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Wife's Modelling Career


I have been married to my wife for ten years now. She's 5'5, 140 pounds with a killer ass, and 38 DDD tits. We have sex quite often in the first few years but now with our life being so busy, we have sex once or twice a week if we're lucky. Also, my wife stays home while I work.

I also belong to a photo club with about twenty members. Twice a month we rent a studio and hire a model for our private photo shoots. The shoots range from just lingerie to full nudes, and some of the guys even arranged for some hardcore sex shoots of themselves. One such model, or should I say, whore, got fucked by four guys in the same night of the photo shoot.

Getting back to the story, one night the guys called up telling me that the model that was going to come could not make it. That all the rented outfits would go to waste and we would still have to pay for the rental. I told them that I would call them back shortly, that I had an idea on how to save the day.

I always wanted my wife to model for me but she always turned me down. So how I was going to ask her if she wanted to model for the club and that she would get paid $500 for doing about 2 to 3 hours work. She could also spend the money on herself anyway she liked.

When I asked her to model, she just brushed it off, but when I told her about the money, she smiled and asked, "Just what kind of modeling did she have to do?"

I told her that it was just some bikini and lingerie outfits that she would model.

Anyway, she agreed and I called all of the guys and told them that my wife would model. They were all very happy. They all knew my wife and thought the same as me, that being that she was gorgeous and had a killer body. They couldn't wait to see her in the lingerie outfits.

Her first outfit was a yellow thong bikini. It was so small that it just covered her pussy and her nibble's. Man did it give me a hard on seeing her in it. Her huge tits barely covered. I also thought about what the guys were going to be thinking. They had her do the usual poses, lying down and bent over at the waist. While I looked around the room, all ten guys were posting a tent.

When I was back in the room with Tracy to change into her next outfit, she said the same thing.

I asked her, "How she was doing? "

"At first I was very nervous, but soon after I started to relax and enjoy the effect I was giving the guys", she said.

The next outfit was a maid's outfit.

I thought, "Who the hell got this?" My wife could not wear this. She might as well walk out naked. It just consisted of shoes, stockings, and basically a corset. She would have her ass and pussy totally bare, as well as, her over sized tits totally exposed.

To my surprise, my wife thought it would be a thrill to take some shots in it.

I didn't want to hear or see the guys when she walked out into the room so I stayed in the change room. After about twenty minutes, I started wondering what was taking her so long to come back and change. She still had three other outfits to model in. I then went down the hall to the studio room to have a look.

Wow! There was my wife on a bed doing various poses. They would have her bent over spreading her pussy lips, or she would be lying on her back, legs spread as wide as possible while she cupped her tits and licked or sucks them. No one noticed that I was watching, how could they, they all were looking at and loading and reloading their camera's shooting my wife.

When she returned, about another twenty minutes later, she was very excited and that she wanted to go home and have sex.

She said, "The guys are all out of film and that they had paid her her fee for tonight."

Once again, Wow!

Did she ever fuck my brains out that night! She then told me about the posing that she did and hoped that I wasn't mad because she was very excited turning on all the guys and being a bad girl. She also thanked me for setting this up and that if she had known it was this much fun she would have done it years ago.

A couple of days later Ed called and asked if my wife was willing to do some more modeling with the guys and that since it would be nude, they would pay her one thousand for the nights work.

I told him, "No. It was a one time thing and that's it."

When I told my wife about the call, she called Ed back and told him that she would do the shoot. I was mad as hell with her. I told her that I would not go with her, and I wouldn't talk to her for the next two days.

When she left the house to go to the shoot, she just said that it was all in good fun and that I should be ready for her when she got home. This was at 7 PM. She didn't get home until almost 3 AM.

When I tried to open my mouth, she just jumped on me and started sucking my dick to life, and then just rode me, time and time again until the sun came up. I must say, I really enjoyed the sex but there was something different about her and her pussy. She was really wild and dirty in her talk and her pussy seemed really wet or loose for some reason.

When I asked her, "What she had done and why did it take so long?"

She just said, "The same things as the last shoot and that they got a little delayed because of a few of the photographers arriving late".

Once again, Ed called about two days later to ask Tracy if she was going to do the next photo shoot and the address where she was to go to.

I asked him, "What was going on? That we only got together twice a month not every couple of days."

