tagGroup SexWife's First Date

Wife's First Date


This story is fictional and does contain some bi-sexual mm content. The characters do not represent any person and for the purposes of this story, they are not practicing safe sex. Safe sex should always be practiced in real life. If you do not like this type of story, please pass it by.

My wife Angie was called me at work on Friday afternoon. "Hi, honey. I'm planning on going out tonight", she said. "Are you going to have another girls' night out with your friends" I asked?

"Not this time" she answered. "I'm going out with Tom, the guy I met a couple of weeks ago, remember?"

"Yes, of course. I didn't know you had been talking to him". I knew exactly who she was talking about, and that thought caused my cock to get hard. She and two of her girl friends had gone out to celebrate her new boob job, and she came home with a guy who helped her break them in.

"You don't mind, do you, baby? You said you wanted me to see other men. You wanted me to sleep with them. You wanted me to fuck them. You like your wife being a slut, don't you? Gawd, I feel turned on all the time since I got my new boobs. It seems all I think about is sex now".

"I'll be out for a while this afternoon. I need to stop at Victoria's Secret, get my hair done and get a manicure 'n pedicure. So I may not be home until after you"

I was jealous, excited and turned on all at once. I kind of babbled "OK. What time are you leaving tonight?"

"He's picking me up here at 9. I should have time to get home, showered and ready. Be a dear and pick something up for us on your way home, will you?"

"Yea, sure. You mean us like 3 of us?"

"No silly. Just something for you and me. I don't want to go out on an empty stomach." I guess she wasn't going out to dinner.

I went back to work, though I really can't recall what I did from that point on. My thoughts were totally consumed by my wife's impending date.

I left work at 5 and picked up some carry out, Chinese, and headed home. I got home a little after 6 and my wife wasn't there. She finally showed up at about an hour later. Her dark brown hair was cut a little different than usual. Not a big change, but it did make her look a lot sexier. Her nails were deep red, a color she doesn't normally wear.

As I set out dinner, I asked "So, where are you and Tom going tonight?"

"We aren't actually going out, just over to his place for sex. I'm going to fuck him tonight, for as long as he can stay hard."

I muttered something like "Oh fuck" as she continued.

"I love his cock. I want to taste it as soon as I can. I want to suck him off first. I want to taste his hot cum, then he will last longer when he fucks me. I want to cum a dozen times before he fills me with his load"

"You're going to fuck him bare, again? No condoms?"

"That's why we waited 'til now. I told him he could fuck me bare again until he got tested. The first time we were drunk and that was a dumb thing to do. But, it turned out OK. So I told him to get tested. He did, so now I want to see if I can beat that Viagra commercial and keep him hard for more than 4 hours"

"Gawd, honey, I don't think you've ever been this..... aggressive"

'You saw his cock. Isn't it fantastic? I bet you would like to suck it as much as I would."

"No way!" I said. "But I will admit his cock looks like it belongs on a porn star"

"It does, and I want that cock in me all night" Angie replied.

After we ate, she showed me what she purchased. First was the bra. It was black sheer lace, made to show off as much as support. It certainly wouldn't cover anything. Next was a pair of skimpy boy type shorts, again, totally sheer black, like the bra. Next a pair of black patterned hose with a wide lace top, but not stay ups.

To keep up her stockings, was a black lace garter belt in the same sexy design as her other lingerie. And finally, a pair of black patent leather shoes with 5" spike heels and a large strap above the ankle. There also was a black sheer shirt and skirt, meant to be beach cover-ups.

My cock was hard just looking at this stuff. I could only imagine what it would look like on, but that would change in a few minutes.

"Do you think his cock will get hard when he sees me in this outfit?"

"He would have to be a dead man NOT to get hard. Fuck honey, this is the hottest stuff you have ever bought."

"Well, I want to make an impression. I mean, I want him to know that I am here to fuck him till he can't get it up again", she said. "I have to get ready now, so go away."

I went back to the living room and got a beer. I had told her of my fantasy of seeing her sexually involved with other men. This was way more than anything I had thought about.

