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NOTE: This is an adult fiction containing erotic material and is intended for an adult readership only. This is my first ever effort on writing for Literotica. Please let me know if you liked the narrative. Feedback is requested even if u disagree with the contents.

* * * * *

I am 33 years old, happily married businessman from Karachi. I am married to Nazli, my wonderful loving wife. She is 5 years younger to me. She is 5 ft 4 ½ inches tall with 120 lbs weight. She is a stylish and good looking working woman. Nazli always remains a fitness freak and is extremely conscious of her looks. Her beautiful face is characterised by fair complexion contrasted with dark black eyes. Her bob-cut silky hair add western model look to her personality. As far as my wife's sex appeal is concerned, I can only say that she is a perfect gorgeous. Her 34 d size boobs are always a focus of attraction for on lookers. Besides that, her flat tummy and round ass are perfectly proportionate to her overall figure.

We live in a posh area, I attend to my business and Nazli is working for a foreign corporation. We are married for almost six years. In these six years, Nazli has given me every pleasure which any man in my position would dream. She is a wonderful person, understands her strengths and uses her skills to extend all out support whenever I need her. We often get time to tour abroad; there we live all our fantasies. Our sexual life has remained full of fun. I will not go into the details regarding our different sexual experiences but can tell my dear readers that these were all memorable, not only for me but for Nazli as well. We share our fantasies and desires with each other at will.

One thing that I forgot to mention about Nazli is that she loves adventures and challenges... Yes you may be right! All sorts of challenges, and tell u what she does not like to back off.

She has always remained proud of her sexual splendour as well as physical strength and offered to prove her claim on any available opportunity. This aspect in our married life has remained a hot turn on for me, watching her compete for dominance. She knows that her claims mean lot to me. In six years of married life we did not get any such opportunity where her claims could be put to test. Both of us never knew that the luck will present the chance to experience this adventure in our own house. Let me explain the events that led to the point where the actual thrill came.

* * * * *

Our maid had left the job to settle some domestic problems. We were in dire need to find the replacement and there seem no solution in view. The search was on. One night I received a call from my very dear friend in Clifton. His wife had gone away to her parents. In her absence, the asshole had arranged for an escort for the whole evening. Since his party time with the slut was over therefore, he wanted to drop the girl back at a place close to Marriot Hotel. He wanted me to come over to his place as his car was not starting and the girl was not willing to take the cab. When I reached at my friend's place, the girl was in the kitchen making coffee. As curiosity struck, I asked my friend to have a look at the girl myself. He did not agree, and went on to explain that the girl had to attend a family wedding thereafter and as such needed to get back to her place in time. So my chance was over. As a consolation, I could accompany her till the drop off point.

I saw her for the first time, when she came out of the kitchen with coffee trey in her both hands. I must say I was mesmerised. Wearing blue denim jeans with a camel colour sleeveless blouse, she was not only looking pretty but was extremely attractive as well. She was physically almost identical to my wife; obviously foremost differences were in complexion and the hairstyle. She had slightly tanned but clear skin, longer hair with blonde streaks, neatly brushed. Her high breasts jiggled as she walked. I was indeed impressed by her body movements and style. As I extended my hand to greet her she came closer, took my hand and introduced herself as Sitara. She carried a Punjabi accent. She seemed to be a well educated girl. At once my thought turned towards my wife's wish for a physical and sexual challenge. Sitara was a perfect choice to fulfil our long standing desire, even if she was a slut. Over coffee, we had a chat between three of us for next few minutes, then my friend requested me to drop Sitara on my way back to home. I was already in no mood to say no this request and Sitara also did not express any reservations on this arrangement.

As we drove, I straight away came to the point.

"Look here Sitara, I know that you may not have heard many strange proposals in your life, like the one I am about to offer. I have a lucrative offer to make............ it will be an attractive but surely a different job"

She turned her head towards me and waited as I explained.

"I am a happily married man, a beautiful young wife, no major obligations.............. we live in DHA."

She was attentive and looking forward so that I got to the point.

