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Wife's HOT Surprise


Just When You Would Least Expect It My wife Ashley and I have been married for over 25 years. When we first met back in college, she was definitely one of the hottest girls on campus that every guy dreamed of getting between the sheets. As hot as she looked back then, she looks even more amazing today. While the years have taken their toll on most other women, Ashley has stayed almost unchanged. Granted, she could not pass for being 21 anymore, but she could easily pass for being in her early 30s as opposed to being 47.

Ashley has done a great job of keeping herself in shape. She's added a few pounds from the time we met, but they all appear to be in filling out her breasts and her ass, to give her a very sexy figure. Through our 25+ years of marriage, I can honestly say it's better than I could ever have imagined. We've been blessed with four fabulous kids that always keep us busy and still find time for a private getaway once in a while. It was on one of those getaways about 15 years ago that we were at a beach in Jamaica that allowed topless sunbathing. Ashley had never sunbathed topless before and I honestly had never thought about her doing it, because frankly I did not want other guys to see my wife's incredible breasts.

Something happened at this resort though, that at least for me began a growing quest to expand our sexual boundaries. We were lying on the beach, with at least half the women going topless around us, so I joked to Ashley that she was about the only woman with her top still on. I'm not sure if she thought I was asking her to remove it, or was envious of some of the looks the other women were getting from the guys, but without saying a word, she removed her top. I was stunned. Here is my beautiful wife, who has never made love to any other guy, showing her tits off for the whole beach to see. When one of the beach bartenders was approaching us, to ask if we needed anything, I warned her that someone was coming hoping that she would cover back up. Although he was very professional and just took our order and moved on, I was amazed at how much of a turn-on it was for me that another guy had just gotten to see my wife's perfect 36C breasts.

Since that time, she has gone topless on many other topless optional beaches and always turns the most heads. From Aruba to South Beach to Jamaica to Cancun to Dominion Republic and even a few cruise ships, my wife has put her amazing rack on display for all to see. Although she always maintains that she does it for me, I know that it is a turn on for her too with the guys obviously checking her out. The only rules that she has always had is that it has to be someplace where no one knows us and she can't be the only one doing it.

Although it is always a highlight of any private getaway we take to see guys of all ages practically drool over my hot wife, it has created a desire in me to see more. And although Ashley is willing to try most things in bed and even role play fantasy scenarios or scenes we've seen on porn, she has always been very insistent that she will never do anything like that in real life. I've even suggested that I could arrange a special massage that would end up with a masseur giving her tits a good massage, and every time the answer always comes back with an empathic "NO!" The primary reasons that she gives are that she is not that type of person and that she has no interest in being with any other guy or girl.

So, I have gotten to the point that I realize the most risqué my hot wife is going to get in front of other people is to go topless on a beach or wearing sexy (age appropriate) clothing, as long as we are where no one knows us. And to be honest, the thought that these other guys are checking her out and knowing that I'm the one that will be fucking her later on is a huge turn on and ego booster for me. I have accepted the fact that I am married to the woman of my dreams, who happens to the sexiest looking woman on the planet and only I can have her. Not too bad, huh? Well just when you would least expect it...something surprises you.

Although our kids always seem to occupy most of our free time, we have become good friends with two couples over the past 5 years. Although, neither of them have any children, we occasionally get together as couples, when Ashley and I were not already committed to a game, practice, concert, ...etc.

Mitch and Michelle are also in their 40's and have been married over 20 years. Ashley met Michelle at a salon and they hit it right off, becoming shopping buddies and eventually including Mitch and myself in the get-togethers. Michelle is a fairly attractive woman, with a decent body, although she could definitely lose a little weight. She's got kind of that girl next store type cuteness, but not really a hottie. Mitch, like me, has added some weight around the middle over the years. He is by no means fat, but he is also nowhere near to being fit either. About the only differences between Mitch and I, are that I have hair on my head and Mitch comes from a very wealthy family. Due to their family's wealth, Mitch and Michelle have a beautiful 4000 square foot home with probably one of the largest pools I have ever seen at a private residence.

