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Wife's Birthday Seduction


My wife Jan and I had been married for 21 years and in my eyes she still looked as good today or better than she did the day we met. She stood 5'4" tall and weighed right about 120 lbs. She had brown eyes and kept her hair colored blonde. Her tits were 34A but, still were as firm and perky as any teenager. Her ass was firm and tight as ever and she kept herself in overall great condition. Despite turning 40 this year and having three children she still turned heads anytime we went out.

However, lately she had entered into a real slump as her 40th. birthday approached. She had this feeling that she was unattractive and old. I tried to tell her that she was still hot and turned heads but she was stuck in her idea of being a ‘mom' and no longer being desirous. Turning 40 had her ready to take up quilting and sitting at home ready to be a grandma.

I had a plan to try to change her mind and thought her birthday would be the perfect opportunity to put my plan into place.

I had two close friends that we had known since we were married. Jeff was also 40 and still worked out and played on a local street basketball league. He was 6'00" and weighed about 200 lbs. His body was pretty muscular and tight from 3 to 5 days a week in the gym and Jan always thought he was ‘cute'. Bill was 38 and still in decent shape. He was 5'10" at 180 lbs with good looking features and just a hint of a beer belly. Both guys were married and professionals. When we would get together and shoot hoops or use the pool Jan would tell me that they still looked good and were attractive to the ladies. Many times she would tease me telling me how ‘hot' my friends were.

When we would get together and go out for a drink we would still talk about sex and women just like back in our high school days. Both guys had on numerous occasions remarked about how Jan still had the looks and was a ‘hottie' as they called her. Although around Jan they were always perfect gentlemen and never got out of line.

On the Thursday before Jan's birthday we met after work for a drink at a local sports bar and watched the Heat on the large screen. As the drinks flowed I confided that Jan was in a slump thinking she was old and unattractive. I asked if they would help me build her self confidence at her birthday get together this Saturday night. They both seemed interested and ready to help so I told them of my plan.

I would have both guys over on Saturday for a small get together and cook out. During the evening I asked them to innocently and covertly flirt with my wife and complement her. They both seemed surprised and asked if I really wanted them to flirt with Jan to which I told them yes, it would really help me out as her slump had greatly affected our sex lives recently. They agreed and the plan was set in place.

Saturday I took the kids to Jan's mother and prepared for our evening. Around 6:00 both Jeff and Bill arrive and I told Jan I had asked the guys over for a quiet birthday cookout. As the guys arrived Jan and I met them at the door. Both guys gave her a card and made excuses why their wives could not be here. Jeff and Bill both complemented the birthday girl and Jan blushed and looked a little uneasy at the attention as they told her I better watch out having such an attractive young looking wife.

We went out back and I started the grill as we sat around the pool side having a few mixed drinks and just chatting about general things and joking back and forth. Jan seemed to loosen up as she got comfortable and the drinks began to loosen her normally reserved composure. As the fire got ready I asked Jan if she would go and get the steaks ready and bring them outside. I then asked Jeff if he minded going in and fixing another pitcher of the Long Island Iced Teas we were drinking. Jeff agreed and winked at me as he got up and followed Jan inside.

I waited about ten minutes and went in to get the steaks. As I entered the kitchen I could hear Jeff really pouring on the charm as he flirted with Jan like two school kids. I acted totally oblivious to the flirting as I entered and said "Where are those steaks? The fire is ready and Bill and I are ready to eat." Jan was a bright red and seemed to have a glow about her as she handed me the platter and followed as I turned and went back outside.

After we ate and sat around outside for a while we moved inside to watch some TV and continue our conversation. We played a few hands of cards and laughed and joked around as we all got pretty loose from the drinks. In the background I had on an adult satellite channel that had a runway show of beautiful women parading around. Both Jeff and Bill lightly flirted and complemented Jan as we played. She seemed to be really enjoying the attention and obvious arousal she was getting from the guys.

As the TV program went off Bill spoke up and said "Those girls were nice but I didn't see anything as nice looking as your wife on their."

Jan looked and said "I don't think anybody would want to sit and watch me parade around in a bathing suit Bill, but, you are sweet for saying that."

