tagLoving WivesWife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 25

Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 25


My first thought as I came awake was, "It's a big day today." Linda and I have a flight from DFW to Las Vegas leaving at one o'clock this afternoon. It's a three-hour flight but we will cross two time zones moving west. We will arrive at two PM local time.

This is a fun trip. We are to meet Walt and Elizabeth Zimmerman for breakfast tomorrow morning. Walt is a client of Luke's and Elizabeth is his wife. They are flying in from Florida. We have been to Vegas with them on one other occasion. They are a fun couple but they are not swingers. The plan is fine dining, a show or two, some gambling, maybe some dancing and drinking.

Linda has acquired invitations to a new swingers club. It is affiliated with our club in Dallas but this one has an on-premises format. We have never been to an on-premises club before. Linda and I have arranged to have one night before the Zimmermans arrive and another after they leave. We plan to spend at least one of these nights at the new club.

The airplane took off on time. We rose to cruising altitude. The pilot had found smooth air somewhere above twenty-five thousand feet. I leaned across Linda to look through a window. I thought about the five hundred, seventy-five mile an hour slipstream racing past only a few inches from my face. The only sound I could hear was a faint whistle. The ride was quiet and smooth.

About an hour into the flight Linda asked, "Have you thought about my wildcard?"

I thought for a few seconds and said, "Yes, I gave it serious consideration. Your argument had merit but it was also flawed. I can't abdicate my responsibility to protect you to people I don't even know. I trusted Bobby Wilkinson to take you away and keep you safe but I can't give that same trust to some club bouncer that is a stranger to me."

Her bottom lip poked out.

I continued, "There is another reason I want you to understand. I am still very selfish where you are concerned. I know that the freedoms we have given each other make it look like I have gotten around that problem. I haven't. There is no way I am going to spend one minute wondering where you are and who you are fucking. No wildcard Sweetheart, I'm sorry."

I was prepared, for her to pitch a quiet fit. It didn't happen.

She entwined my arm with both of hers. She laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled close to me. She whispered, "I understand. I love you Luke and I am lucky that you love me. I don't deserve having you love me the way you do." There was a pause before she continued. She said, "Why don't we just skip the club and spend the time making sweet love in our overpriced room at, Caesar's Palace?"

I drew one of her hands to my lips and kissed it. I replied, "We can do that. In fact, I like the idea."

She said, "I do too."

An hour later, the pilot came on the intercom. He said, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent into Las Vegas. The temperature on the ground is seventy-five degrees and the local time is one, fifty-two PM. I hope you choose to fly with us again."

We landed. Our pilot greased the plane onto the runway with barely a bump. It was the perfect ending to a perfect flight.

We rented a car at the airport and drove to the hotel. It was ostentatious in its old Roman décor. The intended elegance of the motif was lost somewhere along the way. The place reminded me of a roadside tourist trap that someone had spent far too much money building.

We had a light lunch before we checked in. I had heavy food but very small portions. I satisfied myself with a six-ounce cut of prime rib and a small lobster tail, with trimmings. The food was excellent and not expensive.

We did check in and I arranged to have all the Zimmerman charges put on my tab. They were scheduled to arrive early Saturday morning. Upon their arrival, there would be no paperwork and they would be escorted to their rooms, immediately. I knew that Walt would call as soon as they arrived.

I became anxious to be alone with Linda. We went to our rooms. We were on the twelfth floor of the relatively new tower. The view was spectacular. The room was finished in better taste than the main lobby. I was impressed.

I asked Linda, "What now, Coach?"

She handed me a brochure she had picked up in the lobby. She answered, "If we aren't going to the club, follow my plan. Feed me a fine dinner about five o'clock. After that, we can gamble some if you want. I want you to dance with me and then take me to that show. When it is over I want you to bring me back here and screw my brains out."

The show was a Willie Nelson concert with some of his friends. I am not really into country and western music but I do like Willie's outlaw style and the stories his songs tell. I said, "The concert starts at ten. Let's put dinner off until seven and cut out the gambling. We can shower together and jump into bed for an hour or so. I want to fuck your brains out right now."

