tagLoving WivesWife Wants Husband as Her Slave

Wife Wants Husband as Her Slave


This story doesn't have a lot of sex in it. Its about a wife that wants to climb the ladder of success, get rich, and divorce her husband, after he has been a slave to her.

I have had enough of the bitch I am married to. Getting all my evidence together, that included pictures, tapes, DNA reports, and letters, I was at my lawyer's office filing for a divorce. The lawyer said that if Lynn didn't contest the divorce and drag it out, in sixty days, I would be free of this bitch for good. Putting up with up crap for as long as I did, other people thought I was crazy. Maybe I was, but my bank account now is a lot larger now, than if I had left her when she started all of this crap. It will be good to get her out of my life for good. Five long years, of knowing and seeing Lynn cheat on me was now coming to and end.

* * * * *

I met Lynn one day at the law firm that she is employed with. Being a Civil Engineer, I was there about a legal matter. We struck up a conversation and I asked her out for that night. She agreed and that was the start of our relationship.

We were married eight months later. A big church wedding with everything and hundreds of guests. I was employed as a civil engineer with a group of surveyors and map makers. It was a rewarding job and the pay was great. I had worked there for five years and was enjoying my work. I had to pay for my college by working summer jobs and a full time job while at the university.

Lynn on the other hand had all of her fees payed by her family. They were well off and never knew what the shortage of money meant. She lived on campus and drove an expensive car. She didn't have to work.

After getting married I moved into her house on some property just east of town. It was a big house with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. She had a maid to come in and do the house work and chores. She did some cooking, Lynn ate out most of the time. I had learned how to cook when I was younger, and I got along fine. This had been her mother's house.

Then two years after we were married she was pregnant. She was highly upset, how could this happen, I wanted to wait awhile before I got pregnant. She carried the baby to full term and it was a little girl. She named it Ashley.

We hadn't been having sex like we did right after we were married. She was not a virgin when we met, and she was very experienced in having sex. Probably spent a lot of time on her back with her legs spread fucking the men at college. I didn't know that she was as experienced as she was until well after we were married. We hadn't had sex in over two months and now she telling me that she is six weeks pregnant. Her math didn't agree with my math.

Lynn is a beautiful woman. She was twenty six years old when I met up. She is five foot seven inches tall, blonde hair, and a nice set of tits. She told me she was 36D, and a slim waist, and long legs. She has a nice ass and loves to wear tight jeans and a bikini when she can. She likes to parade in front of me wearing hardly anything, knowing that I want to fuck her. We weren't fucking hardly any, her excuse was she didn't have the time.

Three months before she became pregnant she told me that she was going to climb the corporate ladder. She had big plans and she was going to do whatever it took for her to reach the top. Job openings had come available and she had applied for them. If she got the job that she had applied for, things would change for us she said.

I didn't quite know what kind of changes she had in mind. Then came the day that she was called into the vice-president's office. She was told that the job was hers. She took it and two days later I found her letter to me on the kitchen table. I came in every morning and had coffee and read the paper. I opened it and read it, I had to read it again. She must be crazy and out of her fucking mind.

She didn't even say I love you or anything. She must be out of her fucking mind, if she thinks I am going to agree to this. Be around to take the baby to the doctor.. I didn't even know if the baby was mine. Think it over, she said, sounds like it already been agreed to. Using words like "you will agree", "you will resign from work and no two week notice". No sex, she had said, I wasn't getting any anyway. Don't expect to have sex with her.

I called in and told them I would be out and would be in tomorrow morning. I sat down, had some coffee and breakfast. On a full stomach, I could think better. No more work, that sounded good, $300 a week to spend. New pickup every two years, that sounded good. Joint bank accounts, that was even better.

The others I would see about. I decided to go and see Miss Parks at the CPA office, that Lynn had mention in the letter. Maybe she could enlighten me on some things. I was also going to the bank to give them my signature. I had to do this and to see what accounts she had , I meant what accounts we had. How much money was in the account would help me to agree to these terms.

