tagMatureWife's Mom Ch. 1

Wife's Mom Ch. 1


I met Sally, my wife, in Chicago where we worked for a pharmaceutical company. It was Sally's first job, but I had worked for another company for about ten years. I fell in love with her within two weeks of meeting her. I saw her every day for about six months until we decided to live together. Many people were surprised because I was older by about 12 years and bigger than her, I was 6?2? and 210 lb, while Sally was thin and tall, 5?6?, 115 lb, with a 32A bust.

Her parents, Bob and Marge, lived in Westchester County, NY. Sally told me that her mom was a strong lady who opted to stay at home and that dad was a very busy tax attorney. Marge was 48 when I first met her. She had a pretty face, about 5?3? tall, with short brown hair, and sky-blue eyes. She was not quite voluptuous and I guess she had 36B tits that did not sag much.

Sally and I were married in White Plains, and Bob and Marge paid for a lavish reception at a country club. After I danced with Sally for a long time, I asked Marge to dance which she accepted.

While we were dancing, Marge said, ?Mark, you are a lucky man. Sally had many boy friends, but she turned them all away. I knew she would marry a mature man.? She was referring to the fact I was 36.

I replied, ?I know I am a lucky man to have married Sally. I am also lucky to have you and Bob as my in-laws. As you know, my parents passed away and I miss them both.?

Marge said, ?You should think of Bob and I as your parents.? She gave me a nice hug and kissed me on the cheek. I said I would treat her and Bob as my new parents. I liked Marge. Where as Marge was a cheer full and a caring person, Bob, however, was reserved and somewhat aloof. Also, Bob was a heavy smoker that concerned Marge very much; he was hopelessly addicted to nicotine.

Over the next three years, Sally and I stayed in Chicago, and we had a son, Brian, and a daughter, Deborah. During that time, Sally decided to stay home and take care of the kids. We visited Marge and Bob during the holidays. But, because I was busy at my job, sometimes, especially during the summer, Sally and the children visited her parents without me. Marge and I became friends. I respected her.

Several events happened in about four years that changed our lives. First, Sally decided to go to law school and follow her ?father?s foot steps.? This changed our life style requiring us to make arrangements for care of the two kids. It also meant, that I did more house work, such as doing the laundry, grocery shopping, and preparing some of the meals, although the kids preferred fast food.

Bob, who was the same age as Marge, now 52, seemed to have hit mid life crisis belatedly. He began to play more golf and spend more time with his buddies. Marge was concerned about Bob and expressed her concerns on the phone to Sally when she was available or to me when Sally was at school. Gradually, as Sally spent more time with her studies, Marge began to talk more and more to me about Bob, her, and other matters.

During Christmas holidays, while Sally went to visit a neighbor in White Plains, Marge and I had a short conversation in the living room. I got the feeling that Marge was feeling lonely. When I asked her how things were and how she was doing, Marge said, "Bob has lost all interest in me. May be it is because of my menopause and hormone replacement therapy recommended by my gynecologist. I have also gained about eight pounds." It turned out Bob had lost interest in sex and in Marge. Actually, Bob had become impotent. This happened just after Viagra became available.

I said, "But Marge, the hormone replacement therapy seems to have given you extra glow to your face and body, and, if I may say so, increased your bust size too. If you did put on weight, it is in the right places."

Marge blushed and said coyly, "Yes, my bust has increased in size to 38D in the past six months, but Bob has not noticed that change. I am also working out four times a week at the gym to keep my shape and weight under control." I got a painful hard on just looking at her protruding boobs and stockinged legs, but I covered it up with that day's newspaper.

I really wanted to help Marge and Bob, so I suggested to Marge: "Why don't you buy sexy lingerie from Victoria?s Secret as a surprise to Bob, and also you and Bob go away on a ten-day vacation in March to Aruba?"

Marge asked, "Why Aruba?"

I replied, "I think getting Bob away from the pressures of his work and the warm weather in Aruba, instead of the cold weather in White Plains, would help Bob?s libido. You are a good looking voluptuous lady and after seeing your beautiful body in the sexy lingerie, I am sure that Bob will jump your bones. He can always try Viagra, the new wonder drug for impotent men."

Marge blushed again and said, "You really think I have a voluptuous body and I am not an old woman?'

