tagLoving WivesWife's Busy Night at Work

Wife's Busy Night at Work


I'd been married to my wife, Nicole, for three years when I first questioned her fidelity. We were in our late twenties and had a young daughter. She worked nights as a hospice nurse, on call to travel to peoples homes at all hours. She usually was able to get home after midnight and we'd spend the night cuddling or making love (at least until her pager inevitably interrupted us).

One night we had plans to get a bit dirty, and she was wound up and horny when she got home around one. We started making out and I snuck my hand up her thigh. Suddenly she pushed me away, claiming she wasn't in the mood because of a rough stop at one of her patients homes. I would have accepted her response if moments earlier she hadn't been squeezing my manhood through my jeans, When I began questioning the change in mood, she offered up a blowjob, a true rarity in our bedroom. Of course, even with my suspicions I took her up on it. It was the deepest, most lustful sucking I've ever received. Hot mouth, very wet, tongue snaking down to my taint. But I couldn't shake the feeling that their was a different reason she didn't want my hand near her pussy.

After she fell asleep I slipped down the hall to the spare room where she keeps her clothes to save space. I found her panties from that night. Initially I was calmed by the sight of her typical cotton boy shorts. "Not a thong, so she wasn't trying to be sexy" I thought. But as I turned them over, I could see that the crotch was still a tad damp. I turned them inside out and thought I could make out a thin white film. "Shit!" I thought, "That certainly looks like one thing only." But I had no proof and the evidence in her panties was by no means indefensible. So for the time being I let things slide.

A few months later we went out for her birthday. She asked if an old friend, Johnny, could meet us. I knew they had once dated, but it had been over a period of about two weeks so I wasn't concerned. Besides, I'm 6'3 and despite being heavyset, am pretty strong from a past obsession with weightlifting. She showed me his picture and I saw my polar opposite, 5'6 and scrawny. No problem. So the night is great, lots of people stop out to buy her drinks. But as the night wears on, she spends more an more time at his side. Eventually, while I'm talking to some of her coworkers I lose track of her. After about 40 minutes I decide to look around. No one had seen her, but the last I had heard she was going out to the bar's patio with Johnny.

I made my way out the door, finding a lot of people, but not the two I was looking for. Suddenly a side gate swung open and I spied my wife slipping back in. I waited where I was until she noticed me and made her way over. I tried to act nonchalant as she explained that they had been remembering an old friend who had passed away. I made a comment alluding to why they had to go to the parking lot to talk, and she made some excuse about Johnny wanting to smoke. I looked around at all the people with cigarettes on the patio but before I could point out how obvious the lie was, she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Her lips were soft and here tongue was hot, like she'd been making out with someone. Or doing something else to build friction.

I kept my mouth shut once more, deciding to bide my time until I had something indisputable. Unfortunately the next day I found out I was being downsized. I didn't make enough money for it to threaten us too much, but it was emasculating and depressing nonetheless. That night I called her at work and told her I needed her company and couldn't wait to see her. She was good at talking me through things. She assured me that she was leaving soon as she had no patients that night. About twenty minutes later I got a text telling me she would be another hour or so due to paperwork. "No big deal" I thought and went to lie down. I woke up to the sound of her tiptoeing into our room over three hours later. I pretended to be asleep and made a mental note to find out what was going on.

The next morning I got up early and checked her cellphone. Mostly bullshit, chatting with coworkers and girlfriends. But then there it was. A message to Johnny's roommate 'Have J call me. I need to be with him and I'm done at work early'. I looked at the time it was sent and saw it was between our call and her text that she would be late. I woke her up, asking what time she had come home. "Oh about 90 minutes after we talked." Wrong answer. So I confronted her, and of course she had a dozen excuses for how it looked, and it all came down to me reading too much into it. I didn't see how she could so bluntly lie to me, but I went with it, letting her think the issue was resolved.

Next time she worked I decided to stop by around the time she normally left her office. She walked out with her phone pressed to her ear. I was too far away to hear her voice, but I could see lust on her face. She hung up and got in her car. Suddenly I got a text that she had one more stop to make that night. I watched her pullout of the parking lot, then slowly followed.

