a Mediterranean feel to it. It was a very impressive sight. We came to a fork in the driveway. To the left the road led around to the front of the house and to the right it appeared to head off back around near the back of the house. We went around to the left and pulled up right near the front doors. I turned the car off and got out and came around and helped Laurie exit the vehicle. She looked stunning. She was wearing a classic little black dress that hugged her toned body in all of the right places. It had a v-neck plunge that showed just a hint of cleavage. She wasn't wearing any panties or nylons by my command, but I did have her put on the tallest heels she owned.

"Thank you master." She said as I took her hand and helped her out.

"You look amazing baby. Now be on your best behavior tonight." I reminded her.

"Your wish is my command, master." She said bowing her head lightly in submission.

We walked up to the large wooden door and I pressed the door bell. A large resounding chime echoed inside and I saw a figure approach the door through the opaque glass in the side window next to the door.

The door opened and a young lady opened the door. She could be no more than 25 years old. She was very attractive. She wore black pants and a black button down shirt that was tucked into her pants. She looked like waitress at a find dining establishment except without the apron. She had auburn colored hair that was shoulder length and well kept. She smiled gracefully at us.

"Good evening. Come in please." She said as she stepped aside and motioned us both to come inside.

We entered into a beautiful entry hall. A huge crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling over our heads. There was a dual curved staircase that went up either side of the room to the second level and you could see into a large sitting room directly ahead. Everything about this house screamed money, and it was obvious no expense was spared in decorations. I felt like I was in a museum and was trying to be careful not to touch anything.

"Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter will be down in a moment. Please make yourself at home in the den." Said the auburn haired woman motioning toward the room in front of us. "Can I get you anything to drink? Water? Beer? Martini?" she asked politely.

"Water for me," I stated, "and she'll have a cosmopolitan".

"Yes sir." The cute little servant turned and headed off down the hall and I couldn't help but notice how those black pants accentuated her tight little bum as she strode off, her high heels clacking away on the marble floor.

Laurie and I strode into the den. There was a massive wood burning fireplace with a small fire already burning inside. On either side of the fireplace were built-in shelves from floor to ceiling completely covered in books. There were dark leather couches facing each other and set of matching dark leather chairs with ottomans next to each other on either end – the entire set making a nice square for people to sit and face each other.

"Laurie, go sit in that chair." I motioned toward that chair furthest away.

"Yes master." She said dutifully and marched over and sat down crossing her legs and resting her arms on the arm rests.

I stood next to the fireplace looking at my wife. She was gorgeous! A sudden rush of intense feelings of love and gratitude flooded my mind. I did not deserve her and I certainly was feeling more and more guilty about who she had become under my direction.

The click clack of high heels on the marble floor brought back into the room. The cute servant girl appeared carrying our drinks on a silver platter. She walked over to Laurie and handed her the cosmopolitan and then walked toward me. Her dark brown eyes never wavered from mine as she approached. With one hand she reached up and took the glass of water and handed it to me.

"Your water, Mr. Bradley." She said. I took the glass from her hand and our fingers brushed as the glass exchanged hands. I felt a rush of energy flow through me and she winked at me as she let go and withdrew her hand.

"Is there anything else I can do for you right now." She said suggestively as her eyes wandered down my body to my crotch.

I felt a little aroused and a little embarrassed all at the same time. This girl looked like she was just out of college and she was hitting on me. My wife was sitting in the chair behind her and couldn't see what was going on.

"Uh.." I stuttered, "I think we are good right now." I managed to say.

She pouted her lips and looked up at me with her doughy brown eyes, "Ok...but if you need ANYTHING...anything at all, just ring this little bell and I'll take care of it for you." She said producing a small silver bell with an ornate wooden handle on it.

I took the bell from her and set it on the mantle of the fireplace behind me and watched that cute little butt sway back and forth as she disappeared around the corner.

My wife sipped her cosmopolitan, "Wow – she mixed that strong!" she said wincing her eyes together as she swallowed the first sip of alcohol.

"Kathryn likes to mix them extra strong." Said a deep commanding voice off to my left.

I turned and saw a charming elderly gentleman comfortably dressed making his way towards me and a thin attractive woman following behind him.

"John Carpenter", he said extending his hand towards me. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Connor Bradley" I said grabbing his extended hand and giving it a hearty shake.

"Connor, this is my wife Julia." John said.

Julia approached with her hand outstretched. I took her hand gently and held it as I gave her a quick glance over. She stood about 5'5" and looked to be about 110 pounds. She had black hair that showed signs of graying that hung down to the middle of her back. She had brilliant green eyes that seemed to pierce me when I looked into them. She had to be in her late forties or early fifties but she looked fantastic. She wore a red button down blouse that was tucked neatly into a black knee length skirt. She wore no pantyhose but was wearing a pair of 4 inch black open toed high heels. Her facial features were very cut – not soft and doughy but quite striking.