I replied, "Yes Marge, I think you are a beautiful and voluptuous woman, and you are not an old woman. I wish Bob also sees you as a beautiful lady."

Not surprisingly, Marge accepted my suggestion and said, "Ok, I will do my best. By the way, Bob is too embarassed to ask his doctor to prescribe Viagra. He just won?t do it." Marge convinced Bob to go away to Aruba and I was sure that he would jump on Marge because she was a voluptuous lady.

My hard on became painful, but I endured it. Fortunately, Marge went to the kitchen to put a turkey breast in the oven for dinner. I could only hope that she did not see my arousal.

That night I couldn't wait for Sally to come to bed. I took her doggy-style. Sally reached at least two orgasms. Afterwards, she remarked, "I don't know what got into you, but I should bring you often to see Mom and Dad."

One Saturday afternoon late in April, Marge called when Sally was studying in the law school library. Sally was preparing for her final examinations. Also, she was offered a yearlong internship with an Illinois State Judge in Springfield.

After responding to the usual pleasantries, and activities of Sally and the kids, I asked, "Marge, where is Bob?"

"Oh, he is out at the country club to be with his buddies," replied Marge dejectedly

"How was your vacation with Bob in Aruba?"

"The Sun and the beach were great, but not much of anything else" said Marge and began to sob.

"Marge, what happened and what did you wear?"

"I planned a romantic evening with Bob two days after we got there. I lit several candles and a few incense sticks in the bedroom. I wore all black lingerie that I bought on your advice: a push-up lace bra, crotch-less lace panties, stockings garters, and high heels. Besides, I had my hair done and I sprayed on Bob's favorite perfume. But, Bob could not function."

I said: "Wow, you must have looked gorgeous, Marge. Where did you spray the perfume?"

After hesitating for a minute she said softly, "I sprayed my favorite perfume behind my ears, on my cleavage, and between, you know where."

"You mean your gorgeous thighs and," and I softly mumbled, "may be on your pussy."

"Mark, near there, not directly on that, you know on the mound. You are embarrassing me."

"Marge I am sorry Bob could not get it up. I expected him to fuck you silly on your vacation."

"Mark, you are incorrigible. Any way, thanks for all the advice and encouragement. By the way, I am thinking of coming to see you, Sally and the kids in June."

"Marge, you are most welcome for the advice and to visit us. You know Sally is going to Springfield to work there."

"Mark, I am hoping you can take me to Springfield to see Sally after I have seen the kids. "

"Ok Marge. Is Bob coming with you?"

"No, Bob is not coming with me. He said that he has important meetings with clients and also has to entertain them, of course by playing cards or golf." She continued, ?I am arriving on next Friday afternoon and returning home the following Wednesday,? and gave me the airline flight information.

Marge then said, "I hope Sally has been taking good care of you what with all the studying and additional work she had to do to get that internship."

"We are doing fine," I lied because Sally has been too preoccupied with her studies and we had not made love in over two months.

Talking to Marge brought images of her sexy body got me a raging hard on. Soon after I hung up the phone, I went to the bathroom and jacked off imagining me fucking Marge doggy style while holding on to her 38D boobs.

Sally was pleased when I told her that her Mom would come to Chicago to visit the kids and later to Springfield to see her. She said, "Oh Mark, I am glad you will be here to show Chicago to Mom and drive her to Springfield. You know, you may be able to leave the kids with our friends Tom and Nancy, and you, Mom, and I can spend a day by ourselves in Springfield." When I called, Tom and Nancy, who lived in Evanston, were very happy to keep our kids for three days because they would be playmates to their three children.

I arranged for a babysitter for the kids and met Marge at O'Hare airport on a Friday. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, white slacks, and a straw hat. Her red lipstick accentuated her thick lips. When she hugged me, she lingered just long enough to show how much she appreciated seeing me.

"Mark, I am so glad to see you."

"I am glad to see you too, Marge."

When she hugged me, I felt her large boobs pressing into my chest. I kissed her on her cheek. She was indeed a 52-year old voluptuous woman.

We got her luggage, got in the car, and began the drive home. We talked about Sally, the kids, and me for a while.

I asked Marge, "How is Bob doing and how is he treating you?

She replied, "I think Bob is depressed with his impotence. He blames me for his problem. He actually told me I am not attractive enough for him and don't excite him. He does not realize that his impotence is part of his overall bad health."