Jeff chimed in "Oh I don't know about that Jan, you put many of those women to shame. A girl as hot as you could probably draw more viewers than half those women put together. I would pay $50 easy to see you model swim suits or lingerie." Jeff took out a $50 bill and laid it on the table as he sat back.

Jan replied "Oh you guys are just drunk I turned 40 today and would probably make you sick. You would probably make me go in and put my clothes back on" as she blushed and took another drink.

"You could easily turn on any man Jan, why don't you give it a try and see just here in front of us, you know we will be honest with you." Bill said.

Jan got up and walked across the room in front of the TV and turned a few times. Even in her Capri pants and button up blouse her tits and ass looked great. "There now, see I told you I'm nothing to look at. Now I have to go start the dishwasher." Jan turned and went into the kitchen followed by Jeff.

Bill and I laughed and Bill called in to her that he had not seen enough and would match Jeff's $50. We started watching another flick on the tube that had some hot body on the beach doing her boyfriend and another woman. I was already aroused from the talk with Jan and now was sporting a good hard on watching the scene unfold on TV.

After about 20 minutes Jan and Jeff came out of the kitchen together. Jan was blushing again and Jeff had a huge smile on his face. Jeff had made another pitcher of Tea and it was already half gone as they entered. "Ok guys, Jan has agreed to model three items for us and let us judge her to see if she's as hot as or hotter than the women on that show."

"All right, I will get some paper and markers for us to put our score on for each outfit. We will score between 1 and 10 for each outfit she models." I said as Jan walked into the bedroom closing the door. I was not sure if she would go through with this or stay in the room. She had never done anything like this before.

The guys and I sat around talking about how things were progressing when the door opened and Jan called in "Ok, ready or not, here I come." She walked out in a two piece black suit that had a top that covered everything and a pair of the boy short style bottoms. The suit did not show much but her form was evident through them. She had bought the suit several years ago to take the kids to the city pool.

The guys all applauded as she walked nervously across the room. I had the volume muted on the TV and some light jazz going on the stereo. As she stopped and looked at us she said "So, have you had enough?"

Each of us held up our piece of paper that had 8's wrote on them. She blushed as she looked at them and said "Ok, I'll try on another since you all were so nice and patronizing." She walked back into the bedroom and closed the door.

A few minutes later the door opened and Jan came out wearing a neon pink two piece I had bought for her at a beach store in Daytona last year on vacation. The top had two triangles that covered her nipples but left part of her breasts exposed and the bottoms had a narrow V triangle in the front and in the back tied together with straps from the front to the back. While it covered her private parts her butt cheeks were visible on either side of the back V. This time she spent a little more time strutting around the room and turning.

All three of us whistled and hooted as she passed which added to her show. Jeff and Bill both complemented her and raved over her body, form and composure. We all hollered out that her score was off the charts. Finally Jan ran back into the bedroom and shut the door. All three of us had raging bulges in our pants that were clearly visible and as we settled down we had another drink. Jeff looked at me and asked "How far do you want us to take this buddy?"

"Shit it is already gone a lot further than I ever expected it would, I guess well just go with it and see what happens." I said back.

"Shit man, I don't want to sound like a dick but I would give anything to get the chance to fuck your wife." Bill said as he rubbed the bulge in his pants.

"Holy fuck, I know we have all talked in private between us about doing our wives with all of us, but I never thought it would ever get this close. You sure you're ok with this?" Jeff asked looking directly at me.

"If it goes that way it will be a long held fantasy of mine and I wouldn't consider doing it with anybody other than you two guys." I replied back to both Jeff and Bill.

Jan came back out re-dressed in her Capri pants and blouse and sat on the chair opposite the couch with Jeff and Bill. "You guys were really sweet and nice. You made me feel really good about myself and I appreciate all of you." She took a drink handed to her by Jeff.

"Baby you have nothing at all to be ashamed of. Any guy would be nuts not to want to look at you. You ought to be proud of what you have and show it off." Bill said to her quietly.

"Hey, sweetheart, like I told you in the kitchen; you have one of the most incredible bodies I have seen and most teenagers would be proud to have what you have there." Jeff said as he walked over and hugged her.

Jan seemed to melt in Jeff's large strong arms as he grasped her. Jeff released Jan and looked at me "Ron would you be gentleman enough to show us your wife's beautiful breasts?"