"What do you want to say, get to the point"

"Well, we are looking for a maid!" and there I heard her loud laughter.

"Do I look like a maid to you? How have you conceived that wonderful idea? You must be nut!"

I was expecting this response from her, so very politely I started to give her the actual reason. I explained that the maid part was only a cover; in actual it was going to be a different kind of sexual / physical engagement between her and Nazli for some time. (Many readers may not know that mere talking about homosexual relationships is disliked or considered awkward and lesbianism is something alien to Pakistani society. In this milieu, whatever I was saying to this call girl was absolutely unimaginable even if she was a call girl.) She was outraged to listen to my proposal.

"I thought you were a reasonable and well educated man, but you are disgusting bastard! How could you suggest something like that..............that too for your wife, does she know about this? Any ways, from my side it's a plain NO for your stupid offer".

I felt disappointed. Thereafter there was silence in the car. As we reached at the Marriot Hotel's entrance, I stopped the car and waited for her to get down, instead she requested to take the car in the parking area of the hotel, and from there she wanted to disembark. Again an idea came to my mind, I picked up my mobile phone and straight went to the pictures folder and there I had stored few nice pictures of my wife. Posing innocent, I asked Sitara if she would like to have a look at those photos.

"Why you are doing this? I told u I am not interested! So leave it."

I insisted, while looking at my disappointed face she took the mobile in her hand. I started explaining the occasions to her when these pictures were taken. She did not hesitate in praising my wife's beauty.

"She is a stunning girl; I am still confused how you can think so disgustingly low about your wife? Is there any other reason? Why you want to make her feel ashamed?"

There I dropped the last card.

"It's her wish too."

Sitara's expressions explained the shock; she had probably not expected this. "Here's my business card with all the contact details. If you consider accepting this offer, then I will set your meeting with Nazli, You will not have to worry about anything, moreover you can stay with us at you will."

She took the card and without looking at it put it in her shoulder bag. I took back the mobile from her hand and with due courtesy asked her to smile while focusing the camera on her. I saved her close up picture in my mobile. That was the end of first meeting with Sitara. I drove back home, all the way excited to narrate the incident to Nazli.

Once back in my bedroom I found Nazli, wearing a sexy outfit. She was waiting to deliver yet another amazing love making performance. She noticed my excitement immediately and asked for the reason. I explained the complete details of chance meeting with Sitara and my offer. Though Nazli actually loved adventures and pursued them with me on our tours abroad where no one knew us, but this time she was also slightly perturbed. Here in Karachi, Pakistan we had not intentionally indulged in any such activity for obvious reasons. However, this opportunity did provide one good reason to feel secure; we could do everything in our own house. Therefore there were no risks involved. Nazli gradually calmed down. I opened Sitara's snapshot in my mobile and asked Nazli to have a look at the girl's charisma. She was all willing to see her likely challenger. She got closer and with hand on my already erect shaft, looked at the picture.

"Wow, look at her, she is exciting, seems she has full grown boobs as well."

I could feel Nazis' nipples getting hard through her silky dress.

"Do you think that she will be a good match for you?"

My hands now moved between Nazi's legs, she was very wet. In fact her cunt juices had already made her panty wet.

"Yea, I will definitely challenge any girl like her, let's wait and see if she responds positively. I think in any case it will be a close tie."

"Any fear if she beats you?" I asked.

"I will not feel ashamed for myself even if I go down."

"That's my brave girl."

Bed side lights went off and we went to sleep after making most passionate love to each other.

* * * * *

It was yet another very hot and humid Sunday in late September. For most locals of the port city, it is terrible going out for shopping in such hot and humid weather. Most modern and elite class of the city turns to Defence Sunday Market for weekly shopping. Many ladies dressed in casual western summer outfits / almost see through dresses roam around as if cat walking. Their dresses cling to their bodies due to sweat pouring. These women do little to avoid exposing themselves in this manner. This place is a heaven for the onlookers; their reward for braving the heat is also equivalent as they enjoy the treat. In a Muslim country like Pakistan, where women still largely remain covered, this place is like Florida beach. We were also there on a routine shopping trip. Nazlis' bra was clearly visible under her white cotton blouse. She had slightly over unbuttoned her low neck blouse, thus showing off her cleavage. Then there was also some exposed flesh around the belly (just over waste band) which was causing definite stirs amongst male segment of the crowd in the market. I, on the hand was enjoying this situation through my dark sunglasses.

