tagLoving WivesWife's Gift to Hubby (and Herself)

Wife's Gift to Hubby (and Herself)


Hi, my name is Allison. My husband and I love each other and are happily married. But we never get a date night. Kids, work, exhaustion......it all just adds up to boring weekend nights in separate rooms. But, if I'm honest, it's more than that. I've never been real adventurous. A fun night out to me is dinner and a movie. Pretty bland, I'll admit. My husband Dan, on the other hand, LOVES to go out on the town. Live music, dance clubs, you name it......he's a night owl.

And he always tries to get me to wear the most insanely revealing outfits. I've always been told I have a good body but I don't pay it much attention. After all, it's just a body right? But he's always trying to convince me to wear tight skirts that hug my booty or low cut shirts that reveal my 34DD's. Being the old maid that I am, I always just shrug him off and end up putting on something dull and innocent. But he has really started to look more and more disappointed each time this happens.

He keeps saying, "One of these days we really WILL be old and you won't have this body to show off anymore."

As I approach my late 30's, I suppose he's right. Which brings me to one night I HAVE to tell you about. It began like every other date night. Dan is like a kid in a candy shop he's so excited. Before I even get dressed, he is on the phone making reservations, looking on the computer for fun places to go, and halfway through a bottle of wine. And, as usual, he has laid out a crazy outfit, hoping I will wear it.

Well, this night was going to be different. I love my husband. And he loves me. He treats me great even though I'm uptight most of the time. So I decided that, in spite of my usual hesitancy, I would surprise him by wearing the outfit HE laid out! The first items I saw were short cut boots and tights. I actually love that look so this part of the outfit was no problem. But here's where it gets interesting. NORMALLY, I would just wear a loose fitting top that comes down to my knees. HE, on the other hand, has laid out a shirt that is 2 sizes too small for me. lol It only comes halfway down my butt so my jiggles are in plain site! And the v-neck is VERY low before it ever gets to the top button. So my cleavage is on full display!

But, I was determined to be fun and adventurous this particular night. And, when I walked out of our bedroom........whoa did he go crazy. lol I couldn't tell if he was excited to take me out OR if he wanted to stay home and mount me right then and there! He said he had us reservations at our favorite restaurant so, after a passionate kiss, off we went.

I have to admit, it was fun watching him giggle like a school kid as our waiter had a bird's eye view straight down my top. And he kept asking me to got to the bathroom just so he could count how many men stared at my ass as I walked. To be honest, I couldn't figure out why I hadn't done this more often. I halfway enjoyed the eyeballs that followed me around here and there. I even noticed a couple of WOMEN give me a glance!

One young lady in particular (early 20's) showed up at the bathroom all 3 times right after I did. I couldn't help wondering if it was a coincidence or not. We didn't speak the 1st time, just washing our hands at the same time. Then, the 2nd visit, she complimented my boots. By the 3rd time, we small talked the whole time and she asked where my husband and I were going after dinner. I told her we might catch a movie or something and she seemed a little put off.

Hearing that, she replied, "In THAT outfit? You look WAY too sexy for just a movie theater! Here, take these....."

And with that, she handed me 2 tickets to a place called 'Her Place'. She said, "It's a dance club right up the road and it's always full of beautiful people on the weekend. You'll fit right it!"

Well how flattering! A girl fresh out of college thinks I'm pretty AND hip enough to hang out at a place like THAT?! I accepted the tickets, having no intension of going, and told her to have a good night.

She gently grabbed my forearm and replied, "You two have a great night as well and I REALLY hope to see you later."

I was slightly confused as I arrived back at the table. I told Dan about it and he turned beat red. What is it about the thought of 2 women that gets a man so hot and bothered? Well, as he was looking at the tickets, his eyes got as wide as dinner plates.

He said, "Uh, did you look at these tickets?" I assured him I had and that I was not interested in some dance club. He snickered and said, "Oh I KNOW you're not interested in THIS dance club." I snatched the tickets from his hand and looked on the back. It read:

Her Place..........for Lesbians and the Bi-curious.

What on earth?! Dan said, "Yeah right, MY wife isn't 'curious' about ANYthing, let alone another woman!" We both laughed as we paid our bill and jumped in the car to head to the movies. Dan asked to stop at the liquor store so he could take one last shot of something.

