tagFetishWife's First Sybian Ride

Wife's First Sybian Ride


I was online one day at home, bored out of my mind and had an urge that started growing in my pants. My cock needed a little attention so I decided to try and look for some interesting porn online. I type in porn in the search engine to see what came up and I tell you there are some interesting sites out there in cyber world. I clicked on a couple and then I came across one with ladies sitting on and riding this black box like thing called the Sybian.

I love my beautiful wife very much but she was at work and I would from time to time go online to look for exciting stuff to add to our own sexual experiences. The Sybian seemed quite stimulating and the ladies that were "riding" it seemed to be having quite the orgasm, much more powerful than anything my wife had ever had.

My curiosity was sparked so I began to investigate a little more and found the Sybian website. As I read the testimonials I knew this was something that I would have to have my horny little wife try but when I looked at the price I just couldn't figure a way to pay that kind of money for one at the time. I soon forgot all about the little sex machine and never really thought much about it again until my wife and I were at some friend's house for dinner one evening.

Jim and Joules were some friends of mine from work we had had dinner with them before but never had any type of sexual conversations. Joules was a quite stunning lady to look at she was late 30s to early 40s with curves in all the right places. She had perky little tits and a cute ass that I'm sure Jim enjoyed spanking on a regular basis.

When we arrived at their house for dinner on this evening we were greeted at the door by them and as always Joules looked fantastic dressed in a very low cut mid-thigh length dress, stockings with a seam in the back and very high heels that made her caves look beautiful. I wondered how she would be able to keep her sexy little tits contained in that dress all night.

They had the table set with candles and flowers that looked beautiful and Jim asked if we would like a glass of dine before dinner. My wife normally doesn't drink but she responded yes, much to my surprise. It was then that I got my first indication that this was going to be a very interesting evening indeed. We sat down on the couch to enjoy our glass of wine and a little pre-dinner conversation and I noticed what I thought was my wife checking Joules out. I shook it off as that was crazy because my wife is very much into cock and had never gave any indication of being interested in a woman. Although, the thought had entered my mind a couple of times I never thought that she would be into anything like that.

After we finished our glass of wine we all gathered around the beautifully set table while Jim lit the candles and turned down the lights in the room. Dinner was lovely and over dinner my wife had two more glasses of wine and was now becoming a bit tipsy and the more the wine flowed the more sexual the conversation turned and the more I realized that my wife was eying Joules's perky tits.

Joules asked my wife the question that would change the mood of the evening to a direction I never would have figured. She asked my wife and me if we had ever heard of the Sybian sex machine. My wife and I looked at each other and then back at Jim and Joules and she said that she didn't know anything about it and I said that I had seen them on the internet and that it seemed very interesting. Joules then turned to my wife and explained what it was and how you sat on it and that it vibrated and the dildo rotated inside of your pussy at the same time.

My wife's curiosity was sparked and she asked Joules if she had ever tried it herself. Joules went on to explain to my wife that she had in fact and it was one of the greatest sexual experiences she has ever had. My mind could not help but wonder back to all the ladies I had seen on the internet and how totally sexually satisfied they seemed to be and how I would love for my baby to enjoy the pleasure of one of those for herself.

Now I'm starting to get a little hard in my slacks with all the sexual talk which could be a little embarrassing as I had on no undies and when we got up from the table they would all be able to see my excitement for themselves. This is when all the excitement for the evening really took a turn for the best. Joules turned to my wife looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she would like to try the Sybian for herself. My wife asked what she meant and Joules went on to explain that Jim had gotten her one for her birthday last year and that she would love for her to give it a try for herself.

I was sitting there anxiously awaiting my wife's response wondering if she would even consider it. Now I was thinking that Joules was planning on allowing my wife to take it home with her and try it at our house but Joules had a completely different plan in mind. My wife looks lustfully back at Joules and told her that she would very much like to give it a try.