I knew Jeff had a way with the ladies but I was surprised at how his voice just seemed to melt Jan down. I also wanted to look at her tits right now and looked to Jan who just starred at Jeff. "Well, sure if it's ok with Jan." I replied.

I walked over to Jan's chair and began unbuttoning her blouse without any hesitancy from her. As I got down to the last buttons I pulled her blouse from her waistband and opened it exposing her plain white bra. I unfastened the clip between the cups and let the bra fall open. I could hear Jan's breathing get deeper as I reached in and cupped her firm tit rubbing the nipple getting her excited. As her nipples grew and poked out I pushed her blouse and bra straps from her shoulders and let them fall to the chair. Wow, here was my wife sitting topless with her nipples at full erection in front of my two best buddies. She looked great.

Jeff whispered near her ear "Baby, you have perfect breasts. They are firmer and perkier than most 18 year olds and your nipples are exquisite." I could see Jan glow from Jeff's flirting and complements.

"You do have perfect breasts Jan, honey. I am sure you could mold them and sell the molds for a fortune. And your breasts lead down to your perfect flat and trim stomach. You must make other women extremely jealous." Bill whispered to her.

"Oh I don't know if we should be doing this but you guys sure know how to make a woman feel good and special. It's been so long since I have felt attractive or had anyone even look at me as a woman." Jan said.

"It's not hard to be so turned on when in the presence of a woman as fantastic and perfect as you my sweet." Jeff said back.

"Oh, flattery will get you everywhere Jeffrey, especially for a man as handsome as you." Jan replied.

Jeff reached out and kissed Jan's extended hand as Bill piped in "I sure would like to see the rest of that awesome birthday suit Ron if she is willing to let us admire it."

I reached out and helped Jan out of the chair and walked her over in front of the couch. I kissed her deeply and she returned the kiss darting her tongue deep into my open mouth. As I broke our kiss I got in back of her and manipulated her breasts from behind tweaking her nipples. Jan let out a low moan as I played with them between my thumb and forefinger pulling on their hardness. I knew she could feel my hardness pressed up against her butt. I moved my hands down her stomach and around to her hips as I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her pants and began pushing them down, underwear and all. As I got them down and bent over to pull them from around her ankles I kissed and licked the crack of her pretty little ass. This sent a shiver over her body and a sigh escaped her mouth. I could smell her arousal and sweet scent as I pressed my tongue between the folds of her cheeks.

Both Bill and Jeff looked on mesmerized by the sight of Jan now standing only feet away in nothing but a pair of socks. Jan's creamy white soft skin glistened in the flickering light of the TV. Her firm breasts sticking out with her dark purple nipples jutting out a good ½" and her neatly trimmed triangle bush in front of them. Jan didn't say a word as Bill and Jeff both got up and walked around her looking intently over every inch of her body. Jeff and Bill both commented to themselves on their observations.

Jeff finally stepped in front of Jan and wrapped his arms around her giving her another huge hug. As Jan wrapped her arms back around Jeff he moved his hands down and squeezed Jan's tight ass cheeks. To my surprise Jan began to kiss Jeff back. Jeff broke away for a minute and said "I wish I had brought you something for your birthday beautiful."

Bill added "Yes, me too, I wish I had brought you something for that beautiful birthday suit you have."

Jeff and Jan began kissing again and Jeff really worked his hands on her butt and back allowing moans to escape her mouth. Bill moved in and also began rubbing on her delicate skin and kissing her shoulders and down her spine. As he reached the top of the crack of her dainty ass Bill spread her cheeks with his hands and licked around her crinkled little puckered rosebud. I could hear Jan moaning in ecstasy from around Jeff's mouth. Jeff moved is mouth down spending time on her neck until he reached her perky tits and took a mouthful. Jan's head tilted back and her eyes closed her breathing was deep and fast.

As Jeff sucked on Jan's tits and teased her nipples with his teeth and tongue He reached down and unfastened his pants letting them drop to the floor around his ankles. He was not wearing underwear and his cock sprang out at full mast. It was bout 5" long and average girth. His balls looked heavy and hung down between his muscular legs. He took one of Jan's hands and placed it on his tool using her hand to rub up and down his shaft. At the sight of this I quickly removed my own clothes and began stroking my own rock hard cock for relief. I moved in and began kissing Jan and sucking on whichever tit Jeff was not using.

