tagFetishWife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 4

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 4

byAnal Slave©

Well it is four days later now and I still haven’t been able to cum, my balls are swelled up and I can feel the cum in them wanting to be released. Every time my cock gets hard the damn cock cage kills me. I hope I can cum soon. My wife has been licking on my ass and biting my ball sack but she wants me to save my cum for the sex party. She told me the party was tonight and she was entering me in a sex contest, and I had better perform good tonight or she was going to tie me up and whip my ass till I scream.

She told me she had us two outfits for us to wear tonight. My outfit was a leather harness with a strap between my legs it had a place to strap a Butt Plug on it. I also had a studded dog collar to put on. My wife told me to stand up and when I did she released my cock cage my cock stood up nice and tall. She smacked my cock on the top of it and my boner died down she said get in there in the bathroom and shave your cock, balls and ass. When I was done showering she dressed me putting the leather g-string on and the dog collar, she looked down and I was leaking a little pre-cum. She put a cock ring on my cock and reached down with her lips and sucked the pre-cum off of the end of my cock. She said that would keep you from leaking any more cum till I want it.

My cock was rock hard and she started getting dressed wearing a leather garter-belt and black hose, she had on her 6 inch fuck me pumps. Then I seen her reach in a bag and pull out a dildo harness and strapped it on she then attached a John Holmes dildo to it. She walked over in front of me and slapped the dildo up beside my head, She said suck my cock, I tongued the huge dildo and she pulled it back and yelled SUCK MY COCK. She then shoved it down my throat and started fucking my mouth. She said how do you like sucking my rubber friend?

I couldn’t say anything I just groaned. She jerked the dildo out of my mouth and said I will be fucking you later with this big cock of mine. She then pulled a leather mini-skirt over her rubber cock but the end of it was still hanging a little lower than her mini-skirt. She threw me a little jacket that said husband in training. My ass and cock was still pretty much showing and then she had me bend over and she undid the strap between my legs. She reached back into her bag and pulled out a Ron Jeremy Butt Plug 3 ½ inches in diameter and 10 ½ inches long. She lubed my ass up and stuck that butt-plug all the way up my ass she fastened the strap to the end of it so it couldn’t slip out and buckled the strap back between my legs. She said stand up and walk, I couldn’t stand up straight with that big butt-plug in my ass so my wife told me to get on my hands and knees and she hooked a dog leash to my collar.

She than walked me out to the car and I got in and lay down. When we got to the party I walked in to the house like a dog on a leash and every other male in the room was on a leash too. All of the other males was slaves too, and then the host of the party came over and introduced us to everyone and told me her name was Cindi. They were eight couples in the party. Cindi spoke up again and said the sex contest was starting right now; she said she wanted the males to pair up and start sucking each other’s cocks. She told all the women to make sure we all had cock rings on so know one would be cumming. We paired off and I happened to get the biggest cock at the party, we were sucking each other’s cocks up and down all of us had shaved cock and balls. All you could hear was slurping and moaning and balls bouncing off of each other’s chins.

The women had chalk boards and was walking around us watching us suck each other they was writing down scores on things like who could take the most cock in there mouth. Who sucked cock the sexiest? Who was wetting the cock the most with saliva? Who was deep-throating the cock? Who was licking the best? Who had the hardest cock? I liked that one they would pull the cock out of your mouth and check for firmest and then stick it back in. I could taste pre-cum leaking out of my partners cock. After they was done scoring us for are performance Cindi made us stop sucking cock and sit up.

I won the part of the contest for wettest cock I slobbered all over my partner’s cock he had saliva running down his balls. I also won for taking the most cock in my mouth, but again my partner had the biggest cock. My wife was real happy with me and she told me to keep up the good work. Cindi stood up and said it is time for the second part of the contest, she said this time we are going to see who can take the most fist up there ass without cumming. So she had us all bend over this special bed-table all the wife’s unhooked the strap between their slaves legs and pulled butt-plugs out of their slave’s assholes. All you could hear was men groaning in pleasure then Cindi told the women to begin. My wife scooped up a big glob of Aboline and started working it into my asshole, hell she had her four fingers in my ass in about five minutes I was use to this kind of treatment my wife fist-fucked me a couple times a week my only problem was I can’t cum right now or I will lose.

My wife had her whole hand in my ass and I was breathing hard. (for all you guys out there that has never been fist-fucked when you get that much of something in your ass your prostate sometimes takes over and cum will pour out of you like you was taking a piss and there is nothing you can do). My wife looked around and saw everybody with a fist up there ass and she started working her lower arm into my rectum she looked down at me and said honey I love fist fucking you and I am at the point of passing our record of inserting my fist in your ass. How do you feel? I said baby I feel FULL, about that time I heard the man beside me start cumming all over his self and his wife was cussing saying why did you cum? You bastard.

The bed-table that we were bent over had a tray under are cocks and if we cum it will be trapped on a tray. I looked over at the man beside me and his wife had him licking his cum out of the tray. My wife had stuck her hand so deep in my ass I could feel her tickling my tongue it felt like. All of a sudden she turned her wrist and wiggled her fingers and cum poured out of my cock like I was pissing hard. She made me lick every bit of it up and was still moving her fingers around in my ass while I was sucking up my cum.

She pulled her hand out of my ass and I was groaning like mad. When you have had a fist and part of the arm up your ass your asshole looks huge after the fucking. Cindi gave us a break after that party of the contest and we all went and cleaned up waiting for the next part of the contest.

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To be continued...

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