tagLoving WivesWife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 11

Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 11


I ordered drinks then asked, "What about dinner, we haven't eaten?"

Linda said, "You can have the best baby back ribs right where you are sitting. They are catered in but from only two blocks away. Our waiter said they were very good."

She knew she had touched a soft spot. I truly love good ribs. I said, "If that's okay with everyone it's great for me."

We ordered ribs.

Karl spoke then, "I want to talk about the elephant in the room. What are the rules, Luke?"


The quiet at the table became a tangible thing. I finally said, "Obviously I have thought of little else all day so here goes. If all of you will agree, I want to outlaw vaginal intercourse except between spouses. Otherwise, anything goes. The girls can play with each other if they want. The boys will keep their hands off each other but can play, up to the limit, with either of the girls. No one is to endure anything they don't want. No means no. Are there any further proposals or questions?"

Karl answered, "Luke, that's far more than I had hoped for, I agree."

Linda was next. "That's way more than I expected too, Luke. To be sure, you just said I can have oral with either of the boys. Did I get that right?"

Connie piped up, "Linda, I hope he just said you could have oral with any of the three of us. Please don't leave me out?" Everyone laughed but it was a nervous laugh.

"That is correct," I said. "Are we all agreed?"

Everyone agreed.

Connie looked around the room, then dragged the monster out of my pants, bent down and kissed him. There was more laughter.

I said, "I'll be glad when dinner is over."

Dinner was over. Karl said, "I've had all the anticipation I can stand, let's go."

We had paid for the ribs when they arrived. Karl left more than enough money on the table to cover our drinks and a nice tip.

When we were all on our feet, Linda stepped between Connie and me. She said, "I want to walk up with him."

Connie said, "Okay." She took Karl's arm and we all walked out together.

Linda stopped me in the hall, molded her body to mine and kissed me passionately for a long time. When we broke she nuzzled my chest and said, "Thank you, Luke. I will always love you."

We caught up and the four of us went up to our room. Once inside there was a magnum of chilled champagne in a bucket. Karl had ordered it before their swim.

Linda said, "Connie and I talked about how to get through an awkward beginning and break the ice quickly." Linda helped Connie strip slowly for us. It was a sight to see. Their dance looked like it was choreographed and practiced. I know they never had time to do that.

When Connie was totally naked, she undid the back of Linda's bikini top and it dropped to the floor exposing her beautiful boobs to us. Karl's eyes became like saucers. Linda pulled the bow knots on her bottom and it fell around her ankles.

The two naked goddesses turned to face each other. They embraced and kissed soulfully. Linda's body was stretched with her face up and Connie bowed her head to meet her. The difference in their size was striking. It's a Mutt and Jeff thing, but both of them were in perfect proportion.

Connie picked Linda up and laid her on the nearest bed. She then lay on top and they kissed again. Their hips were rotating as they ground their pubic mounds together. Linda's legs were spread and Connie was between them. They kneaded each other's breast and continued the kiss.

I looked across the room at Karl. He was mesmerized but he was undressing. I got naked. The monster looked up and said, "Luke, please put me somewhere warm and wet."

The girl show was still going on. Connie had slipped down a notch and was alternately sucking Linda's nipples.

I heard the cork pop out of the champagne bottle and looked that way. Karl poured two flutes. He stepped to the other side of the girl's bed and reached over them to hand me one. He said, "I've seen Connie do this before. It won't be over until they both cum. We have all night. Let them enjoy each other." He sat on the corner of the girl's bed, sipped his wine and absentmindedly stroked himself gently.

The girls were oblivious to us. Connie slipped a little lower and was now fingering Linda's pussy and sucking her clit.

I sat on the edge of the other bed and held the monster.

Some minutes later there was a change in their rhythm. Linda was starting to breathe heavily. She was thrusting up into Connie's face and her hands had moved to the back of Connie's head. Her knees spread farther and they rose into the air. Linda's eyes rolled up in their sockets. She emitted an urgent mewing sound and came all over Connie's face.

I thought I was going to cum too, but I controlled it. After Linda's climax was over I seemed to relax some.

