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Wife Wants Black


After reading several of my stories a Literotica member emails me to share her interracial experience. She asks me to pen her true story. Enjoy!

Wife Reads Too Many Interracial Stories

Like many women, I privately read erotic stories and find great pleasure in the experience. I have found that interracial stories get me the hottest. This is a true story which continues to this day. My name is Cathy and here's my story.

I am married, have been for 20 years. Even though I am 40, my body is shapely, 38D-26-36, long dark brown hair. Our sons have grow, so I have time to do allot of web surfing. My husband is always busy with work, so our love life has suffered.

I have been reading Literotica stories for several years now. I found myself gravitating to stories were wives take on black lovers. We have all heard stories of how large black cocks can be but always wondered if it was true.

The more I read the hotter and wetter I would get. I got to a point where I would read in the nude so I could play with my clit as I read. Believe me I have had many powerful orgasm in the middle of a story.

I found myself sending email complements to the writers. It was like I was subconsciously trying to make these stories real. Occasionally I would get a reply. One in particular from a man named Roy started the wheels in motion.

I had told Roy how much I enjoyed his story about him fucking his white neighbor's wife. I was the kind of story which really makes me wet. Roy thanked me for the compliment and shared some other stories he had written. All were the same theme....a black man taking a white woman to bed.

Roy and I continued to exchange emails for about six months. He kept wanting to meet me, and I wanted to, but struggled with the guilt. I had never cheated on my husband Jerry before, but the though of a large black cock penetrating my pussy was just too much.

Roy lives in Chicago, but has relatives about 70 miles from where I live near Memphis. Roy indicated that he would be down to visit family and begged mw to meet with him. Luck would have it that my husband Jerry would be away on business at the same time.

I finally gave Roy my cell phone number and asked him to call when Jerry was at work. I though if I could hear a voice maybe I could muster the courage to meet Roy.

Sure enough on Tuesday, four days prior to Roy's trip the phone rang.

"Hello," I answered, and noticed a phone number I did not recognize.

"Hello...babe, this is Roy," came from a deep voice on the other end.

"Roy....you surprised me....I didn't expect your call," I said.

"Is it ok to talk....or is you man around," Roy replied.

"No....no its ok I can talk...Jerry's at work....just like I said," I replied.

"So what did you think of my latest story," Roy questioned.

"I loved it....it made me very wet just like the others," I answered.

"Good...I am glad you liked it...you know I wrote it with your in mind," Roy replied.

"Really.....I thought it had a familiar ring to it," I answered.

Roy continued, " You know I really want you to come to Memphis this Friday.....I have a hotel set up.....we can make your dream a reality. That's what you want isn't it.....having a big black cock stuffed in your sweet white pussy. I know you want to feel the heat from my cum as I fill you pussy full of my spunk."

Hearing Roy's voice and thinking about his stories was getting me hot. I could feel my panties getting moist. This is what I wanted more that anything, his voice was soo sexy I want to climb though the phone.

"Roy...you know I want to meet you....but....ah.....I have never done anything like this," I stammered.

"I know it's a big step, but I can assure you.....you won't be disappointed. Just come over to meet me...if we don't click you can leave...no problem.....but I know you won't wanna leave," Roy pleaded.

"Well.....ah....it is only 70 miles...I can always turn around and drive home.....shit I am so wet just talking......what am I doing......well ok," I said in nervous tone.

"Good.....good....I'll be staying at the Hampton Inn on Phillips Hwy ....do you think you can find it? I have a king size bed reserved....I'll have some wine...we can relax...sound like a plan?" Roy continued.

"Yes....yes I can find it. I might need more than one glass of wine though," I replied.

"Can you make it by six o'clock," Roy asked.

"Yes six would be fine. What should I wear?" I asked.

"Wear something sexy......I like to see white women who can look sexy before they get naked for their man......you should be no exception. If you are anything like the pictures you sent, I am sure you have some sexy things to wear. Oh one last thing I like my ladies to be clean shaven, when I suck your clit I don't want a mouth full of pubic hair....ok," Roy commanded.

"Roy......yes I will look very sexy for you and I'll shave my pussy real close...see you Friday," I said. "Ok Cathy I'll see you then," Roy finished.

