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Wife's Hot Confession


The events described in the following story are true and recently disclosed to me by my lovely wife. As a result of her revelations, we are experiencing a renewed sense of sexual openess that leads me to wonder and fantasize about what may be just around the corner for us.

We are about to celebrate 29 years of marriage. About around 12-14 years ago, we sparked a friendship with Jerry and Cyndi, a couple from a sister church. When they invited us to their home for a Bible study, we went for several weeks but I soon lost interest. My wife Debra, on the other hand, was drawn to the meetings because of her love of biblical discussions, debate and, because of having three young children at home, the chance of getting to talk to other adults. As the leader, Jerry was very engaging with his discussions. Debra was drawn to his thought provoking questions and his natural ability to stir up a debate. (I, on the other hand, am of the peaceful sort and appreciate the calm.) Well, over several weeks, their relationship grew from just friends and conversationalists to something deeper. . When she talked, he listened. When he talked, it was with authority and confidence. He touched a part of her that I hadn't for a while and she liked it. I remember her going over to their house to 'visit'. Sometimes she would take the kids, but usually not. I was OK with this because I would use the time to put the kids to bed and then go online to chat in any adult chat room I could find and look for an "unsuspecting lonely housewife" to seduce. Ironic isn't it?

Perhaps around six to eight months later, much to Debra's credit, she confessed to me that she felt she had become "emotionally connected" with Jerry and she knew she had to stop going over to their house. I really respected her for that and our relationship grew deeper and stronger. And that was that. Over the years, their relationship came up in our discussions and she would convince me that nothing happened. She told me she wouldn't sacrifice our marriage for a guy she saw as only someone with whom she could have a good conversation or debate with. She was in love with me. However, during some lovemaking moments, she would 'entertain' me by describing her visits as something entirely different. Then, during the afterglow of sex, would assure me that she was only satisfying my curiosity and growing interest in her role as a wife and lover. She is a fantastic tease and flirt.

Now to the good part. Two weeks ago during foreplay we were fantasizing, as we usually do, about nameless sexual partners and what we would like to see happen if we were ever given the opportunity. I really like to hear her tell me about her past and in a moment of raging passion, I again brought Jerry's name into our bedroom. She proceeded to tell me how he would find ways to meet her alone in the hallway of his home, during the bible studies, and cop a feel or take her hand and hold it against his erection. She liked it. She said they went on a mountain hike for a whole day and during a break beside a mountain lake, he pinned her against a tree with his body and kissed her hard. (I never claimed to be the smartest nail in the box and, in hindsight, I was just being blind to the obvious events that were taking place.) As she was telling me this incredibly hot 'fantasy' story and turning my cock into a frozen flag pole, it dawned on me that some of these details seemed just a bit too descriptive, too real. There is no way she could get so much detail of her escapades with Jerry on the spot and in the heat of the moment. I looked into her eyes and asked again about the depth to which their friendship went. Now remember, she has always maintained denial. But considering the favorable position I have taken recently during sex about her tasting the forbidden fruit, I guess she told herself it was time to be honest. The denial just melted away. She admitted that there was some truth to my suspicions but didn't go into much detail. We had an amazing sexual experience that night, because of honesty. Not to mention I now had a visual of her doing who knows what with another man.

As she lay nuzzled under my arm, snoring softly, my mind began to ask all sorts of questions. Each "how" and "where" and "when" and "what" question I came up with only made my cock swell. I was soon stroking my tool and longing to hear more. When she claimed she was too tired to discuss it, I decided to write down my questions for her to read. I wrote that she would be given a grace period in answering my questions, but that the questions were going to be much more direct and I demanded complete and total honesty. I concluded my list by assuring her I wasn't mad and that I wanted only to increase our passion for each other.

I got the truth and nothing but the truth! The fact that she became completely truthful about engaging in sexual acts with this guy was fuel to my hungry fire. She assured me that Jerry was true to his promise of not engaging in any genital penetration and I believe her. I know that Jerry is not the type of guy to take a chance of ruining his marriage either. But, as is turns out, not long after we first began our 'friendship', that he was feeling her up, she was rubbing his crotch and they were finding opportunities to be around each other. Debra was drawn to his authority and power over her. He demanded submission and she complied. Once, during the day hike, she told me that he drove her down a deserted logging road, got out and told her to drop to her knees in front of him. He took out his cock, sucked him and let him shoot his load all over her beautiful 42DDD boobs. She said that he would have her get down on her hands and knees and he would rub is swollen dick up and down the crack of her ass and then cum onto her back and that was his favorite position. It made him feel as though he was screwing her doggy style and he liked seeing his jizz shoot all over her silky smooth back.

Now I can tell you that my Debra is a champion at giving head and I have no doubt Jerry was always satisfied after getting his BJ. Now it has only been within a year or so that she has taken me to completion in her mouth. She loves the way I taste and how it feels when I am exploding into her wanting mouth. But I have come to realize I was not the first guy to gag her on cum. One of the questions she had to answer was, "Did you let him cum in your mouth or did he force you to swallow him?" She dutifully answered, "He did cum in my mouth. He held my head on his dick while he shot his load on my tongue and told me to take it then he told me to be a good girl and to swallow. I was on my knees on the floor. His hand was wrapped around my hair, I had no choice but to do what he said. I felt scared and I tried to pull back but he wouldn't let me. He said very firmly TAKE IT! OPEN YOUR THROAT. NOW. OPEN. OPEN. Then he began to moan and buck his hips into my face. His hands in my hair grabbed harder and pulled as he actually fucked my mouth. His dick squirted and my tongue was covered in a thick creamy liquid. He told me to show him, to open my mouth and show him my cum covered tongue and I did. Then he lifted my chin and told me to look in his eyes while I swallowed every drop of what he calls his "liquid gold". I felt like a complete and utter cum slut. It was incredible. I was dripping wet. At that moment I felt like I would have done anything he had asked me to do. All I wanted was for him to take me and use me." Oh my! Now all I can think about is how she looked kneeling in front of Jerry taking his load and how I want to see it in person.

Sex with Debra these last few days has been absolutely incredible. We fantasize about meeting another couple, getting to know them over dinner and proceeding to have them show us the "ropes" of sharing. I tell her that I knew she had a dangerous side but now that I know she has played out the risky and slutty side, we should seriously consider entertaining some creative sexual play.

There is so much more to her confession and I am learning more every day. Down deep my soul knew that there was something going on but I chose to live in denial and avoid the topic. And I WANTED to believe her. But now that the truth is out, I guess it's time to admit that I have a few confessions of my own.

If you're interested in hearing what happened after this all played out, let me know and I'll continue on with the story. It's definitely a new and exciting time at our house!

Thanks for reading.

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