About an hour later she came walking out to the living room and I must have gasped a little. Fuck she looked hot. The sheer blouse and skirt didn't do much to hide her sexy lingerie, but the effect was to make her look like a fucking wet dream come to life.

"Damn you look so fucking hot. I want to grab you, throw you on the floor and fuck you. He may rape you before you get to his car."

"Good. That's the idea, isn't it? To have him want me, want him to fuck me all night? It's what you want, too. Right?"

I looked at her for a moment. Is this what I wanted, really wanted. Then I noticed my cock was hard as a rock, so, yes, it was.

"Yes, it is" I hissed.

"Think I can get his cock to stay hard for 4 hours in this outfit?"

"I think his cock will stay hard all night, but I don't think you will be in the outfit, at least not all of it", I said.

"Well, that's my goal, 4 hours of good fucking. Any more is just a bonus. I'm so wet right now, I feel like I peed my panties. I need a drink. I'll be back in a sec."

As luck would have it, 15 seconds after she walked into the kitchen, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and a male model standing there, or so it looked like to me. "Damn, this guy is hot", I thought.

"Hi, Angie asked me to pick her up here" he said.

"Hi, yea, come in, she'll be back in a second."

He was about 5'10", probably 170, dishwater blond with really blue eyes. He looked to be in great shape, with sharp cut facial features. Male model.

From the kitchen, Angie said "Honey, if he really gets me hot tonight, I might give him my ass, too".

He and I looked at each other, him smirking and me looking goofy or something, I don't know what. Angie let me fuck her ass a couple of times, at my urging. She really wasn't into it and told me after the last time that if I wanted her ass again, she would get mine in return. So that was the end of that, or so I thought.

My wife was startled a bit when she walked into the room, but I think she knew he was here when the made the last comment. "Oh, hi Tom. You're looking good tonight".

As Angie walked over, I notice that the sheer black top she had on was cut like a shirt, with collar and cuffs, but it had no buttons down the front. The center of her bra was visible, but her tits were "covered" by the shirt. Her nipples were plainly visible which made for an even more erotic look, if that were possible.

Tom and I said nothing as she walked a few steps toward us, both of us in awe. She then walked over to Tom and kissed him, deeply and passionately. I could see her tongue slide into his mouth for a very wet kiss.

"I guess we aren't going to a club, are we", said Tom as they broke their kiss. She placed his hand on her ass, with hers around his neck, looking into his eyes.

"No, baby. We are going to your place and fuck".

"Oh, shit", muttered Tom and I.

"4 hours", purred Angie as she glanced at me.

"What?" asked Tom.

"I think I'll be gone about 4 hours or so, honey" she said, not looking at me.

"Oh" said Tom

They kissed again and Tom's hands were working her ass good this time. She broke the kiss and turned to me, with one arm around his neck and the other hand sliding down his chest, across his stomach to rest on his crotch. She slid her hand up and down his crotch and said "We have to get going, honey. I have to get this inside of me, soon".

"Don't you need a jacket or a coat or something" I asked?

My wife looked at Tom and asked "Do I"?

"It's a warm night out and you look great like that, so, not for me you don't" said Tom.

"Ok, let's go. See you later, baby"

And, with that, my slutty looking wife picked up a small hand bag and walked out the door with her new lover. His hand was on her ass as she walked out to the car. As she walked, I could see that the air movement opened up the front of her blouse completely, to the point where it was sliding off her shoulders. She didn't try to hold it in place.

He held the opened the car door for her, and she let her legs spread wide as she got in. Her tits and pussy on full display. Fuck. Then, as he turned to go to his side of the car, even from a distance I could make out his erection.

Then, they were gone.

I sat around for a while doing something, watching some sports I think, when the phone rang. It was Angie.

"Hi" I said.

There wasn't a reply and I was about to say something else when I heard Tom's voice in the background.

"Gawd, can you suck cock, bitch. You like my cock, don't you, you fucking slut."