Connie kept her actions up until Linda became quiet and stopped moving. She then started kissing her way up Linda's body. I don't think she missed anything. She kissed and licked her way to Linda's belly button and lingered there a while.

Linda was starting to breathe more regularly now. Connie continued her advancement upward. She came to Linda's breast and stayed there a long time, licking and sucking. Finally, she reached Linda's face. She kissed the eyes, the cheeks and forehead. She kissed Linda's chin then licked and nuzzled her neck. She came up and gently kissed Linda's mouth.

Linda's eyes opened and her lips parted to accept Connie's tongue. Linda encircled Connie in her arms. They held and cuddled each other easily. They kissed deeply and then softly for a long time. It was amazing to watch. I don't know that I ever gave Linda more pleasure.

Eventually, they rolled over together. Linda was now on top lying between Connie's thighs. The show was repeated with the girls reversed. Linda did everything to Connie that had been done to her. Connie's orgasm was at least as good as Linda's.

She stopped moving completely. Linda continued to eat her for another minute until she moaned and her eyes came open. Linda kissed and sucked her way up Connie's body until their faces were together. She lay on top of Connie as they kissed and hugged. They were completely absorbed in each other as if Karl and I weren't in the room.

Karl drew my attention away from the scene on the other bed and handed me another glass of the bubbly wine. He said, "Relax for a while. It will take Connie several minutes to recover, maybe twenty. I'm pretty sure that Connie made Linda promise that nothing else would happen until she was ready. An orgasm like that one really takes it out of her.

I watched the girls. I was amazed. I had never seen anything like that, not even in a movie. I wanted to talk with Karl about the show they had just given us. There just wasn't anything to say.

Connie finally came back to life. There were a few conspiratorial words between them that I couldn't hear. I thought Karl and I were about to be included in the play.

They kissed each other one more time playfully, then they were both on the floor crawling on all fours. They moved like cats stalking their prey. Connie was coming after me. Linda was after Karl. Linda arrived first. She nudged Karl flat on his back on the bed the girls had just used. She crawled over the edge and to a position where her face was hovering over his cock. Her tongue flicked out and touched the head.

Connie reached me and maneuvered me into a similar position. She was a little more aggressive than Linda. She grasped the monster with one hand and engulfed the whole thing in her mouth. I felt him slide to the back of her throat and she just let him keep going until I felt her nose in my pubes.

I looked back at Linda. She was sucking Karl as if she owned him. She was bobbing like a cork on a fishing line.

The monster was happy. I was enjoying Connie's treatment and I realized I was enjoying Linda's performance too. I thought, "Jeez Luke, who would have thought?"

Karl decided at this moment to take control. He rolled Linda over and took the dominant position. He kissed her lips and I could see him kneading her breast. He slipped down to lick and suckle her breast. Linda was wreathing under him like a snake. He continued down her body until he could blow air onto her clit. He kissed it.

Linda yelped. Her legs went into the air and her knees bent so that her feet were again planted on the bed a few inches below her cute butt. They were planted wide apart. I couldn't see their point of contact because Linda's thigh was in the way. I could see Karl's face was in her crotch and I could imagine what he was doing there.

Connie continued sucking my cock and was fondling my balls in her hand.

Linda was cooing and using her hands to pull Karl in tighter to her pussy. Her pelvis was pressing into him so hard her ass was completely off the bed. Her head was rolling side to side. Her eyes flicked open and she caught me watching her. All of her body movement stopped.

Karl kept eating her.

She mouthed to me with no sound, "I love you, Luke." She reached out into the space between the beds.

I took her hand and squeezed it. She mouthed again, "Please let me fuck him."

The woman I love was begging me. If she had been asking for anything else, food, water, wealth or anything I would have turned the world upside down to get it for her. What was the real difference?

Connie never missed a stroke.

It is amazing how quickly your brain works when a decision is critical. I had an awakening. I think the word is epiphany.

I thought about her never having any fruit in her whole life except bananas. She really liked bananas. She loved them with all her heart even. Then she realized there were apples and oranges in the world. She wasn't going to give up bananas but she did have a strong desire to at least try an apple. She was really only asking for an apple.

