tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife's Friend Jessi Like to Play

Wife's Friend Jessi Like to Play


For some reason my wife loved to pose hypothetical questions to me. This particular time she had me backed into a corner with one question.

"Which one of my friends would you most like to sleep with?" Torri asked point blank. "C'mon who is the one you would do it with if you could?"

"I don't know." I tried to beg off the question. "I haven't thought about." Truthfully, my mind was wandering through a mental rolodex of her friends. Torri was 28, a grad student, and had plenty of friends but my mind stopped quickly on Jessie.

"Tell me, I know you have someone in mind. I can see it on your face. Is it Laura?"

"No." I answered too quickly.

"Who then? I promise I won't be mad or tell them or anything. I just wanna know who else you find sexy and I am curious which of my friends it could be."

"All right, all right." I paused before reluctantly answering, "Jessie."

"Jessie!?" She blurted out quizzically. "I thought you were a boob man. I would have never guessed her. I would have guessed Karen or Kim. I know you like boobs and Kim has huge tits and blonde hair."

I knew Torri would think that way. Torri herself is raven haired, petite, like 5'2", with a 36C chest. She knew I liked her tits, I told her so many times.

Something about Jessie always appealed to me. Jessie was taller, about 5'7", lithe, graceful in her movements, and spoke with a southern accent. Her hair was either a light brown or a dark blonde depending on the lighting or sun exposure. She had a fantastic, tight, small ass topping her long slender legs. Her smallish breasts were impossibly perky, probably somewhere in the 32B neighborhood. Her eyes were light green, almost cat like in appearance. She was 26 years old and most importantly, just broken up from her boyfriend.

I confided in Torri that it was her southern accent that did it for me, not revealing the depths of my thoughts about her friend.

During the next 2 months nothing much came from the revelation to Torri. Summer was coming to an end soon and she and Jessie would be starting their final year of grad school soon. Jessie went out boating with us a few times, usually with a big group of people on multiple boats. We had people over to our house to use the pool and I saw Jessie a few times then, but mainly it was just my wife going out and meeting Jessie for drinks and parties with their friends.

Torri came home from work one evening in late August yelling my name, "Mitchell! Mitchell, where are you?"

"Right here, what is it?"

"I need you to do me a favor." Torri stated. "It is one I am sure you won't mind"

"What?" I asked skeptically.

"I told Jessie you would go over and help her take some pictures of her furniture and stuff she wants to sell on Craigslist. I know how much you would love to go help your little girlfriend." Torri teased.

"C'mon now. I knew I shouldn't have said anything when you asked. I thought you weren't going to bring it up or tease me about it."

"Oh it's not a big deal. Just go help her, I told her you had a good camera and you can help move some of the stuff around for her for the pics. She is trying to raise some cash by getting rid of a lot stuff she doesn't need so she can work less hours during this final year of grad school."

"Yeah, no problem. Give me the address again and I'll go over and do it, just don't give me a hard time about it. You didn't say anything to her did you?"

"No." Torri said slyly, "Should I have?"

"Knock it off." I laughed as I headed out.

I arrived at Jessie's apartment and was greeted at the door by a sweat pant and T shirt clad Jessie. I guess I secretly hoped for something a little sexier but honestly what should I have expected for furniture moving.

"Thanks for helping me with this Mitch. I'll send you some good wine or buy you dinner or something."

"No problem, where should we begin?"

It was pretty straightforward. I helped move a couch against one wall took the pic, moved a chair for a pic and then carried a big comfy chair out of her bedroom and helped set up a bookcase and study area in its place.

"I have one more little favor I need help with Mitch." Jessie asked in a way that made me think there was something more to this favor.

"Sure, what is it? You make it sound like it will be something hard."

"Well it may be. You totally don't have to do it if you don't want to but since you have the camera here and I need someone to take the photos for me. See I am going to sell a bunch of clothes I don't wear or don't fit into that well anymore and I need to sort of model the outfits so the buyer can see how they look. It works better than just laying the clothes on the floor with no scale or anything. But I totally understand if you don't want to stick around waiting for my changes and such."

"How could I resist?" I teased, "my own private fashion show."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise I'll go as fast as I can." Jessie ran out of the room and into her bedroom. "Back in a flash." She shouted over her shoulder.

