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My wife Anna had always fantasised about having another man or even two, whilst I watched and over time her fantasy grew on me to such an extent I was desperate to see her with another cock and so pushed her to agree to placing a contact ad in the hope of realising what was now jointly our ultimate fantasy.

I took on the responsibility of selecting a suitable male, choosing Mark who lived about an hour away, seemed genuine and decent and was quite a bit older than ourselves (Anna likes older men). Mark was also okay about me filming or photographing proceedings which was something I dearly wanted to do. Mark said he wanted to be slightly dominant and take control of things which was great as we are quite shy people and it was ideal for him to want to take the initiative when the time came.

We arranged to meet one Saturday night at a hotel out of town, Mark booked a room and I also booked a room, partly to avoid suspicion from the staff. The night came and there was us waiting in the hotel room for Mark. Anna had on a short black skirt, bare legs, nice strappy shoes, a matching lacy black bra and thong and a tight top. My mobile rang and it was Mark to say he was in his room and ready for the word so I told him we were ready and gave him our room number.

Well, it must've been all of about 20 seconds before there was a knock at the door. Myself and Anna were both incredibly nervous but also extremely excited at the same time. I answered the door and we all introduced ourselves. Mark complimented Anna on how stunning she looked and moving towards he said that there was no point in hanging around as we all knew why he was here and he placed his hands on her waist, pulled her towards him and kissed her.

Mark kept complimented Anna on her looks, turning her to jelly in his hands. He carressed her body, his hands running over her tits and arse as he continued to tell her how sensational she looked and how he just couldn't keeop his hands to himself and wanted to see more of her. He lifted her top off and released her tits from her bra and then he pulled her towards him again kissing her once more and letting his hands hitch up her skirt and he slipped his hands inside her knickers and fondled her arse cheeks before slowly moving to the front and feeling her pussy.

Anna had now made a grab for his crotch and Mark asked her if she wanted to see his cock as he took her hand away and started to undress himself. As he released his cock I saw my wife's face light up and she took hold of it and stared in admiration as she began to feel his length in her hand. Mark ordered her onto her knees and told her to take his cock in her mouth, and she didn't need telling twice. She knelt down and licked around the tip before slowly easing his length into her mouth. What a sight to behold, my wife with her lips glistening around Mark's cock as she sucked him off. Mark complimented her technique and kept saying how much he was enjoying her warm mouth.

I could see Mark's body tense up and I knew he was ready to cum, he must have been so excited and he erupted his load into my wife's mouth. His sperm was running from her mouth as he withdrew and she looked truely amazing. Mark thanked her and told her he was going to repay the compliment and ordered her to lie on the bed. He told her to remove her knickers which she did and he saw her gorgeous neatly shaved pussy for the first time. He told her how horny she looked and how gorgeous her pussy was and instructed her to play with herself and hold her pussy lips apart, then he knelt down and started to lick my wife.

Mark was between her legs lapping at her cunt and she was getting very excited, he spent ages pleasuring her with his tongue before he came up for air and said he was ready to fuck her.

He got on top lifted her legs up and holding each leg apart he slowly entered my wife, easing himself into her until he was all the way in and then started to slowly fuck her. I could see her pussy lips clinging to his cock and it looked like he was almost turning her inside out with each movement. Mark then pulled out and told Anna to get on all fours so he could take her doggy style. There she was on all fours, her tits hanging from her bra, her skirt around her waist and her lovely arse sticking in the air as Mark entered her from behind and fucked her doggy style. He was banging away, her tits swinging about and they were both loving every minute of it.

This was everything I had imagined it to be as I sat filming and enjoying seeing my wife getting truly fucked. Mark announced he was ready to cum again and his body twitched as he sank his load deep into my wife. Turning to me, Mark asked if i'd enjoyed what i'd seen and withdrawing he told me to take a look at what he'd done to my stunning wife. Her pussy was wide open, cum running from it as Mark asked whether I was going to give her seconds while he recovered and he collapsed onto the bed telling Anna to stay as she was. I soon had my cock inside her soaking cum filled hole but I was so turned on by what i'd witnessed that I lasted only seconds before giving her a second load of cum.

All three of us lay on the bed, Anna in the middle and us either side of her carressing her. After a while Mark asked her if she would put on stockings for her as he would love to see her in some and so of she went to the bathroom to clean up and change.

When she came back through with her stockings on she looked even better than before and Mark was lying on the bed next to me with his cock hard again and standing up proud as he told her to stand on the bed above him. Anna got onto the bed stood above him and then on his command she lowered herself down onto his cock and they fucked again. They continued to fuck in several positions before Mark came again. Mark then got dressed and we said good night as he made his way back to his room, my wife stood at the door in just stockings and heels giving him a kiss as he left and he said he would see us in the morning.

When Mark left Anna told me how much she had enjoyed things and thanked me for allowing it to happen, we fucked and fell asleep.

Next morning Anna got showered and dressed and was getting herself ready when Mark arrived at our door. He came in and said he had thoroughly enjoyed the previous night and how wonderful Anna was. He said he couldn't sleep for thinking about her and desperately wanted to get his cock in her once more before he went.

He said to me that he just had to fuck my wife once more before we all left and he turned her round bent her over, parted her knickers and unzipping his trousers and dropping his pants he fucked her hard from behind. I had no objections to seeing him give my wife a quickie before he left as she clearly didn't raise any objections and was clearly enjoying his actions and was moaning as he rammed her from behind and I just couldn't resist offering my own cock to her mouth and the for the first time ever she had a cock either end.

Afterwards, Mark thenked her yet again and handing her a wad of cash, told her to treat herself to something nice as a thank you and also so as she would have a reminder of the occassion.

It was the most amazing experience and having captured it all on video, we often sit down to watch it over and over, wondering whether one day we will ever repeat the happenings.

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