Soon she stopped in front of a small ranch home in a crappy neighborhood. She practically ran to the front door, and while I couldn't see his face, I recognized the short frame that opened it. I slipped out of my car and up to the side window. My heart leapt. She was pressed up against the wall, and he was pressed against her. Their tongues were deep in each others mouths, and his hands were firmly squeezing her ample breasts. Nicole had DDD size tits normally, but it was less then a year since our child's birth and they were still swollen up to an F. She always had sensitive nipples, and even through her nurses scrubs I could tell he was pinching them between his fingers.

Suddenly his head jerked back. I thought she had pushed him away, but realized quickly she had grabbed his cock. They turned a bit and I could see her hand down the front of his shorts, massaging what she found there. He stopped her long enough to pull her shirt off, before she dropped to her knees and slid down his pants. His half-hard dick flopped out, much larger than I expected. Not a freakishly huge thing, but surprisingly long and with a nice thickness. With his small stature though it looked mammoth.

My wife gave it a squeeze, and her tongue darted out to lick the tip clean. I couldn't believe it as I saw her lips spread and gently wrap around the head of his cock. I saw her cheeks pull in as she sucked with all her might, pulling him deep into her. Soon he was buried about 7 inches into her throat, with a little left over that she was twisting between her fingers. I could see it take his breath away. The girl has always had great lung strength and she could almost pull the cum out of your dick before you knew what was happening. He tried to pull back, but she kept the suction on and he couldn't hope to escape.

She eventually released him and began to lick his balls, pushing him onto a couch and spreading his legs. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting her massive tits slap down on his knees. He started kneading them and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She let out a gasp and drove her face deeper. His balls sat on her nose as I realized she was tonguing his ass. She soon went back to deepthroating him and slid a her middle finger under him. I saw him tense as she probed inside him, eventually finding his prostate. Almost immediately he gripped her shoulders and let out a a growl as he exploded with what was clearly an incredible orgasm. She kept her mouth and hand busy the entire time, prolonging it for what seemed like minutes. Even when he was finished she kept at it, pulling him back to a full erection with impressive speed.

Nicole let him up and he threw her face down on the couch. He spread her ass cheeks and shoved his face into her pussy. He came up a few minutes later, practically glazed with her juices. He grabbed the base of his cock and with one quick move, slammed his cock in to the hilt. My wife's face was hidden in the cushions, but I could hear her muffled scream. He lit into her, pistoning in and out so hard I could make out the sound of his balls slapping against her. I knew she would love it. I have large balls and she always says she cums harder when they slap against her clit while I fuck her from behind. He wasn't letting up, and I could hear her grunts growing louder. Her back arched and her head finally popped up as she let out a howl. "Fuck me hard Johnny! Don't stop!"

She was shaking as she came, her face red and her hair tangled and sweaty. She looked primal, like an animal of lust, in heat and out of control. Nicole pushed backwards, letting Johnny's dick slide out of her. She quickly led him by his hard on, setting him on the couch and mounting him. She slammed her hips down onto him, impaling herself. She was bouncing up and down, alternately grinding her clit against him. Her tits were slapping Johnny in the face with each down stroke. In a moment of pure fascination, I broke from my horror and actually thought "He is gonna have a black eye tomorrow!"

Soon his mouth locked onto one of her nipples and I could see him biting down. She screamed with the power of her second orgasm, dropped all the way onto him, and began to twitch. I knew from experience that her pussy walls were clamping down on him as she came. Once she started into this multi-orgasm cycle her pussy was like a vise, tightening down. The muscles were squeezing him, milking his cum. I knew he wouldn't last. It was impossible. His face turned purple as he hollered and unleashed what had to be a tsunami of his seed deep into her box.