She giggled and began to unbutton her blouse. She turned toward the bathroom and said, "Give me a minute."

A few minutes later, I heard her turn the shower on and followed her into it. I held her naked body and we let the warm water run over us. This always has a rejuvenating effect on me. I kissed my young and vibrant wife. Sharing a shower with Linda is one of my favorite things. I noticed the smell of orange blossoms.

I said, "U-m-m-m-m, you smell of orange blossoms."

She hesitated but then asked, "The smell makes you think of her, doesn't it?"

I had to have time to contemplate the proper answer to that question. I stuck my tongue in her mouth for a few seconds before I replied, "Who?"

She giggled and said, "You know who. I understand now, why Michelin wanted me to have the orange blossom flavor." She paused and giggled again. She said, "As long as you are fucking my brains out, you can fantasize about her if you want. I will use it more often. I think it arouses the monster very well." She squeezed my hard cock in her hand and kissed me.

I noticed she was fingering her pendant. I thought, "Linda can turn anything to her favor." I kept my mouth shut.

I gave her a minute before I asked, "Do you think about Bobby Wilkinson while you fuck me?"

She had to have a few seconds before she answered. She kissed me and then she replied with a giggle. "Not as much as I used to. I usually think about Lancelot now."

I swatted her on the butt. She yelped.

We finished our rinse and dried each other. She had not washed her hair. She would have to do that later. Some of the ends were wet. She started to blow dry them. I took the dryer away from her and said, "Damp is okay." I took her to bed.

We snuggled close while our bodies warmed the sheets.

Linda whispered to me, "I love you so much. I wish I could spend my whole life naked and in bed with you."

I said, "Sometimes you have the most wonderful thoughts. Right now I want you to think about how hard my cock is and what you should be doing about it."

She stroked the monster's length. She said, "I may use orange blossoms all the time." She shifted her position and took the monster into her mouth.

I had envisioned this as a "Slam-Bam-Thank-you-ma'am," quickie. I changed my mind. There was too much emotion in the room. I let her suck until I felt like I might be too close to the edge. I pulled her up so we could kiss. I slipped a finger inside her. She was very wet and very ready.

She whispered, "I need the monster inside me."

I helped the monster find his way and he began his invasion of her body. She squirmed to help me get the angle of penetration right. The monster moved very slowly. I could feel his helmet push the walls of her pussy aside to open her channel bit by bit, as he moved deeper and deeper. It took a long time to reach her bottom. I stroked her one time to seat him properly in her deepest place. We held each other and movement ceased.

She whimpered and said, "Oh Luke." I have heard her say that a thousand times. It never fails to excite me. She said, "Oh Luke," again.

We held each other. At length, she said, "I feel so full. Your cock is the perfect size for me. It's not too large. It's not too small. It's just right." A few seconds later she added, "I feel like Goldilocks when Baby Bear fucked her." She giggled and said, "They don't put that part in the children's books.

I pulled almost all the way out and slammed the monster back to his resting place. She took a very quick and very deep breath. I felt the air pressure change in the room.

She said, "Fuck me, Luke."

I fucked her slowly with long strokes. I rose up on my arms as if I was holding at the top of a push-up. I could watch my cock move in and out of her. The surface of her skin below her belly button rose when the monster entered her and fell back as he withdrew. I could see my cock moving inside her flesh. The erotic sight aroused me further. My tempo increased. I fucked her a little harder. Her hips rolled into my thrust and her kegel movements milked me. I wished time would stop and let me stay in this now, forever.

Time didn't stop. It marched on, as it does. Fifteen minutes went by, twenty and maybe thirty passed. We possessed one another. We were one another.

Finally, she said, "I'm going to cum. I can feel it happening. Make this perfect. You must cum with me, Luke. "

I felt her excitement rise. Her pussy seemed to flex and hold me. Her body convulsed and she stopped breathing. The only noise she made was a high-pitched note. It lasted and then it lasted longer. I could feel her juices leaking out around my cock. She reached her peak. She invoked the name of God and begged me to cum with her. She tried to scream but she couldn't. Babblings of incoherent sounds were all she could manage.