"Hi Julia, It's a pleasure to meet you." I said as kindly as I could.

"It's nice to meet you too, Connor." She said with a simple smile crossing her face.

"Laurie, come here." I motioned for her to join us.

"Julia, John – this is my wife Laurie." I said.

"Laurie, you look amazing, Connor is quite a lucky man." John took her hand and lowered his head and planted a quick kiss on her knuckles.

Laurie blushed and shot a quick glance at me. I gave her a reassuring smile and she seemed to be ok.

John reached up and grabbed the little bell I had placed on the fireplace and gave it a quick ring. Within just a few seconds the cute little servant girl appeared around the corner.

"Abigail, is dinner ready?" John asked her.

"Yes, Mr. Carpenter, everything is prepared." She responded quickly.

"Good, I'm starving, let's eat." He said and began walking.

We all began to follow him. My eyes met Abigail's as we walked past and she shot me a quick smile. I could have sworn I saw her stick her tongue out under her lip and give it a quick lick. We followed the Carpenter's down the hall a ways until we reached the ornate dining room. The table was set for four and we each took our places at the table. Two more wait staff people entered through a swinging door attached to the dining room and began bringing out dishes. It smelled absolutely delicious. Once the food was placed on the table the wait staff left us alone to our dinner.

"So Connor – why don't you tell me a little about what's been going on." John said taking a bite from his food.

I began to explain to him what had transpired over the last couple of days and how I had been struggling with the rapid transformation. I explained that I was appreciative of him allowing us to come over and would be grateful for any insight he could give into how should move forward.

"Connor, you said that you've never hypnotized anyone before?" John asked.

"Yes, well except for my son, I've never hypnotized anyone at all." I answered.

"Well that's fascinating. I've never know anyone to be able to achieve what you claim you have in such a short amount of time. You sound like you are just a natural." He explained. "Would you mind showing me some of the things that you are talking about?"

"Ummm..." I hesitated. I looked over at Julia sitting there waiting for me to answer. I was a little unsure of how to proceed.

"It's OK Connor" John said, "She's been by my side for the last 25 years and has been involved with my work from day one. It's ok."

I looked at Julia and she gave me a reassuring nod.

"Laurie." I said looking at my wife enjoying her meal.

She looked up at me with a glowing smile.

"Stand up." I said.

"Yes sir." She said

She set her fork down and pushed herself back from the table and stood next to her chair.

"Doll Time." I said and snapped my fingers.

Her face went expressionless and she stared straight ahead into nothing.

"Wow – that's amazing." John said sounding quite surprised.

"She is now a human doll. You can move her into any position you want and she will remain that way until I release her and she will have no recollection of it." I explained.

"Julia, go mover her." John said to his wife.

Julia immediately pushed herself back from the table and walked around behind Laurie. She lifted one of her arms and held it out to the side and it stayed there. She then turned her head to the right and bent her over at the waist so that her face was just inches from the top of the table. She spread her legs slightly apart.

"Stop moving her." John said, and she did.

"What else can you make her do?" asked Connor.

"Really anything I tell her to do she will do and do it enthusiastically." I said.

"What other triggers have you installed?" he asked.

"Well, if you smack her ass she will have an orgasm." I replied.

"Back to normal" I said. Immediately Laurie blinked and stood back up looking around wondering what was going on.

"Put your hands on the table, baby." I told her.

"Yes sir." Laurie responded.

"Smack her ass." John said to his Julia.

Julia stepped up behind my wife and raised her hand and then brought it down hard on my wife's behind. Laurie grabbed the table and let out a moan.

"Oh fuck!" she said as her eyes rolled up in to the back of her head and her body shook with pleasure.

I felt my dick come to life in my pants as I watched Julia raise her hand again and bring it down swiftly on my wife's ass for a second time.

"Shiiiiiiiiiit!" Laurie screamed as her legs buckled and another orgasm racked her body.

"Stop Julia." John told his wife.

She froze in place.

"Doll Time." He said to Laurie, and she went blank.

I was shocked. He just put wife into altered state. I thought I was the only one that could that.

"Connor, you've done an amazing job, but I think I can help you even more." He said looking at from across the table.

The two women at the end of the table were completely expressionless. His wife's hand hung in mid air about to deal another swat to my wife's behind. Both frozen statues. It was surreal sight.

"I don't know John, I'm having a lot of guilt about how I've been treating my wife and even here tonight, showing her off like this is really making me uncomfortable." I tried to explain.

"Connor, Connor, Connor..." John trailed off, "Look here – does your wife receive pleasure from making you happy?" he asked.

"Yes, she appears too." I answered.