While waiting in the car, a strange feeling came over me. I was a bit put off by his comment about me not being 'curious' about ANYthing. I know he basically meant 'anything FUN' which, if I'm honest, is fairly accurate. I DID put on this outfit though, which I was very proud of myself for! But I wanted to show him I was really willing to broaden my horizons.

So, as he approached the car with a brown sack of his favorite liquor, I rolled the window down and said, "Hey, go back in there and get a bottle of a sweet red wine." His mouth dropped open. To this point of the evening, I had not had anything to drink. But again, I wanted THIS night to be a little different. As he reversed his steps back to the liquor store door, I shouted, "And get a flask so we can sneak some into the movies!"

He returned with the biggest smile I'd seen him with in a while. He filled the flask as I took a couple of quick swigs straight from the bottle. He said, "Baby, what has gotten into you? I LOVE this mood you're in tonight."

I replied, "Well thank you for noticing. I'm at least TRYING to be 'curious'."

He chuckled and said, "Are you curious about that girl back at the restaurant?"

I didn't say anything at first, trying not to get mad at his smart ass attitude. And I certainly didn't want to reveal to him that I WAS having trouble forgetting the way that girl looked at me when she touched my wrist. Could she have really been.........INTO me?! Oh well.....maybe I'll mention that to him later when we're making love. I know it'll make him cum in about 2 seconds! haha!

Well, fast forward about an hour into the movie and I had sipped half of my flask. I was beginning to feel a little tipsy, not to mention the movie was really dragging. Dan had his arm around me and my mind started to drift a little. I was trying to think of what I could do to really top this night off for him. I thought maybe I could strip for him in our den. He had always loved to watch me dance. But, as soon as I thought about the word DANCE, I immediately wondered what Dan would do if he were to watch me dance with that girl from the restaurant. lol He would not be able to contain himself!

Hmmmm......the more I drink, the more that sounds like a pretty good idea! It would just be an innocent dance or two. Something for Dan to brag to his buddies about. So, with half the movie still left to go, I reached in my purse, pulled out the two tickets, and placed one in Dan's hand. Before he could say anything, I placed the other between my boobs and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. Then, I led him out of there with neither of us saying a word.

We got in the car and drove toward the club. He was quiet and I'm sure he didn't believe I would go through with it. Frankly, neither did I. But, as I finished my flask, I took out the bottle of wine. After taking several big swigs, we parked and walked toward the doors of Her Place!

The man at the door took our tickets and called for the hostess. And, to our surprise, up walks the girl from the restaurant! She smiled ear to ear and grabbed my hand AND Dan's. The music was playing loud so we couldn't really talk but she led us to a table by the dance floor. It was sort of a darker spot off in a corner. As we approached the table, she released my hand and grabbed BOTH of Dan's. She leaned in and whispered something to him. I don't know what it was but his face turned beat red and he looked terrified. Then he kind of smiled at me.

With that, the girl grabbed MY hand and walked me towards the dance floor. We weaved through the crowd of people to a dimly lit area right in front of where Dan was sitting. She leaned into my ear and whispered, "My name is Sara and I am SO happy you came." Are you into girls?"

Well, my heart stopped. What on earth was I doing here? I'm the boring old maid that should be in bed by now! With somewhat of a sad look on my face, I shook my head and replied, "NO, my name is Allison and I'm just trying to tease my husband." She looked at me with the sexiest look and said, "That's a perfect place to start! I'll just dance a little with you and then you can go home and have wild sex with him!"

Well that didn't sound too bad and seemed very thoughtful of her! She nudged me up against the railing of the dance floor and said, "Don't move......let ME dance." Suddenly, she began to dance in front of me like a stripper! She was a great dancer but she had this way of looking at you just at the right time that made it very erotic. We weren't even touching but I felt like she was all over me! She leaned in and whispered, "See, this isn't so bad is it?" I replied, "No, it's actually quite fun!"