Without thinking, I blurted out, "Marge you are a very beautiful and voluptuous woman. I can assure you you can turn on many men. For sure you turn me on."

In a choking voice, she said, "Thanks for the compliment." I saw tears coming down Marge's cheeks. I reached over and touched her hand with my right hand. Marge grasped my hand and held it in her hands until we stopped to get pizza for dinner not too far from my apartment.

I carried Marge's bags to her room. Paid and drove the babysitter home. The kids were happy to see grandma. They played with the stuffed animals she brought as presents. We all ate pizza. I opened a bottle of chilled Chardonnay, Marge's favorite wine, and gave the kids fruit juice. At about 9 p.m., I took the kids to their bedroom, read them a story, and tucked them in. Marge went to her room to take a shower and change into something more comfortable.

I went to the living room, removed my sneakers, sat on the large sofa, and turned on the TV. I began to watch a romantic movie on the AMC channel. Soon, Marge came down dressed in a pink robe and silk pajamas that didn't hide her curves much.

I offered her another glass of Chardonnay that she accepted. After taking a sip of wine, Marge said, "Mark, I know you have been taking care of the kids and the apartment. It looks like Sally has been neglecting you since she moved to Springfield."

I said, "Marge, you are right. I didn't think my behavior was so obvious and the apartment so dirty. I understand Sally's dedication to establishing herself as a lawyer. I hope she will also show more love at least to the kids. I have to wait and see if she comes back to be a wife and mother.?

I paused and continued, "Deep down I don?t think Sally will come back to me. We have grown apart; she will move up her career ladder. I am learning to take care of myself and the kids.?

Marge mused, "It is ironic both of us are being neglected by our spouses; my daughter is neglecting you and my husband is neglecting me." She reached over to touch my hand. I saw tears in her eyes. Soon our hands became entwined. I pulled Marge to me and kissed her on the lips. Marge looked in my eyes and moved further to sit in my lap facing me. She was silhouetted against the light from the TV. I wiped her tears and traced her face with my fingers. She put her head on my chest and hugged me. I felt her 38D boobs on my chest and immediately got an erection. Marge must have felt my growing hard-on as she slowly rocked in my lap.

She held my face in her hands, looked me in my eyes and said, ?I am afraid Sally is becoming just like her father.?

I asked Marge, ?What do you mean??

?Bob pursued his career doggedly without consideration for me and Sally. True, he became a top tax attorney, but he ruined his health working long hours, chain smoking, not watching his diet, and drinking heavily. He has aged much faster than I anticipated.?

I asked, ?Marge, I am curious, which of your characteristics does Sally have? She does not have your body.?

Marge looked in surprise at me and said, ?Not many.? With an understanding nod she continued, ?You probably don?t know I am not Sally?s biological mother. Soon after Sally?s birth, her mother, Pam, died due to an unidentified infection. Pam was my best friend. I loved Sally, the newborn baby, from the time I first saw her and started taking care of her. Bob and I got married about a year after Sally was born. You could say, it was a marriage of convenience for us: I loved Sally and Bob provided a very comfortable life for me.?

?Does Sally know you are not her biological mother.?

?Yes, Bob and I told her when she was about twelve years old. Soon after that she withdrew from me, but I thought it was part of her teenage behavior.?

I kissed Marge, and said, ?Marge, you are a kind person. You are also a beautiful and voluptuous woman.?

I was relieved that Marge was not a blood relative of Sally. For some unknown reason, my erection got harder that I am sure Marge felt on her ass.

I took her face in my hands and gently kissed her lips. Marge responded by returning my kiss. I kissed her again more passionately, and Marge returned the kiss and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I tasted and drank the mixture of wine and saliva. Our kisses became more urgent. I wanted more, so while still kissing her, I took off Marge's robe and loosened the top buttons of her pajama tops to gently knead her left boob. Marge moaned softly and reached into her pajamas and pulled out both of her boobs. With me still holding her left boob, she offered the other to my mouth.

Marge said, "Here, take this. It has not been sucked, nibbled or fondled by a man in a long time." I gladly accepted her offering and sucked her nipple, occasionally gently biting it. Marge looked at my sucking mouth and her boob with partly closed eyes.

"Do you like them? Are they really large enough for you? Are they too saggy for you?"