There was no call from Sitara since I had dropped her at Marriot Hotel. As we were walking around in the market, I sensed her body fragrance. I kept looking around, hoping to locate her, but did not succeed. I was about to step forward from one of the stalls, when I felt a soft hand tapping at my back. I turned back and saw her smiling. Sunglasses resting on her forehead, wearing a black low neck top with white caprice, she gave a stunning look. "I thought I will never see u again."

I could hardly believe that she was there standing next to me.

"What are you doing here? Looking for a maid?" She winked at me.

"Are you alone or your wife is also here?"

Nazli was standing only few steps away looking at some cushion covers, obviously she had not noticed this meeting.

"Well there is she, come let me introduce you to her."

I approached Nazli and whispered to her that I had found Sitara by chance and now she was standing behind us waiting to see her. Nazli was speechless, and then in a very subtle manner she turned and stared in the direction where Sitara was standing. Both girls made their first ever eye contact. I was unable to understand that what kind of emotions were going through both girls' minds. Then after a slight reluctance, both girls moved towards each other.

"Hi, I am Nazli." hands were shaken.

"My name is Sitara."

They politely kissed each other on the cheeks. My wife's eyes were now scanning the body of this girl who was standing next to her. Sitara returned the stare at Nazlis' blouse as if measuring her size. Before Nazli could say something, Sitara started off "Your husband had shown me your pictures. You are definitely more attractive than I had earlier thought."

"I know! He told me so and we were actually wondering if you will ever contact us or turn up some day." Nazli did not waste any time in showing her eagerness to receive Sitara. "Actually I had never considered, but if u insist, I can otherwise visit you people some time"

There I jumped in.

"We are almost over with shopping; otherwise it is getting difficult for me to stand here in this heat, why don't we go home now. There we can have some refreshments, sit and chat. Sitara you can join us if it's ok with you, what do you say honey?"

Nazli supported my suggestion and asked Sitara to accompany us. "I will not play the maid" and we all laughed. She agreed to give us the company.

After about 15 minutes we were sitting in our lounge. At last Sitara had stepped in our house. There were butterflies dancing in my tummy, not knowing what would happen next. Nazli went straight to the kitchen to get us some cold drinks. Sitara offered her assistance but Nazli asked her to relax in the lounge. Air conditioners were working and we could now breathe easily. Sitara removed her shoes and went around in the room glancing at our photographs. She was impressed with our lifestyle seen in those photographs. Then she settled down in a sofa. Nazli came back with the cold drinks and we all settled down. There were some quite moments. Sitara praised Nazli for having a lovely house. She admired Nazis' taste and the way everything in the lounge was placed. Discussion slowly diverted to our domestic issues. Nazli made a mention of difficulties faced by both of us in the absence of a maid. We were both opposed to keeping a male servant. Sitara listened to our dialogue and expressed her understanding of the problems.

Then she turned towards me and came to the real issue by asking to explain her about the proposal I had made to her in the car during our first meeting. She only wanted to know how she could relate her business activity with us. I asked her straight whether she was conversant with lesbianism and if she ever had any girl -- girl relationship. She acknowledged that in the past she did have sexual engagements with some guys who wished to have sex with two girls simultaneously. Even in those experiences she did not get into any lesbian act. However, this time she was ready to get the first experience but had no idea of actions that we were expecting from her. Then I asked Nazli to explain whatever she had conceived. Nazli had now gained sufficient self-belief and started to explain her desires. She wanted a physical contest followed by a sexual encounter. Sitara listened carefully to whatever Nazli was explaining. I was myself surprised to listen what Nazli had to propose. After listening to Nazi, Sitara said that she was willing to take on the both kind of challenges posed by Nazli with few conditions of her own. First, she wanted to finalise the financial issues. Then she wanted a free medical treatment in case of any unforeseen physical injury happening to her. Next, she came with a surprise; adding erotic touch to the game plan.