The first jet of cum leaped from my body. I had spasm after spasm while Linda came down from her peak. Even in her high state of arousal, she helped to enhance my orgasm. Her arms and legs locked around me. She met my thrust with those of her own. Her sweet pussy squeezed and held me. I came hard. My orgasm overshadowed everything. For a few seconds, it was the most important thing in the universe. It outranked supernovae and black holes.

Then it was over. I became disappointed that it hadn't lasted forever. I kept the monster inside her and she sucked the last of my juices out of him even as my erection subsided. I rolled off her onto my back and lay there trying to remember how to breathe. I felt one of her little hands toying with the hard nub of one of my nipples. I realized she was kissing me. I couldn't breathe because her tongue was blocking my airway. I thought I would suffocate.

I didn't' care if I died. Being near this woman was my only reason for living. I kissed her back.

Time passed. I couldn't say how much. Linda was lying beside me with her head on my shoulder and a leg thrown over me. Her tiny fingers still played with my nipple. Her pussy was making a wet spot on my thigh. She giggled and her little girl voice said, "That was fun. Can we do it again?"

I became conscious and drew her close to me. I wanted to do it again but I knew it would have to be later, much later. I didn't answer her. I don't think she expected an answer.

My body instinctively made itself comfortable and I fell asleep.

Sometime later, Linda shook me awake. She waited until she saw my eyes come into focus. She said, "It's after eight. We've missed the gambling and the dancing too. I have to have food and I don't want to miss the show.

I could hear water running. She tugged me to my feet and led me into the warm shower. She let me hold her while the water cascaded over us. I became rejuvenated. The monster didn't. He just hung there as if in a stupor. Linda fingered her pendant and told me she loved me.

At nine o'clock, we left our room. Linda commented that I looked spiffy. I was wearing slacks and a light sweater, with a sports jacket. Hell, I even had my full quill ostrich boots on my feet.

Linda wasn't spiffy. She was unbelievable. She was wearing a little black dress that I hadn't seen before. It clung to every curve of her beautiful body and ended three inches above her knees. Her high heels accented the toned muscles of her shapely legs. Everything else fit with perfect harmony into the total ensemble. She had done her hair in the style that she had learned from Michelin.

I commented on her look and mentioned her hair specifically.

She giggled and said, "Luke, I know that you know this is Michelin's do. I figure, if I can keep you thinking about her I might get laid again, after the show." She giggled again and kissed my cheek.

The monster surprised the hell out of me. He moved.

We grabbed enough food to keep us going in a quick buffet café. From there we went to see Willie and his friends.

The concert was great. The centerpiece was, of course, Willie singing and playing. He had a great backup group. He did probably twenty songs. Among them were several of my favorites. He sang, "Always on My Mind," and, "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys." At one point, Waylon Jennings stumbled onto the stage and they did, "Take It to The Limit," together.

Later Willie recognized Julio Iglesias in the audience. Julio came on stage and they did, "Spanish Eyes," as a duet. I'm sure that was a setup deal. They had recorded that song together earlier in the year. It was the latest hit for both of them.

The show ended. I was glad that we had seen it. We both enjoyed it.

I steered Linda to a bar in the casino and bought her a drink. She asked, "Do you have enough energy left for some gambling and dancing at this late hour?

I just looked at her.

She handed me a small black electronic device. She said, "Maybe this will help." It was the remote control for her vibrating egg. She whispered, "Guess where the other part is."

I pushed the button. Her knees knocked together, she bent slightly at the waist and both her hands converged on her pussy.

She said, "If you embarrass me, I will take it out."

I pushed the button again.

She was prepared this time. The only reaction I saw was her eyes rolling up in their sockets. I love this toy. I think of it as radio control foreplay.

I pulled her close to me and used one hand on her ass to pull her in closer. I pushed the button. I felt the vibration where her pussy pressed against my thigh. She melted against me and enjoyed the moment. I came off the button, after a few seconds.

She regained her composure, took a step away from me and stood on her own.

She said, "Give me a silver dollar." I fished one out of my pocket and gave it to her. She walked ten feet away and put it in a slot machine. She pulled the lever and the wheels spun. She didn't win. She came back to me and said, "I'm tired of gambling. Let's go dancing."