The other couple is Ty and Tiffany. Although they have never officially tied the knot, they have lived together for most of the past 15 years, other than when they have their periodic "taking a relationship break". Both are in their late 30s and keep themselves in very good shape. Tiffany was an NFL cheerleader and has maintained her figure, while Ty is probably in the gym working out at least 5 times a week to keep his impressive physique. Ty has a reputation for being a lady's man, especially when they are on one of their breaks, and both Ashley and I suspect that he may have even joined Mitch and Michelle in bed, based on comments that Michelle has let slip to Ashley.

Having had the opportunities to see all of the ladies in bikinis on several occasions, I have to admit that my wife is the easily the hottest. Tiffany, although she has a tight little body and a cute face, her boobs are definitely on the small size. Michelle probably has slightly bigger breasts than Ashley's, but she is a little plump too and definitely looks to be 10 or so years older than Ashley and Tiffany. Although Tiffany tends to wear the tightest clothes that shows off her cute little body, Michelle usually wears the most revealing tops showing off her ample cleavage. She also tends to be very flirty, giving you hugs whenever she sees you and being sure to give you plenty of opportunities to look at her cleavage.

Tiffany was always interested in getting into acting and applied for most of the reality TV shows. When she received word that she was selected for the next season of Big Brother, she made the decision that she would move out to California permanently to improve her chances for continued work after that show. It initially looked like Ty was going to move out there too, but he finally decided that he wanted to stay on the east coast, so they decided that they would be taking one of their relationship breaks when Tiffany moves out there and they would see what happens.

Tiffany's mother had come to town and was going to be traveling with Tiffany to California to help her get settled in. On the final day that Tiffany was in town, Mitch & Michelle threw her a going away party at their house. Tiffany's mother spent the day with some friends, while Ty & Tiffany attended the party and then Tiffany and her mother would be flying out early the next morning. Since it was in late August, all of us brought our swimsuits, as we knew we'd be taking advantage of Mitch & Michelle's big pool on the hot August day like we have done so many times before.

We all arrived early in the afternoon and were greeted by a big hug from Michelle wearing a very deep cut tank top. Over the next few hours, we all enjoyed some great food, a little or a lot of alcohol and plenty of great conversation. Everyone had advice for Tiffany on the strategy she should use on Big Brother to give her the best chance to win. At that point someone suggested we get our swimsuits on and cool off. Everyone thought that was a great idea and made their way to a different bathroom to change.

Not surprising, Michelle wore a bikini that left little to the imagination on top. Unfortunately, Ashley's and Tiffany's were more on the conservative side, but still quite nice. Mitch and Michelle's pool is a large rectangle that is deepest in the middle, so each side gets shallower, making it perfect for playing pool volleyball, as neither side has an advantage. Mitch was about to set up the net when Michelle suggested we have chicken fights first. We had done that one other time, and it was pretty much harmless fun resulting in Michelle and Mitch winning, because Michelle was able to use her weight to her advantage with the smaller girls. The difference between this time and the last time we did it was that no one had been drinking the last time we did it. So I thought to myself it could be interesting to see what effect alcohol would have on the chicken fighting.

So, we started with each of the girls getting on their man's shoulders and quickly moving towards the middle. Tiffany came within Michelle's range first and was quickly toppled down into the water. Next up was Ashley and even though I tried to hold her up there, she too was in the water within seconds. While Michelle was rubbing it in a bit, Tiffany had a quick conversation with Ashley and they were climbing back on Ty's and my shoulders. Apparently the two of them decided to form an alliance and work together to push Michelle off of Mitch's shoulders. It worked, but as she was losing her balance and falling back into the pool, Michelle grabbed onto Tiffany's bikini top and pulled it to the side exposing one of her breasts. Tiffany had not realized one of her breasts was on display as she and Ashley were giving each other high fives for toppling Michelle, until Michelle commented that one of her little titties was out.

