tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Wager: Episode 01

Wife Wager: Episode 01


The show opened with an image of the young couple taking the wager tonight sitting comfortably in their living room across from the show's host, Joe "Long Odds" Carver.

"So Matt, you think you're a pretty good pool player, huh?" The game show host asked the clean cut man sitting across from him dressed in tan slacks and a casually untucked collared shirt.

"I won the campus wide tournament four years straight in college," Brad bragged confidently.

"So if we went out to a bar near your apartment you're confident you could beat their best player?" Joe asked.

"Definitely," Brad answered

"You confident enough to bet your pretty wife against a million dollars of my money?" Joe pressed.

Shifting in his seat Brad answered, "Sure," but his confidence sounded a tad forced, "assuming you don't bring in any ringers."

Turning to Brad's busty blonde wife the host said, "Now Madison I understand you're a sales analyst during the day so I assume this isn't what you wear to work," Joe said gesturing at the black miniskirt and asymmetric black top Madison was wearing.

"No," Madison said with a nervous giggle, "I changed into my clubbing outfit to go to the bar."

"So I take it you're ok with all this?" Joe inquired.

"Well, I'm a bit nervous," Madison answered, "but I trust Brad to come through for me."

"And you understand we will be dosing you with drugs to arouse you if Brad losses?"


"Alright then, if you'd just sign the final paperwork we can get started," Joe said pushing legal documents at the couple as the show cut to commercial.

The show returned from commercial to show the host, sitting next to some sexy porn star called Krista, chatting with the contestants in the back of the studio limo. Knowing what the audience wanted to hear Joe made sure Madison shared that she was only 23 and had slept with only one guy besides Brad. Joe also made a point of enticing Brad to share the story of returning from several weeks away on business to find his wife had gotten breasts implants for his birthday present.

Joe and Madison obviously felt intimidated by the tough crowd in the biker bar but the no nonsense escort of security guards made sure the drunken thugs contained themselves to hooting and hollering while Joe asked around for the best pool player in the house and quickly arranged a game. After indicating the stakes it wasn't hard to arrange cooperation, the bikers filling the bar seeming almost as eager to stop their rivals from getting Krista as to have their way with Madison. Joe explained that they would play the best of five and if Brad lost Klause and his friends would get an hour with Madison provided they used condoms and stayed our of her ass.

Brad got off to a good start in the first game, sinking several balls on the break before his opponent Klause got a single shot. Klause was evidently a skilled opponent but he simply couldn't catch up after Brad's skillful initial break. Krista re-racked the balls for Klause to break on the second game and this time the thuggish biker retained the lead forcing Madison to remove her shirt to wild hooting.

"You're lady's got a nice rack," Klause leered as Brad broke causing preppy young player to shoot wildly setting up his opponent for several easy shots. Grimacing Brad did his best to recover from his mistake but he couldn't stop Klause from winning and making his wife strip off her miniskirt. Wearing only a bra and panties now Madison blushed at the feeling of all the lecherous guys checking her out, feeling the drug they were dosing her with after each loss start to have an effect.

Causing Madison to yelp with a sharp slap on her ass Klause sneered, "I've always wanted to fuck a pretty rich girl like you. Looks like I'll get my chance." Turning back to the game Klause broke but didn't manage to put anything into the pockets. Handing the cue over to Brad the large biker taunted, "Lose this game and that bitch is mine," squeezing Madison's ass for emphasis. But Brad managed to avoid too much distraction and keep the game neck and neck down to the last ball.

Knowing that she would become Klause's piece of ass if he made this shot Madison did the only thing she could to distract the massive biker, press her half-naked body up against him as she handed him the cue saying, "Now's your chance." Distracted Klause missed his shot giving Brad the chance to tie things up at two games a piece. Ignoring the hands groping his half-naked wife Brad played the decisive game beautifully sinking all but one of his balls on the break before getting trapped behind the black ball. "Don't fuck up boy," Klause taunted, "it would be a shame if you had to watch me bend your wife over the table and fuck her." The taunt caused a tiny twitch in Brad's arm and to his horror he watched the black ball totter into the gutter.

Frozen in shock Madison did nothing to stop the young intern from pouring a huge dose of the horniness drug down her throat feeling the strange warmth spread through her body as big rough hands worked to unfasten her bra strap. Madison could see Joe staring on in disbelief as her tits were exposed to the whole bar and Klause sneered, "lock at those nice expensive tits. For a hundred bucks you can be the first to fuck em." Madison heard several eager shouts from the crowd and before she knew it she was being pushed down to her knees and told to start sucking cock. When she didn't start immediately she was encouraged with a slap across the face to encourage her to undo the pants in front of her

"Ohh, that's too bad Brad, you don't get the money and your wife gets fucked by a bunch of bikers."

Brad only grunted in response starring at his wife get face fucked alternatively by Klause and the guy who'd paid a hundred bucks for the privilege.

"I have a proposition for you. I wager that you find watching this hot."

"What, no!" Brad protested as Madison wrapped her breasts around some biker's cock still slick with her spit.