I hung up the phone, my heart was racing, and I was in sweat. I ran to my bedroom and pull off my clothes and rubbed my clit until I exploded. Was I really going to go though with this?

I was somewhat nervous around Jerry for the next couple of days. I hoped he did not sense anything. Jerry left on Thursday to attend a convention in Orlando.

I spent the day getting ready for my little trip. I had to keep busy as I was pretty nervous. I picked out a sexy black dress I have, bought a new Victoria Secrets bra and panties.

On Friday I was up early with anticipation, my heart was racing. I read a few of my favorite stories, wanting time to fly by. I left at 4:00, giving me time to drive the 70 miles.

My mind was racing, I felt guilt for want I was about to do, I felt fear what if I couldn't go through with it or Roy would be too rough. I got off the interstate twice ready to turn back.

Each time I convinced myself this was the right thing to do, maybe it would cure my lust for black cock. The third time I got off; I pulled into a gas station and bought a six pack of beer. I chugged one down in no time.

I got back on the interstate and headed for Memphis. I drank two more along the way. It was 5:30 when I reached Memphis. The beer had given me the courage I needed.

I called Roy to tell him I was early. "Hello Cathy," Roy answered. He must have remembered my number.

"Hi Roy....please don't be mad..." I started.

"So you chicken out, hehe?" He replied.

"No....no.....I am here just a little early ....is that ok with you," I stammered.

"Really girl....no that's fine....I am in room 414, hurry up," Roy exclaimed.

I walked swiftly past the front desk and went to the elevator. The door opened and I stepped inside. As the doors closed I pushed the button for the fourth floor.

I exited and went down the hall to room 414, my heart was pounding, I felt as if I might throw up I was so nervous. I knocked lightly on the door and waited.

The door opened slowly and there stood Roy, in a white bath robe. The white robe looked nice against his dark skin. He offered me his hand and said, "Cathy...please come in."

I offered my hand and stepped inside, the door closing behind me. "My....my aren't we a sight for sore eyes.....you look very sexing.....I have been hoping to meet you for a long time," Roy stated.

"Me too Roy," I said with a nervous voice.

He pulled me close to him and we kissed. The kiss helped calm some of the tension I was feeling. His lips sucked on mine, he darted his tongue deep into my mouth. I could feel myself melting in his embrace. His hands massaged my back as he pulled me closer.

We continue to kiss, a kiss like no other I have had. He sucked my upper lip, which sent a tingling sensation to my clit. His large hands squeezed my ass as we moved closer to the bed.

His skillful fingers unzipped my dress, he slid the straps from my shoulders and the dress fell to the floor. We broke our embrace and I stepped out of my dress. His hands quickly undid the snap on my bra and my white tits were now exposed to this black man.

His hands immediately went to my breast; he rolled my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. My nipples stuck out like erased tips hard as could be. He returned to kissing my lips and his hands worked my nipples.

I could fell the wetness grow between my legs, in his powerful dark arms I was like putty. He lowered his he and began to suck my tit, one side then the next. I thought I would explode inside.

As he lick and sucked my hard nipples, his hand yanked at my panties. He quickly pulled them past my hips and they slip down my legs to the floor. I now stood totally nude, just wearing my heels in front of a large black man I has just met in person for the first time.

Roy stepped back; his eyes wandered the body he had just ravished. Wetness was running down my inner thigh, as my clean shaven flower was exposed.

"What a fine looking white woman you are Cathy......I think we can have some fun together....what do you think?" Roy asked.

"Yes Roy....I want you to take me and fuck me like I am the last woman on earth....I want you black cock to fill my loins....I want to feel you warm cum inside me," I panted.

"Sure I can handle all that....but first you need to service my Johnson," He laughed. He undid his robe and he was naked underneath. He dropped the robe to the ground and grabbed my hand.

He placed my hand on his cock and gently pushed me to my knees. I was now kneeling in front of him with my hand stroking is semi hard black cock.

"My Roy you are quite large.....much larger that my husband....much larger then I imagined," I said quietly as I continued to stoke his member.

"Yeah babe....your old man will never be able to satisfy you now...I'm going stretch that tight white pussy for good," Roy said with confident voice.

"Let's see those red lips make some love to my man down here," Roy commanded.