He said, "Yes but that this was with another photo club that he was a member and were interested in my wife modeling for them."

Ed also said, "That Tracy had already agreed to do this shoot the other day."

Well! Time and time again, she would go out two or three times a week for these photo shoots. I began to relax and started really enjoying the money that she was making. Most of the times I would go with her, and after a while, I started feeling very proud of her and what a lucky guy I was for having such a beautiful wife. Most of all, I was enjoying the wild sex when she would get home. This didn't take long to change.

One day when she came home, I didn't go with her this time, she didn't jump my bones, but went straight to the bathroom and took a shower.

I asked her, "What was wrong?"

Tracy just said, "That she was tired and that the hot lights had made her sweat to much."

We didn't have any sex that night. We didn't have sex the next day or even the day after that. The day that she was going to do her next shoot, she was back to her usual self and had sex with me before she went this time. She was also extra wild and nasty this time.

This time she was not out very long. Only about four hours, when she arrived home, once again she went straight to take a shower. No problem I thought, and since she was home early and that I was still horny, we would have another round of sex.

When my wife walked out of the bathroom and saw me standing there butt naked with a hard on, she was quiet surprised. She then made a fast excuse and got by me to the bedroom saying that she needed to get dressed. I was in hot pursuit and jumped her falling onto the bed.

She was saying, "No! No! No!"

But me being horny, all I could say was, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I quickly slipped my dick into her cunt in which I received the biggest surprise of my life. She was very wet and her pussy was very loose. I almost couldn't feel the sides of her cunt around my cock. My wife then started to cry and started telling me all that had happened.

Ed had gotten her to start doing x-rated shoots with him and his buddies, and tonight he and three other guys fucked her during the shoot. Ed had tricked her a while back into a position in which he wanted to make it as real as possible but couldn't hide his huge cock so he slipped it into her cunt before she could say no. While in this position, and the fact that she was in shock, Ed started to slowly stroke his dick in and out of her pussy to which within a couple of minutes he had worked the whole thing into her cunt and was fucking her for all he was worth.

Tracy said, "That when he came in her pussy, that he didn't even loose his erection so he fucked her again. But the second time he pulled out and came all over her face and into her mouth."

The other three guys were shooting pictures and video taping the whole thing.

When Ed was finished cumming, he then turned to the guys and asked, "Who was up next?"

My wife said that she was just so tired from the fucking that Ed had giving her that she didn't even notice when the next guy mounted her and started fucking her pussy as well.

This guy's nickname was Beer can. She soon found out why. When he blew his load, he just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming, in her cunt.

Tracy said, "That the guy must have cum for about a whole minute or more. When he was finished, the load of cum was just gushing out of her pussy. The guys told her to go to the washroom and clean herself up. She held her hand on her cunt to keep all that cum from leaking out until she could sit on the toilet. When she removed her hand, it was like peeing only it was cum running out of her cunt."

After spending fifteen or twenty minutes cleaning herself up, the guys dragged her out, threw her on the bed, and the third guy just mounted her missionary style and fucked away until he came.

Tracy also said, that she didn't know how the guy got off because her pussy was so full of cum that she felt a river was still running out of her. The guy however had no problem and soon dropped his load into my wife's used cunt. The last guy didn't want to fuck such a used pussy, as he put it, but got my wife to give him a blowjob, blowing his load down her throat.

Tracy said, "That she would never again pose for anymore photo shoots and that she would never see Ed again if I forgave her for tonight."

While she was telling me these events, I was still on top of her with my dick in her cunt. Man was I hard and I just told her to guess my answer as I started fucking her also. I didn't last long and I must have dumped the biggest load of cum in my life into her very well used pussy.

She was very surprised by my answer and I was very surprised by the fact that my dick had stayed hard as a rock after cumming.

I then said, "Show me how she sucked off the last guy."

My wife just smiled and went to work. This time I lasted much longer.

Tracy asked, "If I wouldn't mind finishing off with the use of her pussy since her jaw was very tired/"

I just turned her over on her hands and knees and fucked the shit out of her doggie style dropped another huge load into her cunt.

The next morning, my wife was indeed very sore in both her mouth and pussy areas. She was although all smiles as well as myself. We both knew that she would be posing and shooting many more now triple X rated photo shoots and maybe even movies in the future adding more money to the ten thousand dollars that she already earned on her back since starting her new career.

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