I heard a kind of slurping sound then "Yes, I am a slut, a fucking married slut. And, I love your big hard cock in my mouth. I want it in my cunt, too, real soon."

"Get that cock sucking mouth back on my cock, I'm going to cum. You've been sucking my cock in your mouth since we pulled out of the driveway, slut. Now you get what you've been after."

There was some moaning, both male and female sounds. "Ummmmm. Ahhhhhhh, oh fuck. Bitch. Ummm my cock... gotta cum"

Then "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd, swallow my cuuuummm".

Some panting, then the line went dead.

I had evidently taken my cock out and was stroking, but I don't remember pulling it out. I just laid back and stared at the ceiling, visualizing what had just happened. The thought of her on her knees, sucking this handsome guy's big cock was extremely erotic. Damn, it got me hot thinking about it.

I messed around for another hour or so, when the phone rang again. This time I didn't say anything as I answered the phone.

"Ummmmm, your cock is sooo deep in my cunt, baby. I think it's inside my womb. Fuck me deep, hard... I want cock, cum, in me".

"Your cunt is tight, slut. You aren't getting fucked enough are you?"

"No, I need lots of big cocks, your cock, more cock, cock fuck, gawd. I'm gonna cum on it, cock, fuck me... gotta cum."

This went on for another 5 minutes I guess, could have been a minute for all I know. Then, "Aaaahhhiiieeeeeeeeeeeee" screamed my wife as she came. I have made her cum many times, but she never screamed like that.

I heard panting for a few seconds, then the line went dead again. I was again jacking off, and why I didn't cum, I don't know. Was she on top of him, riding his beautiful cock with her beautiful cunt? This was fucking amazing.

A couple of hours later, lights flashed on the front windows. Looking out, I saw his headlights go out and his door open. He went around and let my wife out. Looking at her, she looked like she had a men's white shirt on now and heels, I couldn't see anything else, but she held a plastic grocery bag in her hand.

She kissed him hard, then started walking to the door. As she did, she unbuttoned the shirt, and as she got to the door, she slipped it off her shoulders and handed it to Tom. She was completely naked at our front door, and the light was on.

"Thanks for letting me use your shirt" she said, then kissed him again. She dropped her sack and started rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Haven't you had enough cock yet" I thought.

"Fuck me again, right now" she said.

Tom just grunted, as he seemed to be mesmerized by her. I flipped off the light so they wouldn't get arrested, not that it made any difference to them. My wife bent over the side railing, and Tom slid his cock into her wet hole, not 3 feet from where I was watching. She look back at me through the window next the door and smiled a lustful smile. She saw my cock out and me stroking it.

Tom didn't waste any time and started to slam his cock into my wife's cunt. After a few minutes of vigorous fucking, she said "Let's go inside, so you can finish me off."

I opened the door to let them in, with my cock hanging out of my pants. Tom pulled his pants up a bit and entered behind my naked wife. His impressive organ was out and looking very erotic.

"Strip now, if you want to watch more" Angie said to me as she went by. She headed straight for the back of the couch and bent over it, spreading her legs. Tom moved right in, lined his 9 inch cock up with her pussy, slamming his cock back into her, hardly missing a beat.

I watched breathless as the gorgeous organs met. I stripped off my shirt and pants, my own 7 inch cock sticking straight out in front of me. This was far better than any xxx movie I had ever seen. This was the definition of pure lust, and I was getting totally caught up in the heat of the coupling.

Angie looked at me between thrusts and said "Strip him for me, baby".

I looked at her, then at him. My wife, asking me to strip the man who was fucking her. Strip him naked, like I was. He had an intense look on his face as he was focused with lust.

As I walked toward him, I noticed how well developed he was. I knelt behind him and touched his right leg. He lifted his leg up and I pulled off his shoe and pant leg. Then, I did the same to his left leg and he was naked from the waist down. All this time his cock was still in my wife.

I stood up behind him, put my feet outside of his and reached for the bottom of his polo shirt. He put his hands up as I pulled up his shirt, but never stopped his hips from slowly driving his cock into Angie.