Bill got up and stripped off his own clothes in record time. He had the largest cock of the three of us at about 8" long and twice as fat as Jeff's. His balls looked massive and full of cum. His cock looked like it was ready to explode with the purple head engorged and spewing pre-cum from its massive hole at the tip. Bill got back up behind Jan and rubbed his massive tool in the crevice of her ass a few time and then got back onto his knees from behind her and continued licking and sucking on her ass hole and pussy.

I could feel Jan begin to have a climax as I sucked on her tit. Her breathing quickened and her heart rate raced until her whole body stiffened and she began to shake and have tremors. It lasted for several minutes before subsiding. Jan screamed out and hollered until I figured the neighbors would be calling the police thinking she was being attacked. Finally Jan began to come down and return to us. Bill sat back onto the coffee table and pulled Jan into a sitting position in his lap. As Jan sat down her pussy began to be impaled on Bill's massive bulbous cock head. It looked like it would split her in two as she stopped with just barely the tip poling its monstrous head inside.

Bill repositioned Jan so that she was facing him as he lay back on the table and eased himself into her tight pussy. Jan would ease herself down taking more of the fat dick up her tiny cunt and then she would have to stop to adjust to the new shape her pussy had taken. Bill was as patient at he could be in going very slowly and whispering in her ear and kissing her neck and behind her ear in a place that drove her crazy. As Jan lay forward on Bill's chest her ass was facing Jeff and I and we could clearly see the stretching her pussy was taking. Jeff played with her tits and I began to lick around her cute little puckered anal passage darting my tongue in and out of her tight wrinkled hole.

After what seemed 10 minutes Jan was finally sitting all the way down onto Bills massive fat cock squashing his huge ball sac beneath her. She sat still for a moment and then began slowly lifting herself up and down going a little further in and out with each stroke until she was almost riding the whole length of Bills enormous cock. As the bulb of his cock head would appear she would slam back down fully onto it. Jan was moaning out loudly in pure excitement with each ride. Bill began bucking his hips to match her movements and both seemed lost in the ride. Jan's asshole was slick by now and my tongue was sliding in and out very easily. I could feel Bill's cock impaling her from inside.

Bill came around to where I was kneeling and stood behind Jan as he stroked his cock. He then put the head of his cock against her tiny hole and began to let her actions push the head of his cock into her hole a little more with each pull out of Bill's cock in her pussy. As Jeff got about half way inside I could tell Jan was deep in the throw of another climax as she breathed deeply and hissed and moaned in a mix of agony and ecstasy. As Bill continued bucking and fucking her full speed Jeff got all the way inside and began riding her ass to match Bill's strokes. Finally both men pushed in hard all the way to their balls and filled both her tight holes with a river of cum as all three climaxed together and screamed out.

All three bodies collapsed into a heap and laid there until both Bill and Jeff's cocks went limp and fell out of Jan. As the guys got up and fixed a fresh drink Jan got up with cum running out of both her holes and she smiled at me. I laid her on her back on the couch and raised her legs to her chest and inserted my still hard cock into her gaping slick pussy. After several thrusts in and out I knew she was to loose after taking Bill to accommodate me. I raised her legs up over her head and pushed my swollen cock up to her puffy wrinkled ass hole and pushed. Jeff's cum made her hole slippery and I entered her with ease until I felt my balls rest against her skin. Slowly I began thrusting in and out building my pace with each stroke. Soon both Jan and I were screaming out in delight as I felt my orgasm build and I pounded into her like never before. Both Jan and I finally climaxed together as I dumped my huge load deep into her belly. I looked into Jan's eyes and said "Happy Birthday dear!"

Jan just smiled at me as Jeff came over and presented his glistening now hard again cock in front of her face. Jan wasted no time in sticking her tongue out and teasing the tip of Jeff's hard cock before running it down the length of his shaft and taking his balls one by one in and out of her dainty little mouth. Finally she devoured the entire shaft as Bill walked up and spread her legs and started lapping at her oozing pussy and ass sucking up the spilled copious amounts of cum. Jan was again moaning out in the throws of another climax as my own cock grew back to full hardness.

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