tagLoving WivesWife's First Sensuous/Erotic Massage Ch. 02

Wife's First Sensuous/Erotic Massage Ch. 02


My favorite stories are the "first-timer – newbie" shared wife type. This story is actually true – the names have been changed to protect the parties who relayed the circumstances to me to scribe. If the reader does not approve of this variation including some bisexual experimentation, then this story is not for you – nor is most of the "Loving Wives" category for that matter. So please move on and spare me any negative moralizing, let alone low votes. I will probably respond to intelligent comments. This is what happened in "Round 2" – so readers are kindly invited to read "Round 1" – i.e., "Wife's First Sensuous/Erotic Massage" to appreciate the background for this continuation of that story. I have left this story with lots of detail for those who do savor the evolution, development, and realization of long-held dreams of sharing. Those who so intend can take hope and enjoy! © 2012 All rights reserved. – S.L.


After literally years of "pillow-talking" and fantasizing about seeing another man have sex with Al's wife, Ellie, it had become somewhat of a reality – albeit just a massage with a very "happy ending" and not the lot more that he wished. Nine nights before, Joe had given Al's wife her first sensuous – erotic massage and overcome her inhibitions to make her cum a few times using his fingers and tongue – not asking for nor receiving any reciprocation – and OK with that. The next day, she told Al that she had dreamed all night about having sex with Joe and told her husband that he had started all this and now that "Pandora's Box was opened," she was ready to pursue it! She still didn't understand any husband's wanting to watch his wife's being shared – but she was with the program and just about ready to up the ante!

Al had booked Joe to return Friday, July 13 and each of those 9 days during the new "count-down" seemed like a week. The last thing he thought about when getting into bed or waking up with "morning wood" beside her was imagining Joe's taking matters more than in hand – and finally realizing his fantasy of seeing her get fucked by another man. Truth be known, he was rather distracted and tended to obsess about it on and off all day long, often losing his concentration on whatever he was supposed to be doing at the time.

Al and Ellie would talk about it fairly regularly – on the one hand, still debating condoms – and on the other, the specter of her getting cold feet and backing off to settle for just a another massage with a "happy ending" as before. But par for their course, Joe sent an e-mail to Al 2 days before his scheduled return to indicate a potential conflict due to a personal matter. Joe was full of regrets and apologies and said he'd understand if this cost him the chance to be the first man to boldly go where no other man had gone before – well at least not during the past 25+ years. Al replied imploring Joe to find a way to make it work and not "disappoint the lady" – concerned that she might lose heart for it, or at the very least they'd have to endure another countdown. He also decided not to mention this latest potential scheduling snafu until it became necessary, preferring not to jar or discombobulate her like the last time. Joe and Al e-mailed back and forth, right up to that Friday afternoon when it became clear that thankfully, the two men had come up with a plan that would work after all.

That Friday morning, Al having appointments during the day, decided to set up the massage table right next to their bed, so she could hop off the table if/when it became time for Joe to hop onto/into her. However, revealing how much thought she was also putting into the matter, she vetoed their marital bed, not out of some notion of sanctity, but rather saying she did not want those sheets to become oily and suggesting instead that they prepare the pull-out couch in their cozy guest bedroom. Realizing there would be no room for the massage table, she also suggested moving the table into the spacious hallway as close possible to the guest bedroom – all of this with no certainty of how far she would actually go when push came to shove. What was surprising was Ellie stated that she was feeling somewhat shy, and wanted to at least start out the massage modestly draped under a towel with Joe wearing shorts, although bare chested would be fine with her. Al had presumed they'd both be nude given how they ended "Round 1!" Oh well, so he placed another towel on the table.

Another pleasant surprise was her doing some major trimming of her pubic hair, shaving the lips smooth and leaving a small, cute "landing patch" above her clit. This was surprising because Al had been after her for years to shave and she had flatly refused to do more than keep it trimmed when she got around to that. Now, not only had she done this significant "landscaping," but she was being coquettish about it – making a point of flashing Al, who could not help but wonder what Joe would make of such a visual treat? He suspected Joe might be flattered.

Apropos of appearances: Ellie was a well-educated, extremely intelligent professional – on what might be considered the wrong side of middle-age, but not looking it – 5'2", 110 lbs., a pert 32A (Al considered anything more than B or C cup superfluous) with pale pink nips, and dark brown pubic hair belying the auburn color on her head. Al was also a highly educated professional, 5'9, 180, brown hair and eyes, muscular, with a nice, thick 6" cut cock. Joe, on the other hand was extremely fit, ripped with 6-pack abs, and a thicker, above average-sized cock – perhaps 7" at least. Ironically, when asked, Joe had no idea what size he was and thought himself just average. Al laughed and told Joe it was bigger than average and that he must be the only guy in the western world who had not measured himself at some point in his youth. But be the length and thickness what it may, one feature that did make it special was a pronounced upward curve which ought to "hit the spot" just right. Al figured that if/when the time came, Ellie'd love Joe's cock inside her – somewhat bigger, but not too big, and a change of pace – not to mention just being a new one.