"I will be pleased to stay with us for complete week."

The surprise did not end there.

"In case, I win these battles then being the winner, I will stay here as Nazlis' mistress. It would mean that Nazli shell have to fulfil my every command, even her status as wife would also be switched."

Though I had no role in Nazlis' initial proposals yet becoming husband of Sitara for one week was an exciting thought. For Nazli, stakes were taken to unthinkable heights. I looked at Nazli; she was no more holding her composure. She was stunned more than me. She at once got up from the sofa and slowly took of her cotton blouse. Her bra also came off exposing her delicious boobs. She threw the bra right in Sitara's face and said "Sweetheart I accept your conditions; soon you will find that who has better / stronger boobs and a superior pussy. Tell me when you are ready to take on the challenge; I will otherwise be willing to make you eat my pussy."

Listening to such slut speech from my wife shocked me. Not once in last six years she had used such vulgar language. Now it was Sitara's turn.

"Don't you worry my slave to be; better make advance arrangements to treat and heal your injuries and insults. I will fuck your cunt and ass simultaneously. I will crush and squeeze your proud boobies and will drain your bladder.........., I will do it all with pleasure. Last but not the least you will have to suck and clean your husband's tool after I leave my fluids on it every night............ in your bed."

With her remarks, now Sitara got up, she removed her caprice, and took off her panties. She held her panties in her hand and walked towards Nazli who was watching Sitara coming towards her. Both girls gave each other a very tight hug while looking into each other's eyes. Then with one swift move Nazli pulled Sitara's hair lifting her face and planted a deep kiss. The lip lock continued for some time. Nazli now pulled Sitara's head into her chest.

"Feel my breasts and taste the sweat from there now, as you may not be able to break a single drop of sweat from this place again."

Sitara lifted her sweat soaked panty and put it to Nazis' mouth.

"Taste it Nazli, soon you will have to get used to tasting and smelling my sweat and cunt juices."

I asked both girls to go slow and take back their seats.

I was excited as the situation was developing. It was decided that competition would take place on Monday night. Soon after, the lunch was served by Nazli. Sitara was now also feeling at home with us. On the dining table, she gave us her personal details. She was living here in Karachi for last two years with one of her cousins. She was from Lahore. Came from a reasonably good family, was quite practical about her approach towards life. I asked Nazli if she would like to take Sitara to our bed room for spending some more time, she had no objection to this. After consuming lunch, we all shifted to our bed room. I straight away headed to the wash room to take a shower, Nazli and Sitara took seats in the sofa. I came back from the shower wearing my Bermuda shorts without any brief, Sitara immediately noticed my bulge, and her cheeks got blushed. I settled myself between the two ladies. Nazli gave me a kiss and put her hand right over my already semi hard cock.

"Will you like to show your manhood to our guest, honey?"

"Why not, pleasure will be mine."

Sitara gave a smile, and teasingly said

"Who knows? I may win your restless horse for a week, then I will get ample time to ride and train your wild thing." with that her hand crept inside my shorts and gently squeezed the tip of my cock.

"Oh, your cum has already starting to leak, let me see how it tastes" With that she lowered her self and gave me a real nice blow job.

Nazlis' lips remained tightly locked over my mouth; her tongue was finding its way in and out of my lips. I was left with n choice but to release my cum. Both Nazli and Sitara joined to catch my precious sperms in their open mouths.

I had seen many lesbian movies and knew well that how they made sex. Here, things were different. Now, I was only interested to know that how the two girls would compete in the physical match. I raised this question to both. Nazli and Sitara had only vague ideas like wrestling on the mattress, pinching on the nipples and tit fight etc. I remembered that Sitara had earlier referred to draining Nazlis' urinary bladder. I asked both girls to expand that idea. "Moreover winner at each stage should get some sort of advantage going into the next round of competition." I added to my earlier suggestion.

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