I stretch out his dick and move my head closer. I took the crown of his cock into my hungry mouth. I kissed and sucked his blossom. I could feel him grow in my mouth. His cock was now nine inches long and so thick my hand could not go all the way around it.

I continued to suck on his manhood; I somehow managed to get the whole thing in my mouth. I started to gag so I backed off a bid. I used my tongue to lick the underside of his cock and sucked on his smooth balls. I was just thinking how different it was then sucking Jerry's hairy balls, something I never liked.

Roy cock glistened with the saliva provide by my mouth. I pumped away with my hand as I sucked his crown. My other hand found its way down to my wet snatch; I fingered my clit with fervor.

"That's it girl.....suck....suck...oh yeah baby suck on Roy's big black cock," Roy moaned.

"I see you down there playing with your bald pussy.....glad you listened and shaved that pussy for Roy boy," he laughed.

"Fuck it's time I tasted your white pussy.....come up here," Roy directed.

I got off of my knees and Roy slide me onto the king size bed. I lay there with my head at the top of the bed and Roy sat beside me. His hands started to massage my body first my ankles, moving up my legs. I willingly spread my legs as his hands advanced up my inner thighs.

His finger made its way to my labia and quickly separated them. I was so moist his finger easily slid into me. First one finger then two. His second hand spread me as he finger fucked my pussy.

"Oh...ohhh ....ahhh...shit that feels so good, please don't stop," I panted.

Roy lowered his head to my swollen lips; with two fingers in me his tongue worked the ball on my clit. I could feel the wave of pleasure come over me. I was about to come and he had even fucked me yet, some Jerry could never do.

I arched my back and let out a scream, "Oh fuck....ohhh fuck...I am coming ...don't stop....shit...holy shit." I could feel my love juices flowing from my kitty.

Roy removed his fingers and lapped up my slit with his tongue. "Oh babe," he moaned, "You taste just like honey."

Roy lay beside me and we kissed again. I reached down and felt his cock which was still very hard. "Climb over me Cathy.....time to ride the pony," He said.

I lifted my leg over him and straddled his torso. I raised my hips and hovered my pussy just above the crown of his giant cock. Roy held his member as I lowered myself on to his nine inch pole. With some wiggling of my ass I got it all the way in me.

His cock felt so warm and it filled me like I had never been filled before. Roy raised his head and began to suck on my tits. Using his hands and his tongue he squeezed me like I was a melon.

I started to rock my hips back and forth, then up and down. My pussy was stretched so I could move a little quicker now. I stood on my feet, with bent my knees; I was wildly fucking this black man like I never had fucked anybody.

Roy used his hands to hands to hold my waist, this steadied my body. He began to lift me and then jam me onto his cock. His manhood was deep within me, I could not believe how fucking well it felt. We fucked like wild people; I started to scream as I could feel a second orgasm about to erupt.

I could not even speak; all that I could do was moan and grunt.

"Ahhhh.......ughhhhhh....waaaa....ohh," I moaned with ecstasy .I must have sounded like some primal animal in heat, but I didn't care.

Finally I collapsed onto Roy; his dick was still hard and still buried deep within me.

"Hey babe....your a pretty wild fuck....man....you were going crazy," Roy laughed.

"Yes....I was out of control," I moaned.

"Well I am still hard...can you help me out," He asked.

"Yes I would love to suck your black cock....I love cock sucking.....especially yours," I rambled.

I rolled off of Roy and took his cock into my mouth. I tasted my cum, all the fucking had churned my juices into a milky liquid. The white cum glistened against his black skin.

I engulfed his member without gagging this time, I was so hungry for his black cock my throat opened wide to accept him. I squeezed his balls with my hands, I want to milk as much cum out of him as I could.

The large veins began to throb; I felt he was getting close.

Roy moaned, "Fuck...bitch....oh fuck.....you little cock sucker you...I am coming."

I raised my head as I continued to slam his cock with my hand.

"Yeah...Roy come on baby.....fuck my mouth...I am going to suck your nuts dry," I said in a slutty voice.

"Well get you're fucking head down there...cuz here it comes," Roy said in moaning voice.

I lower my head and pump his dick. His body began to tense up. He jammed his cock deep into my mouth. Suddenly I felt a gush of warm liquid fill my mouth. I swallowed as I raised my head.