Dan was all smiles as he ordered drinks from another waitress. He handed two shots down to us and chugged his. Sara, who's boobs were as big as mine, stuck her shot glass in between them. She took my shot glass from me and eased it down between MY breasts. She said, "Follow my lead!" She then eased her face toward my chest, grabbed the shot glass with her HUGE puffy lips, and through her head back, chugging the shot. Then she looked at me and I was SO embarrassed!

But I looked up at Dan and he was SO excited! So, I eased toward Sara's chest. After grasping the glass, I too chugged a shot of what must have been 100 proof liquor. It burned my throat and immediately gave me a huge buzz! As I pulled the shot glass from my mouth, Sara mashed her puffy lips against mine and proceeded to spit HER shot into MY mouth! As I swallowed it, I realized I was now sucking on Sara's tongue that she had sneakily inserted into my mouth! I quickly pulled away from her, swallowed the double shot, and went back to watching her dance.

She was far enough away that it looked like we weren't even together. Suddenly, another very attractive girl walked up to Sara and began talking to her. She grabbed Sara's hand and they slowly began to dance with each other. I have no idea why, but I started to become a little jealous! She was supposed to be helping ME tease my husband! I looked up at Dan and he mouthed, "Let's go home, I'm ready to make love." As I nodded, I headed for the exit to the dance floor.

Now, I don't know if it was the liquor, or just sheer pride, but I instinctively turned back toward the dance floor. I walked right over to Sara and that other girl, reached around Sara's young flat stomach, and whispered in her ear, "I'm not done with you yet!"

She smiled real big and released the other girl's hands. She mouthed to her, "Sorry, I'm with Allison." and we headed back to our spot! I was on such a high that I shoved her against the side of the dance floor this time and began to dance in front of HER! Leaning over, my ass bounced in my tights for her. After only a couple of minutes, she reached out for my hips and pulled me to her. I had NEVER felt another woman's pubic bone pressed against my ass like that! We rocked back and forth as I leaned back into her boobs.

Without asking permission, she eased her hands up to my breasts and whispered, "Wow, I thought I had the nicest rack in town. I almost groped you in the bathroom of the restaurant earlier tonight!".

I smiled proudly and replied, "I wasn't quite ready for you at that point of the night."

With this sexy look on her face she snapped back, "Oh, so you're ready for me NOW?"

Thinking we were just messing with each other, I responded, "I'm ready for anything now Sara!"

Well, in the blink of an eye, she reached up and unbuttoned the top 2 buttons on my already LOW cut top! There I was, on the dance floor of a lesbian dance club, dancing with a young woman with a killer body, and my shirt was flapping wide open! She reached her hands behind me and pulled me to her. We danced and smiled at one another for 2 whole songs. All the while, laughing at Dan who was now leaned back in his chair so drunk he could barely hold his eyes open!

Sara then slowly backed away from me, giving me this guilty sort of look. She backed up about 10 feet from me and, before I could even wonder what she was doing, I looked down at her hands. She had my BRA! Crossing my arms across my girls, I scowled at her and shouted, "Bring that back over here!"

Without skipping a beat, she unbuttoned HER shirt, unhooked HER bra, and tossed them BOTH off the dance floor! She danced her way back to me, grabbed my hands, and started dancing up close. The next thing I know, my 34DD's were softly grazing against her 32D's! I started to tell her I wasn't comfortable with this anymore but, before I could, she planted a huge kiss on me!

I could not resist her. I was SO drunk. And she was SO gorgeous, and Dan was............ASLEEP!!!! Sara and I both laughed and marveled at what he was missing! My husband, who I had done all this for, was fast asleep at a booth in a lesbian club.

Sara looked at me and said, "Oh well, I guess you're leaving me huh?"

I would like to tell you that I said yes. I would like to tell you that I called a cab and my husband and I went home. I would like to say that my "Bi-curiosity" ended there.

But it didn't. I pulled her to me and stuck my tongue down her throat! We kissed passionately for 2 more songs. When we finally came up for air, Sara and I noticed our side of the dance floor had really emptied out. We were tucked back in this dark corner almost like it was a dance floor just for us.

Sara reached for my shirt and I assumed she was going to button it back up for me. But she didn't. She unbuttoned another button. And then another. And then the last two. She eased both sides of my collar over my shoulders and down my arms. She stood there, sexily staring at my boobs that were now on full display!