As he slowly stroked back out of Angie, my cock touched his ass. A jolt ran through my body, like an electric shock. My nostrils flared and lust shot through me. I felt I had just touched the essence of fucking. But either he didn't notice, or didn't care, and just stroked back in. So I continued pulling his shirt off. We touched again on the next stroke, and my cock got even harder. I leaned a little closer, sharing their erotic moment with this touching.

I pulled off his shirt, and stopped to admire his back. He was tone and muscled, but not overly. I put my hands on his shoulders and slid them down his back, feeling the power that he was transferring into my wife.

I moved to the side and watched as he continued his dominance over my wife. He grabbed her arms at the elbows and pulled her back almost getting her elbows to touch behind her back. Then, handfuls of her hair, pulling her head up. His hands around her neck, squeezing. On her shoulders pulling. Always changing, always driving, fucking, dominating my loving wife. My wife was having orgasm after orgasm. Each a little more intense. Fuck he was good.

I was in a sexual trance, obsessed with this erotic play in front of me. As he reached for my wife's wrists, and pulled her arms back up and wide, I got behind him again, and this time slid my hands under his arms and put my hands on his chest. He drove his cock in deep as I press my body against his, my cock in the crack of his ass, my hands feeling his nipples. My wife screamed again as she came.

As she came down, she could see what I was doing. "Lay back on the floor, baby" she told me. I released Tom and lay down as she asked. She pushed Tom back, then came over and straddled me on the floor, in a 69 position.

"I want you to really see what fucking is, honey" she said. As she knelt there, Tom knew what to do. He knelt down and entered her again, right above my face. "Lick my clit, baby"

As her mouth covered my cock, I didn't hesitate to start licking and sucking her clit. Automatically, I was licking his cock. I didn't take the time to think about this being the first cock I had ever touched with my tongue, there just wasn't time. It was pure sex. And I went with it.

As he pulled back, I let his cock slide over my tongue, and again as he slid back in. He would pull out completely, and I would suck on Angie's clit, driving her higher again. Then that gorgeous cock would come back into view and disappear inside of her.

As we progressed, he pulled out, adjusted his aim and slid his cock into my mouth. I suck him in. His cock was hot and smooth and hard and soft. I loved his texture, his sex. Then Tom was back into my wife's cunt. And my mouth, then cunt. Back and forth.

My wife stopped sucking me as she rose again up to a huge climax. As Tom drove into her again, I sucked hard and bit at her clit. This drove her over the edge once again, and she screamed "Aaaaaaaaahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee" in orgasm. She flopped down on top of me, totally drained.

She moved forward, but Tom and I stayed where we were. "You can finish off in his mouth" she said to Tom. She grabbed my cock and started jacking me as Tom put his cock back into my mouth. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him into my mouth. I wanted this cock that my wife so enjoyed. Sucking his cock, licking the crown with my tongue, enjoying the sensation. I was in another state. But I loved it.

Tom picked up his pace, fucking my mouth as Angie jacked my cock. I was a raw nerve, on the edge, needing to cum. Tom had been fucking my wife for at least 30 minutes, and he was ready to cum, for the 5th time? Gawd. I wanted his cum.

I felt warm lips wrap around my cock. This new sensation pushed me closer to the edge and caused me to suck harder on Tom. He was close, I was close, it would be soon.

Things seemed to happen at once. I felt a finger slide into my ass causing me to intake and suck hard. Tom felt this and roared in orgasm filling my mouth with cum. His climax pushed me over the edge, and I exploded, releasing hours of sexual tension. My hips came off the floor as I released the torrent of sperm built up in my body.

As I came back to earth, I saw Angie and Tom kissing deeply, sharing my cum. She then moved over to kiss me as deeply as she had kissed Tom. As my mouth was already full of cum, the taste of my own ejaculation was lost in the mix.

We laid back on the floor, hugging each other as we came down. Tom got up, dressed and left us alone.

"I hope you enjoyed this evening, honey" said Angie. "I am planning more, much more".

I could only answer "Yes".

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