Al arranged to meet Joe on the corner – the need for a neutral venue for "approval" now academic – and when he arrived, the two men took a walk around the block to compare notes and get on the same page vis a vis their game plan. With alignment achieved, they entered the building and rode the elevator to the apartment where Ellie was waiting wearing the sexy black shorty robe ... and a big smile. After a rather "unprofessional" welcome kiss and hug, Joe went into the powder room to change and Ellie dropped the robe and got on the table under the towel.

The massage started out as before with her on her stomach, Joe working her neck, shoulder, and back muscles; however, the moaning seemed to commence earlier; and taking his cue from her responsiveness, it wasn't long before the towel was pulled down to just cover her legs. Joe wasted little time starting to massage her bare ass and encouraging her to grip his already prominent erection through his briefs. Al couldn't help but notice a growing wet spot saturating the briefs caused by leaking pre-cum. It would appear that Joe was primed. Before long, Joe undid the drawstring and put her hand on his bare cock, which she gripped and stroked. There seemed little doubt that things were progressing nicely! When Joe moved to work on her feet, he rubbed his cock on the sole of her left foot; and now Joe moaned as she moved it up and down – giving Joe an oily "foot job!"

When she turned over, there was no longer much pretense at massage as Joe started deeply and passionately kissing her mouth, their tongues dueling, alternating with rubbing and nibbling on her tits and inner thighs. He then zeroed in on her pussy, licking her clit as well as finger fucking her. Ellie then surprised both men by sitting up and saying, "Why don't we move this into the bedroom?"

Joe replied, "It would be a pleasure!"

Both men exchanged a knowing look as they followed the naked wife's ass into the guest bedroom where she lay back on the bed and awaited the man who was for certain about to become her new lover. Massage time now over, Joe placed a brand new Skyn condom packet on the table, climbed onto the bed, and leaned in to kiss and caress this sexy wife who was on fire. After having her pussy eaten and feeling thoroughly ready, Ellie sat up and grabbed Joe's hard cock and bent over to take him in her mouth for the first time. She gently sucked the first new cock in over 25 years making the man moan even more.

Al was watching from the side of the bed when he saw his wife pulling Joe's cock to her pussy even though it was bare! He leaned in to realize a favorite fantasy before it became too late – grabbing Joe's cock and rubbing the head up and down his wife's wet slit. Impatient to get fucked, Ellie tried to impale herself; but Al was determined to have his way this first time. He finally acceded to her silent, urgent pleas and slotted Joe's fat cockhead in her hole and watched it slide inside his wife. The years of waiting and plotting were finally over – he was watching another man fucking her and it was bareback!


It was now time to make another fantasy come true by leaning over and licking her clit as she got fucked. This was a favorite "pillow-talk" fantasy for many years and while crowded given the position they were using, it was awfully exciting. Naturally, it was inevitable that Al's tongue would rake Joe's cock as it slid in and out of her – and Al could hear Joe moan each time it happened. Eventually, Al moved out of the way watched them fuck from the side and foot of the bed, noticing it was too bad Joe's balls were blocking his view of the penetration but not of his shaft sliding through her fingers on its way in and out of her pussy.

Over the next hour, various combinations were tried including Ellie's sucking her husband's cock while he licked her as she continued to get fucked. She instructed Joe as to what she liked – slow, deep strokes and especially having him go deep inside her and make slight moves of his sharply curved cock to focus the fat mushroom head on her g-spot. Ultimately, she wrapped her legs around Joe's hips and moaned and groaned as her new lover drove her to orgasm after orgasm – finally relaxing her legs as Joe withdrew from her hot pussy and rolled to her side. What was clear however and surprising was what Al witnessed had been lovemaking vs. just raw sex. Joe had become her lover not just a sex partner; and the two continued to caress each other and occasionally kiss right up until he left.

What was perhaps even more remarkable was how the 3 lovers now sat around nude talking and laughing comfortably – relaxed with no embarrassment. For example, when Ellie commented that Al had "opened Pandora's Box," Al added, "that's right and Joe filled it!" Ironically, unlike a conventional courtship or meeting, like say on a beach – this "afterglow" time afforded her the first chance to really examine Joe's superb physique from head to toe including a dramatic tattoo on his pectoral muscle. Furthermore, all of them observed that she was actually glowing – which led the three of them to agree that she was now a genuine "Hot Wife!"

After the men got dressed, Joe and Ellie hugged and kissed good night; and Al escorted him out of the building onto the street. Joe said he'd had a fantastic time and hoped to be invited for a return.

During the days that followed, Al and Ellie compared notes, discussed and rehashed all that had transpired, and what they might do differently the next time – and it was pretty clear there would be a next time. In fact, a few days later, Joe sent this e-mail:

I want to let the both of you know that it was great for me.

I did enjoy the glow on her afterwards too. I think she is very sexy.

Let's keep in touch.

Hearing this, Ellie smiled and told her husband she'd like to schedule another session in the near future....

The End – at least of The Beginning!

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