tagIncest/TabooWife Wants A Baby

Wife Wants A Baby


My name is Leon and I have a wonderful wife. Linda and I have been trying to have a child, but every month she is right on time with her period. Our doctor has tested my sperm and thinks it is my problem. He has suggested we consider a sperm bank if we want to have children. We are seriously considering that, but we want to keep trying for awhile longer.

My sister, Eileen, and her husband, Edward, visit us often with their two children. The children are old enough to be tearing around the house while we visit. We don’t mind the noise because we like watching them play and, at the same time, wishing we had at least one of our own. Eileen and Edward sympathize with us and suggest we go ahead to use the sperm bank.

Eileen often talks about Edward’s potent sperm and that she has to be very careful to be sure and take her birth control pills on time. They don’t want any more children right now.

One day while Eileen and Edward were visiting us, Edward made a joking statement that we could use him as a stud and wouldn’t charge anything. He would gladly do it for free. We all laughed and ribbed him for being so eager to plant his seed in Linda. That made me start to think Edward is a nice healthy guy. Would that be better than going to a sperm bank? I dismissed the thought as a wild idea.

Later that night while I was having sex with Linda, I was thinking about making a comment. We should use Edward’s sperm to get her pregnant. He could go to a doctor, jack off, then the doctor could implant his sperm. Or, he could put his cock in Linda to cum in her. I assumed Linda and Eileen would veto that last method. Also, I’m not sure I would want Edward to fuck my wife.

I softly commented to Linda, “I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but Edward is a good healthy person. We could use his sperm to get you pregnant.”

“I’ve thought a little about that, too. But would you want him to implant his seed in me? You know, I was a virgin when we married and you’re the only one I’ve had for sex.”

I hesitated to respond. Evidently she is thinking that is the only way to get his sperm.

I said, “It would all be in the family. No one would ever know except the four of us. Do you think Eileen would let her husband have sex with you? I know my sister well enough to know she would not agree. She seems very possessive of her husband.”

“How would you feel, dear husband.”

“Oh, I can put up with it for us to have a healthy baby.”

I was getting so turned on thinking about my sexy wife being fucking by another man that I immediately started cuming in her. When my breathing came back to normal and I relaxed, she said, “Did that turn you on? I mean when we were talking about my brother-in-law having sex with me.”

I was embarrassed and commented, “I don’t know.”

I knew that was a lie. I did get really turned on thinking about Edward’s cock going back and forth, then spewing cum in her.

Nothing more was said about it until the following weekend. We were visiting Edward and Eileen. Linda was playing with the two children when she said, “I want a baby. Somehow I’m going to get pregnant.”

Edward joking said, “So you want a baby. I have the sperm. I’d be happy to give it to you, now or later.”

Eileen gave her husband dirty look.

Linda then laughed, “OK, that’s a deal.” She looked at me to get my reaction.

Linda continued in a joking voice, “That might turn my husband on if we went into the bedroom together.”

Linda then became more serious, “I’ll do most anything to get impregnated from a healthy guy like you. That is, if my husband and your wife won’t get jealous.

Suddenly, everyone became more serious because they thought Linda really meant it.

Linda continued, “No one would ever know except the four of us. I could have a healthy baby and, as far as anyone else knows, Leon would be the father.

There seemed to be a dead silence. I looked around at the others to see them in thought.

I broke the silence, “I would go along with it if every one else would agree.”

My sister said, “Leon, are you sure you want Edward to get in bed with your wife?”

“We want a baby so much that I’m all for it.”

Linda then looked at Edward, “I’m ready.”

Linda walked over to kiss me. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

She then turned to Edward, “Come on with me.”

Edward looked at Eileen, got up and followed Linda down the hall into the bedroom.

Leon watched his wife walking away to be fucked by another man.

Leon and his sister looked at each other as if they didn’t believe it was happening. It all happened with just a few minutes of discussion.

Leon faced his sister and said, “What do they expect us to do, just idly sit here while they are getting naked in the bedroom?”

“I guess so. Let’s talk about something to get our minds off of what is happening.”

