tagLoving WivesWife's First Time

Wife's First Time


For a long while now I have been excited by the idea of my wife having sex with another man, sure it's a fantasy but it's a very powerful one. I have asked my wife what she thought of the idea and found that her feelings change with her moods.

Some months ago I bought a pack of condoms and put them in my wife's bedside draw. After about a week she found them and asked me what the hell they were for as I have had a vasectomy. I told her that they were just in case she had the opportunity to have sex with someone else; after all I wanted her to be safe. She laughed at me and told me that they would never be used.

Two weeks ago while driving home she told me that there were 3 guys at work who she thought were hot and she would gladly have sex with any of them. I nearly crashed the car and I was immediately erect. When we got home she followed me upstairs and slowly started to take her clothes of and as she did she was saying "they could be watching me do this, and then they would be the first men to kiss me and touch my breasts other than you".

I was rampant and we fell on each other, kissing and touching and all the while she murmured their names. I moved down her body and rubbed my nose in her panties imagining they were covering her freshly fucked pussy. I pulled her panties off and could not wait to be inside her, and I believe a land speed record was set for the male orgasm.

Nothing more was said of this until last week, she called me to say she would not need to be picked up from work as early as she was going to the pub with one of the guys from work, and she would call me when she was ready to be collected. I waited for 4 hours and no message came through so I thought maybe she was having cell phone issues so I would go down to the pub and check she was OK.

I arrived and the place was going off, a band was playing and the room was packed. I looked around the room for a while and then I saw her, in the back in a round table booth. There was a guy sitting with her and I recognised him from group photos of her work place. They were laughing and having a good time and it was strange to see her reacting with others in this setting without me. I realised I was seeing her as a complete stranger would see her and she was acting in a way I would never normally see.

As I found a comfortable place to sit and watch I noticed very intimate little touches taking place. A hand being rested on an arm for a long time, his hand touching her cheek and then slowly dropping to brush her breast. Was I seeing this right, damn I hope so. Another man was touching my wife and I was so excited.

My wife sat back in the seat and with her eyes closed rested her head back, seemed a strange thing to do in a bar with a band playing. I moved a bit more to get a different angle to them and I could see him looking down at her lap and his hands were under the table. I could see a lot of her calves and on closer inspections the skirt was up over the thighs too. He is rubbing her pussy through her black panties and she was just laying back and loving it. I had to sit back down, my cock was too hard and I had to do something to suppress the urge to rub my cock.

I went out to the car and sat for a while, what should I do go home or stay and wait to see what happens. I didn't have to wait long as I could see my wife and he friend walking hand in hand to the car park and of course the car they were headed to was no where near mine. I would have to cross a car park and a road and walk under bright lights to get to the far side of their car park to spy in the window. There was no chance I was going to be able to pull that off unseen and not ruin everything. My heart was racing, I wanted to know what was going on but wasn't game to move from my car.

As I sat trying to figure out what was happening my cell phone rang, it was my wife's cell phone calling mine. Did she know I was there; I wasn't sure so I answered the phone. I said nothing but could hear muffled noises coming from the phone. I could hear what was happening in the car, this was nearly as good as watching. All of a sudden something changed and I could hear much better what was going on.

I heard her say "no you take yours off first" then a pause, a long pause and then she said "may I" and I heard a quiet yes.

What was she doing? But then the slurping noise gave it away. I was sure she had his dick in her mouth; I could imagine her excitement, a "new" cock in her mouth.

The man then said "let me take this off for you" and I heard her giggle and the sound of moving. I was sure she was taking something off and I looked towards the area the car was and thought that just over there my wife was getting naked in front of another man.

"Yes lick it; please lick it, just like that .... Oh my god ..." was the next thing I heard on the phone.

He was licking her pussy, tasting her juices. Only I have ever done that before, and now she was looking down at someone else's head in between her thighs. I couldn't wait to be back there myself; I would have some new knowledge. Did she know her phone was on? Would she know that I knew what she had been up to?

"wait... let me move ...if I put my leg there you can get between them and neither of us should get hurt .." laughing ... was she getting in a good position to receive his cock in her pussy?

I hope so, with all my soul I hope so and my cock hopes so too. "Yes!!! That's it push it in ... slower!! .... OK keep going .... Yes that's it fuck me ... "

He was in her! My wife was being fucked and she sounded like it was good. Is this what I wanted and how was I feeling? Well I think the cum on my wrist and legs gave me the answer to that. I could not pick her up like this so I put the phone onto speaker and finally remembered to mute my end and I drove home.

Through the small speaker I could hear the groans of a man and the cries of a woman, and the giggles of both. I got home and turned the phone off, ran to the laundry, took the pants off and dumped them in the washer. A quick shower would help me recover but my heart was still pumping so quickly. What were they doing now? Was she Ok? I hope he doesn't hurt her.

I shower and check my phone to see if I have missed any calls, but no she hasn't called to be picked up. It's 11:30pm and I am tired but tingling all over and a little worried now. I sit and watch the box but o doze off. The next thing I know there are keys in the door and it slowly opens.

She shuts the door and sees me on the lounge as I slowly wake up. She walks over to me and kissed my cheek and she says "did you hear?" She phoned me on purpose.

"Yes" I reply and she smiles and kisses me fully on the lips. I notice they are a bit red and a bit puffy; my they have had a work out tonight. She kisses me again and slips her tongue into my mouth. It tastes a little salty and she makes certain she rubs it on my tongue.

"I have had come on my tongue tonight, could you taste it?'" she asks me.

"I could taste something" I replied. She lays down on the lounge and pulls her skirt up with her legs spread. Where are her panties, gone, but the view is of a puffy, red pussy. Her lips are well swollen and I can clearly see where something has stretched her wide.

"come and taste this" she says and I don't need to be asked twice, I drop my clothes as I move over to her and as I go between her thighs my heart races and my cock aches. Another man has been here and she has felt another cock for the first time. There is a taste but it isn't what I expected. Is it the latex taste of a condom? I look up at her with a sad face and she smiles and says "I am not getting pregnant just to satisfy one of your fantasies".

What the hell I don't care, so what if there has been a cock with a condom on it inside her, it is still another cock. She is so wet, surely the wettest she has been for as long as I can remember. I have to get my cock in her, so I lift my head and on my knees edge closer to her.

As I place the head of my cock against her pussy she says "yes the second cock that has been in my cunt tonight". I can not wait on this and I push into her, not as tight as I remember but that is not what counts. She looks up at me and say "does it feel lose? He was very big you know".

"Much bigger than me" I ask.

"yes... much bigger" is the reply.

"Fuck me, fuck me" she yells at me and I do, and I come again. This is every bit as good as I imagine it would be.

After we finish, we lay there on the lounge and she strokes my face and asks me if I love her still.

"Of course" I say "I love you more than you can imagine".

She asks slowly "so can I do that again, as it was so very nice and it hasn't changed our love has it?"

I kiss her so passionately and hope that she understands that is my answer.

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Very good

I gave in to my husband and fucked his friend. It was amazing. He watched us and I never felt so excited seeing my man enjoy me sucking and fucking a strange cock. It doesn't happen often, but it ismore...

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