"Alright then, I'll make you a deal," the host said to Brad, "Let Krista pleasure you for ten minutes while you watch and we'll give you the full million. If you don't orgasm you get the money and Krista takes your wife's place for the rest of the hour. On the other hand if she makes you cum you still keep the money but these guys get three hours with your wife and anything is fair game."

Alright, deal, Brad said with a pained expression on his face. Moments later Krista was on her knees in front of Brad undoing his pants while he watched the biker who paid Klause for the privilege spit on his wife's face and demand she titty fuck him.

"Ohh god," Brad moaned as his cock was engulfed in Krista's warm mouth instantly making him rock hard even as he watched the biker give his wife another slap and demand, "Get those tits around my cock and fuck it slut."

"Ok, ok," Madison whimpered doing as she was told.

"Yah, just like that slut," the man Madison was jacking off with her breasts moaned.

At a prompt from Klause the man Madison was pleasing turned his attention to Brad taunting, "God, I love your wife's tits." Brad suppressed a groan as Krista swirled her tongue around his head while Brad continued, "and she has such a pretty face. I can't wait to come on it."

"Go ahead and beg for me to come on your face slut," the man demanded and Madison immediately complied before she could be hit.

"Looks like your the one who got owned," Klause taunted as Madison pleaded, "please come all over my face."

Groaning the man pulled his cock out from between the blonde woman's implants and held it pointed at her face. "Ohh God I'm cumming, I'm cumming on your face slut," the biker exclaimed shooting goo all over Madison's upraised face.

"Now you get to watch me fuck her," Klause taunted pulling Madison up to her feet and leaning her over the pool table.

Suddenly Brad found himself pushed back onto a chair while Klause pulled his wife's panties off pushed her legs apart while he donned a condom. Taking advantage of the pause Joe explained to Madison the bet he'd made with her husband prompting her to call out, "you better not fucking cum. If you..." cutting off as Klause stuffed her panties into her mouth.

Despite himself Brad felt himself grow excited watching Madison's mouth get stuffed full of her panties knowing that at any moment Klause would be taking her.

Stradling Brad Krista whispered, "Does it turn you on to know he's going to fuck her?" as she lowered herself onto his cock.

"Yes," Brad groaned despite himself as he watched Madison's eyes widen as the biker pushed into her.

"God what a tight little pussy," Klause enthused as he slowly thrust into the skinny blond, "your wife is going to be a great little fuck."

"Ohhmm," Madison moaned through her panties as Klause filled her up.

"She's getting off on this isn't she," Krista said writhing atop Brad's cock while he watched Klause slowly thrust in and out of his wife.

"Think about how they will all use her after you cum," Krista tantalized, "cock after cock filling her up each one using her as a piece of ass."

"No, I'm not going to cum," Brad resisted but he couldn't ignore the expression of arousal on Madison's face as Klause slid slowly in and out of her.

"God what a great piece of ass," Klause exclaimed thrusting in and out of Madison at an increasing rate. "Take that you little slut," Klause called out as he slammed into the busty blonde causing her breasts to shake.

Madison moaned through her panties as Klause grabbed her hips and began vigorously fucking the 23 year old. "You know I'm going to pass you around and let my friends all have a go," Klause grunted as he filled Madison with another thrust but she moaned anyway. "I bet All those guys all having their way with you turns a slut like you on"

Madison was too aroused to reply but the grunts she made answered the question for her. "Ohh god, I can't believe you're getting off on this," Brad exclaimed feeling his own excitement build. Bouncing up and down on Brad's cock Krista exclaimed, "Just imagine how much it would turn her on if they could just use her however they liked." Desperately Madison tried to shake her heed no but the drug caused her to moan in response anyway.

"Yah, you little slut, you want me to fill you up with my cum don't you," Klause derided Madison as he slammed is cock into her. "Your husbands going to cum and everyone will get to take you in the ass."

"Mmmpph,Mmmph," Madison thrashed in protest but it was clear she couldn't hold off an orgasm much longer. "I'm going to take you out on the street so people can watch you take it in the ass and see how much you like it," Klause continued, "Maybe I'll let them jack off on you while you get fucked," and that was finally too much for Madison sending her into a convulsive orgasm.

"God, your wife's such a slut," Klause remarked to Brad, "I love how she feels coming on my dick."

"Ohh god, no," Brad held off his orgasm with a force of will.

"Do you see that slut," Klause said to Madison, "your husbands about to cum and then I'll get to use you as a cum dumpster."

"Yah, just think of all those guys pushing into your wife and filling her up with cum while she gets off on it, all on TV," Krista said milking Brad's cock with her vaginal muscles, "I'll fuck your brains out while we watch them jizz inside her"

"Ahh, fuck," Brad swore spurting into the woman on top of him, "I'm sorry Madison".

"Ohh, that's too bad for you," Krista said to Madison, "I'm afraid your husband just came in me."

"Ohh shit," Madison swore, knowing what was about to happen to her.

Pulling out of the pretty blonde Klause pulled off the condom he'd been wearing and pushed himself back inside Brad's wife bareback and started to forcefully fuck the pretty young thing. "Ohh, god, I'm going to come inside this slut," Klause exclaimed, and Madison, knowing her ass would be plundered in moments, felt herself convulse again in orgasm milking Klause's cock to fill her with his jizz.

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