There was just too much to swallow at once. His second ejaculation spew onto my face and hair. His liquid continued to come from his volcano. I lowered my head to get more of his love juice.

Finally his cock softened, but it was still a huge hunk of cock, nothing like my husband's which shrank to nothing. I lick his cock some more and cleaned what I missed. The cum on my face dripped down on my tits. I rubbed his cum onto my tits as I liked my lips.

"So did this little white chick bring you black cock off," I aid proudly.

"Yeah....Cathy you are a good little cock sucker.....glad you made the trip?" Roy questioned.

"Yes Roy best fucking decision I have ever made....I have to pee now," I said.

"Fine but hurry back....we are not done yet," He said.

I rolled off the bed and ran into the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror I had that just fucked look on my face. I washed my face and combed my hair; there was definitely some sticky goo in my hair. I peed quickly and ran back in the room.

Roy had opened the wine he promised and we each had a glass. I couldn't believe it but his dick was hard again already. Jutting from his body like a flag pole.

"Wow......you're hard again already," I asked.

"Yeah....I don't stay soft too long.......I think my dick can sense white pussy near by," Roy laughed.

"Would that be my white pussy," I asked.

"Must be....unless there is some hiding in the closet," Roy said laughing.

"Well," I said as I moved closed to Roy, "Let's not waste another moment. I could believe myself I had come twice already and still wanting more. I hadn't come more that twice ever and I was looking at number three in less than a few hours.

Roy grabbed my waist and guided me to the bed. I climbed on the bed and lay on my back.

"No...no I want you on all fours....go ahead get on your knees and show me that sweet white ass," Roy commanded. I quickly obeyed.

"Here girl spread those legs," He said. He used his hands to spread my legs showing him my pussy and ass. "Yeah just like that......I let you fuck me the first time now I am going to give you the fucking of a lifetime. Roy got behind me; he rubbed his cock in the crack of my ass. His slide his member up my crack and then back down and pushed against my labia. He continued this in a teasing fashion for a little while.

Roy then grabbed his cock and slid it past my inner lips; I could feel his crown penetrate me. He slowly worked his cock in and out, until he was all the way in me. He let his cock rest there as he reached around me and played with my tits, working his magic on my hard nipples.

"That feel good....having my black cock inside you again....poor old Jerry is going to wonder how his wife got so stretched out.....his little cock will be lost in your hole," Roy said laughing.

"Yes Roy.....poor Jerry.....but right now why don't you just fuck me.......fuck Jerry," I said.

Roy began to stroke his cock in me, bring up speed as he went. He used his hands to spread my ass cheeks so he could drive it in a little harder. He slapped my ass....it stung at first but the pain gave way to waves of pleasure. He continued to slap by bottom as his cock slammed my wet pussy.

I began to push my ass back against him as he stroked forward. His body was slapping against my ass with each stoke. His balls slapped against my belly. The pace was furious, the pounding flesh the loud slapped to my cheeks.

"Oh fuck," I moaned, "Holy fuck.....shit....ahhh.....shit.....fuck...yeah fuck me hard," I was screaming and out of control.

"Yeah babe ......push that white ass against me...I am going fuck your pussy raw...then I am going fill you up with a big load of cum," Roy moaned.

I began to buck wildly as my juices steamed from my vigina. "Fuck you ......I am coming....fuck me," I shouted.

Roy began to tense up and started to groan, "Here it is bitch.....he come my spunk."

Roy grabbed my waist and held his manhood in me. I could feel the warmth of his cum as it filled my loins. I could feel some running down my inner thigh. I wanted to hold him in as long as I could.

My knees gave out and I sank to the bed, Roy on top of me. We held that position until Roy rolled to the side and his cock slid out of me. I reached to my clit and took some of his love on to my fingers and then sucked my fingers dry.

We lay together for a while and then I told Roy I had to leave. I did not want to drive too late at night.

"Shit girl....I thought you would stay the night," He said.

"Well Roy I wasn't sure so I didn't pack anything...I am sorry...I would like to stay, but I can't," I explained. "Ok...ok I understand....but you get your white ass back here tomorrow...and plan on staying this time," Roy said.

"Really Roy ......you want me to come back...Yes I would love to come back tomorrow," I said with a smile.

I got dress and headed for home. (To be continued)

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