My gyros tilted. It was like my mind had exploded. How could I not give her an apple? This is the woman I love. I answered Linda, "Okay baby, I will backdate a pass for you when we get home. Go for it. Fuck his brains out."

She mouthed back, "Oh, thank you, Luke. Nail the Amazon."

She released my hand and turned her attention back to Karl. She urged him to slide up her body until he could kiss her. He was stretched out on top of her lying between her legs. I still couldn't see but his cock had to be neatly aligned in her groove. She broke the kiss and whispered, loud enough for me to hear, "Fuck me, Karl.'" All motion stopped.

Connie was still sucking me.

Then Linda whispered, "Luke gave me a pass. He said you could fuck me. Please fuck me."

Karl raised his head and looked at me with the question written all over his face. I thought, "You lucky bastard, you just happened to be in the right place at the right time." I let him stew for a few seconds, then gave him the nod.

I felt a sharp pain in my groin. I looked down at Connie. In her efforts, she had gotten my balls in a slight bind. I shifted position to relieve the stress and shoved the monster back into her throat.

I looked back at Karl and Linda. I had missed it. I had wanted to see the initial penetration but it was too late. I still couldn't see the point of their union but it was obvious that he was buried in her completely.

He was slowly short stroking her like he wanted it to last. He would pull out about three inches then forcefully return to her depths. Her hips were rolling and pitching to meet his thrust. Long mewing sounds emitted from deep within her throat. She was in ecstasy.

I realized that at that particular point in time she didn't know I existed. Her whole world was a strange cock thrusting into her.

I felt a sudden coolness and realized the monster was out of his warm wet spot. I looked down and saw Connie in a push-up position looking at Karl and Linda. She switched her surprised gaze to me and crawled up my body until she was lying on top of me. She whispered in my ear, "I guess the rules have changed."

She helped the monster find her entrance and he easily slipped inside. He was warm and wet again. She slid down my shaft then retreated and made one stroke seating my cock deep inside her. I grabbed her ass with both hands and held her in place. All movement stopped. She asked, "Do you want to watch?"

I answered, "Hell yes, don't you?"

The show they put on was not very long. Given their state of arousal I was surprised it lasted as long as it did.

Connie whispered to me, "I feel so full. You are bigger than he is."

We watched.

Karl's Strokes were longer and more rapid now. Linda was in sync with him and meeting each thrust.

Connie brought her knees up to my waist on either side. She said, "I can't just lie here." She raised herself to the cowgirl position and started a slow ride on the monster. He loved it.

Linda went vocal. "Y-E-E-S-S-S Karl, FUCK M-E-E-E, DON'T STOP."

Karl lost it. His climax started. He drove Linda to the mattress with all his weight and held her there. His butt cheeks clenched and he just remained still while he pumped her full of cum. Linda was still in sync. Her head was rocking back and forth violently. That was all she could move under his weight. She was in orgasm all the while and still screaming.

Connie was screwing me harder. I realized this could get painful if I let her stay up there as powerful as she was. I reached up with both hands and laced my fingers behind her neck. I pulled her down and stuffed my tongue in her mouth. She returned my kiss.

While she was distracted I rolled her over on her back and tried to fuck her to death. It would have been self-defense. Her body was strange to me so I don't know for sure but I think she started having what Linda calls baby orgasms on about the third stroke. She never made a sound. We kept going for three or four minutes, I could feel the intensity growing in her.

Just before I collapsed from physical exhaustion she whispered, "Help me Luke. I'm cumming."

With no warning, the monster erupted. My first spasm was a surprise to me but I managed to plant it deep inside her. I did my regular long stroke with a pause at the bottom. Her pussy felt like it was sucking me. She knew how to use her love muscles.

Strangely I thought, "Grandmother probably taught her."

She held me and bucked into me hard, but never made a sound. When we were both finished, Connie just stopped moving. She lay there on her back breathing deeply with her eyes closed.

A minute later, I was still inside her. The monster had decided to take a break too and was already partially deflated. I looked over at the other bed.

Linda was sitting cross-legged in the middle of it watching us and softly massaging her clitoris. Karl was lying on his side behind her. He was raised up on one elbow. It appeared as though he was also watching our performance.