Tiffany quickly adjusted her top and then challenged Michelle to another round of chicken fights to determine the champion. Michelle initially started to protest that it was not fair that it was two against one, but said fine and that we'd see who the champion really is. As all three girls were pushing and pulling each other atop our shoulders, Tiffany managed to pull the strings of Michelle's bikini top and in one quick motion pulled it off and threw it to the side. Michelle retaliated and literally pulled Tiffany's bikini top right off of her breaking the clasp in the back that was holding the bandeau. With both of them topless, they quickly set their sights on Ashley and within a few seconds all of the ladies were topless. Needless to say the three of us guys were delighted, but Mitch suggested that we stop the chicken fighting fearing someone could get hurt.

I'm not sure whether it was the alcohol, or the fact that Michelle seemed to be enjoying having her boobs on display, but suddenly Ashley and Tiffany dropped their hands from covering their breasts so all could see. While the ladies were retrieving their tops, it gave me a chance to better evaluate their exposed breasts. As I had always thought, Michelle's were easily the largest by probably a full cup size. Although they definitely sagged downward, she had the biggest areolas that I have ever seen up close. It seemed that nearly half of the surface area of each breast is areola. Tiffany's breasts definitely looked smaller than I expected, leading me to believe she tends to wear padded tops. And although I am definitely biased, it was clear that Ashley's were the best based on the attention that both Mitch and Ty were giving them as she walked across the lanai to her bikini top.

When Tiffany realized her clasp was broken, she told the other girls that they would need to remain topless if we were going to play volleyball. Much to each of us guys' delight, both Ashley and Michelle said that was fine and they got everyone another round of drinks while Mitch and I set up the volleyball net. We have played pool volleyball many times with the three couples, but never with the ladies being topless. Although there may have been some accidental bumping or light flirting, primarily involving Michelle, the games were usually pretty tame. We started the game by having Ashley with Mitch and Ty, while I was teamed with the other two ladies. The game started as if nothing was different other than, speaking for myself, that it was definitely hard not to get distracted by the bouncing breasts as the ladies jumped in and out of the water while hitting the ball.

The first obvious over the line moment occurred when Michelle bumped into me tits first in an attempt to get a ball that was clearly headed to me. Since we were in about 4 feet of water, it's not exactly easy to move out of the way, which is why I was a little surprised to have gotten a questionable look from Ashley when Michelle apologized while slowing moving away from me. Over the next hour or so, there were a lot of accidental bumps and gropes going on each side of the net. I watched as Ashley went from being mildly upset about having one of the other guys "bump" into her, to the point where she was almost flirty and seemed to be encouraging them to cop a feel. I couldn't complain though, because there was just as much accidental touching on my side of the net with Michelle, Tiffany and I.

After Tiffany announced that she'd have to be heading home in not too long, we decided to get dried off, dressed and move the party back into the house. We all sat around and talked for a little while longer about the good times that the six of us have had over the years, and how we would all need to take a trip out west once Tiffany settled in. Ty and Tiffany packed up their stuff, said their good-byes and left.

I had two observations when they were leaving. The first is that Michelle was definitely feeling the effects of all of the wine coolers she had drank. She practically stumbled over to Ty and gave him a very tight hug reminding him that he needed to continue to visit Mitch and her even though Tiffany would not be with him. Even with the topless fun earlier, you could sense it made everyone uncomfortable with her hanging on Ty. Finally, Mitch moved in and separated the two telling Michelle that Ty needed to get Tiffany home, so she could get ready for her early flight.

The second observation was that after Mitch broke up the Michelle and Ty hug, as he gave Ty a man hug he asked softly if he'd be coming back because he was "hoping she'd be up for it." I was the only one close enough to hear what he said and Ty responded that he would try to. After thinking about it for a second, I figured the suspicions that Ashley and I had, about Ty joining Mitch and Michelle in bed when Tiffany was not around, were confirmed.