She reappeared shortly dressed in a black knee length skirt, a white blouse, and black jacket.

"I never where this business suit anymore."

"Well I think you should put on some heels or something to finish the look, make it show."

Jessie quickly popped back with a pair of high heeled sandals. The heels really accentuated her long legs and shapely calves.

I took the pics and she ran for another wardrobe change. We spent about an hour going through these changes before she called out. "Just a few more dresses and one more skirt and we'll be done."

Her reappearance this time definitely got my attention. She hopped out wearing a short yellow sun dress with spaghetti straps. She was trying to slip a white sandal on her foot as she leaned her hand on the door to steady her balance. The effect of raising her foot behind her while she bent down gave me a perfect view down the top of the dress. Her small cleavage was visibly showing the white skin normally covered by a swim top. All but the nipples of each apple sized breast were visible in her clearly bra less state.

I took the pics of her posing and she again ran into the bedroom, apologizing for taking so much time. "I'll hurry, I promise." Jessie shouted.

She was in such a hurry this time she didn't even close the door behind her. From my vantage point in the hall I could see the dresser mirror and in it her reflection as she dug through the closet on the opposite wall. I was astounded to see her reach down and whip the sun dress over her head exposing her nearly naked body. Her small tits protruded straight out, topped with pink rather large nipples for her size. My eyes drifted down her flat stomach, but were slightly disappointed to see she still had underwear on. Oh, well. She turned to closet and bent down to grab the dress that fell from hanger. Her ass was bare, except for the thin string of her thong between her round cheeks. I saw her step into something and then pull up a short plaid skirt. She had to shimmy her hips a little to get it all the way up. The weight shifting from side to side on each of her long legs was mesmerizing. She turned back to face the mirror, smoothing and turning the skirt to how she wanted it. My cock was getting uncomfortably hard in my jeans as I stared at her still topless form in the short skirt as she still concentrated on getting to lay just right. Finally satisfied she put her hands on her hips and looked straight at the mirror. Cocking her head from side to side she slid her hands up and cupped each handful of breast with her hands and quickly dropped her hands away as if measuring the bounce. She did it twice more until agreeing with my silent assessment that they were firm and not sagging. Jessie reached onto the bed and slipped a white sweater over her head. The V neck cashmere sweater barely reached the top of the skirt exposing a sliver of stomach when she moved. I quickly backed out of the hall before she busted me spying on her clothes change.

Jessie appeared in the living room shortly, carrying a pair of long black boots. "Sorry, it took so long. This is the last one. As you can see it is a little small." She laughed, "I wore it as a Halloween costume a few years ago."

She spun around slowly showing me all the way around unknowing that I had watched her put it on. The skirt barely covered her ass cheeks it was so short and any effort to pull it down only exposed more skin below her belly button. It made her legs look insanely long and I was salivating thinking about the small area covered by her skirt.

"I need your help putting these boots on." She plopped down on the big chair in the living room and lifted on leg straight out with her knees locked together. I squatted in front of her and took the ankle in my left hand while starting to guide the boot on with my right. It wasn't going to be easy to get it on and she had to brace herself with her other leg causing her legs to spread giving me an unfettered view up her skirt and her white cotton covered pussy. I could just make out the slight bulge of her lips and vulva as she strained forward pushing her hips into the cushion pulling her skirt up and thong further between her cheeks in back. By the time the boot slid on her leg, her skirt had ridden all the way up exposing her completely. In the light of the room it was clear the underwear was sheer and I could just make out the thin line separating her lips.

Jessie stood up pulling her skirt back into place and rather obviously picking the thong out of her ass, "Sorry, about that, although I am sure you didn't really mind that much."

"Not at all." I laughed nervously. "Let's get that other one on."

We went through the same procedure but this time her foot pushing into the boot against my chest. My left hand was supporting her leg grabbing her just above the knee on the back on her thigh. Again the skirt slid up and this time I saw the underwear didn't move as much giving me a view of the thin fabric splitting her lips near the bottom. Each side of the white cotton was surrounded by Jessie's fat pink lips. She had obviously shaved as not a shred of hair was evident. Jessie lifted her hips completely up, thrusting her crotch near my face and I swear I could just smell the muskiness of her, making me think she was very wet.