Finishing breakfast, I drove into the city toward Miss Parks office. I told the secretary that I would like to see a Miss Parks. She told me to sit and wait until she was free. Fifteen minutes later I entered her office.

Good morning Ron, I knew that you would be here sometime this week

How did you know that? I asked.

Well Lynn stopped by yesterday and talked with me about you handling receipts and records and would be forwarding them to me for my files.

She did, did she?

Sounds like all of this is a surprise to you. Did you happen to get a letter from Lynn this morning?

May I see the letter?

Yes, I have it with me. I said as I passed it to her.

Are you going to agree to this? She asked.

Well some of it sounds good, while some I don't really like.

If you do have any land or property, don't put her name on any of the deeds. She could get it from you. Sounds like she wants total control over everything. O yes, she is right about the stuff that involves me, she came in and she talked to me about all of it.

Miss Parks, What should I do about any of this? I asked.

Please call me Liza. It sounds pretty good, except the part about sleeping in separate bedrooms and not having sex. Isn't that why people get married? To have sex and sleep together?

Yes, I thought so to.

I heard Liza call and tell someone to bring the Natalie Wilson files in to her. Soon a young lady brought them in. She was well built and had large tits. I hadn't got laid for awhile and I was looking to change that. I had a thought of bending her over her desk and driving my dick into her.

Liza opened the files and was looking over them. Hmmn, she said. Ron, I am going to show you something, but first you have to promise me that you want tell anyone about what I show you. These files are private and should never be seen by others. I would deny that I ever showed them to you.

Sure, Liza, I said.

She said come over here beside my desk. I got up and stood by her left side. Looking down at the papers on her desk gave me the chance to look down her blouse. I could see the top of her breasts, she has large breasts. I felt the urge to run my hand down the front of her blouse. I didn't, Liza caught my eye and smiled. She knew what I had been doing, I think she was turned on by it.

Look Ron, she was saying. Compare the letter in the file with the one you got from Liza. Tell me what you see?

I took the one from the file and read it. Liza, these are almost the same letters, mine says $300, this says $50. Lynn's name is on this one for the baby, and Ashley's is on mine, the truck thing is different, and the thing about the money being deposited.

This letter here was written by Lynn's mother. Like you said they are the same except for some changes. Lynn was raised by her nanny, as her mother also chose to climb the ladder of success. Lynn was born in 1970, so this letter had to be written about that time. She wants to do to you what her mother did to her father.

There's more, Liza said. My mother was the accountant for Lynn's mother. I followed in mom's footsteps and now you know that Lynn is following in her mom's footsteps. I want to help you Ron. I want do the things my mother did, she was loyal, and did as she was told. I don't want you to become like Lynn's father. After Lynn's mother retired, she divorced her husband and by that time everything they owned was in her name. He was penniless and he died like that. I would expect Lynn to do the same to you. Everything that once belonged to her mother now belongs to Lynn. She is worth a lot of money, she is a millionaire. She wants her career and like she says, she will do anything to have it and climb that ladder.

I didn't know any of this, I said.

Now you have a clearer picture of what you are against. So what do you want to do? Liza asked.

After hearing about this and seeing the other letter, I want to turn the table on her. I want to have all the money and divorce her. She will be penniless instead of me. I want wait no twenty years.

We can work together on this if you would like, Liza was saying. I can fix her files to say anything I want. Her bank statements come here instead of going to her.

Why didn't Lynn's father fight back? I asked.

He had never had anything before he met her, now he would have money and a way to go. He thought she loved him and that they would be together always. He never tried to get any money saved for his own. He had nothing after the divorce. She traveled and lived it up. Lynn is just like her mom. Her mom was a slut and I think Lynn will be one also.

Is Lynn cheating on you? Liza asked.

Then I told her about the baby and the pregnancy. I don't think its mine. Yes, I believe that she is cheating on me. She just about says it in this letter.

She does. I want to help you. Here's my card, call me anytime you want to. Call me and lets see what we can do.

Sure, I will. Here's my cell phone number and email address.