They sat and tried to make small talk, but they couldn’t think of much to say. Their minds were on the activities they assumed were going on in the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Linda took the initiative. She put her arms around Edward’s neck and kissed him lightly at first, then he held her tight and they kissed deeply. As their tongues met, he hugged her more tightly.

He commented, “Our kisses have always been friendly pecks on the lips, but that kiss really was good.”

They kissed some more as they slowly undressed. He sat down on the bed so she could pull his pants off to expose a very hard erection. It was a rare experience for her to see a cock other than her husbands. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic waist band of her panties to pull them down. She thought she would be embarrassed to be standing naked in front of him, but she felt reasonably at ease. He seemed to be mesmerized to see her shapely body with her full breasts pointed at his head.

She thought about taking his cock in her mouth, but realized the reason she was in the bedroom with him was to get pregnant. Before she knew what was happening, he had her sit on the edge of the bed while he was standing in front of her. His cock was on the level with her mouth as he edged forward allowing his cock to touch her face. She opened her mouth as he pushed the head in. She cupped his balls while he made slow back and forth movements.

She pushed him back a little to be able to speak. “Let’s get on the bed and put this big thing in me.”

She could see he was very aroused and ready. She laid on her back, opened her legs allowing him to mount her. His cock was probing for her hole. She took his cock in one hand to give it direction. He moaned as he penetrated her completely on the first stroke. His cock pulled back and plunged again. Their bodies began to move together to relish the sexual ecstasy. He was so excited to be fucking his sister-in-law that he could not hold back. She was encouraging him to flood her womb and was not concerned about having an orgasm for herself. A few moments later he gave a final plunge and loudly moaned at he shot the cum she so much wanted in her body. His sexual convulsions were so dynamic and prolonged that she had an orgasm, too.

He laid on top of her while both of them were gasping for breath. He started to roll off of her, but she said, “Keep it in me for a little while. Remember, I want to get pregnant.”

When his cock became rather small and she couldn’t feel it, he rolled off to lie beside her.

When he regained his breath and strength, he said, “That was wonderful, maybe we should rest a few minutes until I get hard again for more.”

“No, I think we should go back in the living room now. Doing it a second time right now probably won’t help in getting me pregnant. It would probably be better if you came back in a couple of days to try again.”

Leon and his sister, Eileen, were in the living room trying to carry on a conversation. Leon glanced at his watch to note their spouses had been in the bedroom for about a half hour. Why was Edward taking so long to fill her with sperm. They weren’t supposed to be enjoying themselves. He was supposed to get her pregnant.

Leon and Eileen were still sitting in the living room when their spouses emerged from the bedroom fully dressed. Leon thought they looked well satisfied.

Leon spoke first, “Well, how did it go?”

Linda responded, “Successful for the first try.”

Then Edward pipped up, “And it was even fun.”

Eileen gave him a dirty look. “It wasn’t supposed to be fun.”

Leon added, “Let them have their fun if it is going to get her pregnant.”

Linda had brought a towel with her to sit on as she sat down beside Leon. She leaned into him for a lingering kiss. “Maybe you will be a daddy someday.”

The two couples talked about getting together again. It was going to be another three weeks before Linda’s period was due. Edward would have plenty of time to try to impregnate her again. Linda invited Edward and Eileen to come over again soon. Bring the kids because they could play in the basement while the adult activities were going on.

Two evenings later Edward and Eileen arrived for the visit. They sat for a glass of wine to talk about everything except for the one thing they knew would happen.

Linda looked admiringly at the children as they played.

“I’m going to have one of those in about nine months from now.”

Linda got up to tug Edward to his feet, “OK, big boy, let’s go.”

She looked at Eileen, “Why don’t you take the children to the basement where there is plenty of room for them to play.”

Linda and Edward stood hand in hand until the children had disappeared with Eileen. Leon wistfully watched his wife lead his brother-in-law down the hall and disappear through the bedroom door. He knew she was going to get her pussy full of cum again.

Edward took Linda in his arms to kiss her deeply. She could feel his hardness rubbing against her body. He mentioned that last time they hurried too much. He suggested that as long as they were going to have sex, it should be enjoyable to both of them. Don’t hurry, but have more foreplay. She agreed.