All I could say was, "Yes. Yes. No, ummmfff," with my mouth full of boob. I continued to suck on one and then switched to the other while Marge threw her head back, moaning softly with pleasure. I was in tit heaven. Marge's boobs were magnificent. Their slight sag made them look more beautiful.

In a whisper Marge said, "Let's go to your bedroom, in case the kids wake up and see us like this."

Reluctantly, we untangled ourselves and hand in hand walked to my bedroom. I locked the bedroom door behind me, and turned on the bathroom light. Marge stood near the door looking at herself and smoothing her ruffled hair in the large mirror on the back of the door.

She turned around, extended her arms to me, and said: "Come on lover. I am all yours."

I quickly went to her, took her in my arms, and planted many kisses on her lips and neck. I grabbled her ass and ground my crotch making it clear that I wanted her not as the ?mother? of my wife, but sexually as a desirable woman. Marge returned my kisses with fervor. She made it clear that she was a willing and wanton woman.

Marge sensed that I still wanted her approval. She said, "Mark, I want you to take me and love me, but let us go slow. As you know it has been a long time since I made love to a man. I want it to be good for both of us. I want tender loving that I have been missing. Let's see what happens after that."

"Fine Marge. I have not made love to a woman in over two months and I am horny. You are lovely and voluptuous. I will tell you what I want or indicate what I will do, and you can let me know if you like it or don't. I am not going to force you to do anything you don't like."

I continued, "First, your boobs are magnificent. I want to play with them." Marge blushed intensely, shyly lowered her eyes, and nodded her head.

With Marge's help, I quickly removed her pajama top. I told her: "Marge, please raise your arms and hold them behind your head."

"Ok Mark in a minute. You should remove your shirt and jeans. I want to feel your body too. Here let me unbutton your shirt and unbuckle your jeans."

With in minutes my shirt and jeans came off and I was just in my shorts. Marge briefly squeezed my erection through my shorts as she was unbuckling, but did not spend too much time; I think she was shy.

I held Marge from behind, with my erection poking her ass. I could see her succulent boobs in the mirror. I lifted them, juggled them, and squeezed them. I massaged them and gently pinched her nipples. Marge leaned against me with her head on my chest; she began to moan softly. The reflection of Marge in the mirror was an erotic sight: ruffled hair, and swollen tits and lips. After about five minutes, I turned her towards me still with her arms raised, I kissed her lips, neck, underarms, cleavage, and gently sucked her boobs.

Marge said, "I am glad you like to suck my boobs. It makes me horny and feel good."

"I will suck your boobs as often as I can and as long as you want me to. They are simply magnificent. I am glad sucking them makes you horny. I get horny too."

"I am glad I shaved my arm pits and legs just I before I left home. I was not expecting anything, but I accept your fetish for my arm pits and will keep them clean shaven."

?Marge, you have well defined slim arms. I like your arm pits because your arms begin there.?

I put my hands through her pajama bottoms and grabbed her well-endowed ass. Marge accepted the groping. Later, Marge also let me run my fingers through her pubes, but when I touched her pussy lips she pulled back. I did not understand why, but I withdrew my hand. Her pubes were matted with her juices. I began to dream of sucking those juices and eating her pussy.

Suddenly Marge took hold of my cock and said, "Let me see what you got. Time to get rid of your shorts."

In a minute I was standing in front of Marge with a raging hard on. Marge knelt in front of me gently ran her fingers from the root to the tip of my cock, and scooped a drop of stringy precum and tasted it. She also squeezed my balls and their sack.

She said, "Some one is all excited and oozing. It means you like me. It means you don't think I am too old."

I replied, ?Marge, you know I always liked you. We have been friends since we met. I am glad I am your lover now. Believe me, it is a privilege to be your friend and lover. I see you as a voluptuous, kind, and desirable woman Not many guys get to love a woman like you. I hope we can be friends and lovers for a long time.?

Marge blushed, got up without giving up her grip on my cock, and said, "Thank you Mark for making me feel wanted. I also want to be your friend and lover, but let?s see what the future brings us.?

She then grinned, and said, ?Right now I have to pee. I will be back in a minute. You go lie down on the bed."

Marge went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I figured she was still shy. After a few minutes, Marge came out of the bathroom, but turned off the light so that the only light was that from the streetlights. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust and realize that Marge was completely naked.

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