She stood up and escorted me to the door. She was a fine woman, large tits, slim waist, fine ass. I was having thoughts about fucking her on her desk

She had told me to go and get a DNA test done and it would tell me the chances of whether Ashley was mine or not. I left Liza office and went to a lab that I know. They drew some blood, and I would get the results later.

I went to the bank and gave them my signature so I could write checks on the account. I asked and received a balance for all accounts. I never knew she had so much money? I would have it all, I would leave her enough for her and the baby. She could live for awhile on it, but she would still have to work.

I went home, Lynn wasn't home. The nanny had come before I left, at least she was young and single. She was Korean and spoke good English. I was stationed in Korea in the army. I sure would like to have some more Korean pussy. I would try her out later.

Lynn came home and laid her briefcase on the table. She came out to where I was working on my truck. She didn't waste any time. What's about my letter, did you read it?

Yes I read it.

Do you agree to it?

I have some reservations about it, I am still thinking on it. I will let you know. Liza had told me not to act to eager to accept Lynn's offer. She had also said that if there was anything else I wanted, to let Lynn know.

Let me know, when? Is there something else you want? She asked.

In fact there is, we haven't had sex in months. I would like to fuck you right now, since I see that you have some time on your hands.

Fuck me, and then you will agree to my commands? She asked. Is that all you want?

Yes, I said.

Let's go to the bedroom she offered. I went in and she stripped her clothes off without giving me a chance to take them off. I followed by removing mine. We got on the bed and her mouth was sucking on my dick. She gives a good blow jobs, and she did this time as well.

Fuck me!!! She said.

There was no foreplay, she just wanted my dick in her pussy. How many times has she laid down on a desk and let the men fuck her at work? I guess she was used to having no foreplay, bend over a desk, or lie in a bed and let the men fuck her.

Do we need a condom, I asked.

No, after Ashley was born, I told the doctor to take care of that, I can't get pregnant again.

Thanks for telling me, shouldn't I have been informed before now. I guess that will serve you better not having to worry about getting pregnant, with all the dick you are getting.

Fuck me Ron, we can talk later.

I rammed my hard dick into her. She was already wet, she was either hot or she had just been fucked before she came home. It didn't matter now, I fucked her good.

Not so rough, she said.

Bitch you like it rough, I kept ramming my dick into her until I came in her.

She got up and left the bed headed to the shower. She came out fully dressed again, wearing a low cut blouse and slacks.

I have another meeting to go to this evening, she said.

Meeting another man to fuck? I asked.

Get used to it, you just fucked me, so fuck whomever you want to, I didn't put that in the agreement, I am sure you can find some woman that will give herself to you.

Yeah, just like you giving yourself to the men at your office.

She slapped my face really hard. I don't want to hear you say that again. Yes other men have had me, they had me in college and before I ever met you. Yes, I have fucked. some men, I have cheated. That shouldn't be a surprise to you. You knew I loved to fuck before you even married me. Don't mention anything about my sex life again to me or anyone else.

She left the room and I heard the door slam as she left. I got cleaned up. Then I called Liza. She was in and took my call.

Hi Ron, how did it go with Lynn?

Ok, I need to set up another appointment with you?

Fine, but let's not meet here in the office. From now on, let's meet away from my office. Less people that know about you coming here the better it will be. Would tomorrow night at a place called the Green Frog, be alright? We can have dinner and talk. Say six o'clock.

Sure, I will be there.

I met Liza the following night just as she had said. It was a way out place, busy but private at the same time. Liza, what can I do to start gathering information on Lynn? I don't want to be divorced by her after twenty years and not have any money.

Ron, I want to help you, but you must be very cautious about what you plan to do. This will take time and a lot of energy. First you must play your part in the arrangement that Lynn and you have. Do what she wants you to do, except if you have land or property, don't let her name be added to any deeds you have. Lock them up so she can never see them. She's a lawyer, so caution is the key word. Don't ever tell her anything about your property or business, and keep your money that you have. Stop all statements from coming to your address.