Had I been sober, I would have covered back up and sprinted for the exit. But I was hammered. And feeling SO liberated. I followed her lead and removed HER shirt!

Then we embraced, intertwining our breasts to create an amazingly sensual feeling.

Sara lifted her left stiletto heel and placed it on the railing behind me. She then took my hand and placed it underneath her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties and was completely shaven! As she began grinding to the rhythm of the music, I could feel how warm and wet she was. It was the first vagina I had ever touched besides my own! I didn't even touch MYSELF in this way very often! She swayed her hips toward me......and then away. Back and forth......back and forth.......working herself against the tips of my fingers.

She buried her face into my boobs and began to lick and kiss them so gently. With such a sexy voice she said, "Can I get off on your hand?"

To which I replied, "I've given up trying to stop this night from racing away from me Sara. I'm all yours now."

Hearing me say this made Sara very horny. She glared at me, breathing heavily and said, "Put your finger in me." My fingers were already dripping with her juices so 2 of them easily slid right in. She arched her back and began to furiously grind my hand.

At this point, I started to notice a group of people gathering around our little area. It was so dark, but I could see both men AND women. Some were fondling themselves and/or their mates, enthralled at what they were seeing. It was so erotic to be watched like this!

By this time, Sara was like a running faucet down there as she gasped, "Oh Allison!" I eased a 3rd finger inside her. Then a 4th.! She was moaning louder than the sound system at this point and I knew she was close to cumming. She squeezed by boobs with her hands and yelled, "Oh Allison! Yes! Yes!" And with that, she began to shake and shiver as I felt her juices ease down my hand and onto my wrist.

After her intense orgasm, I was almost breathless seeing her big beautiful breasts glistening with sweat. She abruptly spun me around spread my feet a part, and told me to grab the railing of the dance floor! I assumed the position, somewhat like I was being arrested, wondering what on earth she had planned! She then knelt behind me, grabbing at the crack of my tights with both hands. With one insanely powerful rip, she split open the back of my tights! She ripped the entire back open, exposing my ass! I was in a trance by now and ten men couldn't have pulled my hands away from that railing!

It was then that I felt 2 amazing sensations. One was the feeling of 20 or more people staring at my near naked body. And the 2nd was the feeling of Sara's face burying into my pussy and ass! With her hands on my hips, she shoved her face into my snatch with abandon. Her tongue, lapping at my wetness, flicked every sensitive nerve ending. Her nose, buried in between my ass cheeks, seemed to partially insert into my hole. I could not believe how good it felt to be eaten out by another woman! I suppose it makes sense that someone who actually HAS a vagina, would know EXACTLY how and where to touch one! She was sending chills up and down my entire body! I came twice within 3 minutes. The second orgasm was so intense I actually squirted her in the face a little!

One of these days, I'll tell you all about the cab ride home with Dan passed out in the front and Sara and I making out in the back.

And one day I'll tell you all about how Dan barely made it to our living room couch to sleep while Sara and I 69'd each other for 2 hours.

And then I'll share with you just how amazing the view is of 2 pussies mashed up against each other as Sara and I scissor grinded for another hour.

Then I'll tell you how hilarious it was the next morning when Dan woke up and said,

"I can't believe you let that girl kiss you last night! What ended up happening?"


Yup, stories for another day!

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by Anonymous

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by kiteares11/19/18

All very nice...

...but -1 for text speak abs -1 for the overuse of capitals.

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by oldbearswitch08/12/18

Not bad Rattler, pretty hot

I thought having hubby pass out was a plot cop out. Let the boy stay awake and get a little

Plus WTF gets drunk enough to PO when they're out with their Hot wife??

Still glad you posted, thanks.

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by Anonymous08/11/18
by Impo_6508/10/18

The husband totally missed the fun

I love the idea of taking a wife to a gay bar. I am fortunate enough to enjoy watching (and joining) my wife with other women from time to time. Nothing can compare to seeing the person you love as theymore...

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by Anonymous08/10/18

Very nice indeed.

Nothing beats a loving wife that explores her sexuality with her husband's blessings. Very good story, perfect for this category.

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