I fumbled out of her way as she stood and arranged herself. "Well I suppose that didn't leave much to the imagination." She quipped. "Now when you take the pic, I hope it isn't too obvious I'm not wearing a bra. I didn't want to take the time to find the right one and figured I don't need on that bad for this shot."

"Well....I mean you are kinda nipping out."

Jessie looked down and both nipples were clearly hard and protruding in little mounds from her tits. I could tell she had very puffy nipples from the view in the mirror and they were quite visible under the tight white sweater. We decided to wait a few minutes to see if they would go away. We talked about school, work, restaurants, etc.

I couldn't stop staring at them and Jessi finally busted me. "C'mon, how am I supposed to relax if you keep staring at my tits like that."

"I'm sorry. I know we are trying to change the subject and such but I can't help it now that I know we are waiting for you to either warm up or cool down, which ever it is."

"Fuck it," she stated. "Let's take the pic. Hard nipples be damned. I guess whoever looks at the pics online can decide if it is a sexy outfit or not."

I snapped the pic of her standing with her hands on her hips and asked, "That it?"

"Yeah, I think so. Or I could do sexy poses in my outfit for the last time I wear it?" She teasingly leaned over the couch arm causing the back of the skirt to ride up exposing the bottom of both ass cheeks.

"Yeah, oh yeah, like that." I mimicked Austin Powers as I began snapping photos rapidly like some pro photographer at a model photo shoot. Jessi laughed, "Here you go!" She turned back toward the camera, bending forward from the waist giving me a good view down the top again as she blew a kiss at the camera. I dropped to my knees still clicking and making comments like, "Work the camera baby. Show the world you are it baby." Jessi lifted one leg placing her foot on the chair arm and bending at the knee, giving me a profile shot of her long legs and a view of the inner thigh of her other leg all the way up to her panties. I continued snapping pics letting her cycle through sexy pose after pose. Between her exaggerated model faces and my ridiculous comments she was laughing while trying to maintain her poses. She pulled her V neck down, exposing the inner half of each breast, even taking one hand and grabbing one breast roughly for a picture. Next she hooked her thumbs in the bottom of the sweater and began sliding it from side to side up her stomach exposing more and more skin. My blood was rising in anticipation her lovely tits would be uncovered but she stopped just short. Her sweater was half way up her dense little mounds, revealing the underside curve of each boob up to what had to be just under the nipples. I had seen her in a bikini many times, but seeing the lower half of her tits up to her hard protruding nipples was too much.

I sort of lost control a little when I shouted, "Keep going, lets see some skin!"

Her eyes narrowed a little and I thought I had gone too far but before I could apologetically back it down she cut me off turning her back to me and letting the sweater slide back down.

"Alright." She said looking back at me before facing the wall again. "You want to raise the stakes a little." She reached down and pulled the sweater up and over her head. Turning back to me, "Well here you go. How is this pose."

Her hands cupped both tits as she turned to face me sticking out her tongue. I had already seen her topless in the mirror but felt even more aroused with her here in front of me covering her tits with just her hands. I lowered the camera and just stood there sort of mesmerized. I wanted to fuck her so badly; I don't think I could have desired anyone more.

"What happened Mr. Cameraman? Can't do your job?" She teased.

I snapped back into frame of mind, "Sure if you want me to." I immediately snapped another picture. "Are you going to complete the show?" I asked hopefully.

Her hands moved slightly so that she left two fingertips covering each nipple. A hint of the pink areola showing her nails like an eclipse. I could see the perfect triangle outline of her swim top tan lines, the hardness of her breast bone between the firm fleshy skin of her apple sized tits. "This is as far as I go. I don't do full nudes, it's in my contract." She declared as she turned and walked back to bedroom kicking the door shut behind her.

I was dumbfounded by the whole exchange. I waited about 10 minutes before shouting, "Are you coming back out or should I just let myself out?"

"Give me 5 more minutes and I'll be out. Don't leave yet."

I nervously waited, not sure if some line had been crossed and she was pissed or what. The door opened and Jessi strode out looking flushed in the face and wearing the original sweats and T shirt and even with a bra. "I think I better take that memory card." She ordered as she reached for the camera.