I rolled off Connie, swung my legs over the edge of the bed and sat up facing Linda. We just sat there looking at each other for a couple minutes. The tension in the room dissipated some.

Without a word, Linda stood up and walked to the bathroom. Her walk didn't have the confident swagger it usually does. Her bottom didn't even wiggle. I poured two glasses of wine, handed one to Karl and sat back where I had been.

Ten minutes later, Karl had drunk his wine and flopped over on his back, Connie hadn't moved. Linda came out of the bathroom all bright and sparkly and said, "Let's go for a swim."

Before I could answer, Karl struggled to a standing position and found his swimsuit on the floor. It took some time but he finally figured how to put it on.

He looked at Linda and said, "You two go on down. I'll go to our room and get a suit for Connie. We'll come down when I can get her moving. He checked to make sure his key was in the swimsuit pocket and went out of the door.

I said, "Linda he is acting like your suggestion was a command."

She answered, "You told me to fuck his brains out. Connie will have to make his decisions from now on."

Connie laughed.

I said to Connie, "You are alive."

She didn't move but answered me. "I'm fine. This is just one of my quirks. I'll be okay in a few minutes. You guys take some together time. I know this was a big step for you."

Linda dug my swimwear out of my bag. She tossed it to me. We got dressed and Linda led me out of the room. We didn't talk all the way down.

When we walked onto the pool apron, Linda ran and did a shallow flat dive into the shallow end. I followed. The water was about three and a half feet deep. I was moving through the water just a bit off the bottom. Linda was a little shallower and losing momentum, faster than me. When she rose to the surface, I powered past her and came to my feet behind her.

She was facing away from me, the way we had come. She was looking for me. Without warning, I spun her around and pulled her close to me. I kissed her. The kiss was gentle but forceful enough for her to know she really had no choice.

Her arms went around my neck and her legs around my waist. She returned the kiss with great emotion. When we broke, she held on to me and nuzzled her face into my neck. She was crying and her body was shaking. I remained quiet while I held her tightly. Finally, she said, "I was scared, Luke. I was so afraid you wouldn't want me back."

I said, "Everything is all right, Little One. I just came finally to understand your need for this. I'm so sorry for making you suffer and wait this long. I believe this might be a good thing. We can talk about it when we get home."

She relaxed a bit and kissed me again. We just held each other and enjoyed the coolness of the water and the darkness of the night. We were, absorbed in each other.

About fifteen minutes later there was a disturbance in the water beside us and Connie rose to the surface. She said, "May I get in on this?" We rearranged our bodies to make us a circle of three. What could we do, we had both just had great sex with her. We each kissed her in turn, and I felt the water bobble both their wet, slippery, female bodies against me. How nice.

I looked at Karl and he made a motion asking if we wanted drinks. I replied in the affirmative and he walked away headed toward the lounge.

Connie then said, "Linda I need a big favor. That is if it is alright with both of you."

Linda said, "Just ask, Connie."

Connie went on, "I feel like I haven't been able to experience Luke so far. His mind has really been on you ever since we met."

I said, "Hey Connie, I'm right here."

Connie replied, "Hush up, listen and learn Luke. This is girl talk." One of her hands found the monster and he came awake.

She then spoke to Linda. "I know this has been hard on him and I understand. All day on our date, he talked with me but his mind was on you. Upstairs just now, we had to watch you and Karl before he could find time for me."

She paused and then continued, "Obviously, the rules have changed. I Hope you are both good with it. Definitely, Karl and I are. The point is, if at all possible," she went on, "I want some alone time with Luke. I want some time when he can give me all his attention. Don't answer, I'll go away and let you talk about it and you can let me know."

She gave us each a peck and dropped out of the circle, moving toward the spot where Karl had left our towels on a beach chair. She looked back at us and said, "Please."

I turned my attention back to Linda. One of her hands found the monster. She said, "Oh Luke, I was planning to spend the rest of the night with you."

I said, "Well, we'll just tell her no and let this little encounter be over."

Linda replied, "We can't Luke. She has a ligament gripe and after all, she certainly gave both of us her full attention. The right thing is for you to devote the rest of the night making wonderful memories for her. This thing is going to be over in a few hours and we may never see them again."

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