They slowly undressed together. When her bra was removed, he nuzzled her breasts, then kissed them. She realized she could enjoy his caresses much more than she thought. He kissed her stomach, positioned her to sit on the edge of the bed, then got down on his knees to bury his face at her crotch. He licked up and down her slit. She laid back on the bed, spread her legs allowing him all the room he needed to kiss between her crotch all the way from the crease in her ass to her clit. She was starting to moan a little and encouraged him to continue kissing and licking.

They moved up on the bed where she took his cock in her mouth.

She pulled back off his cock once to say, “I wonder what Eileen and Leon are going to think if we take a long time before we are through.”

“Right now, I’m not thinking about that. I’m enjoying my time here with you too much. You are a very sexy beautiful girl.”

Eileen had returned from the basement to join her brother in the living room. They sat silent listening for any noises coming from the bedroom.

Finally Leon said, “They must be taking their time. I don’t hear any loud moaning, groaning or yelling.”

“Yes, I think they are in there enjoying themselves while we sit here twiddling our thumbs. What do you think we should do?”

“Sis, I always thought you were sexy looking, but you are my sister and I wasn’t about to touch you. I used to sneak a peek at you when you were in an undressed condition. You were sexy then and I think you are sexy now.”

“I always thought you were a handsome guy. If you weren’t my brother, I would’ve dated you back then.”

“Well, what do you think we should do about it while your husband and my wife are having sex right now in the master bedroom?”

“Let’s go in your spare bedroom.”

Eileen led the way down the hall while Leon followed. He watched his sister’s butt wiggle as she walked in her tight fitting jeans. He thought, after all these years he is going to see her naked and have sex with her. His cock was already hard in anticipation.

Leon turned on the dim table lamp. He wanted a little light so that he could see her in all her naked beauty. They hugged and kissed. Up to now, their kisses had been a light peck on the lips. Now their lips opened allowing their tongues to mesh.

She pulled back to say, “You really know how to kiss. I think you do that better than my husband.”

They helped each other undress. He had briefly seen her breasts in the past, now he looked at them, then kissed the nipples. He thought they were very shapely and beautiful and told her, “Sis, I didn’t know you had such full and beautiful breasts.”

When his shorts dropped and his hard cock stood straight out, she took it in her hand.

“I saw your cock once when it was soft, but that was years ago. You really have a big hard one now. I’ll bet you wife loves it Let’s get in bed, I want to feel it in my mouth.”

Leon was more than ready for his sister to take his erection in her mouth. He had never had a good view of her pussy in the past, now he wanted to see it. He rolled her over on top of him in a six nine position. The table lamp was bright enough for him to easily see her pussy and ass. He used his tongue to lick her pussy and suck on her clit. She was wiggling her butt as if she was enjoying it. He realized his nose was rubbing her ass hole. He decided to lick up higher going up the crease of her ass. She moaned a little as he did that.

Leon was beginning to push up to her mouth. He knew he was going to cum if she continued to go down on his cock.

“Sis, I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

He had warned her, but now he knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth because she started vigorously working on him. His body jerked and spasmed as he shot spurt after spurt in her mouth and throat. He was gasping for air so much that he wasn’t sucking her clit enough for her to have an orgasm. Once relaxed, he started sucking on her clit again. Her pussy was squirming on his face as an orgasm was building up in her body. He could hear his sister’s heavy breathing while she was pushing her pussy into his mouth.

After her orgasm, they laid side by side in silence for a little while. Then Leon thought he should say something.

“That was so sexy. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Did you?”

“Yes, that was great. I’m rather surprised we did this at all.”

“I know, all those years through High School I tried to peek at your nakedness or look up your dress. We could have had a good time if we weren’t hung up on the idea that brothers and sisters or other family members don’t have sex.”

She hesitated as if listening for other noises, then commented, “I haven’t heard anything from the other bedroom. Do you think they have finished.”

“I don’t know, but I want to bury my cock in you before we get up. I’ll be hard again in a short time.”