In just a few minutes, after another glass of wine, Joules gets up from the table and takes my wife by the hand and tells Jim and me that they would be right back. Girl talk I figured, boy was it girl talk. They went off down the hall towards what I figured was their bed room. Jim and I sat back and made small talk for the next few minutes when we both got a huge shock. Back down the hall came our beautiful wives both nearly naked. My wife was wearing only her bra and thong and Joules had on her bra, panties and garter with thigh highs and her heels. They were carrying the Sybian back with them.

My wife and Joules turned to us and told Jim and me to have a seat on the couch and make ourselves comfortable with a wink. My wife walked over to me and gave me a deep passionate kiss as Joules went about setting up the machine that my wife was soon to mount and ride like a wild woman.

As Joules finished setting everything up she came and took my wife by the hand and lead her over to the center of the room where she proceeded to pull my wife into a gentle embrace. She started to lightly rub her hands all over my beautiful wife's sexy body and my cock is pressing very hard against my pants. Then Joules pulls my wife in to her and starts to kiss her very passionately all the while her hands were exploring every inch of her body. Joules unlatched my wife's bra and let it fall to the ground and soon she has her hand buried in my wife's sexy thong. My wife's breathing increased in speed and intensity and I had no doubt that she was very turned on at this point. I'm unsure if it was the action she was getting from Joules or from the anticipation of what was to come on the Sybian. There was no doubt though that she was very into being touched and kissed by a woman and that she was enjoying herself very much.

Joules slowly slides my wife's thong to the ground and runs her tongue up my wife's leg as she comes back up stopping at my wife's neatly shaved little pussy. My wife let a moan of excitement that was unbelievable, she was very into this and was having a sexual experience that was totally hot. Joules guided my wife to the floor and went to work on her tits licking and sucking each nipple to hardness and then she started her way down to my wife's little pussy where she slowly spread my wife's pussy lips revealing her very hot sopping wet pink pussy. Joules took her time and licked each and every inch of my wife's sweet little pussy. She licked her to an excruciating orgasm and continued to lick her till she was completely clean.

Joules then looks deep into my wife's eyes and tells her that if she thought that was good she hadn't seen anything yet and gently takes her hand and leads her over to the waiting Sybian. Joules licks the dildo to lube it up for my wife's waiting pussy. She guides my wife down onto the dildo and tells her to get used to it for a minute but I could tell that my wife wanted that thing turned on and turned on now. Finally Joules turns on the vibrator portion of the machine and by the look on my wife's face I could tell she was enjoying the experience very much. She rolled her eyes back and then her head. Oh my god did she look so incredibly sexy sitting on that thing.

Joules then turned some more knobs and this activated the rotation of the dildo buried deep inside my wife's hot little pussy and the reaction to this was out of this world. My wife started bucking and rocking and pulling at her big tits as wave after wave of orgasm soared through her body. I don't know how many orgasms she had but they kept coming one after the other.

Finally my wife looked at Joules and told her she couldn't take any more. As my wife removed herself from the Sybian she looked over at me sitting on the couch with my cock in my hand and with her sexy bedroom eyes she lifts her hand and motions for me to come to her. As I approach her she pulls me down to her and tries to stick her tongue down my throat in a very passionate kiss while my hand finds its way to her pussy. Her pussy was so hot and so wet and her lips were still swollen with desire.

She whispers in my ear that she wants a cock deep inside her pussy a real cock a hard hot cock. I'm very ready by this point so I enter her little pussy with my cock and begin to wear her pussy out I put her sexy legs on my shoulders and drill her pussy deep and hard. As I'm fucking my wife's little pussy I notice out of the corner of my eye Joules kneeling in front of Jim sucking his cock. Jim and I had been tormented for quite a while by our sexy wives and I knew that I would not last long but as soon as I was about to blow my hot cum deep inside my wife's hot cunt Jim rolled his head back and deposited his load of cum in his wife's mouth.

Oh my, what a night, a night that would not soon be forgotten. To say the least my wife and I have become very good friends with Jim and Joules.

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