"YES!" he exclaimed. "She most certainly does. Her reality as of right now is to make you happy. She will not be happy unless she is pleasing you. This is the natural order of things. This is how God created us to be. These are the roles that we were created for." John went on, "All you have done is freed her to become exactly who she was created to be. Every woman has a desire deep inside of her to give herself completely to another man. She may fight it, she may deny it, but if she does she will be only half the woman she could ever be otherwise. They try to rule over us, but it only brings them pain and misery. They strive to be like us, but in the end it's an empty pursuit for them and ends in depression and utter failure for them."

I was shocked at what I was hearing. This sounded like some sort of freaky cult talk. I was confused. I began looking around trying to figure out what I should do.

"Julia, hike up Laurie's skirt." John commanded his wife.

She immediately moved forward and hiked my wife's little black dress up over her hips exposing her bare ass and pantieless sex.

"Back to normal, Laurie," he said.

Laurie blinked a few times and came back to the room. She looked down and realized her skirt was hiked up and she was standing there completely exposed. Her hands went to try and move them down and Julia reached up from behind her and grabbed her hands and whispered something in her ear. Laurie froze in place looking at me with a confused look.

"You see Connor, your woman is looking at you right now for direction. She just wants to make you happy. She is completely dependent on you for how she should respond." John explained looking lustily at by wife's shaved mound.

"I think I made a big mistake coming over here tonight." I said looking back at Connor.

"Oh that's too bad Connor" he said ringing the bell next to his plate.

Abigail appeared through the door and came to stand behind me.

"I think we will be going now." I said beginning to push away from the table.

Just then I felt a sharp sting in my shoulder. I looked over and saw Abigail depressing a syringe full of a clear liquid into my body. I jumped up knocking the chair over behind me. I tripped over the chair and landed on my ass on the cold marble floor behind me. I saw Laurie squirming trying to get free from Julia's grip but she was having no success.

"Doll Time." John said to my wife and watched her go blank.

I tried to stand to my feet, but I couldn't quite seem to get them under me. It was an immense struggle to even get them to move. Everything started to get very blurry and there was an intense ringing in my ear. I managed to grab the edge of the table and start to pull myself up. My grip slipped and my head slammed into the floor and everything went black.

"Mr Bradley....? Mr. Bradley...?" I heard a female voice find its way through the ringing in my ears.

I opened my eyes and blinked but everything was very fuzzy and blurred.

"Mr. Bradley, look at me." I heard the ladies voice say. I vaguely recognized it to be the voice of Abigail, John Carpenters servant girl.

I tried to open my eyes and focus them. Her face began to slowly come into focus with each blink of my very tired and heavy eyelids.

"I've given you a little something to help wake you up Mr. Bradley, but I'm afraid you will have a headache and some ringing in your ears as a bit of nasty side effect." Abigail explained.

She was right on both accounts. I was finding it difficult to hear her through the ringing in my ears and I could hear my heartbeat pounding inside my head with each thunderous beat. I tried to raise my arms so I could rub my eyes but found that they couldn't be lifted.

"Your in restraints right now Mr. Bradley. We didn't want you to hurt yourself." I heard Abigail say.

"Where's my wife? Where am I?" I asked in a small crackly voice. My eyes blinking desperately to gain focus.

"She's perfectly fine Mr. Bradley. She's sitting in a chair to your left in a comfortable hypnotic state completely unaware of anything around her. She's completely and totally relaxed." Abigail said in a reassuring voice.

"What's happening? Where I am?" I asked again.

"You are in Mr. Carpenter's office, Mr. Bradley. You are ok and so is your wife." She answered.

My eyes finally settled down and I was able to focus on my surroundings. I was seated in what looked like a makeshift dentists chair. I was partially reclined. There were some kind of bindings on my wrists and another binding that wrapped around my shins so my legs could not move. I could lift and move my head freely. Abigail was standing next to me holding a clip board and writing something down. To my left I saw Laurie sitting upright in a chair near the entrance to this room. There was a dark leather couch in front of me. The walls were bare and the room was very sterile looking otherwise.

Laurie's eyes were closed and she was just sitting there. Her breathing appeared to be very relaxed and she did look quite peaceful. She didn't look like she had been harmed or messed with in anyway. She was still dressed in the same clothes she was wearing before I got knocked out.

"Laurie." I said pleadingly.

No response.

"Laurie." I shouted louder.

Still no response.

Abigail stepped in front of my view of my wife, "She will not respond to you right now, just relax and take a deep breath."

"Relax?" I shouted, "How the fuck do you expect me to relax right now? What the fuck is going on around here? What did you do to us? Where is John? I want some fucking answers, NOW!"

"Mr. Bradley, if you don't settle down I will have to give you another shot, and you really don't want that to happen. Just relax and everything will be explained in a few moments." She said turning away and walking out the door.

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