They stayed like that until she stopped quivering. She suddenly jumped up and began gathering her clothes. I shot to my car and raced home. I was confused. I had just seen my wife, my love, letting herself go completely with another man. But I was so turned on I was absentmindedly tugging at my own rock-like erection. I ran in the door and shooed out a friend who had been watching my now sleeping child. I tried to be calm as I waited for her, changing into the boxers I normally slept in, and greeted her nonchalantly when she came in. As we discussed her long night at work, I realized I could do nothing to hide my swollen cock. It was peeking through the open front of my boxers and she was staring at it.

Abruptly she said she needed to shower, claiming to have been at a home with an infectious patient. I stepped in front of her and grabbed her around the waist. She tried to ask what I was doing, but I covered her mouth with mine. It was warm and soft like the other night, and I could taste him on her lips. I should have been disgusted, but the salty flavor and the knowledge of why it was there sent me into a state of beastly sexual overdrive. I dragged her, literally, into our room and threw her on the bed. She halfheartedly tried to fight me off as I tore her clothes off, knowing what I would find, but too weakened from her earlier escapades to struggle. As I got her panties down I saw the cum leaking from her cunt lips. I found myself wanting to drive my tongue into her deeply creamed pussy, but I settled for one good lick, gathering a sizable load of their mixed cum and pressing my lips to my wife's.

I'm not sure what was going through her mind as her husband snowballed her ex-boyfriends creampie to her, but after a moment she began to suck the cum from my lips. I lost all control and shoved my cock into her. The feeling was incredible. So hot from the action, it was practically scalding. Stretched out from use, I could feel Johnny's seed bathing my cock as I plunged deeper into her pussy.

I consider my dick to be of average length, but I was blessed with girth, and I could see the surprise on her face as I managed to spread her cunt even wider. Finally my pubic bone was grinding into her clit, and I glanced down to see the semen pouring out of her as my cock filled all the available space. I began to thrust, easily hitting bottom with each strike. I could hear the cum spurting out around my pole. I looked into Nicole's eyes and saw them staring back with a passion I'd never seen before.

I grabbed her behind the knees and forced them back beside her ears. With her twisted in half like that it let me watch my length spear her messy pussy. She wanted to change positions, but I had control of her movement and held her thighs tight to her tits. The heat surrounding my cock was growing but I refused to give in. I pulled her to the edge of the bed. One of the benefits of my size, I'm able to lift her while I fuck her. So I left her upper back on the bed and held her ass in the air as I laid into her harder than I ever had. She wrapped her arms around her legs, freeing my hands to ravage her breasts. I crushed them under my fat fingers, forcing groans from her. Finally I found her nipples and pinched and pulled hard enough to flatten them. She let out a familiar yell and I felt her pussy begin to tighten. As her insides rippled and massaged my cock I grabbed her throat with one hand and put just a little pressure on it. She came so hard she began to gush. My balls were dripping.

She mouthed "I love you" and I let loose. I felt the cum shooting from my balls through my cock. The pressure was intense. I flooded her pussy again, shooting streams of cream hard into her. She was panting, unable to even speak from ecstasy. As her cunt finally loosened it's grip, I slid my still hard dick out. I looked down at the mix of Johnny's and my seed and my wife's juices, and I surprised even myself as I grabbed Nicole by her long black hair and shoved it into her gaping mouth. She instinctively tightened her lips around me and began taking long pulls with her mouth. I made her lick my balls clean. Finally I forced my cock into the back of her throat until I couldn't take it and quickly dumped another load down her gullet.

As I stood up, I reached out and gave her a firm slap across the face. "You're a fucking whore," I said, "and I love you too."

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by Nexttimeround03/12/18

This situation...

... is not something I've ever wanted or gone for, but as a piece of writing it expresses the conflicting desires of the husband and also the wife very well. I've never known sloppy seconds as they aremore...

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by Anonymous03/11/18

I love you

but his statement was a lie and the divorce proved it.

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by Anonymous12/10/17

Piece of shit

Sorry, rotten, cock breath, dog dick licking mother fucking author.

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by Anonymous07/12/17

It's Not Cheating If....

You like the taste of another man's cum in your wife's mouth or pussy. It's not cheating if the other man is better endowed than the husband. It's not cheating if the other man makes more money than themore...

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