"I am sorry, I don't know what came over me." I stammered handing her the card.

"It's totally fine Mitch. I just need the card so I can load the pics on my computer for the ads. I'll give you the card back later."


"Well...maybe minus a few pics I don't want falling into the wrong hands." She smiled. "It's not like there is anything really bad on there. We were just having some fun in the moment. I had fun and I hope you did too. Call it my little reward for putting up with me and wardrobe changes and for sticking around for the boring stuff."

"Well all right then, I guess. I am sure I will see you around. Good luck this semester." I turned to walk out the door before it got any more awkward.

"You know I know right?" She queried.

"Know what?" I hesitantly replied.

"Tori told me."

"Oh, dammit." I whined, "She wasn't supposed to say anything to you."

"Well she did and said I wouldn't be able to get you to admit it. So why don't you go ahead and admit it."

"Okay, Okay. I admit it. I want to fuck you. There I said it. Even before today, I have fantasized about fucking you." I immediately knew something was amiss. Jessi's face was one of absolute shock. I realized she must have meant something else but my mind being clouded by her little show had left me thinking of only one thing; bending her over the arm of that couch and banging her from behind.

"Ahhh nooo, that wasn't what I was talking about." She said, her eyes wide in disbelief. "I meant that you really enjoyed taking pictures and even put together a book of flowers and cute little animals that you photographed. Torri said you didn't want any of your guy friends to see it."

"Oh that." I muttered weakly. "Well, I should get going." My cheeks were red with embarrassment; I needed to get out fast.

"Well thanks again for all your help Mitch." She said following me to the door. "Oh and just so you know, I had fun teasing you. And one last thing... now you know, I know, you wanna, as you put it, fuck me." With that last comment she shut the door behind me.

I was in a state of shock for the drive home from Jessi's. I imagined my wife sitting at home chatting on the phone with Jessi and hearing the news. I was sure I would arrive home to a her chewing me out or teasing me mercilessly about blurting out to Jessi that I wanted to fuck her. The house was empty when I got home, just a note on the counter from Torri explaining she had to run errands.

A week went by and no mention of anything from Torri. I didn't see Jessi around either but I knew things must be all right because Torri and Jessi had went out for dinner on the following Thursday after the "Fashion Show" and I didn't receive any grief. Labor Day weekend came and of course Torri had invited Jessi over for one last weekend of tanning by our pool since it was going to be one of those scorcher last hurrah heat waves. Jessi arrived ready for a day by the pool in the late morning wearing a short wrap over her bikini bottoms. I could just make out the strings of her bikini as they tied around her neck. She wore loose fitting T-shirt with the neck hemline cut out and the sleeves cut off over her tight fitting tank top and bikini top.

I lounged in a chair drinking my coffee waiting for some sign from Jessi that things were either cool between us or she was pissed at me but she really seemed indifferent to my presence. She and Torri sat a table talking while waiting for the sun to reach a higher point in the sky and really drive the temperature up. Torri wore one of my white buttom up shirts over her jet black bikini that barely contained her round full boobs. They sort of spilled over the top and the fleshy curves of each one formed an incredible cleavage. Her bottoms were fairly standard bikini sized with the front and back held together by a 2 inch gold ring exposing a nice bit of skin on her shapely hips. I left the girls to their chatting and headed inside. Torri called out as I walked by, "You better not sit inside all day watching sports Mitch. I was hoping you could come out and be our cabana boy and fetch us some drinks and rub oil on us later."

"Yeah Mitch, are you going to come out and play with us this afternoon?" Jessi innocently asked.

"I'll come back later. I am just waiting for more of the clothes to come off." I dared as I snuck quick glance raising my eyebrows at Torri then Jessi.

"Smart ass," was the last thing I heard as shut the patio door behind me.

About two hours later I made my way back outside. From the kitchen I could see both Torri and Jessi where laying face down on side by side chairs. I made my way across the patio toward them from behind and immediately noticed Jessi's bare ass. Well nearly bare ass, she wore a T back thong type bikini bottom exposing her whole ass nicely. Her legs were spread slightly giving me a straight on view of her pussy. The tight fabric of the suit left little to the imagination as the thong separated her cheeks nicely before spreading out to cover the small bundle of goodness between her legs.

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