I have already taken care of that. I have thirty acres down by the river and some money. She will never know about the account I have set up for all of this.

Good, she said. Now I can fix the books and audit to look like she has more money than she actually has. We need to talk about what I get out of all of this? I help you and after she finds out she will be coming after me. I have my mom's business and all her money and property has been willed to me. I could start new somewhere.

What did you have in mind? About what you want for helping me?

Twenty five percent of what you get. I want stand by and let her destroy you, like her father was destroyed by her mother. I will be taking the risk and gathering info for you.

It's a deal. How can we seal this deal? I asked her. By shaking hands, I suggested. We don't want any paper trails left.

I would like for you to make love to me tonight? Liza told me. That will seal the deal for us.

We finished our meal and she suggested that we go to a hotel room. I got us a room by paying cash and false ID.

She wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't all that experienced either. I would teach her what she wanted to know. She told me to use a condom and I did. She was tight and I had all eight inches of my dick in her. She moaned as I stretched her pussy and she soon left out with a loud moan.

I am ccuuuuuummmmiinnggg!!!! she said. She did too. After that her pussy wasn't as tight and I could move my dick in and out of her with ease. I filled the condom with my semen. She removed it, looked at it and discarded it in the trash can.

It been a long time since I had a man in me. She said.

I dropped her off where she had left her car. She reached over an kissed me, thanks for sealing the deal she said. I am yours anytime you want to see me she said.

We had sealed the deal with a good fuck. Now it was time to get down to business. Liza hired a P. I. to gather information on Lynn. The P. I. would get everything that he could. Who she met with, what they did, pictures, tapes, anything. Phone calls would be recorded. Any evidence that could be used against her was to be gathered.

The plan was in motion and I acted out my part. I had resigned from my job, and leased me a new pickup truck, all on the same day. I decided to go home and fuck the nanny.

The baby was asleep. I walked right up to her and told her that I wanted to fuck her.

Wifee no fuckee fuckee she said.

No, she doesn't. Not me anyways.

She sure knew what to do with my hard dick. My dick hadn't been sucked like that since I left Seoul. It felt good as I came in her mouth and she swallowed. I fucked her and came in her tight pussy. We slept a lot of nights together, on the nights that Lynn didn't come home. She needed the sex about as much as I did. There was no love between us, just a whole lot of fucking.

The private eye had already reported to Liza with pictures, dates, names, hotels, and their number. Tape conversation were also in the manila envelop. I bought me a camera and had it with me.

Then came the night of the big party at a hotel. The whole top suite had been leased for this event. Lynn had already informed me about it and had someone purchase me a new three piece suit. We are to talk and act like a happily married couple, she said. You will tell them about your work as an engineer, if you are asked. Don't drink to much and act like an ass, and embarrass me. Mingle with the people and act like you are having a good time. After the introductions, I will be talking with other clients, so don't hang around me. I will find you when its time to go home. And don't try to fuck any of the guests.

That was my rules, I guess she didn't have any rules to abide by, like she wanted me to. We arrived and was ushered in and a drink was offered. We each accepted one, as we where introduced to everyone there. Lynn left my side and went her way. I decided to do likewise, and just stood near the bar and watched the people.

Two hours later, I saw Lynn slip away from the others and go out a door. She was soon followed by two men. I made my way to the door and followed them. I saw them enter a room and I made a mental note of the room number. I walked past the door, but entered the next room next to that one. It had a door that connected to their room. I tried it and the knob was turning, I eased the door open a bit and I could see them with Lynn.

One man was laying down on the bed with his dick out of his pants. His dick was in Lynn's mouth. The other man had Lynn's dress pushed up and he was fucking her pussy. I had my camera and took pictures of this scene. My dick was hard and I felt like pushing the man aside and fucking her myself. The man filled her pussy with his semen.

They changed positions of the men, then I left. I had a plan of my own, I knew the wives would like to know where their husbands were. I eased back to the ladies and whispered in each one's ear that their husbands are fucking Lynn in room 842.

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