I asked the bartender where we could go. He touted me on to a small room about three hundred feet from where we stood. We walked in and went straight to the dance floor. We got a little naughty in the dark. I pushed the button several times. She giggled and pressed herself closer to me. The music stopped.

She said, "I'm tired of dancing. Take me to bed Luke."

We had fallen into a trap that we had been in before. We were trying to cram too many adventures into too little time. We were both tired. It had been a long day.

We went to our room and were naked and in bed in five minutes. We had left the thermostat set at sixty-five degrees. The room was nice and cool. We snuggled while the bed became warm.

I asked, "What do you want to do now?"

She made me very happy. She said, "I want you to hold me while we sleep." We were spent.

I said, "Sleep is good. It is almost two AM and we are going to get a call from the Zimmermans about seven."

She said, "Give me ten minutes of truth time." I felt her movement as she fondled her necklace.

I replied, "Okay, ask your first question."

She asked, "Did you enjoy this evening as much as you would have had we gone to the new club?"

I answered, "I spent this time with my favorite person in the whole world. Of course, I had more fun with you. I liked the show and the sex was fantastic. I thought we were going to go mystical." I wondered why that hadn't happened.

She said, "I had more fun too. Why are we fooling around the way we do?"

I said, "I know the answer to that. There is nothing new in what happens between us. We have been together for a very long time. We always know what to expect from each other. We started swinging to fulfill a real need of yours, to experience things that I have been unable to give you. Your bucket list is made up of these things. Other people are part of that need."

She asked, "Are we bored with each other. Could it be as simple as that?"

I answered, "I am not bored with you. That will never be the case." I paused and continued, "You made me realize that I would enjoy some new experiences too. You brought Barb to me. Some of my fantasies take shape outside our marriage and with other people. I know yours do too. We have given each other the freedom to act out some of our fantasies. Without the freedoms, we would have to suppress needs and wants, some of which are real. I think we are doing the right thing. It would be mentally unhealthy to suppress real need."

She asked, "What will happen when I tell you I want to stop and go back to the way we were?"

I answered, "We can't go back to the way we were. We have both changed and can't undo our experiences. When the right time comes for you to quit swinging, it will be the right time for me too. We will just stop."

She asked, "What if you want to stop before I do?"

I replied, "Linda, this a truth time. The truth is. I have enjoyed myself in everything we have done. We have learned about ourselves. I intend to enjoy myself as long as swinging is right for both of us. When it is time to stop, we will both know. For me, I think it will be easier to stop than it was to start."

Linda said, "Do you think it is time to stop?"

I said, "I don't know. Your list is getting longer rather than shorter and I haven't even thought about quitting these last several months." I hesitated and asked, "Are you having a hard time because I vetoed your wildcard request?"

She displayed her intelligence and her capacity for deep thought. She said, "yes, definitely. You were right to use your veto. The wildcard thing was a bad idea. What scares me is this. I now know that I can ask you for things that could potentially damage our relationship. I had rather quit swinging than risk that."

I pulled her closer to me. I asked, "Do we need a session with Kay when we get home?"

She answered, "Maybe. I think I'm okay for now. We can have another talk later. Hold me. It is sleepy time.

I said, "Let's resolve to enjoy our time with Walt and Liz. They aren't part of the swinging scene. We won't even have to think about it for the next two days."

She said, "Good plan."

After another moment, I said, "One last thing, we will have one more night after Walt and Liz leave. I will take you to the new club if you decide you want to go."

She said, "I have already thought about that. I will let you know. Hold me." She was fingering her pendant. That meant she was thinking.

I cuddled with her and we slept.

At six minutes after seven, the phone rang. It was Walt. He said, "We are in our rooms. Thank you for taking care of everything. When and where shall we meet?"

I answered, "We are next door. Be ready to leave at nine and I will knock on your door."

He said, "Great that will be easy. Tell Linda I said Hi."

I said, "Tell Liz I said Hi." We hung up.

Linda and I both like Walt and Liz. We intended to enjoy their company and have fun but I think both of us thought about the next two days as if it were a babysitting job.

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