Eileen took her brother’s cock in her hand to slowly jack it. She could feel it coming to life again. She laid on her back, spread her legs, then coached Leon to mount her. By the time he was on top of her, his cock was very hard. Since she was very juicy, his cock plunged all the way in.

They laid still as they shared a long sexy kiss. Before tonight, Leon had never thought kissing his sister like this could be so thrilling.

In the meantime in the other bedroom, Edward and Linda had been leisurely having sex. He had flooded her pussy with cum one time. They decided to relax for a while, then have more sex. She took his cock in her mouth to get it hard again. She kissed his balls while thinking this is where the sperm is coming from that is going to get me pregnant. Edward then mounted her doggie style and proceeded to slowly fuck her.

Linda said, “I’m wondering if our mates are getting bored sitting in the living room while we are having our fun.”

“Let them wait, I’m going to enjoy this for a long time. I could spend all night with you and not get worn out.”

Back in the other bedroom, Eileen and her brother had finished having orgasms while his cock pumped cum her pussy. They decided to get up and dress. When they entered the living room they saw did not see their mates.

Leon commented, “Edward and Linda must really be enjoying their time together. They are in there to get her pregnant, but I suspect they are staying longer because they are having a good time. That’s alright, we had a wonderful time.”

Eileen and her brother were just getting settled in the living room when their mates came out of the master bedroom to enter the living room.

Leon was the first to speak, “Well, do you think you are pregnant yet? Since it took you so long, you two must have been enjoying yourselves.”

Edward spoke, “I wanted to make sure I gave her enough sperm so we stayed longer. I only wanted to get her pregnant.”

Both Leon and Eileen knew that was a big fib, but let it go by. Edward walked over to Eileen to sit by her. They hugged and kissed. Linda sat by Leon who was more than happy to hug and kiss his own wife. Eileen served coffee while they all sat and talked about their future when Linda would hopefully have a baby.

Time went by without the two couples getting together again. Linda missed her period. She went to the doctor who informed her that she was pregnant. She was elated.

The two couples continued to visit each other but refrained from sex. There were too many family members around and Linda didn’t want to chance getting caught. She didn’t want anyone else to know she was pregnant by her brother-in-law.

One day when Linda was several months along and her belly was rather big, Edward and Eileen were visiting her without their children or any other family members.

Edward said, “You know, I think pregnant women are very sexy. When Eileen was pregnant, I enjoyed so much to see her naked. I could get a big erection just looking at her.”

Eileen added, “Yes, he wanted sex with me all the time.”

Linda was sitting on the couch and looked at Edward, “If you would like to, you can rub your hand on our baby.”

Edward walked over to her, slowly put his hand on her belly to softly rub her through her clothes.

“Ooooohhh. That feels so good. It would be much better if I could feel and see your stretched skin.”

Leon said, “Go ahead, it’s alright with me, pull your dress up and let him feel.”

Linda responded, “I still have other clothes on under my dress. Let me go into the bedroom and removed them. I’ll be right back.”

Leon helped Linda stand up, then watched as she walked down the hall to the master bedroom.

When she came back, everyone noticed she was wearing a robe that was buttoned the full length down the front. She sat down on the couch and proceeded to undo all buttons. She was completely naked underneath the robe. Everyone notice her full breasts were exposed along with seeing her bush at her crotch. Her belly was very big.

Edward exclaimed, “Oh, that is so beautiful, and sexy if I might add. I want to feel you and maybe feel the child move.”

Edward got down on his knees in front of her as the others watched. He let his hands move over her stretched skin.

He said, “You are so sexy, my cock is about to explode. You turn me on so much.”

Edward leaned forward to suck on a nipple while his hands roamed over her belly. His hands went lower to her bush as if he was attempting to feel her pussy.

Eileen then commented, “Yes, I remember when I was pregnant, you wanted to fuck me as much as you could. I don’t know if Linda would approve of that.”

Linda didn’t say anything but savored his hands roaming her body. This man was the father of her baby.

Edward stammered, “Linda, it would be so wonderful if you would......”. His voice trailed off, but Linda knew what he was hinting about.

Leon said, “Go ahead, it’s alright with me.”

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