As the four of us returned to their living room, Mitch suggested that he and I prepare dinner since it was pretty obvious that Michelle was in no condition to do so. I said sure and joined Mitch in the kitchen as Ashley and Michelle grabbed another wine cooler and relaxed on their large sofa. As Mitch and I were setting out the dinner items, he asked me what I thought about the topless volleyball, and apologized if he had gone over the line with any of his "accidental" touching of Ashley or the fact that he had a hard time taking his eyes off her bare breasts. I told him that I had been hoping something like that would happen for years and that I actually thought it was a big turn on seeing him and Ty get to see her breasts. Although Mitch and I had really never had any very personal conversations about Ashley and I, he asked whether that was all that I had wanted.

When I asked what he meant, he responded that he has always thought that Ashley had an incredible body and wanted to know if I would allow him to try to see if he could go beyond just seeing her bare breasts tonight. I looked at him with a smirk on my face, saying that I was definitely supportive of it, but that I think Ashley and Michelle may have something to say about it. Mitch said that as long as I was fine with it, he would take care of Michelle and he would just go as far as Ashley let him. When I asked him how he was going to take care of Michelle, he said that Michelle was taking sleeping pills nightly for a sleeping disorder she has and that he would just slip one into one of her drinks later this evening, which would have her out cold for at least 6 hours. I gave him my approval, but warned him not to get his hopes up.

After dinner, we all returned to their living room with our drinks. After some small talk about upcoming events, Mitch commented that he needed to thank Ashley and Michelle for their incredible display earlier in the day while playing volleyball and stating that he had a hard time concentrating on the game. Although Ashley just blushed a bit, Michelle accepted his thanks and said that she was happy to show us boys what really boobs look like. I'm not sure if she meant that as a dig towards Ashley and her slightly smaller breasts, but based on Ashley's facial expression, it was pretty clear that she took it that way. Mitch was quick to respond that he saw more than two amazing breasts on display, to which Ashley replied with a whispered "thank you".

From there, the conversation turned to Ty and Tiffany and whether we thought they would even try to maintain a long distance relationship. Mitch said that he did not see any chance that Ty would move to the west coast and figured Ty would be on the prowl for other women within the week. Michelle added that with his chiseled body, that he'd have no trouble finding a replacement for Tiffany. Then Mitch brought up the details of an erotic night that the four of them had shared a few months earlier. Apparently they had gotten together for dinner and dancing and ultimately ended up back at Mitch and Michelle's house for a nightcap. He shared that when they were flipping through the channels to find something to watch, they came upon one of the adult channels that was showing an orgy scene. When he flipped it to the next channel each of the other three questioned him on why he did that. So, he turned it back to the channel and got comfortable on the coach next to Michelle. He shared that it did not take long before each of the couples were getting into it and that they ultimately had same room sex.

Michelle then jumped in to say how it was so hot having Ty and Tiffany fucking within a few feet of Mitch fucking her. Mitch agreed and shared that his and Michelle's love making was even more intense than usual for the following few weeks. Ashley had not said a thing during the whole story, but I could tell by her facial expressions and body language that she was definitely not offended or put off by it. I simply responded that it did sound extremely erotic, especially since it just happened spontaneously and that since each couple remained with their own partners, that it was unlikely to cause any hard feelings. Michelle then chimed in that we needed to try it tonight, which quieted everybody.

After a few seconds of silence, Ashley finally broke it by saying that she needed a drink. Mitch jumped to his feet and said that he and I would get another round of drinks and munchies for everyone. I joined him in the kitchen and was putting together a few bowls of munchies when I noticed him slip a small tablet into Michelle's wine cooler bottle. He made eye contact with me and gave me a wink. When we returned to the living room, Mitch suggested that we could put on one of those channels and each couple could just cuddle on the large couch that they had. He even offered blankets to give each couple added warmth and a little privacy if they wanted that. When Ashley did not say anything, I spoke up and joked that I was always up for some good porn and cuddling, but that Ashley and I may need to leave quickly to get home if it heats up. The comment seemed to have the affect I was hoping for as Ashley did not say anything, nodded her headed slightly and bit on her lower lip a bit, but seemed to relax a bit.

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